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Bringing The Nations Husband Home - Chapter 263


Chapter 263

Chapter 263: My Birthday Present To You (3)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: DarkGem

There weren't many photos in Qiao Anhao's photo albums, but one of them caught Qiao Anxia's full attention.

It was a photo of a man and a woman. The woman was Qiao Anhao, and the man was someone she was far too familiar with, Lu Jinnian.

Qiao Anxia paused for five minutes, then she raised her fingers and enlarged the photo. Qiao Anxia noticed that the photo was clearly shot above the bed. Lu Jinnian's eyes were shut, and Qiao Anhao was held in his arms. He was deep asleep with Qiao Anhao cuddled against his chest.

There was a hint of feminine gentleness in Qiao Anhao's eyes. The photo was shot just aboveher breasts, so it didn't reveal anything explicit, but there was a deep love bite on her white, delicate collar bone, which exposed everything.

Qiao Anxia thought that she would never forget this moment and this feeling for the rest of her life. Startled and astonished. In disbelief. Yet the photo on the phone's screen, and the chat log on Taobao, made it impossible for her not to believe it.

Qiao Anxia's head was blank for almost a minute, then a thought registered - Qiao Anhao and Lu Jinnian actually slept together...

How did they end up sleeping together? When did they sleep together?

As Qiao Anxia was thinking, she looked for the time Qiao Anhao's photo was shot. She realised that it was something that had happened two months ago...

No wonder Lu Jinnian suddenly dropped his status to play the second male lead. No wonder Qiao Anhao's casual words could get Lu Jinnian to treat them to a meal. And no wonder she could get Lu Jinnian to come out for dinner. It was only because she mentioned that Qiao Anhao would be there that he agreed...

So way back then, the two of them were already secretly sleeping together.

Qiao Anhao was married to Xu Jiamu. How could she mess around with Lu Jinnian? If sh*t hit the fan and Xu Jiamu found out, then what would happen? By that time, wouldn't it cause blood brothers to turn against each other? Also, the Qiao family and Xu family had an arranged marriage. For something like this to happen, wouldn't it ruin all these years of close friendship between the two families? Moreover, Qiao Anhao would definitely be scolded for sleeping around...

At this point, Qiao Anxia's back became cold. She couldn't dare imagine how Qiao Anhao would hold her own in front of her close friends and family if that day really did come...

Almost fifteen minutes later, a waitress came over to ask Qiao Anxia if she needed another drink. Only then did Qiao Anxia snap back to reality. She shook her head and forced a smile. She waited until after the waitress had left before she put Qiao Anhao's phone back to it's original spot.

Qiao Anxia's mind was racing. She grabbed a spoon and casually stirred her coffee. As her drink began to foam up, Qiao Anhao finally came back.

’’Sorry to make you wait. There were quite a lot of people,’’ she said sweetly, a gentle smile on her lips.

Qiao Anxia raised her head and looked at Qiao Anhao's innocent face with some disbelief. This girl was actually a woman who would betray her marriage. She forced a smile back at Qiao Anhao, and tried to remain calm as she said, ’’Lu Jinnian called just now. He said that he's already in the parking lot downstairs. He also said that after you come back from the restroom, we should head down.’’

’’Oh?’’ Qiao Anhao replied. She casually tapped her call log and saw that Lu Jinnian had made a few missed calls and there was one call received. Then she raised her head, smiled at Qiao Anxia, and said, ’’Let's head down.’’


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