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Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Chapter 84


Chapter 84 - Spooky Actions

Midnight. A tone chimed and the voice told Zhao that his crops had matured, so it was time to harvest. But he just slept until dawn.

He wanted to see if he just left the radishes in the space, if they would grow some seeds. That was why he didn't bother harvesting them right away.

Unfortunately, the next morning, Zhao went into the space only to find that the radishes just remained in a state of maturity, making him very disappointed.

Zhao couldn't help but mutter, ’’It seems like nothing will happen if I just leave them in the space.’’

After he said that, the voice came again: [Required to be at level ten to receive seeds from root crops. Please be patient]

Zhao was stunned for a moment, then he became delighted. He thought that he simply couldn't get any seeds from the radishes, but now he just found out that as long as he reaches level ten, he would fulfill the requirement.

This just confirmed for him that level ten was a hurdle that he needed to cross, then he would be able to get even more things.

In a happy mood, Zhao harvested the radishes, as well as the corn and oil fruits, before leaving the space.

Yesterday, Green had a good rest. But today, he was ready to go. In the morning, after breakfast, Zhao took out his undead, which had become very clever. Even though it couldn't communicate with Zhao, it could still perform his commands.

Zhao wasn't worried as he told the undead that it wasn't allowed to go too far from Green. And when four hours had passed, it would stop Green from whatever he was doing, and return him to the manor.

Although Green wasn't afraid of anything, he did not argue against Zhao's kindness. He might not necessarily find any plants they need, but he didn't mind.

In fact, there were a lot of high level plants that could be found in a forest. Some of them were magic plants that were very aggressive, yet could be used as magic materials. If you could get those magic plants to a city, you would be able to sell them at a good price.

For this reason, it was almost impossible to find these kinds of plants around here. These mountains were too close to Casa city. There were a lot of manors and villas built around here. But even if there wasn't any housing, a lot of mercenaries would have still swept through the mountains many times, trying to make some money from selling high level magical plants.

So Zhao didn't hold too much hope for Green finding anything. It was like trying to save a dead horse with medicine. They could only wait until after they sold their radishes. Maybe then they would be able to buy some useful magic plants. Until then, they couldn't do anything.

Those who were monitoring them saw Green sitting on an undead that was walking around the mountains.

Green's movements aroused those people into action as they firmly fixed their sights on that undead. But to their surprise, the undead wasn't heading towards the road, it went directly into the mountains, which scared everyone who had been monitoring the black mage. In the Continent, everyone knew that black mages were usually cantankerous. So these people thought that the black mage must have found them, and was now sending his forces against them. Some of them ran from their spot.

Those who were running were mercenaries that had been hired by small clans. They were completely different from those trained assassins from those big clans. The assassins would try to complete a task even at the expense of their life. As long as the task had been completed, it was worth it. But these mercenaries didn't have such loyalty. They would work for your money, but the moment there was any danger, they would immediately run away.

Green knew someone was monitoring him. When he came out of Stony Mountain, he put up his guard, and found that there were a lot of people in the area. However, Green didn't touch them. He wanted them to watch him.

Under the attention of everyone, the undead carried Green into the forests in the mountains. Once they reached the forest, Green got down from Alien and looked around.

It was obvious that this piece of the forest had already been searched through. Although there were still trees here, there were also many places that had been trodden on, revealing traces of people rummaging everywhere. Green could see many places that had been dug up. Apparently, anything useful had already been poached.

Green shook his head, then walked into another part of the forest, while making sure to carefully look around for plants that Zhao might want. There were many well-known useful plants on the Continent, but he simply didn't even see a shadow of one.

Although Green was a warrior with no knowledge of alchemy, he had lived with Meirin for so many years. Do not forget, Meirin was a mage, so even though she was ignorant about most magical plants, she still knew a thing or two that helped her make magic potions. Because of this, Green picked up some things from her over the years, so he had a little bit of knowledge about magic plants. But he didn't see any.

Green couldn't help but sigh as he explored. But while walking into the depths of the forests, he suddenly saw two wild fruit trees.

Wild fruit trees were common on the Continent, but although their fruit tasted good, they didn't have a high yield, so no one used them in large scale farming. It wasn't a magic plant, so the great nobles wouldn't eat them. And generally, any commoners that had land wouldn't grow them as food. If they wanted to eat these fruits, they could just go into the mountains and find a lot of these common trees growing in the wild.

The two trees were obscured from view, so Green didn't notice them until now. He looked at the two wild fruit trees, then he took out a big sword and cut off a few branches, which he fed to Alien so that they would be carried in its body.

Green did this because these trees were good at surviving. As long as you stuck the branches into wet ground, they would germinate and slowly grow into a new tree, like turning a dead horse into a living horse.

Those who were monitoring Green were dumbfounded. They didn't understand what he was doing. This stuff could be found anywhere in the mountains. Were they some kind of treasure that they didn't know about?

They were all staring at Green's strange behavior. Keep in mind that these people were ready to report anything they find to their clans, as well as collect the plants that Green was collecting, so they could take them home and examine them.

As Green walked around, he couldn't even remember the total number of plants that he had collected. That was because he had even collected the most common plants, including long grass.

Green had been climbing into the depths of the mountains for three hours, finding plants and filling the body of the undead. Finally, he stopped, and then walked straight back towards Stony Mountain.

Once Green was gone, those who were monitoring him immediately grabbed some of the plants that Green had been collecting, and then went back to their clans to give their report. In fact, Green didn't actually do anything outrageous today. He just collected a variety of plants that were worthless. But his actions seemed suspicious.

Green didn't care how they reacted. He only cared about protecting their identity. As long as their identity wasn't exposed, then he wasn't afraid.

By the time Green made it back to Stony Mountain, it was afternoon and time for lunch. Meirin immediately prepared something for him to eat, and Zhao brought the undead full of plants into the space, regardless if the plants were good or bad.

Once those plants were in the space, the voice said .....


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