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Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Chapter 584


Chapter 584

Chapter 584 - Also Wants to Marry?

Zhao Hai was currently standing on the Haven's bow with Juno. Although they look like they were appreciating the scene of Iron Warhorse River, their minds were on something completely different.

The didn't have the mood to enjoy the scenery. The Gods and the Demons had given them enormous pressure. It was like they had mountains stacked on their shoulders, making it hard for them to breath.

Two days had already passed from the time that they had left the Dwarf Mountains. In the two days that they were hurrying along, even if they already have a plan to deal with the Gods, they still thought of the matter with a heavy heart.

After some time, Zhao Hai sighed and said, ’’Since the Dwarves had already started to prepare for war, it seems like the Black Wasteland would need to do the same.’’

Juno sighed as well as he said, ’’Not only you, we'll be preparing as well. What a pity, our Hurricane Family's domain is too small. Moreover, we don't have any good produce in it. Preparing for the future would be quite a problem.’’

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, ’’Grandpa Juno doesn't need to worry. As long as you keep your eyes on the Radiant Church, it's already enough of an effort.’’

Juno sighed, ’’That's the only thing that we could do. We'll have to pass the other matters on to you. Also, Billy needs to convince the Elves to be our allies, otherwise, it would be troublesome.’’

Zhao Hai nodded, ’’I'll also head to the Prairie and talk to the Beastmen. I hope that they can agree based on my merit. Right, let's not talk about this anymore. Grandpa Juno, what business are you preparing to do in Golden Island?’’

Juno smiled bitterly and said, ’’The usual, basic goods. Our Hurricane Family hasn't done much business all these years, so we really don't know anything else.’’

Zhao Hai smiled and said, ’’How about this. If you really want to do business in Golden Island, you can approach the administrator there. His name is Kun, he's my wife Laura's Grandpa. I'll tell Grandpa Kun to help you set up a business that can turn a profit.’’

Juno smiled and said, ’’Thank you. Our people really aren't very suitable for business. In the younger generation, the only one with an eye for business is Kristen. When we send people to Golden Island, she'll be placed in charge.’’

Zhao Hai smiled bitterly inside without changing his outside expression, he just nodded and said, ’’Alright, I'll help them get settled in. However, they might not regularly see me in the island. I'm mostly on other places all year round. If they need anything, they can just ask Grandpa Kun for help.’’

Juno didn't say anything but just nodded. He knew that Zhao Hai had already guessed his intentions. Juno wanted to send Kristen to Golden Island in hopes that she can marry Zhao Hai.

If Juno wasn't aware of the matter with the divine Realm, then it would be impossible for him to have such an idea. After all, the Hurricane Family doesn't seek profit, so it wouldn't be in their best interests to be married to the Buda Clan.

But now that he knew about the Gods, he couldn't help but develop this plan. From what he had felt from Zhao Hai, Juno can faintly sense the might of the Buda Clan. Getting good relationships with the Buda Clan would immensely aid the Hurricane Family in the future.

Moreover, Juno somewhat believed the prophecy of the Dwarves that Billy had told him. If that was indeed true, then Zhao Hai would become the saviour of the entire continent. If he didn't use this early opportunity to establish a connection with Zhao Hai, then he wasn't worthy of being the Patriarch of the Hurricane Family.

Although the Hurricane Family wasn't known for its ambition, no Great Clan can completely survive without it. The reason the Hurricane Family was able to survive was because they had maintained their current status. In the Buddha Empire, the Hurricane Family wasn't the biggest Clan nor was it the smallest. Their status in the empire was just average, attracting the goodwill of the Imperial Clan as well as the other other Nobles. Their unambitious ways made it possible for them to maintain their status and interests.

However, with the looming threat of the divine Realm, the situation had changed. If people from the divine Realm came, the continent would certainly fall into chaos. In this case, rankings and status would be useless, only strength can decide everything.

Because he clearly knew about this point, Juno wanted to arrange Kristen to marry Zhao Hai. Having Kristen do business in Golden Island was the first step.

But Juno a wise old person. He already saw the relationship between Zhao Hai and his wives. And seeing that Zhao Hai's wives were already very attractive, Juno didn't directly offer Zhao Hai the marriage. He wanted to make Kristen go to Golden Island first to do business and maybe have a few interactions with Zhao Hai. Juno hopes that the two might develop feelings for each other in the near future.

Zhao Hai telling Juno that he wasn't in the island most of the time was akin to informing Juno that he was aware of his plan. Zhao Hai wanted to express that there was almost no chance of any marriage happening. But although Juno got Zhao Hai's message, he still wanted to give it a try.

Zhao Hai looked at Juno's perseverance and sighed. He had already lived for quite some time in the Ark Continent, so he now understood the thoughts of the people living here. Because of this, he found Juno's decision to be understandable. But Zhao Hai wasn't planning on marrying Kristen.

Therefore, he told Juno that he cannot stay in Golden Island for most of the year. So even if he were to get in contact with Kristen, there wouldn't be a lot of chances to do so.

After another day of sailing, Zhao Hai and the others had finally arrived at the Hurricane Family's port. The reason why they were able to come back quickly was because they were travelling downstream. Therefore, the ship's speed was very quick.

Zhao Hai didn't stay for long, a short time after Juno disembarked, he immediately set sail. And after the ship has sailed, he sailed, he immediately went to the Space along with Laura and the others. It was time to increase their ranks.

After arriving at the Space, Zhao Hai first went to Iron Mountain Fort to bring Green and Merine over. Then he went to Golden Island to call Kun, Blockhead, and Rockhead. Karen joined the group as well.

Green and the others had no idea why Zhao Hai took all of them to the Space. After the group had sat in the villa, Zhao Hai immediately informed them about the information that he had acquired while he was with the Dwarves. The divine Realm, the Radiant Church, the Engraved Ark, all of it was told to the others.

Quite some time after they were shocked by the news, Green looked at Zhao Hai and said, ’’Young Master, do you mean that the Radiant Church was tasked by the divine Realm to control the continent? And the Engraved Ark was tasked by the Demon Realm to destroy it?’’

Zhao Hai nodded and said, ’’Yes, it seems like so. Although I'm not completely sure that the Radiant Church wanted to control the whole continent, we are certain that their intentions aren't good. If they can control the continent, then they would definitely enslave everyone in it.’’

Kun's face sank as he said, ’’This matter is too troublesome. Do you have any plans for it?'

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and then told them about the God's Blood as well as the Space levelling up. After Zhao Hai ended his report, Green and the others immediately expressed their happiness. For them this was really good news.

Green laughed and said, ’’This is fantastic! I've waited for this day! Hahaha. I must become a 9th rank expert immediately.’’

The others were happy as well, everyone except Karen. He seems to not care about it, he turned to Zhao Hai and said, ’’Little Hai, give me more blueprints. I've discovered how marvelous those ideas were just in my small time researching them. Although those didn't have any Magic Formations, they can actually mimic a formation's effects. I'm preparing to combine those with Magic Formations, as long as it succeeds, then it succeeds, then it might lead to something that can change the continent.’’

Zhao Hai was simply speechless about this madman father-in-law of his. When others heard that they can become 9th ranks, they immediately became happy. It was only Karen that didn't care about it and instead only asked for more blueprints.

When she heard what her father just said, Laura couldn't bear it as she said, ’’Father, leave the matter of the blueprints to another time. You can now be a 9th rank expert, aren't you happy?’’

Karen nodded and said, ’’Of course I'm happy. However, I'm much more interested in Little Hai's blueprints. If we can use Magic along with those machines, we can make a lot of extraordinary things. We can make machines that do our work for us, we can make carriages that can run by themselves, we can use a new type of energy to power our lamps. These things can immensely help the entire continent's living conditions.’’

Zhao Hai stared blankly at Karen, he really underestimated this father-in-law of his. Zhao Hai didn't expect Karen to come up with these things, it was surprising.

After some time, Zhao Hai recovered as he looked at Karen and said, ’’Father-in-law, let's deal with being a 9th rank first. If you become a 9th rank, your lifespan would be lengthened. Then, you would have more time to do research. What do you think?’’

When Karen heard Zhao Hai, he thought about it for a moment before he nodded and said, ’’Alright, let's deal with that matter first. But if I become 9th rank, you better give me those blueprints.’’

Zhao Hai helplessly nodded, he was really speechless about Karen's ideas. He replied, ’’Father-in-law can use the Blood Pond in order to become a 9th rank now. Grandpa Green, Grandpa Merine, Grandpa Kun, Blockhead, and Rockhead, can you wait for a day or two? We need to decide which one goes first. People still need to cultivate for some days to become 9th rank. If all of you do it at the same time, nobody would be left to manage Iron Mountain Fort and Golden Island. That wouldn't be good.’’


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