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Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Chapter 622


Chapter 622

Chapter 622 - Mobile Phone? Telephone?

The Space's ability to communicate had always been a problem . Only Zhao Hai had the ability to conveniently use it . If Laura and the others left the Space, then Zhao Hai can only find them before appearing in their midst . Or he could have Cai'er tell them what was going on . But Cai'er was only one entity, making multiple communications quite inconvenient .

Now that he had the messenger fish, everything became different . When the messenger entered the space, it was immediately strengthened and improved . And since the Space came from Earth, the messenger fish's communication has been upgraded, it can now talk!

Naturally, this didn't mean that the fish itself was able to converse . This meant that the fish can now convey spoken word . Zhao Hai can now speak towards the messenger fish and then had the message transmitted through the Space and then to another Space produced messenger fish on someone else's hand .

When Zhao Hai heard of this new function, he couldn't help but get stunned . So the Space would essentially function like a satellite while the messenger fishes would act as mobile phones .

Although messenger fishes cannot leave water, which was their weak point, this wasn't an issue for Zhao Hai and the others . He can have space bags that contained bottles in them . Once the fishes were placed on the bottles, then they can be stored inside the space bags .

These messenger fish weren't large, and their appearance were also beautiful, so they can pass off as ornamental fishes . Even if it wasn't placed in a space bag, it would still function like a landline when placed at someone's office .

It wasn't only Zhao Hai who was pleasantly surprised at this new discovery . Laura and the others were also extremely stunned . They immediately had Cai'er mass produce these messenger fishes inside the Space, then had them sent over to Kun, Green, and the others . In the future, communicating with everyone would be much more convenient .

Zhao Hai and the others weren't expecting to reap huge harvests in their trip to the Fishmen this time . For them, this harvest was very important . Because of this, every single important matter of the Buda Clan would quickly reach Zhao Hai's ears at the quickest possible time .

While Zhao Hai and the others were busy with the messenger fish, Luo Ying wasn't idling as well . The enemy had finally made their move two hours after their previous attack .

This attack was different from the conical formation from before . This time, they were advancing in a straightforward manner . It seems like they want a huge fight . Zhao Hai and the others were inside the Azure Dragon Snail, looking at the scene through the water curtain .

Luo Ying's table had a messenger fish . This fish was placed on a crystal bowl and was used to send messages to different people . But compared to the Space's messenger fish, this fish naturally fell short .

Zhao Hai didn't have the interest to pay any attention to this messenger fish at this point . He just blankly stared at the enemy forces who were slowly inching forward . Their speed wasn't very quick, and their formation was very compact . The enemy's formation and Luo Ying's formation were almost similar, both formations looked like a Rubik's cube .

In front of the enemy's formation were the Electric Eels and other long-ranged attackers . It looks like the opposite party was prepared to launch a large scale attack .

Luo Ying was also paying attention to the lineup of the enemy . At the same time, she was using magic directed at the messenger fishes as she gave one command after another .

Naturally, Luo Ying didn't use this to give command to the entire army . She sends messages to her officers through this fish and then the officers would them relay the message to the appropriate units .

Along with the advancement of the enemy, the defensive line had also started to change bit by bit . Those defensive Fishmen who weren't afraid of the Electric Eels had slowly reached the front of the formation . The offensive Fishmen were also slowly going to the back .

This was the first time that Zhao Hai would see a full collision between two Fishman armies . The two sides faced off at this small piece of of the defensive line . It was like there was a rule that one would attack while one defends .

The distance between the two armies was getting shorter and shorter . At about 200 meters away, the advancing army stopped . Then suddenly, blue lightning started to appear from the enemy's formation . This lightning quickly crept towards the defending troops . Naturally, this was the Electric Eels launching their attacks .

The defensive troops quickly responded, the defensive race made a move as them and their mounts blocked the attack .

Zhao Hai paid close attention to the battle . He wasn't expecting the Electric Eels to be able to control lightning so well . When electricity is used underwater, it would generally disperse immediately . Attacking using electricity underwater was near impossible, but the Electric Eels still managed to do it . This showed how strong their attacks were, to Zhao Hai, it was really amazing .

But the defensive troops couldn't just sit still and not counter attack . Water arrows and ice spears had started to bombard the attacking army . At this time, long-ranged attacks from both sides had started to appear .

After ten rounds of long-ranged attacks, the Electric Eels had probably ran out of juice . Their lightnings were getting weaker and weaker . At this point, they were now starting to use water arrows and ice spears in attacking the defenders .

However, their attacks became weaker and weaker . This scene also happened at the side of the defenders . Then the enemy army started to change . Those responsible for long-ranged attacks had slowly drawn back . Those suited for close combat started to appear at the front .

Luo Ying immediately issued the command to change the formation . Their own army's melee troops have also started to come out front . At this time, the long-ranged attacks have started to die down . Then, the melee troops started to charge .

The attacking army's charge was similar to Sha Meng's cone formation . But this time, instead of a single giant cone, multiple smaller cones had appeared .

Seeing this, Luo Ying suddenly issued another command, ’’Prepare the Falling Stone formation!’’

Immediately, the other Mermaids relayed the relayed the order and the defensive army moved . The whole army seemed to be spinning all the time . Before long, the Sea Dragon army had finally come into contact with the Mermaid army . Then suddenly, innumerable stones began to rain down on the Sea Dragon army . Given the speed at which the stones were flying, it was for certain that their damage wouldn't be small .

The enemy wasn't expecting this move as got hit by the stones . However, they were now very close to the other army and eventually slammed into the big defensive wall . The defenders had successfully defended against the attack as their revolution remained undisturbed . Like a killing machine, the defensive army kept killing the Sea Dragon's troops .

Upon seeing this situation, Zhao Hai couldn't help but stare . Then he turned his head towards Luo Luo who wasn't far away . Luo Luo can be said to be well informed about the Fishman Race . There wasn't a tribe that she didn't have any knowledge of . It was because of this that the Queen had her go along with Zhao Hai .

Seeing Zhao Hai's look, Luo Luo immediately knew what he would ask, so she immediately said, ’’These attacks came from the Rockfish tribe . They're quite strange . Generally, we Fishmen would use our water magic as long-ranged attacks . But these Rockfishes have their stones . In their bodies was a pouch that can load a certain amount of stones . When they run into an enemy, they would spurt out these stones and wound them . Although this process wasn't very different to any offensive water magic, the damage it would cause was much greater than any water spell . ’’

Zhao Hai nodded, to be honest, he already wasn't surprised about any of these . Compared to the Fishman Race, the amount of races that were in the Beastman's Prairie can only be considered to be miniscule .

Zhao Hai was now admiring Luo Ying even more . Knowing each race in the sea was already quite a feat, but knowing about their special abilities and bringing them out to their full potential was something only great generals can do . And Luo Ying And Luo Ying was able to do it .

It can be said that Luo Ying's Falling Stone Formation had already defeated the enemy's offense . If they maintained this clash, then the enemy might be able to hold out for quite some time . However, their chance of having a deadlock has been lost . The only remaining fate for them if they continue on was a massacre .

Naturally, the opposite party knew about this, so they started to slowly retreat . Their retreat was not fast, but their formation was successfully doing it . Those who performed the attack were now acting as the rear guard while the larger formations turned back .

After seeing this, Zhao Hai couldn't help but nod, the commander of the opposite party surely wasn't simple . In this case, giving up a few people to preserve the larger part was a wise idea .

Then Zhao Hai turned his head to Luo Ying and said, ’’General, get me to send some undead to attack them . Capitalize in their retreating action and leaving them with only a few soldiers left . ’’

Luo Ying stared, then she looked at Zhao Hai and said, ’’Fighting on the battlefield at this time is too dangerous for mister . ’’

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, ’’I don't have to go out, I can just send them out from here . ’’ After saying that, he waved his hand as clumps of black mist appeared around the Sea Dragon army . After these black mists disappeared, clumps of skeletal beasts appeared right beside the Sea Dragon army . Then those magic beasts went into a cone formation as they charged towards the retreating army .

This development started suddenly and the enemy wasn't expecting an abnormal person like Zhao Hai to be on the defending army . Zhao Hai's undead was now starting to wreak havoc on the Sea Dragon army's formation .

Although this great formation was shaken, it was clear that their commander was extremely talented . He immediately made a response as the formation suddenly rotated . And this time, the rotation wasn't as a whole, but it was a layer by layer rotation . These layers of rotation and counter rotations managed to block the undead attack .


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