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Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Chapter 68


Chapter 68 - Idol?

Green looked around and spotted Laura. ’’Hello, Markey clan. My Master would like to speak with you.’’ He called Zhao his Master like how a mage's follower respectfully would.

Laura of course understood what Green meant, but she hesitated. She had a treasure with her, and if the other side wanted that treasure, wouldn't it be too dangerous if she went along with Green?

Green was a good person. One look at Laura and he understood her hesitation, but he didn't blame her for it.

While Laura wasn't prepared to follow Green to see Zhao, since the other side had saved them, she still needed to give them her thanks. Laura jumped down from her carriage, then she walked to Green and bowed. ’’Powerful warrior, please accept the thanks of Laura Markey. I do not know if I could have the opportunity to see the distinguished mage.’’

Although Laura was very polite, the meaning of her words were clear. If you want to see me, then you will have to come out and see me.

Green looked at Laura, then nodded. He also thought that they should go out to Laura's side. Although they didn't know why the Immortal mercenary group attacked her, this was a good chance to establish a relationship with Laura and the Buda clan.

Inside the undead's chest, Zhao, Meirin, and Meg were standing there waiting for Green. Zhao originally wanted to go out to see Laura, but Green thought that it would be too demeaning, so he told Zhao to wait here until he came back. Once Green was inside again, he said, ’’Master, the one outside is named Laura, a genius of the Markey clan. When you go meet her, if she asked about the Immortal mercenary group, say that we repelled them. Don't say that we made them loyal to us.’’

Zhao nodded. ’’Don't worry, Grandpa Green, I know what to say.’’ He went out, followed by Green and Meg, leaving Meirin behind.

Standing there, Laura was a bit nervous. She didn't know how the mage would answer her since she knew that what she was doing was rude. But she couldn't risk the treasure that was on her.

However, she also knew that black mages were usually cantankerous and that she might have offended him. If the black mage wanted to deal with her, she was afraid that she wouldn't be able to leave here today. This thought filled Laura with some regret. With her current strength, she wouldn't be able to hold on to the Necro Orb if the black mage wanted it.

While she was feeling regretful, Laura suddenly noticed three people coming out of the mouth of the undead. One of them was a black mage. Although the mage's body wasn't very tall, he was wearing a tall black robe while holding a magic staff.

Laura, with her experience in business, could tell at a glance that the robe and magic staff were cheap and poor quality. But from the mage's temperament, Laura almost completely omitted these two things. His unique temperament seemed to be very humble, but at the same time, it seemed very contradictory.

Meanwhile, Laura also noticed another detail. Although the black mage was wearing a robe that covered his whole body, she could still see his hand that was sticking out while holding the magic staff. When she saw this hand, Laura's eyes couldn't help but shrink. The hand wasn't old and it had no wrinkles. Although it was a man's hand, the skin was very white and delicate.

If this hand reflected this mage's age, then Laura could easily tell that the owner of this hand didn't exceed thirty years old!

An advanced black mage that was no more than thirty years old, what kind of concept was that? This was equal to the strongest in the Continent and would infinitely have a bright future. For a large clan, such a person would help that clan grow.

But Laura has been taking care of the family business for several years, so even after seeing such a big scene, it only took a moment before she could calm herself back to normal.

Different from Laura, Zhao felt very excited. The reason he was excited was because of Laura's looks.

Although Laura was pretty, in his past life Zhao had seen a variety of beauties. That wasn't the reason for Zhao's excitement, but rather because Laura looked like a specific person. In his past life, when Zhao was an otaku, he liked music. He mostly listened to some Chinese songs, so he knew even less about foreign singers.

But he did know of one name: Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift was a country music singer. When Zhao was almost twenty years old, at the time when Taylor was twenty, he thought that she looked sweet and her singing was very appealing, so he quickly fell in love with her. Zhao had a picture of Taylor on his computer desktop.

Laura's looks was almost like it was carved out of a mold from what Taylor looked like. She looked so much alike that Zhao kept checking her over, everything from her height to her blonde hair. She was simply almost exactly the same. The only difference was that Laura had a body that practiced martial arts, but this gave her an inexplicable attraction. As long as men saw her, they would want to conquer her.

Meeting his idol standing before his own eyes, how could Zhao not be excited. Although he knew that the person in front of him wasn't Taylor, he still couldn't help but feel excited.

Fortunately, he was wearing a mage robe that blocked his face. If Laura were to see the happy vacant look on Zhao, it would greatly damage her impression of him.

Laura took a deep breath and gave a deep bow to Zhao. ’’Dear mage, thank you for your help. Please accept my most sincere gratitude.’’

Zhao soon recovered after he also took a breath to calm down. In front of a star like that, he shouldn't be too crazy, and be more sensible. Plus, he knew that the one standing in front of him wasn't Taylor, but Laura.

’’Miss Laura is too polite. We just happened to pass by and encountered that notorious mercenary group. Unfortunately, we couldn't destroy them, and instead let them run,’’ Zhao said.

Laura was surprised for a moment. She had seen Green carrying two objects to the back of the slope, but she didn't expect that they were part of the Immortal mercenary group. If so, then it was good that the mercenary group had been eliminated. And Laura was also able to confirm her previous speculation that the black mage was quite young, which she could tell from the sound of his voice.

Laura smiled at Zhao. ’’You do not need to feel any regret. I will not allow the Immortal mercenary group to run rampant for so long in the Continent. This time they will really be sorry. Since you helped us against those people, you might fear that it would just bring you more trouble, but please don't worry. After I go back to my clan, they will send out a team to eradicate the Immortal mercenary group, so please rest assured.’’

Zhao slightly chuckled. ’’Miss Laura is too kind. A mere mercenary group is not much in my eyes, so you don't have to worry about it.’’

Hearing what Zhao said, Laura couldn't help but nod her head. If anyone else was to say this, she wouldn't believe it, but since Zhao said so, she believed him. She had seen how powerful Zhao was. Not only did he have an eighth level warrior, but he could also call out all those undead.

Green was looking at the sky, then he turned to Zhao. ’’Master, it's getting late. Shouldn't we hurry up?’’

Zhao knew what Green meant that they should go. This time they just wanted to meet the Markey clan. They didn't want people to think that they were threatening the Markey clan for repayment.

Seeing Zhao about to leave, Laura at once said, ’’Dear mage, we are preparing to make camp here today. If you don't mind, please stay with us. I would like to invite you for dinner to express my gratitude.’’

Zhao shook his head. ’’Miss Laura is determined, but I'm sure we will have the opportunity to see each other again in the future.’’ Having said that, he turned around and walked towards his undead.

Laura anxiously took two brisk steps forward and quickly pulled on Zhao's robe. ’’Dear mage, please wait.’’ When she grabbed onto Zhao, Laura didn't know whether or not it was an illusion, but she could smell a fresh scent from Zhao's body, like a prairie during spring, making people feel refreshed and vibrant.


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