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Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Chapter 99


Chapter 99 - Antidote

Shift didn't know why, but he felt that these three advanced warriors felt very familiar, although he couldn't think of the reason.

Looking at the camp, they didn't find anything unusual. Garan was still talking with the Jie Shi Ling twins as if they already had their enemy within their grasp.

At their current strength, it should be enough to deal with Zhao. After all, his identity was a black mage, and Garan was a light mage at the eighth level. His power was the direct nemesis of black magic.

They also didn't forget about Zhao's servants, which they found out about by searching for news about Laura's battle with the Immortal Mercenary Group. Green should be at the same strength as their three advanced warriors. Even if they couldn't beat him, they should be able to hold their own with any problem. And the Jie Shi Ling twins could naturally deal with Meirin. Because of this, Garan was very confident that they would win.

Zhao had been moving the image on the screen to look through the whole camp, but only Garan's tent had something noteworthy. The others simply had nothing worth their attention.

Zhao was waiting for the sun to go down before they could act. While they were waiting, all they could do was spy on the camp. But just as they started to think that trying to get anymore information from watching Garan was useless, suddenly they heard a voice. ’’Report.’’

All three mages faced the entrance to the tent. ’’Come in,’’ Garan said.

A black clad assassin came in from outside. He handed a piece of paper to Garan, but before Garan could say anything, he turned and left the tent.

The behavior of this man was rude. However, the strange thing was that Garan didn't seem angry. ’’All of these assassins truly belong to the Purcell clan,’’ Garan told the Jie Shi Ling twins. ’’I am merely here to help them remove this scourge from their territory. That was why that assassin acted in such a superior way. After all, I'm a good natured person, otherwise I would have taught him a lesson.’’

Garan chucked before he continued. ’’Since we're dealing with Zhao, the Purcell clan has provided us with a lot of help. They also calculated this very well. They gave us enough information and forces to fight against Zhao. But if somehow we are defeated, none of this could be traced back to their clan, so they don't have to fear any retaliation from Zhao the black mage.’’

When Green heard what Garan said, he couldn't help but burst out and say, ’’It seems that this attack really is related to the Purcell clan.’’

He had just finished speak when they heard Garan's voice again. ’’Sure enough, Zhao's advanced level warrior should get back to Stony Mountain by tomorrow. We can't do anything tonight. We'll have to wait until tomorrow before we could finish the job of wiping out Zhao and all of his servants.’’

One of the Jie Shi Ling twins then spoke up. ’’Oddly enough, I heard that Zhao's warrior went and bought so many blue-eyed rabbits. What do you think he needs them for?’’

Garan's brow wrinkled. ’’He's an evil person, so perhaps he might want those rabbits to test a new poison.’’

Green was sitting in front of the screen next to Zhao. It seems like Garan's people didn't know that Green had already come back, so they were ready to rest for the night. Tomorrow was when they would make their move.

After the tent went quiet, Zhao said, ’’It seems that the reputations of black mages really isn't good on the Continent. That guy even thinks that we're going to use the rabbits to test a new poison. However, it seems like he and his army will be resting tonight. It is the right time for us to act.’’ Zhao laughed. ’’The Grand Duke of the Purcell Duchy has given someone else the knife to kill us, but he doesn't know about my space, allowing us to listen in, otherwise we wouldn't have found out the people behind Garan.’’

Green nodded. ’’Since the territory of the Purcell clan is right next to the entrance to the Black Waste, they have always been a threat to us. Although we don't really need to worry about them because of the space, it's still a big hassle. We originally didn't have the power to solve our problems, but now that we have enough strength, we should go after the Purcell clan first.’’

After listening to Green, Meirin laughed. ’’With Master's space, we don't need to worry. In just a few years time, with the strength we can gain from the carrion swamp, we can take out the Purcell clan with one stroke and take over their duchy. Even if they were to find out about the improved situation of the Black Waste, how would they stop us? And do not forget, after a few decades, Blockhead, Rockhead, and Meg would have grown up. With their talent in cultivation, our Buda clan would no longer need to be afraid of anyone. If we were to lose this battle, the only reason is because we didn't think that the Purcell clan would work so hard to build this army just to kill us. We have to prepare. We can't let them think it's so easy to take us down.’’

Despite Meirin's words, Zhao looked concerned. ’’But if they were to find out about the Black Waste, then the nobility might unite against us, instead of just being attacked by one of the nobles. Even with our strength, wouldn't they be unstoppable?’’

Green sneered. ’’Master thinks too highly of those people. They're just a group of misers that care about nothing except for money. Even if they dare get together, we will attack them first. How do you think the old aristocracy was developed? You hit them until they recognize your strength.

From what Green said, Zhao's eyes couldn't help but brighten, then he laughed. ’’Yes, what Grandpa Green says is right. It seems like my thoughts had been too pessimistic.’’

Zhao had been pessimistic because he was an otaku in his past life. A characteristic of an otaku was that they were timid. In addition, from Adam's memories, he understood how great and powerful those nobles are. Subconsciously, this made him afraid when he found out that this army belonged to one of them. He didn't want to face those people who would just grow obsessed with his farm and think to themselves that they and their children would be able to move into his Black Waste.

But from what Green said, it was like a window had opened up to let Zhao see another way. He would have preferred to get a little stronger before facing one of the nobles, but he had to admit that if he wanted to stand upright in this world, he had to get those people to recognize his strength.

With this thought, Zhao couldn't help but say, ’’If only I could find an antidote for the Water of Nothingness, then I would be able to get even stronger.’’

The moment he said those words, the voice immediately came: [To lift the host's genetic defect, you need to reach level twenty. After opening the factory, it can be done]

Zhao and everyone else in the villa heard what the voice said, but unlike Zhao, they didn't know what this sudden sentence meant. Even though they didn't know, the meaning of this sentence was very clear to Zhao. He would have never thought that the Water of Nothingness would give him genetic defects. No wonder he couldn't learn magic or martial arts.

But to his delight, once he reached level twenty, he would be able to open a factory inside his space, plus repair his defective genes.

Zhao couldn't help but laugh. Everyone gave him a puzzled look. It was only when Zhao calmed down a little that Green asked, ’’Master, what is the meaning of those words? And why are you laughing?’’

Zhao might have been calm, but he was still smiling. ’’I was just thinking about how to solve the Water of Nothingness's effect on my body, which resulted with what the spatial voice said.’’ He paused at this point, but Green could see that he was still smiling.

Green and Meirin weren't stupid. They felt slightly stunned as they began to guess what it could mean, causing them to stand up. ’’Master?’’

Zhao nodded. ’’Ah, yes. Once the space reaches level twenty, I will be able to solve the problem the Water of Nothingness did to my body.’’

Green had a look on his face like he didn't believe Zhao. ’’Master, you're not joking, right?’’

’’It's not a joke.’’ Zhao laughed.

Green and Meirin were laughing as well. But it wasn't just them, but also Blockhead and Rockhead. They didn't expect that the space could also give a solution to the Water of Nothingness. If that's the case, then it was like their worries have disappeared.

They had always been worried about what the Water of Nothingness did to Zhao's body. Because of it, at most Zhao would only be able to live for a few decades, so the space would only be able to exist for a few decades. But once Zhao had been cured, he would be able to learn magic and martial arts, thus increasing his natural lifespan.


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