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Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Chapter 63


Chapter 63 - Immortal Mercenary Group

It was strange. Supposedly every day, there would be people coming from Montenegro to Casa city, but today there was not one person going in that direction. Up to now, Zhao hadn't met anybody.

But Zhao didn't know that early in the morning, there was a caravan that passed by them. But when the caravan found that something was wrong, they immediately retreated back to their small town and spread the news to all the merchants. Now that a lot of people knew what was going on, they decided to form a bigger caravan, so they hired a lot of mercenaries from Montenegro.

Zhao didn't know this because he had been feeling tired, so while the caravan had set off bright and early, he had stayed in the space and missed them by two or three hours. It was because of those merchants who blocked anyone from coming in that direction, that no one saw Zhao, which resulted in this strange scene to unfold.

There were a lot of thieves and wild beast attacks on the Continent, so caravans had to be careful. If they find anything wrong, they would immediately go back into the nearest town, and then warn the other caravans from moving on ahead. Zhao didn't know this, and neither did Green, since the Buda clan never owned a caravan before.

Zhao kept them moving forward, where they encountered five more villages with the people gone. These villages were not too big, but if one were to count all the people in the five villages together, there would be a thousand people. But it was not just the people, but all living things were gone.

The more they kept moving, the more they felt scared, not only from the missing people, but also from Meirin feeling the black magical energy growing stronger and stronger.

According to Meirin's estimate, with this temptation spell that could cover so many people, the strength of the black mage must have reached at least the eighth level, same as Meirin. But even if this black mage's strength was on the same level as her, Meirin recognized that if they really fought, she was afraid that she might not really be able to beat the other, because black magic was too strange.

However, Zhao didn't worry too much. Not only did he have Green by his side, but he also had the space which he could go hide in. He didn't believe that anyone could go into the space to kill him.

Their speed didn't accelerate or slow down, and just unhurriedly moved forward, which was a characteristic of Zhao. No matter at what time, he pursued stability while reminding himself to stay calm. That was his motto.

So this time Zhao kept reminding himself to calm down. He always carefully looked around for any situation. Although he couldn't see anything, he still had to be very carefully, and be prepared to deal with any emergency.

Meirin sat on the undead with her eyes closed, along with Green who was sitting on Alien's head, while Zhao sent Meg back into the space.

But to Zhao's surprise, they almost went through a whole day without encountering anything. It was already four in the afternoon, and they have yet to see any people, or did they encounter any attack. Everything was calm, which was eerie.

Zhao was prepared to stop and rest when Meirin suddenly opened her eyes. ’’Master, you should go back into the space. I have a strong feeling of black magical energy in front of us. It seems like the other party has been prepared.’’

Surprised, Zhao nodded his head. He knew that he wouldn't be much help, so he stepped into the space. However, he left Alien outside, still carrying Green and Meirin as it walked.

Once inside the space, Zhao immediately went into his hut and watched the screen. It was so strange to watch the outside scene that appeared on the screen, like he was still sitting on the back of the undead.

At that moment, Zhao smacked his head. He really was stupid. As always, he could see up to one hundred meters from the point he entered the space. But if that point could be moved, wouldn't he be able to see more things? Previously, when he came into the space, he didn't put away the undead because he thought that it might be necessary to help Green and Meirin, but he forgot to tell it to stop, so the undead kept moving forward.

He discovered the secret that even though he himself was inside the space, the image of the screen kept on moving, so that point of entry could be moved. There was no need for him to stay outside. Damn, why didn't he think of it before? He could have just let the undead go outside while he hid inside the space.

But right now Zhao wasn't in the mood to keep thinking about it, because he wanted to see the black mage.

Meirin and Green was paying attention to everything in front of them, while the undead unhurriedly moved forward. Meirin sensed that the black magical energy was getting stronger.

Suddenly, they heard the sound of weapons. Green and Meirin knew that they were finally there.

Just then, the undead suddenly stopped. Zhao appeared on the back of the undead from the space and said, ’’Grandpa Green, Grandma Meirin, get into the space. The undead could still move forward, and we can see everything that's going on.’’

Green and Meirin were surprised, but they understood what Zhao meant. However, Green still shook his head. ’’No, Master. We shouldn't go in. If they find out the secret of the space, it would do more harm than good.’’

Zhao paused for a moment, and then he nodded. ’’Well, then it'll be necessary for me to stay out. I can release those undead to help, so people would think that I'm a black mage, and they won't discover the secrets of the space.’’

Green and Meirin frowned. They really didn't want to let Zhao take that risk. But if Zhao went into the space, and then summoned undead, it may expose the secret of the space, which would really put them in a dilemma.

Green thought about it, and then turned to Zhao. ’’Master, if you want to stay outside, you'd better call Meg out to stay by your side.’’

Zhao nodded. He found that, as long as he thought about calling people from the space in his head, the people in the space could hear it. Plus if those people wanted to speak to him, as long as they knocked on the screen, he could hear them. Finding this out made Zhao happy, because contacting people in the space was now even more convenient.

After Meg was called out, she immediately sat down next to Zhao and carefully looked around, ready to protect him. Zhao commanded the undead to move forward, but to be more careful this time, Green stood up, ready to fight.

They walked for a thousand meters before encountering a small slope. Zhao finally saw what was happening in front of them on that slope. A large group of undead was sieging a caravan. Seeing the Bana symbol on its banner, it turned out to be a caravan belonging to the Markey clan.

Green noticed that there was a flag stuck to the ground next to the slope. The flag was black with a white skull painted on it. Zhao thought that it was similar to a pirate's flag back on Earth. When Green saw that flag, his face couldn't help but change. Because the flag reminded him of an organization. On the Continent, there was a notorious group of mercenaries: The Immortal mercenary group.

The Immortal mercenary group was one of the Continent's most powerful mercenary groups, but it was also one of the smallest, since the core of the group only had eight people!

In general, only having eight people wouldn't be called a mercenary group. It was more like a small adventurer group. But this team of eight people was called a mercenary group on the Continent because these eight practiced black magic!

This mercenary group had existed for decades. In that time, they had received a total of a thousand requests, of which five hundred of them resulted in killing the owner and robbing their goods. Later, no one dared to ask them to do a task, which made the group turn into thieves.

Every time they acted, all the nearby people would be killed and then turned into undead, and then they would use those undead to attack their targets. This method could be described as extremely cruel. Nobody on the Continent knew how to deal with them. One time, the Immortal mercenary group actually moved against the business of the Xinya clan, who sent some experts to fight back. The result was that out of the eight men from the Immortal mercenary group, seven of them died, and the last one was seriously injured.

Originally, everyone in the Continent thought that the Immortal mercenary group would disappear, but instead they did something crazy.


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