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Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Chapter 80


Chapter 80 - Leveling Up an Undead

Satiated, they paid their check.

While doing so, Green paid some attention to the attitude of the waitress. He wanted to see if he could spot any clues from her face. If the waitress was behind the poisoning incident, it would show.

However, Green was disappointed because he could see nothing wrong. Even when Green gave her a tip, her actions were quite satisfactory.

Since Green didn't see anything, he followed behind Zhao as they left the restaurant.

They then immediately left the city, since there was no reason to stay. Plus, Green wanted to do some fishing. He believed that the people who tried to poison them would like to see the results. Poisoning a black mage was dangerous, because there were black mages who were masters at poison, so they couldn't be sure if their toxins had worked.

It was precisely because of this that Green believed that those people would come see if they had been poisoned or not. If the three stayed in the city, they wouldn't be able to move around freely, and they might cause a big enough disturbance for the Purcell clan to intervene. Green didn't want to pull the Purcell clan into this conflict. He wanted to deal with the people who would dare poison them.

Once they were outside the city, Zhao took out his undead and rode on it as they hurried towards Stony Mountain. As of now it would take two hours for the poison to take effect. Zhao calculated the time as he started pretending to look more and more poisoned.

Up til now, Zhao had not seen a trace of their enemies, but Green was sure that someone must be following them. Of course, trained killers from large clans wouldn't be so easily found.

The season was spring and it was four in the afternoon, so the sky was still bright. Although the darkness of night would have been more favorable for Zhao to lure his enemies out, the poison didn't give them that much time, so he decided to go near the mountains where they could be alone.

Spending two hours to lead people away from the city was very boring. But eventually, after calculating the time, Zhao turned to Green and said. ’’It's almost time, Grandpa Green.’’

They had arrived at the mountains. Although there was a road that led here, it was clear that not many people used it, especially at this time of day. It was now six and starting to get dark. Green looked around and nodded. ’’We'll work with this,’’ he said.

Zhao got his undead to slow down, then he returned it to the space. After that, the three fell to the ground and laid there, motionless.

Nothing happened in the next half hour as they quietly laid there among the weeds, trying to be as still as possible. Luckily, it wasn't cold at this time of day. But just lying on the ground for a long time was really hard to accept.

It wasn't until an hour had passed when there was finally some movement. Green heard faint footsteps coming towards them.

Although Zhao didn't have as good a hearing as Green, he could still use the screen from his spatial farm. The screen was projected in front of his eyes. Even though he was outside the space, he could still use it to monitor his surroundings. And ever since he rose to level six, his monitoring range had increased by ten meters.

Ordinarily, if a man was walking towards them from fifty meters away, they should be able to hear him. But Zhao didn't hear a sound. If it weren't for the screen, it would have been impossible for Zhao to find someone.

The screen showed a little green dot approaching them.

The green dot was a man that wore dark clothes and was carrying a black sword. He had a long nose and small eyes. Seeing the image of the man, Zhao couldn't help but think of one person: Shi Qian.

Shi Qian was a fictional character from the Water Margin novels. Although he had an ugly appearance, he had amazing thieving skills, earning him the nickname, Flea on a Drum. If this man went to Earth, he could play Shi Qian on tv without needing any makeup.

The man stopped twenty meters from Zhao, then he took out some throwing darts.

Zhao's heart couldn't help but curse loudly. Even though they had been lying here for an hour, this man was still being careful. Just as the man was about to throw a dart, Zhao suddenly summoned Drunk to stand in front of him. Now it was impossible for Zhao to get hit by the dart.

The moment Zhao summoned Drunk, Green also moved. He was an eighth level warrior. With a yellow light flashing around his body, he sprang towards the man. Meg also got up and created a layer of blue to shield Zhao and herself.

Several of the darts were thrown, but it was impossible for them to break Meg's shield.

When Drunk appeared, the man knew that he must withdraw, but unfortunately he didn't have the opportunity. Green was stronger and faster than he had imagined, and was rushing towards him from twenty meters away. Even if he wanted to run, he wouldn't be able to.

So the man simply didn't run. He closed his eyes and his lips moved, then he spit out black blood as he fell to the ground, dead.

Zhao stood up just in time to see the scene. He really didn't expect that the man would act so decisively. When the man knew that he couldn't escape, he immediately committed suicide by swallowing the poison in his mouth, like you would see on tv.

Green also didn't think that the man would choose suicide as he stood beside the man's body. Now it was impossible to question him. All he could do was examine the dead body, but there were no markings that told them who were the forces behind this man.

Zhao also walked over and looked at the man, then he turned around and asked Drunk, ’’If we make this guy an undead, could we ask him anything?’’

Drunk shook his head. ’’No, Master. I'm now an undead, so I can only make low level undead. So even if we turned him into an undead, he simply wouldn't be able to answer any questions.’’

Zhao looked at the corpse, then made his decision. ’’Turn him into an undead. If they dare to come against us, we should show them what will happen to them.’’

Obeying his command, Drunk casted a spell. Black gas formed and then floated down to the man's dead body. Once the black gas disappeared, there was nothing but a pale skeleton lying on the ground. Of course, his clothes didn't disappear, and he still had his sword.

With nothing else to do with the man, Zhao threw him into the space. But he didn't think when the man entered the space, the voice would appear and said: [Low class robotic object. Leveling up. Strengthening its abilities and strengthening it with toxins]

Zhao was confused for a moment, but then his face lit up. He summoned the undead man out of the space. The man was now a dark green skeleton, just like Drunk.

’’Do you understand me?’’ Zhao asked.

The man nodded.

Zhao was overjoyed. ’’What's the name of the forces you belong to?’’

The man shook his head. ’’I am your faithful servant, Master.’’

Zhao paused for a moment, then he asked a few more questions, but the man just gave that same answer. It was then that Zhao understood. The man didn't remember anything from before he died.

Zhao had a wry smile. He thought that after the level up, the man would be able to tell him something useful, but it appeared to be in vain.

Zhao then asked. ’’What are your abilities?’’

’’Master, I can assassinate with darts and I can fight with a sword,’’ the man said.

The man wasn't like Drunk, he was a lower undead, so he naturally couldn't remember things from his past. But with the level up from the space, he could at least now use his assassination skills that he previously had.

Zhao nodded. ’’Starting today, remember that I am your master, and your name will now be Shift,’’ he said before he returned the man to the space.


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