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Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Chapter 495


Chapter 495

Chapter 495 - Nuances of Golden Island

After ten hours, these grasses can even be harvested . However Zhao Hai didn't want to touch them right now, he decided to just let them grow . Even if the grass can be harvested, they were still very short . If he harvests them now, Golden Island would only return to its previous state . Because of this, Zhao Hai decided to let them grow more before harvesting .

By the time Zhao Hai, Laura, and the others appeared back on Golden Island, the grasses were already a meter long . The entire Golden Island was green and full of vitality .

Looking at the situation of Golden Island, Laura smiled and said, ’’Brother Hai, I'm afraid we need to enforce a rule forbidding people from moving these Plate Silk Grass on their own . Otherwise, our losses would be very big . ’’

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, ’’Construction would certainly destroy a part of them, but we can control it . These grasses can provide us with profit . ’’

Megan looked at Zhao Hai and said, ’’Big Brother Hai, you still care about money? These grasses can only be worth so much . ’’

Zhao Hai showed a faint smile and said, ’’I certainly don't care about money, but these grasses are necessary to guarantee Gold Island's appearance . Alright, no need to think too much about it . Now that everything has been completely prepared, the only thing we need to wait for are the people . ’’

Megan smiled and said, ’’Big Brother Hai, do you think it would be that easy? It's almost been a month and nobody has come to visit the island . ’’

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, ’’They didn't come because I still haven't made them come . Now that we have taken care of Golden Island, we can have them come . Right, I have to send Grandfather a letter when I go back . ’’

Megan was confused, Zhao Hai hadn't told them what he was planning to do in the island . So it was no wonder that Megan and the others were puzzled .

After returning to the naval base, Zhao Hai immediately sent a letter to the Calci Family, Prince Charlie, Crook Family and the Shelley Family . He relayed his plan carefully and asked them to cooperate .

In fact, Randolph and the others wanted to send people to Golden Island, but Zhao Hai still hasn't agreed . He asked them to wait for his letter before they can come .

Soon, Randolph and the others received Zhao Hai's letter . They couldn't help but comment him, they thought that Zhao Hai's plan was fantastic . If the pirates don't come to Golden Island in order to trade, the major forces of the continent would suffer as well .

However, the pirates were still uncertain about the situation on Golden Island . Therefore, they chose to wait until there is exact confirmation coming from those who went in first .

Randolph and the others knew about this . So when they received Zhao Hai's letter, the Calci Family immediately sent a party to enter Golden Island . Because Sky Water city was closest to Golden Island, they can immediately send a party as soon as possible .

The second group to enter the island was from the Shelley Family . Recently, Shelley Family's businesses on the continent have been severely suppressed by the Radiant Church . Although they had taken care of it, the businesses weren't as good as before . For the family, this loss was huge . The elders of the Shelley Family were now very dissatisfied with the Patriarch for his support for Zhao Hai . Their arrival at Golden Island this time was a good opportunity to cover their losses .

The third group who entered Golden Island was from Prince Charlie . His base was Jade Water City, although it was farther than Sky Water City, its distance to the island wasn't that far . It was because of this that they were quite slower than the Calci Family .

The Crook Family were the last people to enter the island because their family doesn't have a port city . If they want to move to Gold Island, they needed to make more preparations compared to the others, which made them a lot slower .

These four groups entering Golden Island wasn't a mystery for the people of the continent . All of them knew about their relationship with Zhao Hai, because of this, people weren't very surprised by it .

However, two pirate groups suddenly entered Golden Island to do business . Naturally, they weren't there to make a shop, they wanted to sell off their snatched goods . They went to the island to have their loot sold and were given gold or other goods in exchange, the trade went very smoothly .

Not only did they manage to buy what they needed, they had also bought it at a much lower price than what they usually paid for . The things they sold were also bought at a much higher price than what they were usually bought at . This time, they earned three times the profit compared to what they had before .

The two pirate groups who entered the island were quite courageous, they directly entered the island . In the end, their courage was well rewarded, they gains that they made was more than satisfactory .

Their success stimulated the other pirate groups . The pirates really lacked a place where they could trade . Now that Golden Island appeared, all of them were very happy .

The coming of these pirates brought great fortune to the Calci Family and the other three . Naturally, these profits weren't hidden from the other forces in the continent, they immediately went and started to move .

Their first action was to set up shops on Golden Island . At this time, Laura's men also arrived at the island island and beacon to work as its administrators .

Before long, Golden Island became very bustling . Golden Island wasn't only cheap, its taxes weren't very high as well . All of their businesses weren't very restricted, as long as they don't violate the basic rules of Golden Island, the administration wouldn't disturb them .

The pirates were extremely pleased . They haven't been this rich before, they couldn't help but be very happy . In the past they can't even walk on the streets because of their fear of being arrested .

Now it was very different, as long as one arrives at Golden Island and follows its rules, the undead who acted as guards wouldn't even spare you a glance .

In the beginning, they weren't very used to seeing the undead patrols, however, in time they gradually accepted it as a normal thing . These undead were very good, as long as you don't violate Golden Island's rule, they wouldn't pay any attention to you . Only when someone commits a crime would they become impolite .

The pirates have seen it with their own eyes . A pirate went to sell their items but didn't receive any money . The owner even fought with him before the owner was taken away by the undead and whipped a few times .

If this was just the case, then there's nothing strange about is . But interestingly, the person was from the Calci Family . When he was taken away, he was still very arrogant, he kept shouting to the undead that he was from the Calci Family . He said that if these undead dared to touch him, then he wouldn't make Zhao Hai look good .

But the undead didn't care about his words, they still proceeded to whip him . And at the same time, they heard that the person was heavily fined by the Calci Family .

There were some small merchants who were planning to no longer move their goods to other places . Instead, they decided to directly go to Golden Island . As long as they are inside the waters of Golden Island, they can be safe .

Naturally, some of the pirates didn't follow the rules . After the Buda Clan announced this rule, they still robbed along Golden Island's sea region .

However, even if they robbed at daytime, nighttime, or even if they didn't use magic cannons, the Buda Clan would still be the first ones to know . After that, the pirates were guaranteed to be destroyed .

After three pirate groups were exterminated in a row, the pirates finally behaved themselves . The pirates knew that there should've been some kind of secret signal, otherwise it wouldn't be possible to know everything .

Regarding the profits that the Buda Clan has lost in dealing with these pirates, it wasn't that large . On the other hand, the action was very good for their income .

Some of the goods that merchants brought to the island and island and were sold off would fall into pirate hands . The cycle would then continue, therefore the Buda Clan doesn't need to worry .

Because of the amount of goods being shipped to Golden Island, the prices of these items were naturally lowered . In the end, the ones who managed to save their profits would be the pirates . Therefore, the pirates were naturally very popular among the merchants .

But to say that the pirates would stop robbing would be impossible . The pirates would still rob, however, when they enter and sell their loot in Golden Island, nobody would tell on them . Even those who are eager to trace the pirates would find it hard to do so . Because of this, Zhao Hai wasn't worried that the island's income would be affected .

Zhao Hai's taxation on Golden Island being very low was because he wasn't taxing the goods that were shipped in, instead he applied taxes on each transaction .

Zhao Hai gave a clear announcement that this tax rate wouldn't change, it would always be at this rate . Zhao Hai knew that as long as he made the tax of Golden Island very low, as well as provide good services, Golden Island would sooner or later have a reputation . As long as Golden Island has its brand, more merchants would come in . They may not want to deal with pirated goods and would only want to do normal business, but Zhao Hai reckoned that the tax rate would still be enough .

Just a month after the Calci Family arrived at the island, the place welcomed its peak season . Whether they be pirates or merchants, all of them wanted to trade on Golden Island because the taxes here was really cheap .

Even if the taxes on other places aren't very high, they weren't that low . Take Sky Water City for example, the city's base tax for ordinary cargo was 5% - 8%, other goods would reach 10% to 15%

However, in Golden Island, the taxes for ordinary cargo was only 1%, other goods can be taxed about 2% or 3% .

The division between ordinary cargo and others was whether they are strategic resources . If they are strategic goods, then the tax would be higher, if not, then they would be lower .

Also, Golden Island taxed based on transactions, not the amount of cargo . If you sell something, they you would get taxes . If you don't sell, then you don't need to pay tax .

Also, damaged items might still be taxed on other places, but on Golden Island, damaged goods wouldn't .

For other people, it might look like merchants can abuse this fact to evade taxes . However, such a thing doesn't happen on Golden Island .

When goods arrive at Golden Island, they would be inspected . Moreover, each month, someone would come to the storehouses and record its contents before charging the merchants for tax .

Moreover, the people who would come who would come and inspect the goods were undead . Undead couldn't be bribed, and they were also very careful in their inspection . Because of this, evading taxes would be very difficult .

In order for Zhao Hai to prevent falsely declared damage goods, he borrowed the ticket system from Earth . If you make a transaction, you need to issue a ticket . Then the island would collect the taxes based on those tickets .

At the same time, Zhao Hai also carried appraisals for all damaged goods, assigning prices on them . If 5 out of 100 of your goods gets damaged, then they would be classified as fragile goods . If their mean value is 6% of the value of the 100, then those 5 wouldn't be taxed . If you claim to have 10% worth of damaged goods, but the appraisal for those are just 5%, they you would be punished . At that time, 100% of your goods will be taxed .

Naturally, this might sound unfair . For example, if someone encounters a typhoon which caused massive damages to their goods . In that case, then they can report the incident to the island . When the time where you pay taxes comes, those goods wouldn't be taxed .

This way, most cases of tax evasion would be eliminated . However, there would still be some people who can find a way to escape being taxed . Because of this, Zhao Hai thought of a reward system . If someone goes and reports someone of tax evasion, as long as that report is true, then that person would be rewarded . As a result, tax evasion was almost non existent in Golden Island .

Golden Island became a place of enthusiasm and prosperity . The businesses on the island became very popular . This made everyone on the continent jealous . However, they aren't able to sabotage the island .

Zhao Hai had already set his reputation on stone, he even offended two Great Clans but he still didn't care . If he didn't have his reputation, he wouldn't have opened Golden Island .

At this time, Zhao Hai was smiling on his gains . Also, since there were a lot of merchants who came to the island for business, his construction team was very busy . Due to these constructions, Zhao Hai had also made a lot of money .

The merchants on the island weren't fools . They calculated everything before they proceeded with construction . If they saw that the construction group was very expensive, then they'd rather buy materials elsewhere and hire some people to build the shops on their own . But after doing their calculations, they saw that the construction team wasn't more expensive than the other construction groups of the continent, on the other hand, they were actually cheaper . Therefore, people on the island decided to just hire Zhao Hai's construction group to do the job .


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