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Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Chapter 642


Chapter 642

Chapter 642 - Demon Realm Aura?

Zhao Hai smiled and said, ’’The General doesn't need to worry about it . There are ways of dealing with the chilling cold . Those octopus really do have a great use to me . If General has anything else to do, then I won't be holding you back . You don't need to worry much about me, I can manage on my own . ’’

Luo Ying knew from Zhao Hai's words that there was no way for her to stop him, so she didn't say anything else . After all, Zhao Hai has already revealed his strength, he had the qualifications to do whatever he wants .

After exchanging a few more words with Luo Ying, Zhao Hai left the Azure Dragon Snail . He was now ready to catch those Devil Octopi . These beings grow up to be 9th ranks, almost not any worse than Dragons . This fact made Zhao Hai very curious .

Zhao Hai didn't immediately go catch some octopus after leaving Luo Ying . Instead, he returned to the Space and observed if the Sea Dragons have been properly settled in .

However, he didn't go and personally see the Sea Dragons and just looked at them through the monitor . Upon seeing that they had settled down quite well, Zhao Hai felt relief . After all, they were in the sea, at the same time, they also had all the room that they want .

Then Zhao Hai switched the image on the monitor to see Mermaid Island's situation . He didn't expect the Dragons and the Radiant Church to be prompt in their attack of the Island . Zhao Hai wanted to see the state that the Island has been turned into .

When he saw Mermaid Island, Zhao Hai couldn't help but stare . It wasn't destroyed due to the attack, it was the exact opposite, he couldn't see any traces of battle . It seems like nothing happened, this scene showed Zhao Hai how strong the Fishmen were .

From Luo Ying's words, Zhao Hai knew that the ones who attacked Mermaid Island were the people from the alliance between the Dragon Clan and the Radiant Church . But there were only limited ways in order to attack the island . First was by using ships, but this was impossible . Aside from the Buda Clan, no other power would be able to navigate the sea in order to head towards Mermaid Island .

The second method was by flying, which can be done by the Dragon Clan . However, it would be impossible for them to have the tolerance to ferry people over on their backs . Therefore, the attack on Mermaid Island could only be done by 9th rank experts .

Being assaulted by 9th rank experts but not leaving a trace of battle was a testament to the might of the Mermaid Clan . Ninth rank experts aren't easy people to deal with .

Seeing that nothing happened on the island, Zhao Hai felt relief . He was now preparing to catch a Devil Octopus, then he would go and see the situation of the Soul Sucking Reef . He wanted to find out why Fishmen weren't able to leave that place .

As soon as he searched through these two places, Zhao Hai would return back to the Continent . But before heading back to land, he still needed to pay the Mermaid Queen a visit . And while doing so, he would try and see if he can learn about their art of Water Refining . Zhao Hai really wanted to learn the technique .

After recalling all of these in his mind, Zhao Hai determined his itinerary . First he would catch a Devil Octopus, this was a simple task, the trench was just a short distance away . Although theses beasts were 9th ranks, it was impossible for them to pose a threat to Zhao Hai . He plans to catch two of these beasts and see if they can upgrade the Space .

Upon thinking it through, Zhao Hai returned to the Space to rest for the entire day . The next morning, he had the Blade Scale Whale proceed towards the Devil Octopus' domain .

In the sea, this trench has its own special name, it's called Devil's Trench . It was because it was the place where the Devil Octopi reside, and at the same time, because it was a place that was very very dangerous . Therefore, the Fishmen decided to name it as thus . [1]

It didn't take long before Zhao Hai reached the mouth of the trench . This trench didn't have any special appearance, it looks just like an extremely deep canyon . However, Zhao Hai can feel the cold aura being released by the trench . It was enough for a person to shiver with fright .

Zhao Hai is a 9th rank expert, and for someone of his level to feel this explains that this place was something dangerous .

At this time, Cai'er's voice was suddenly heard, ’’Young Master, I can feel the aura of the Demon Realm here . Especially inside that trench, the Demon Realm aura that I can feel there is very thick . ’’

Zhao Hai stared, then his expression changed as he said, ’’Really? Can you really feel the Demon Realm in this trench?’’

Cai'er came from the Demon Realm, she was a plant that grows normally there . Because of that, she was extremely familiar to the aura of that place . Zhao Hai trusted her words, but he was not willing to believe it . If that was really the case, then this trench might be associated with the Demon Realm . This meant that this place might become a battlefield in the future .

Cai'er insisted, ’’Young Master, there really is an aura of the Demon Realm here . And it gets stronger the deeper you go in . ’’

Zhao Hai nodded and said, ’’Alright, it seems like coming here was a good idea . Let's go and take a look . ’’ Then he directed the Blade Scale Whale to go down to the bottom of the trench .

The deeper they went, the darker the surroundings became . Zhao Hai was now 500 meters into the trench, and not a single ray of light can be seen here . Zhao Hai can see some beasts in the distance, but they were different from those that he had seen in the surface . From what he can see, these beasts looked more fierce and aggressive compared to those at the top .

At this time, Laura and the others had arrived at Zhao Hai's side together with Cai'er . Since the place the place might be related to the Demon Realm, Zhao Hai had Cai'er come out and talk to them about that place . Only Cai'er had concrete understanding about the Demon Realm .

Upon seeing these magic beasts, Cai'er turned her head to Zhao Hai and said, ’’Young Master, these magic beasts are already demonized . ’’

Zhao Hai was confused at what Cai'er just said, ’’Demonized? What's that?’’

Cai'er replied, ’’The Demon Realm has a very unusual toxin . This toxin will start to affect beings and change their appearances . Look at these beasts for example, it was possible that they are only ordinary magic beasts . But because they were subjected to the aura of the Demon Realm, they had turned into their current form . They had become more formidable, however, they also turned more aggressive due to the toxin . ’’

Zhao Hai extended a spike from the Blade Scale Whale and captured a small fish . This small fish was only the size of Zhao Hai's palm . However, a third of its body was its head, and two thirds of this head was its giant mouth . This small fish was still struggling and would oftentimes open its mouth, revealing its saber-like teeth . It also flashed a blue radiance, showing that its attacking strength was quite strong .

Zhao Hai waved his hand and sent the small fish to the Space . He wanted to see how the Space valued such things . And just as the fish entered the Space, a prompt was heard, ’’Seriously polluted mutant fish has been detected . Such organisms have strong survivability, strong attacking ability, strong defensive ability . Extracting its toxin, changing organism's temperament . Integrating properties into lifeforms in the Space . Toxin has been combined to the Space's insecticide . Enhancing all toxic lifeforms in the Space . Increasing survival capabilities of the lifeforms inside the Space . ’’

This prompt informed Zhao Hai that the Space has identified these creatures as 'polluted' . To be honest, it was quite a suitable classification .

Zhao Hai grasped other mutant magic beasts inside the trench and had them sent over to the Space . The prompt that he heard was similar, this made Zhao Hai lost interest Hai lost interest in these mutant magic beasts .

At this time, Zhao Hai had already penetrated 1000 meters deep into the trench . Everything around him was pitch black . If they didn't have a monitor, then they wouldn't be able to see anything outside .

Zhao Hai looked at the monitor and saw that the mutant magic beasts were getting fewer and fewer . But the strengths of those who were present has been getting stronger and stronger . They also looked more and more fearsome .

At this time, Laura suddenly issued an astonished tone . Then she pointed to a place outside the Blade Scale Whale as she said, ’’Brother Hai, look, there seems to be a bright spot there . ’’

Zhao Hai stared, then he turned to look at what Laura pointed out . Currently there was a light that repeatedly flashed . In this jet black environment, it looked like a single small star .

However, Zhao Hai seemed to notice that this star had gotten brighter and brighter, it seems like it was approaching them .

Zhao Hai immediately looked at the monitor and saw a strange fish appear in front of his eyes . It looked terrifying, it was about two meters long, its body was covered with spikes . It also had a pair of small red eyes, its mouth was big and had fangs of different lengths . Most importantly, on the top of its head was a long spike, but it seems like it wasn't hard but instead was soft of which an organ was hanging . Zhao Hai felt strange since this organ was the one that was flashing its lights . It looks just like a faulty lantern .

At this time, Zhao Hai saw another small fish approaching . Zhao Hai was curious about this small fish, he didn't know why it was swimming towards them . Then suddenly, the small fish went towards the flashing organ of the strange fish . And just as the small fish approached the organ, the strange fish suddenly opened its mouth, its tongue flew out and stretched . Before long, the small fish was nowhere to be seen .

Named it as Death Pit before, I've changed it .


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