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Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Chapter 83


Chapter 83 - Mosquito Meat

Green didn't care, but that doesn't mean that Zhao wasn't sad. How could he not be sad when he knew that in the future, if his level was high enough, then he would be able to take the gold out of the space.

But now everything was useless. They could only wait until after the radishes were sold for the money for the next step in their plans.

Green saw that Zhao was upset, so he tried to cheer him up. ’’Master, we have rarely gone into the woods to collect seeds from the plants. If we try to collect them now, maybe we'll find some useful seeds, then we won't need to buy them, and it might also level up the space.’’

Zhao gave a wry smile. He didn't have much hope for that. The Ark Continent had tens of thousands of years of history. In all that time, although the Continent wasn't known for its agricultural development, it was still doing well. By now they were growing crops that were carefully picked and chosen. For instance, when he brought in the bamboo rice seeds, it immediately replaced the rice seeds that were already in the space. What does this mean? It represented that the bamboo rice crops, which were carefully developed, was more excellent. There was no need to mention the plants that grew in the wild because he feared that they wouldn't be better than any crops.

But eating mosquito meat was better than nothing, so Zhao nodded and said, ’’Well, it's not too busy right now. Let me come and help you, Grandpa Green.’’

’’No, I'll do it by myself.’’ Green shook his head. ’’If they see me collecting seeds from those plants, maybe those people won't think that it's strange when they find out about the radishes we're selling. It would be our excuse.’’

Zhao hadn't thought of this point. ’’Well, then do so, but you have to be careful, Grandpa Green. Stay close to the vicinity of the mountain. Last time, someone tried to poison us, and there might be a next time.’’

’’Master worries too much.’’ Green smiled. ’’I'll bring out my own water and dry food, so I won't eat or drink anything I didn't prepare myself. Nothing will happen.’’

’’Well, then when you go out, take some of the spatial water. Even if someone wants to poison you, it would be impossible. And you must not go too far, or at least let me send an undead to follow you. If something happens, the undead will bring you back fast.’’

’’No, I'll be fine on my own,’’ Green said.

’’But if a big undead were to follow you, it could carry anything good that you might find. Otherwise, I'm afraid that you'll have to lug a bag around, which might not fit everything.’’

Green hadn't thought of that, so he nodded his head. ’’Will the undead be able to understand me?’’

’’It won't be a problem. Since their level up, I found a lot of clever undead. Even though they still can't speak, their intelligence shouldn't be any worse than an average person. You can rest assured.’’

’’Well, then I'll go,’’ Green said.

’’No.’’ Zhao smiled. ’’You don't have to worry about it yet. Anyway, it's not like the plants can run in the mountains. Recently, there's not much to do in the manor other than waiting for Laura to come back, so you can at least rest for awhile.’’

It was just as Zhao said. In this period of time, Stony Mountain was very safe. No matter how powerful the Purcell clan or the other forces were, there were few people who were willing to provoke them since Zhao's identity was known as a black mage.

Nobody wanted to provoke a black mage.

Meirin came over. It was now time to eat, and she was calling Zhao and Green for lunch. Meirin looked at Green, and asked, ’’How is it? Did it work?’’

Zhao didn't want her to worry. ’’It's fine, rest assured.’’

Green understood what Zhao meant, so he turned to Meirin and smiled. ’’We're thinking of me going around the mountains to see if I could find some other useful plants for the young master. He now has a total of eighteen acres of land, and in the future, the seeds from these wild plants might get him more and more land.’’

When Meirin heard what Green said, she was very happy. In their view, more land equals more money, which would help the Buda clan thrive.

They still didn't know that once the space levels up, Zhao would be able to open a pasture. He didn't tell them yet because he wanted to get it done first.

The manor became busy as several people had lunch. The slaves seemed very happy, and why shouldn't they be. They get to eat and work hard, and learn to read and write as a reward. In their opinion, this was simply living a lord's life.

The slaves weren't educated like normal people. While ordinary people might go through a traditional education, the slaves were taught an education that was meant for slaves. If they had parents who were slaves, then they would also be a slave from the moment of birth, so they would completely accept the enslaving education as their primary education, in which they were taught that their owner was always right. This enslaving education was like brainwashing, to make a person slave from the beginning to the end.

The nobles and slave owners in the Continent have been doing that because of a large scale slave rebellion that happened before. Unfortunately, those slaves were suppressed. Ever since the slave rebellion, those nobles found that suppressing the slaves cost too much money, so they looked for alternatives. They discovered that spending just a little bit of money to educate those who grew up as a slave would repress any feeling of rebellion.

Any civilization that had developed for tens of thousands of years would not be simple. There had to be reasons why nobles would rule the Continent for so many years. Naturally, if they didn't develop such means and methods, how could they stay in power for so long.

It was because of these reasons that when Green bought the slaves, their hearts now belonged to the Buda clan.

However, Daisy and Ann grew up differently than the slaves. They were once commoners, and although the living standards of commoners on the Continent weren't that great, it was still better when compared to a slave's. The most notable part was that if you were a slave for life, then your family will be slaves for generations.

Zhao knew this, so every day he would spend some time with the slaves so they would grow more comfortable being around him. He knew that changing the ideas of these slaves won't happen overnight. Teaching the slaves to know how to read will let these slaves know more about the truth.

Zhao didn't think that one day he would change the world. He knows that he's just a regular otaku. After coming here, he could only achieve things because his spatial farm was a cheat. Besides, he had no ambitions to change the world, especially when he knew that this society had been based on slavery for tens of thousands of years.

He just wanted an easy life. But since he still remembered how he lived in his past life, he was not accustomed to ruling over slaves. So he set it up that as long as you work hard, you would gain freedom as a reward.

As for the Black Waste, Zhao knew that it was his own private property only because all of the nobles in the Continent didn't want it. After all, an ordinary stone was just a stone.

But Zhao knew that once he reformed the soil of the Black Waste, an ordinary stone would become a piece of jade. It was like turning a baby into a cute baby that everyone wants to grab.

So if you wanted to protect your baby, you have to have the strength. The strength that he had now wasn't strong enough. But once he opens his pasture, who would dare offend him.


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