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Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Chapter 86


Chapter 86 - Testing New Features

Once the staff was in Zhao's hands, the voice came and said.

[Ghost Staff. It can automatically shorten or stretch from 0.5 meters to five meters. It can also illuminate a dark environment. And it allows the host to use the features of the space]

Zhao froze. He really didn't think that this staff would have such an effect. What a surprise.

While the first two functions weren't of much use to Zhao, they were better than nothing. The size of the staff was just right, so Zhao was currently satisfied.

Zhao turned around and looked at the screen again. He pressed the button with the store icon and a list of things that could be purchased in the shop appeared. First were the most ordinary seeds. In addition to that were some seeds that originally came from the spatial farm. And finally, there were some plants that belonged to the Ark Continent.

Continuing to look at the screen, Zhao found a button for decorations. He pressed the decorations button, and rows of housing pictures appeared. Sure enough, below each picture was a marked price. It seemed that in this game, he still needed money to buy a new house.

Zhao looked at the pictures, and was finally able to find one that he could afford. What he bought was a little villa-like house, which also had tall fences and a kennel. It only took a gold coin to buy this house.

Once he pressed the button for the house he wanted, everything around him started to shake, then a white light flashed.

After the white light disappeared, Zhao was shocked. He was no longer sitting in his hut, but instead was sitting on a large sofa in a living room. The living room was twenty square meters, while the sofa was big enough to hold five people. The floor was carpeted and in front of the sofa was a beautiful coffee table made of some kind of wood that was cherry red in color. Facing the sofa was a twelve inch screen, and on the coffee table was a remote.

Zhao stood up from the sofa and looked around the house. On the same floor as the living room was two bathrooms, a spa room, a utility room, a kitchen, a dining room, and two bedrooms.

He went into a bathroom and discovered that it was modern. It was five square meters, with a toilet, a bathtub where you could adjust the hot and cold water coming out of the shower head, and a sink with a small mirror hanging over it. The other bathroom was just the same.

The equipment in the kitchen were very complete. There were some Western appliances as well as sparkling utensils that were apparently new. The dining room had an elongated tables that could seat eight people, and on the wall hung an ordinary landscape painting.

The spa room was paved with small, non-slippery stones and the walls were trimmed with tiles. It was a nice room where you could lounge.

As for the utility room, it was filled with everyday supplies, from sinks and tub cleaners to brooms for sweeping. It was paramount to keep a house clean. Zhao even saw an ironing board.

Finally, there were the bedrooms, which were relatively simple. There was a bed, a wardrobe, two bedside tables that held lamps, and a window. The two bedrooms were exactly the same.

But this was just the first floor, which took up one thousand two hundred square meters of land. Zhao then went up to the second floor. There was no living room or kitchen, but there were bathrooms, in addition to five bedrooms. Four of the bedrooms were furnished pretty much the same way as the two bedrooms on the first floor, but the last bedroom only had a thirty two inch screen.

Zhao went back to the living room and sat down on the sofa. He then picked up the remote. It had the same buttons like a regular remote, but on the bottom was a smooth surface, sort of like a touch screen.

Looking at the remote, Zhao pressed the power button. The screen lit up. What was on the screen looked almost exactly like a desktop with icons and everything.

Zhao tried clicking an icon, and the voice came and said.

[Do you wish to set up a teleport point now?]

These words also appeared on the screen. Out of habit, Zhao said, ’’Yes.’’ After he said this, the screen changed. The words disappeared, replaced by a map.

At that moment, the voice spoke again.

[Select teleport point]

Zhao carefully looked at the map. It was clearly a map of all the places he had been, everything from the Black Waste all the way to Casa city. However, the map only showed these places. Everywhere else was dark.

Just like a computer, there was a cursor in the form of a small white arrow. Zhao saw the cursor, and then he looked back at the remote in his hand. So it was a touch screen! His finger gently paddled across the smooth surface, and the cursor on the screen moved with him.

Zhao couldn't help but smile. He really didn't think it would be so simple to operate it. Carefully looking at the map, the cursor moved to the Blue Stone Hills estate on Stony Mountain, then he clicked on it.

Sure enough, the voice came again.

[The first teleport point will be in Blue Stone Hills]


Zhao nodded. ’’Yes.’’ The tone chimed and the voice once again said.

[The first teleport point has been established in Blue Stone Hills. Would you like to choose your second teleport point?]

In the map, a small green dot immediately lit up on the Blue Stone Hills estate.

Zhao quickly said, ’’Yes. On the castle in Iron Mountain.’’ He wanted to try and see if the screen had any voice control capabilities.

Yes, indeed it did. Once he finished speaking those words, a little green dot immediately started twinkling over the castle in Iron Mountain, followed by the voice saying.

[The second teleport point will be in the Iron Mountain castle]


Zhao nodded again. ’’Yes.’’ The green dot set down on the castle in the map, then a tone chimed and the voice said: [The second teleport point has been established in the Iron Mountain castle. Would you like to choose your third teleport point?]

Zhao stared at the screen for a moment, then he shook his head. ’’No, do not build one.’’

The spatial voice said nothing.

The screen changed back to the desktop. Zhao clicked an icon, and suddenly a three-dimensional map appeared. It showed almost all of Stony Mountain, including the manor. Zhao's fingers moved the cursor across the screen and clicked on the manor's yard.

The image of the yard immediately appeared, then came a chiseling sound. Zhao was surprised for a moment as he looked around. When he couldn't find where the sound was coming from, he looked towards the screen, and he saw people working on the stones, which was where the chiseling sound was coming from.

His face erupted with a smile. Before, the screen never had any sound, but ever since the level up, the screen now had an audio function. This was a surprise.

Zhao then switched the image on the map to show the castle on Iron Mountain. What he saw was basically the same, except now he had a wider range. At one time he was only able to see inside the castle, but now he could see a few things outside of it.

He was so happy he felt like crying tears of joy. He pressed the [OK] button the remote, and the voice came and said: {Do you wish to enter the second teleport point?]

’’Yes,’’ Zhao said. He couldn't wait as he put down the remote. While holding his staff, he stood up and with a thought, he exited the space.

Outside, Zhao looked everywhere. He was currently standing in his bedroom that was in the castle. He immediately ran to the window and opened it, giving himself a panoramic view of a land full of black soil. He had really returned to Iron Mountain.

Zhao laughed as he leaned out the window. The space's new features were a really powerful force. It was almost too powerful. With this, he could get things done more efficiently. It would only take a second to travel between Iron Mountain and Stony Mountain.

After a moment had passed, Zhao calmed down. With a thought, he moved back into the space, then said, ’’Switch to first teleport point.’’ Then with another thought, he exited the space again, but now he found himself in his bedroom in the Blue Stone Hills estate.

As he listened to those chiseling sounds coming from outside his bedroom, he couldn't press down the joy in his heart.

Now that he had learned how to use the teleport points, Zhao knew that it was time to open the pasture and establish his ranch.


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