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Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Chapter 629


Chapter 629

Chapter 629 - Interesting Thing

The weakness that Lizzy had found out was actually already known to the Fishmen . They have used this cube formation for many years, so how could they be unaware of its weakness? The four edges supported the formation, they just couldn't ignore it .

Some people have been using this weakness in order to break the cube formation, so the Fishmen quickly found a way to deal with it . The method was actually very simple . It was to gather a group of elite troops into those edges in order to not let it be broken into . At the same time, they also developed a defensive formation, called Ball .

This ball formation was what Illac was using right now . With the commander at the center, the sphere would keep revolving and counter revolving layer by layer . It looks like meat grinder, anyone who entered this formation would be ground to paste .

In addition to these two methods, there was also a weakness in this method of breaking the formation . The troop requirements needed to accomplish such attack was very high . Their actions must be fast and their movements must be unified, making its composition very strict . This was because if there were any defects in any one of those four attacking divisions, then the entire operation would be placed in jeopardy . It was precisely because of this that this method of breaking the cube formation has slowly vanished from use, allowing the cube formation to dominate in the Fishman armies .

Although the ball formation was a very good defensive maneuver, and can defend against an attack on the four edges of the cube, its defensive power was still inferior to the whirlpool . Moreover, its counter-attacking capabilities are extremely low . Because of this, the formation had always been a backup formation . Almost nobody used this formation at this time .

Naturally, Lizzy and the others weren't aware about those considerations as well as restrictions in using their attack . After all, they were commanding undead, so they don't need to worry about minute flaws in their formation .

But when Illac did their ball formation, Zhao Hai's attack became useless . The ball formation might not be good in offense, but it can certainly hold its own when it came to defense . Especially against small attacks such as the Lizzy's four demon arms, it was incredibly effective . Before long, the four divisions of undead that Zhao Hai had sent had been grinded into nothingness .

Zhao Hai didn't worry about any of this and just commanded his undead to retreat, reforming their cube formation before going away .

At this time, Illac didn't dare to take pursuit . The recent attacks had almost scared him to death that the thought of pursuing didn't even enter his mind . Illac didn't expect Zhao Hai to use a formation that targeted the cube's weakness . One must know that this method hasn't been used for so many years . If Illac's troops weren't formidable, then he might have lost his life just then .

Illac doesn't understand what the other party wanted to do . The other party was using undead, so it was natural to think that all of them were expendable . However, the other party was using his undead as though it was an army, and also retreated after suffering some losses . This was completely unlike what a Dark Mage was supposed to do .

Illac and the other Sea Dragon's relationship with the other Dragons haven't been established in just a day or two, so they clearly knew what Dark Mages were . And they were clear that Dark Mages, when commanding a lot of undead, would just let them attack in a swarm-like manner . This way, the Dark Mages would use less magic as well as mental power .

When Dark Mages command the undead, they use magic power, however, the consumption of their mental power was even more . When Dark Mages use formations, they would surely be using more mental power than usual . Because of this, Dark Mages rarely used formations when attacking with large numbers of undead .

But contrary to normal customs, Zhao Hai actually arranged the undead in formations and also had them fight like any normal army . This made Illac confused as well well as afraid of Zhao Hai .

At this point, Illac was almost sure that the other party was Zhao Hai . If the other party was composed of a battalion of Dark Mages, they wouldn't be able to control the undead to such an astonishing degree . Not only can the undead change formations, it can also target weaknesses in the opponent's defenses . This was absolutely not something that a group of Dark Mages were capable of .

A Dark Mage can surely command undead into delicate positions, however, a group of them can't . After all, it was very difficult to find dozens of Dark Mages that were of the same strength and skill in Dark Magic . And since their skills were different, it was an inevitability that their control would have slight mistakes as well . These slight mistakes can be fatal to the battlefield . The only logical explanation to what just happened was that only one person was controlling the entire army of undead .

The reason why Illac dared to affirm the other party's identity was the fact that he was facing against undead and not people . In the end, Dark Mages weren't military men . Their genuine might in the battlefield relied on their undead . Only a few Dark Mages would dare study army formations at the same time . After all, shuffling between cultivating magic and studying formations was something near impossible to do .

Most importantly, an undead army doesn't have any low and middle-level officers . The quality of these officers would heavily affect the effectiveness of the army . Some good low and middle-level officers can spot any small change in the battlefield and would make the appropriate adjustments . A commander's word would just act like a guide for these kinds of people, they can already do what was expected of them, and maybe even more .

However, the undead was different . They don't think before they fight, they just do what they were commanded to do . This led to Dark Mages seeing formations as useless in their way of fighting . They might as well let their undead rush the enemies down until down until one of them prevailed .

Once he had confirmed that the other party was Zhao Hai, Illac couldn't help but feel dread . For Zhao Hai to have the ability to command the undead to this degree was very terrifying to think about . This was something Illac wasn't expecting . At this time, Illac felt that he was fighting against a wise commander and his army, not a Dark Mage and his undead .

Although Illac managed to defend against the opponent's attack, the losses that he had suffered weren't small . Especially during the last encounter, it almost claimed Illac's poor life . Because of this, when Zhao Hai retreated, Illac immediately reformed his cube formation . However, he kept the ball formation ready just in case another attack came in their way .

But even if Illac was being careful, he was still very worried . Not because of the other party, but because of his army's current strength!

The troops that he commanded were all made up of Fishmen, and Fishmen were alive beings . Unlike the undead, these people had limits on how much stress their bodies can handle .

Illac was currently worried about the overall strength of his army . After going through offensive and defensive maneuvers, his army should be quite tired right now . When their strength gets too low, their situation would reach disastrous levels .

Illac didn't quite understand Zhao Hai's purpose of coming today . Why did he come? Did he just want to attack with 1 million undead only to get turned back? How could this be possible? Was Zhao Hai this arrogant?

... .

Zhao Hai and the others were currently inside the Blade Scale Whale . Lizzy's face turned quite ugly as she said, ’’Big Brother Hai, it seems like this method had already been thought through by the Fishmen . Otherwise, they wouldn't have come up with a response this quickly . ’’

Zhao Hai nodded and said, ’’Their reaction was indeed very good . But since the Fishmen already knew about this weakness, why haven't they used it now? I'm quite confused about this . ’’

Lizzy sighed and said, ’’It looks like I failed this time . I didn't I didn't think that my formation was already been used before . ’’

Zhao Hai showed a faint smile and said, ’’That may not be the case . Although the formation seems like it has been used before, it doesn't mean that you can't use it anymore . Since the Fishmen rarely used it, then there should be some shortcomings in the your formation . If you can find solutions to those, then wouldn't you be invincible in the battlefield?’’

Lizzy thought for a moment before she nodded and said, ’’This formation truly has a lot of weak points . I'm going to try and improve it . Megan, let's go . ’’

At this time, Cai'er's voice suddenly came, ’’Young Master, I've discovered something interesting . Want to take a look?’’

Zhao Hai stared, then he nodded and said, ’’Alright . ’’ After he responded, Cai'er changed the monitor's display, showing the image of the Dragon Palace .

Zhao Hai and the others were shaken upon seeing the image . They didn't think that there would be such a large reef . Moreover, the other party was actually able to move it, this was too shocking .

But when the monitor zoomed it, the group discovered something . Naturally, it wasn't the Dragon Palace that Cai'er wanted to show them, but something in the palace instead .

Zhao Hai and the others were still some distance away from the Dragon Palace, so their eyes weren't able to see it . Only through the monitor were they able to see it .

After Cai'er enlarged the image, several people appeared . Zhao Hai couldn't help but stare when he saw these people . He hasn't seen Sea Dragons before, but he had heard about them from Luo Luo .

The reason why the Sea Dragons wore blue robes was because these robes were actually their scales . Dragons normally didn't wear any other clothing, otherwise it would transform along with them .

Because of this, Zhao Hai was sure from Alex's blue robes that he was a Sea Dragon . Moreover, it was certain that his status wasn't very low . This was because all other Sea Dragons were having him as their center .


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