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Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Chapter 85


Chapter 85 - Powerful Level Up

[Discovery of new plants. No merit. Do not extract]

[Discovery of new plants. No merit. Do not extract]

[Discovery of new plants. Detecting possible edible fruit and wine. Disadvantage, yield is low. Analyzing data of saplings. It can now be purchased in the shop]

[Discovery of new plants. No merit. Do not extract]

[Discovery of new plants. Detecting toxins in the shrubs. Plant has high survival rate. Analyzing data of saplings. It can now be purchased in the shop. Extracting toxins. Strengthening the robotic objects with toxins. Strengthening spatial water with detoxification]

[Discovery of new plants. Toxic barbed vines. Plant has high survival rate. Analyzing data of vines. It can now be purchased in the shop. Extracting toxins. Strengthening the robotic objects with toxins. Strengthening spatial water with detoxification. Extracting thorn protection. Strengthening robotic objects attack capabilities. Extracting raw materials. Strengthening humanoid objects survival capabilities]

[Discovery of new plants. No merit. Do not extract]

[Discovery of new plants. Harmful weeds species. Plant has high survival rate. Aggressive. Extracting advantages. Strengthening spatial herbicide]


Over a hundred plants in this long list made Zhao feel dizzy, but he heard several good things, especially those poisonous bushes and barbed vines. If they could be used to make a wall, then that would be helpful.

He also noticed another thing. Zhao didn't expect that extracting the advantages from the weeds would be able to strengthen the herbicide. This was great. If he later used the herbicide, its ability would be stronger.

The rest of the stuff was no good. There were just a few plants that had some basic medicinal effect that wasn't very strong, like the ginkgo tree. They weren't of much use.

However, even Green wouldn't have thought that since this morning, he would have been able to gather so many samples that would help. Although these hundred plants weren't magical and they weren't worth a lot of money, they still had some advantages.

Once the voice stopped speaking, Zhao's heart grew nervous. He didn't know whether or not the space would level up.

Suddenly, the voice came again: [Due to the discovery of new plants, you have risen to level ten. You have now reached the requirements for overall improved functions in the space. The pasture is open. Seeds can now be extracted from root crops. The gold coins inside the space can now be used outside. Increasing size of house. Three teleport points can now be set. Increasing range of monitoring system to five hundred meters in diameter. Can now set the teleport points as the center. A new feature has been added to the space. Host is given a cane that can portably control the space. Cane is binded to the host. Can not be damaged. Can not be dropped. Please select a style for the cane. Congratulations, host]

What Zhao heard made him almost jump for joy. He didn't think that when he reached level ten, the spatial functions would become so powerful. All of these features were what he needed!

Zhao stood there, laughing. But although he heard what the voice said about these new features, he still needed to fully learn how to use their functions, otherwise he wouldn't get the biggest benefits out of them.

Zhao quickly went into the hut and accessed the screen. Once he opened it, sure enough, there was a new file titled [New Spatial Features].

With trembling hands, Zhao took several deep breaths, then pressed the file. A white light came from the screen and shot towards Zhao's head. He felt a little pain, but he knew that he might have to sleep for awhile, so he immediately laid down on the bed and fainted.

A lot of new features filled Zhao's head as he fell into a deep sleep, not knowing how long it would be before he wakes up.

Finally, Zhao opened his eyes. He looked around and stretched. Slowly sitting up, he laughed. ’’Boy, these are some big changes.’’

While he was sleeping, his brain completely received all the information about the new features. He felt like he was getting smarter, almost able to recite the information word for word.

He now understood what he could do in the space. The barn couldn't hold any spirit beasts, but now that he could open the pasture, he would be able to establish a ranch that could raise a lot of spirit beasts. However, the spatial farm and the spatial ranch aren't the same game. The ranch is invisible to the farm and the farm is invisible to the ranch. If Zhao wanted to go to the ranch from the farm, he would have to think it to be able to move into the spatial ranch zone.

Like the game, the ranch could be used to raise animals. But he didn't know how many animals he could raise.

Another ability that he got once he reached level ten was that he could now get seeds from root crops, like radishes. So later he could save money on seeds.

Not only that, he could also now take the gold coins from inside the space into the outside world. Before, the coins inside the space were only virtual currency, and couldn't be taken out before he reached level ten. But now if he earned one hundred thousand gold coins inside the space, then they could become real one hundred thousand gold coins. It was another source of revenue.

As for the new teleport point functions, it was one of Zhao's favorites. He can set up to three teleport points, which were actually entrances into the space. In order to get to Casa city from the Black Waste, he had to sit inside his undead for days. But now he doesn't need to do that with these teleport points. If he set up a teleport point on Stony Mountain, and also set one in his castle on Iron Mountain, he could just enter the space and travel back and forth between these two points. However, he could only set up three teleport points. Still, this was a very powerful feature.

And with this level up, the range of his monitoring system had increased. Not only had the range increased to five hundred meters in diameter, he could now see everything within in that range with a teleport point as the center.

That wasn't the only thing that increased. His house has gotten bigger as well. Zhao had a thatched hut where only one person could live in. There was simply no way for other people to come live with him. However, now he could change his hut into something bigger, like a villa.

Finally, also one of Zhao's favorites, was the new feature that allowed him to control the spatial farm portably. All of this power could now be controlled by the cane in his hand, which has been designated to Zhao. He could not lose the cane or drop it.

With the cane, he could use the features of the farm, like the shovel, the bucket, pesticides, and herbicides. All of these functions would be focused on the cane. He could even use it to access his screen more conveniently.

It was because of this feature that Zhao opened the screen again to see if a new button had appeared. There was now a button with a picture of a cane on it. When Zhao saw it, he immediately pressed the button, and then came a list of pictures of canes. There were some wooden ones, and some that were like a sword. Some were gorgeous. Some were plain. And some gave a holy feeling, while others were made of strange bones.

Zhao carefully looked through these pictures. Although he was very fond of a few, he eventually chose the one that was made of bones. It looked like a staff that was used by a black mage.

When Zhao chose this picture, there was a white flash, and suddenly this staff appeared in his hands. The staff was made of pale bones, and at the top was a tiny skull. The skull was green and clear, like it had been carved from some kind of precious crystal.


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