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Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Chapter 90


Chapter 90 - Magic Peach

Once everything in the castle had been arranged, Zhao, Meirin, and Meg went back to Stony Mountain, although there wasn't much to do but wait until Green came back.

But there was one thing Zhao was interested in: finding the people who moved against them.

Until now, there were little clues as to who attacked them. The existence of these individuals were a big threat, so Zhao wanted to find them.

It was certain that the forces behind Drunk and the black mages were powerful. Because of this, he wanted to know who they were. Such people were like a bomb that you didn't know when it would explode.

To check up on things, Zhao had the two teleport points, which allowed him to easily move back and forth between the two places, like going from your front yard to your backyard. This was convenient. But in fact, Zhao preferred to stay in the space. The space has a hot spring and his villa, plus it has the screen that allowed him to see and hear what was going on in either the manor or the castle, so he didn't actually need to run back and forth.

After Zhao first took Meirin and Meg to take a quick look around Stony Mountain and finding nothing of note, they returned to the villa.

Back in the space, Zhao had things to do. It wouldn't be long before he had to harvest the oil fruit trees, but as for the other eight acres, he decided to plant different things. Two acres of cucumbers, two acres of peas, two acres of pumpkins, and two acres of radishes. When the space leveled up, Zhao got some radish seeds from the radishes, so he decided to use the last two acres to see how many radishes those seeds could produce.

Once he was done, he couldn't just do nothing and stare at the crops, so before long he was inside the living room of his villa, looking at the spatial barn's page on his screen. He found that he really had a lot in his inventory. Oil fruit seeds, wild fruit trees, corn, wheat seeds, rice bamboo seeds, hawthorn trees, barbed vines, magic peach seeds....

Magic peach seeds? What's that?

Zhao's hand made a move and two small bags appeared in his hand. A tone chimed and the voice came:

[Magic peaches are a magic crop. Reaching level ten gives you two bags, each bag has one magic peach seed. One acre of land is needed to plant one peach seed. Magic peaches can heal the wounded and instantly restore a mage's magic. Magic peach pit can also get a war pet from any category. Blood is needed for the pet to recognize the host. Once host is considered the owner, it's non-changeable. Magic peach is a proprietary spatial crop. It can not be taken out of the space]

Zhao stared blankly as he listened to the voice. These benefits had shocked him.

It can heal wounds and also restore magic, but the most important was that the pit of the magic peach could get you a war pet. This was great!

Most people in the Continent didn't have war pets. Some would have mounts, but that wasn't the same as a pet.

Owners and their war pets have a stronger bond, which is usually formed under the Blood Pact law. They would give their blood and vitality to form a contract with a spirit beast, and that beast would become their war pet. But there was a downside. The stronger the war pet was, the more vitality you had to pay. So not many people could hope to get a powerful war pet. After all, their life was more important.

Everybody wanted a war pet, but because of various restrictions they couldn't get one. If the people in the Continent knew about this magic peach, they would go mad trying to take it.

As Zhao held the magic peach seed bags in his hands, he couldn't help but laugh. With this their combat effectiveness would enhance even more.

Meirin and Meg were in the villa, and were alarmed when they heard Zhao's laugh. They ran to find him, not knowing what he was laughing about.

Puzzled, Meirin went around him and asked, ’’Master, what are you so happy about?’’

Zhao looked at Meirin and smiled. ’’Grandma Meirin, do you want a war pet?’’

Meirin nodded, naturally knowing how helpful a war pet was for an expert. ’’Of course. I think everyone in the Continent wants a war pet.’’

Zhao shook the bags in his hands with a smile. ’’Inside of these are two magic peach seeds that the space gave me as a reward. It takes one acre of land to plant one magic peach seed. But once it grows into a magic peach, the fruit of the peach can instantly heal your wounds and restore your magic. But that isn't the most important part. The most important thing is that the magic peach pit can help you get a war pet. Just infuse the pit with a drop of your blood and that pet will belong to you, always following you into a fight.’’

Although Zhao awkwardly explained this, Meirin understood what he meant. Meirin and Meg stared at the incredible bags in Zhao's hands. If it weren't for the recent magical changes around here, they wouldn't have believed what Zhao said. This was too amazing, right? How could there be such a fruit?

With uncertainty, Meirin asked, ’’Master, can this magical fruit really do all of that?’’

Zhao smiled. ’’I don't know. That's just what the space said. After all, I have not planted this yet. I'll be ready to once I harvest some of the crops, then I would have the two acres of land I need to plant these two seeds, and see if they are really that amazing.’’

Meirin's face was flushed with excitement. ’’It's certainly possible. The space has never fooled us before.’’

’’I hope so. If the magic peach can do all of that, then later you will have your very own war pet.’’ Zhao laughed.

Meirin and Meg were very pleased with this. It was the dream of every strong person in the Continent to have a war pet, and now they had hope of obtaining one, so they were certainly happy.

Zhao opened the bag and poured the seeds out. There was nothing strange about the seeds. They looked very ordinary. Zhao looked over the peach seed several times, but he couldn't find anything special about them. He put them back in their bags, and with a wave of his hand, they moved back into the barn.

Meirin and Meg was staring at the bags until they disappeared, then they withdrew their eyes. Meirin turned around and looked out at the radishes growing outside. ’’I hope I can see the magic peach as soon as possible.’’

’’Okay, just wait until I have to harvest, then I will plant those two magic peach seeds,’’ Zhao said.


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