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Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Chapter 664


Chapter 664

Chapter 664 - Dark Creatures of the Underworld

The second reason was very simple . Near the Lyon Empire's capital city were four fortresses . These fortresses stand guard near the capital city . They weren't very far from the capital, it would only take a day for their troops to arrive by horse . In other words, Zhao Hai needed to take the capital in one day . If he failed to do so, then he would have to face both inside and outside attacks .

The four fortresses around the capital had 100 thousand troops each, all of them were cavalry . Although they weren't the most elite cavalry of the Empire, they were still quite problematic to face .

Naturally, Zhao Hai wasn't afraid of these cavalry units . He just didn't want to face them in combat . To be honest, Zhao Hai didn't have any good impression for these cavalry . When the Dragons attacked the Lyon Empire, they didn't do anything . After the establishment of the Saint Dragon Empire, they still remained as is while enjoying the same treatment as before . This shows that these people had already sold themselves to the Dragons .

Zhao Hai really wanted to kill these people, but the reason why he held back was the fact that these soldiers were only common soldiers of the Lyon Empire . Moreover, they weren't just born out of stone, they had their own family members . If Zhao Hai killed these soldiers, then these family members would definitely hate him . When the time comes, a chain reaction would happen, causing chaos in the Lyon Empire, adding trouble to the current situation .

Because of these conditions, Zhao Hai didn't want to get in a fight with the Dragons for a long time . It would be best if he were to take care of things fast .

This time, the method of sneak attack wouldn't work . This was because ever since the Dragons had taken over the capital, they had enacted a curfew every night, and they also activated an alarm magic formation on the whole the capital during those times . This made it impossible for Zhao Hai to sneak in some assassins . Therefore, the only thing he could do was wait for the daylight before storming the capital .

After attacking the two fortresses, Zhao Hai prepared himself to attack the Lyon Empire's capital on the next day . However, since he still wasn't confident in his plans, he had decided to delay it for another day .

Zhao Hai and the others discussed what they would do and finally thought of a plan that Zhao Hai felt to be feasible .

After having rested for a day in the Space, Zhao Hai immediately began to prepare the attack . Him along with Green and the others were in the Space's living room, looking at the Lyon Empire's capital on the monitor .

The Lyon Empire's capital was not much worse than the Rosen Empire's capital . After all, the Empire was still the second strongest in the continent . At this moment, there were 40 Dragons in the capital altogether . However, these Dragons weren't grouped up, they were scattered all throughout the city . It might seem like they were dispersed in order to protect the populace, but they were doing this so that they can maintain control .

These Dragons weren't weak, even if Zhao Hai wanted to use his previous method then it would prove impossible . There was a warning formation in place .

The Lyon Empire's capital always had its warning formation enabled, however, the formation wasn't as strict in the day compared to at night . It would only be activated in places where the Dragons were staying . This was exactly why Zhao Hai cannot attack in the night . Zhao Hai wasn't worried about the Lyon Empire's protective shield at all since the Space can just place the undead directly inside the city . However, these warning formations were the annoying ones, they simply cannot be bypassed .

At this moment, the sun had just risen, so the gates were still shut . Those commoners that wanted to do business in the capital were still barred from entering . This was also the best opportunity for Zhao Hai to attack . If these people were already in the city at the time of the attack, then they might become victims of the crossfire . But if Zhao Hai attacks before they enter the gate, then these civilian could still run in the opposite direction direction .

Zhao Hai looked at the time, it was close to the moment where the city's gates would open . He turned to Green and said, ’’Grandpa Green, it's time to start . ’’

Green nodded and said, ’’Let's begin . We need a total of 50 cubes . Young Master, be careful in controlling them . ’’

Zhao Hai nodded, then he waved his hand and launched his attack! At this time, the skies of the Lyon Empire's capital had suddenly turned dark . Then a large patch of dark cloud appeared . The black clouds kept rolling, making it seem like rain was going to pour soon .

But what confused the people in the city was the fact that they couldn't hear the sounds of a thunderclap . They also didn't feel any kind of wind that would be associated with such a cloud .

It was the garrison troops that felt something wrong first . They knew that this wasn't any simple dark cloud, so they couldn't help but grab their weapons .

At this time, in the middle of the cloud, a thunderous voice can be heard, ’’Shameless Dragon Race, since you dared to attack a Human city, then you shall be paying your sins with blood!’’

As this statement fell, the dark cloud suddenly moved, turning into 50 smaller dark clouds . At this point, even idiot would notice that something was wrong about these dark clouds . Before long, the entire capital had turned into chaos . Those people who were about to leave for work immediately abandoned everything as the ran back home with the quickest speed before locking themselves up inside .

The soldiers immediately became nervous, at this time, a garrison commander suddenly shouted, ’’Quick, inform the generals . Open the protective formation! Sound the alarm! Give way for the Mages!’’

Along with the commander's orders, the city's magical formation was immediately activated . Fortunately for them, the formation had just been retracted, so it was very convenient to activate it once more . When the formation came into life, a ray of yellow suddenly flashed as a hemispherical dome covered the entire capital .

However, only after the formation was placed did the soldiers notice something wrong . The formation had indeed been activated, but the dark clouds were actually included inside . This This must be the reason why the garrison felt strange, the dark clouds were actually very close to the ground .

Seeing that the protective formation became useless, the soldiers didn't panic immediately . At this time, the Mages that guarded the city had arrived at the wall . When they saw the dark clouds, a Light Mage face suddenly paled as he shouted, ’’Light Mages of all ranks, use light magic to attack . This is a Dark Mist spell of the Dark Mages!’’

When this Light Mage shouted, the other Light Mages immediately took their stance and started to cast light magic towards the dark clouds .

Now that the Radiant Church and the Dragon Race had made an alliance, the Radiant Church had sent a lot of Light Mages to help the Dragons . Therefore, there were a lot of Light Mages defending the capital city right now .

As expected, the Light Mages had become useful . When their magic hit the dark clouds, they immediately started to slowly disappear . This made the garrison troops cheer .

However, the Light Mages actually think that there was no point in celebrating . They were people who completely understood Dark Mages . They knew that the Dark Mist spell was just a 1st rank magic, it had zero attack power . Its biggest use was in blocking the enemy's sight . Therefore, dispelling the dark clouds wasn't something remarkable .

As the dark mist slowly dissipated, the cheering garrison suddenly found themselves to be like ducks who were caught by the neck, they were suddenly jolted into silence .

This was because they saw battle formations in place of the dark clouds . This battle formation was very strange, it was because it was structured into a cube and was floating in mid air . It looks like every single cube floating in mid air is the same . The peculiar thing was that every unit in these cubes were composed of undead creatures .

Just as the Dark Mist vanished, the battle formations suddenly moved . Their gradually accelerated as they went straight to specific points in the city .

When they saw these flying formations, the garrison troops' complexion suddenly changed . This was because those points were places where the Dragons were resting in . It . It seems like the other party came completely prepared .

At this time, the voice came once again, ’’To the garrison troops, listen . I came this time to deal with the Radiant Church and the Dragons . Since they shamelessly united to usurp the Lyon Empire, I am going to eliminate all of them . I hope you won't participate in the battle, otherwise, you will definitely be killed . ’’

The garrison troops looked at the flying figures in the sky . Although they weren't that strong, as long as they are from the Ark Continent, then they are aware what being able to fly meant . Aside from flying magic beasts, all other flying beings were 9th rank experts . Even if they haven't heard of flying undead before, they knew that these undead were going to be trouble if they were provoked . Their ability to maintain a formation alone was enough to convince the garrison of how formidable they were . Additionally, those who commanded these undead were even more frightening .

At the same time, the garrison also found out that the voice wasn't lying . Those flying undead were indeed specifically targeting the Dragons . Their flight direction was towards the places were the Dragons were resting in or the places where the lesser dragons were . None of the flying undead were heading towards the place where the garrison troops were .

The lead Light Mage who commanded the other Light Mages was very pale right now . The be honest, even he couldn't remember reading about flying undead . In the history of the continent, the strongest undead that was spotted had the strength of 6th rank . The strongest creature summoned by a Dark Mage was not an undead, but instead it was a creature of the dark that came from the Underworld . This creature was extremely powerful . If one was a high-level Dark Mage, they can use a method of sacrifice in order to summon these 9th rank creatures . However, the requirements to summon such a creature was extremely high as well . After the summoning, their life force would be heavily affected . Moreover, there were also cases where the summoned dark creature turned against its own summoner .


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