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Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Chapter 624


Chapter 624

Chapter 624 - You Take Command

Luo Ying nodded and said, ’’No matter what, mister is our ally . Dashan, Luo Luo, you have the most contact with mister . Make sure to listen to anything that he wants . Make sure that you satisfy his needs . ’’

When Luo Luo heard Luo Ying, she immediately responded, ’’General, I seem to remember something . Mister Zhao Hai wanted to collect unique beasts and plants as a hobby . Whenever he sees something along the way, he would stop and collect them alive . General, I think we should get some beasts and plants for mister, or maybe something else that is unique, what do you think?’’

Luo Ying gawked, ’’So mister has a hobby like that . Is mister an Alchemist or a Refining Master? That doesn't matter, I'll have someone go and pay attention to this . Right, I have some sea dragon beads on hand . Although Mister is quite strong, it would be more convenient for him if he had these beads . ’’

Luo Luo nodded . Then Luo Ying turned to Dashan and said, ’’Dashan, what is the casualty count? Are we doing well?’’

Dashan nodded and said, ’’The situation is good . Enemy casualties number over 800 thousand while our deaths are less than 300 hundred thousand . Six hundred thousand of those enemy casualties were due to Mister Zhao Hai's undead’’

Luo Ying knit her brows and said, ’’Our casualties are still more than the enemy . The Sea Dragons have gathered a lot of powerful warriors all these years, we're much worse in terms of fighting prowess . But it was fortunate that we had more reinforcements coming soon . ’’

Dashan nodded and said, ’’It's also good that mister has managed to gather more undead . If the enemy attacks tomorrow, then mister would gain even more undead, which would be beneficial for us . You've seen how strong those undead were from the earlier fight, they're quite formidable . ’’

Luo Ying nodded and said, ’’However, I'm afraid that the Sea Dragons might have a Light Mage or Light Dragon among them . Those would bring us some trouble . What we need to do right now is to keep the enemy from advancing beyond this place . We'll wait for more reinforcements to arrive and then grind the enemy bit by bit before we can claim victory in the end . ’’

Dashan and Luo Luo nodded . Luo Ying felt some tiredness as she said, ’’Alright, let's go rest . I think the Sea Dragons wouldn't make another attack today . ’’ The two nodded before turning around and leaving .

Then Zhao Hai turned the monitor off . Laura turned to Zhao Hai and said, ’’Brother Hai, it seems like they had finally recognized your strength . Are you happy?’’

Zhao Hai smiled and said, ’’What does being recognized really do? If I weren't afraid of exposing my secrets, then I would've already extinguished the Sea Dragons . ’’

Lizzy smiled and said, ’’But this is also good, they are now going to look for good things for Big Brother Hai . Brother Hai, how about asking for an Azure Dragon Snail? That thing is very good . ’’

Zhao Hai smiled and said, ’’I really don't envy the snail, what I want is their water refining technique . If there's a chance, I would want to learn how they do it . It's quite an amazing invention . ’’

Megan nodded and said, ’’Well, let's not talk about that . Elder Brother Hai, how about we look at the battle earlier, I want to see it clearly . ’’

Zhao Hai nodded, then he had Cai'er replay the fight from earlier . Then they analyzed it bit by bit . But when it comes to battles, it seems like Megan and Lizzy were much better than him .

After analyzing the battle, Zhao Hai and the others reckoned that he can still kill about 100 thousand more if there was good strategy involved .

After looking at the battle, Zhao Hai relaxed . Then Zhao Hai looked at Megan and Lizzy and said, ’’Alright, you two are indeed good at these things . I think we can talk to General Luo Ying tomorrow and ask for permission to do an attack using our undead . At that time, I can have the two of you be the commander . We'll take the battle to the Sea Dragons while finding out who their helpers were . What do you think?’’

Megan looked at Zhao Hai and said, ’’Elder Brother Hai, do you really want us to command the undead? What if we don't do a good job?’’

Zhao Hai smiled and said, ’’Your worries are unnecessary . No commander starts off good . Moreover, Moreover, how many undead do we have? And they're quite strong as well . Don't forget, the 500 thousand undead that we used earlier are all doing fine . When we go to the Space, I'll have the two of you command a unit so that you can get familiar with them during battles . Later on, whether it be the Gods or the Demons, war would be inevitable . Me and Laura cannot take command, so we'll be leaving that matter off to you two . ’’

When Lizzy and Megan heard Zhao Hai, they immediately understood what he was trying to say . Zhao Hai making them command the undead was just a preparation for the war in the future . They also understood that the fight against the Gods and the Demons would be more difficult than this one . And at the same time, their side really needed good commanders in order to maximize their fighting potential .

After thinking about this, Lizzy and Megan nodded and said ,’’Alright, we'll listen to Brother Hai . We'll be the ones dealing with the Sea Dragons tomorrow . ’’

Zhao Hai let out a long breath and said, ’’We need to make sure to take good care of ourselves . The most important thing is to prepare to receive the Gods and Demons . These two would be hard to deal with . When they appear in the continent, then we would have no other choice but to fight . ’’

The others didn't speak . The Gods and Demons were like two mountains that were weighing down on their shoulders, making it hard for them to breath . Just like Zhao Hai said, they needed to use all of their energy to prepare themselves in dealing with those two .

They rested for the whole day, and on the next morning after having breakfast, Luo Luo arrived in front of the blade scale whale . Zhao Hai immediately invited her in . When Luo Luo entered the whale, she handed the dragon beads over to Zhao Hai and said, ’’Mister, take these . The general had me give this to you . Later, you can place it on your body so that you don't need to use magic in repelling the water . ’’

Zhao Hai received the dragon beads and carefully looked at it, then he nodded and said, ’’Alright, I was just was just about to visit the General . I'll go give my thanks when I see her . Let's go . ’’

Luo Luo nodded and then she asked, ’’What does mister want to ask the general?’’

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, ’’It's about the war . We had always been on the defensive side, we're too passive . I want to take the fight to the Sea Dragons . I want to ask for the general's approval so that I can go and attack them . ’’

When she heard Zhao Hai, Luo Luo couldn't help but gawk . She looked at Zhao Hai and said, ’’Mister wants to attack the Sea Dragons?’’

Zhao Hai smiled and said, ’’Right, I want to see how good those Sea Dragons are . ’’ Then he came out of the blade scale whale and stepped on the back of a turtle before heading towards the azure dragon snail .

Luo Luo looked surprised at Zhao Hai . She didn't expect that Zhao Hai would want to attack . Yesterday, she heard that the general wanted them to hold the attacks off as long as they can while grinding the Sea Dragons bit by bit . But Zhao Hai's request was in direct opposition to the general's plan .

While she was thinking about this, they had finally arrived at the snail's hall . Seeing Zhao Hai come, Luo Ying immediately said, ’’Mister, I think the Sea Dragons wouldn't attack today . You can use the time to take a good rest . ’’

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, ’’I came here today about this matter . I'm here to ask the general's permission . I want to attack the Sea Dragons . ’’

Luo Ying stared, then she knit her brows and said, ’’Mister, we can just wait for the Sea Dragons here . It's too risky to attack them . ’’

Zhao Hai smiled and said, ’’General, you said that it was possible for the Sea Dragons to have received help from the Humans and Dragons . If this is really the case, then it wouldn't be good for us to keep this defensive war . I want to use the undead in order to chip away some of the enemy's strength . Moreover, I also want to see who their helpers are . ’’

Luo Ying still refused, ’’Mister, if the Sea Dragons had help from the continent, then perhaps continent, then perhaps they would use a Light Mage to deal with you . ’’

Zhao Hai actually laughed and said, ’’General, you don't need to worry . I've been at odds with the Radiant Church for a long time . If Light magic really did affect me, then I would've already died in their hands . Also, I would only be using my undead in this attack, so we wouldn't have any casualties . If we wait for them to come to us, then we would certainly suffer some losses . I think it would be better for us if I were to take the initiative and bring the battle to them . ’’

When Luo Ying heard Zhao Hai, she couldn't help but think deeply . Mermaids treat the Fishmen like their own family . If they waited for the enemy to attack them, then it was inevitable that deaths would occur . And losing people from your own side doesn't give anyone a good feeling . Because of this, Luo Ying began to be moved by Zhao Hai's proposal .

Luo Ying nodded and said, ’’Alright, then I won't stop mister . However, Mister should do his best in order to protect your own safety . How about this, I'll have Dashan and a group of warriors accompany you . What do you think?’’

Zhao Hai smiled and said, ’’General, although Captain Dashan is formidable, they don't know how to fight along with the undead . Even if they do come with me, they won't be able to offer any help . The general doesn't need to worry about me, after all, I don't have any plans to die just yet . There's no need to have someone protect me . In any case, I'll always be in the back, commanding the undead . If things go sour, I can just retreat . ’’

Luo Ying was unable to refute Zhao Hai's statement, so she just nodded and said, ’’Then I can only ask mister to be careful . I'll be waiting for mister's good news . Right, if mister acquires some dragon beads, all of them shall belong to you . ’’

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, ’’The general has my utmost gratitude . Alright then, this Zhao Hai would be taking his leave . ’’ Then he gave Luo Ying a salute before turning around to leave .


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