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Bringing The Nations Husband Home - Chapter 182


Chapter 182: The Most Beautiful Confession with Hand Signs(4)

The assistant opened his mouth to try and persuade him, "But it's summer now. If you sweat, it will easily get infected."

"I'll handle it myself." Lu Jinnian's tone of voice was a little impatient, as though he didn't want to continue mentioning this problem.

The assistant couldn't stop worrying and was ready to try and persuade him again, but Lu Jinnian raised his eyes, glanced at him, and said, "Ah right. There's something I need you to help me investigate."


"Yesterday, a swing broke during filming. Go investigate what exactly happened."

"Didn't the director say that it was the crew's fault?"

"If what the director said was true, would I bother asking you to investigate?"

"Understood. I'll definitely get to the bottom of this."

Lu Jinnian didn't say anymore. His head rested against the back of the seat. He closed his eyes. After a period of silence, he opened his eyes again and looked at the assistant. "Tonight, will Chen Yang be treating everyone at The Royal Palace?"

"Yes, Mr. Cheng just received an award, so he promised to treat everyone on the crew to celebrate." The assistant paused, then spoke again, "How about Mr. Lu you don't attend tonight? With an injured back, try best not to drink any alcohol..."

"It's nothing," Lu Jinnian flatly interrupted the assistant and pointed at the seat in the back. "Grab a clean shirt from in there."


Chen Yang booked a big party room at The Royal Palace. Everyone in the crew who were anyone turned up.

When Zhao Meng drove Qiao Anhao over, the navigation system redirected them to the wrong route. They drove far off track, and coincidentally into traffic, so when they finally arrived at The Royal Palace, they were the only one's missing.

The sofas in the party room were packed full. Seeing Qiao Anhao enter, Chen Yang immediately got up and swept around the party room to welcome her. He saw that there was a seat by Lu Jinnian, and so he immediately pointed it out for her. "Xiao Qiao, there's a seat by Mr. Lu."

Qiao Anhao really wanted to sit next to Lu Jinnian, but she was also afraid that sitting by him would make her nervous. Summoning her courage, she went over and sat down by his side.

Now that everyone was present, Chen Yang walked over to the dance floor at the center of the party room, grabbed the microphone, and gave a few polite words of thanks before walking over to a wide marble table. He held up a glass of wine and said, "But before everyone here downs their glass, we should wait on one more person."

"Who? It can't be your girlfriend right?" said a male actor who was close with Chen Yang. Hearing those words, eyebrows rose and a flurry of questions were thrown out.

Chen Yang wore a bashful smile for a moment. He didn't beat around the bush but nodded straight away and said, "Yes."

In that instant, the atmosphere in the room became alive.

Chen Yang waved his hands to signal everyone to not get excited. "But to protect feelings, I momentarily don't plan to go public with it, so please, everybody, help me keep this a secret first."


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