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Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Chapter 480


Chapter 480

Chapter 480 - Rooting Out the Source of Trouble

Most importantly, they had noted how these 9th ranks treated Zhao Hai . One must know that 9th ranks belong to the top influences in the Continent . It was impossible for them to give someone a salute . Even if they gave respects, it would only be to another 9th rank . No matter what your status was, if you're below their ranks they would never salute to you . This matter didn't exempt even the Rosen Empire's monarch .

However these ten 9th ranks of the Buda Clan actually gave Zhao Hai a bow . It was completely different from how other 9th ranks treat their patron families .

Randolph and the others weren't the only ones who were startled by this scene, the other 9th rank experts stared as well . THey didn't think that those 9th rank Beasts would act like this .

It was universally known that 9th rank Magic Beasts have an edge over 9th rank Humans . At the same time, they were also more arrogant than the Humans, it was very hard for a Human to come into contact with them, therefore making it impossible for a family to have them as a foreign elder . But this impossible thing was actually achieved by Zhao Hai .

However, the 9th ranks weren't given enough time to think about this as the Buda Clan's 9th ranks met with Evil Sword's group . The scene of 20 9th ranks fighting was then witnessed .

Dark Demon looked at this development, he didn't expect that people would interfere with his family's matter . Moreover, they were 10 9th rank experts . This force was more formidable than the Calci Family .

Megan and the others just stood with Zhao Hai and didn't make a move . They knew that the other party wouldn't be able to escape . With only 10 9th ranks, Zhao Hai already held the upper hand, not to mention the 30 others still inside the Space .

Randolph blankly stared as Zhao Hai's group chatted . Randolph's heart was extremely terrified right now, he wasn't terrified about the fact that Zhao Hai was strong, he was scared because of their earlier matter .

Initially, he wanted to ask a 9th rank expert to deal with Zhao Hai . If this went forward, the Calci Family would surely suffer bad luck .

The fight with the 9th ranks this time cannot be finished in a short time . Although the Buda Clan's 9th ranks have the upper hand, it would be impossible for them to quickly deal with the 9th ranks of the Robert Family . The fight continued on .

At this time, Dark Demon's group also made their move . Initially, Evil Sword's group was able to hold on . But with Dark Demon's group coming in, they can already feel a sense of danger .

While the fighting in the skies continued, the battle on the ground was coming to an end . At this time, Zhao Hai had all the undead surrounding Dark Mountain close in to prevent any stragglers from escaping .

At this time Robert Patriarch and Terry's face were as bitter as chinese goldthread . They have never thought that the situation would turn into this . [1]

Terry looked at Zhao Hai with eyes that seem to be spouting fire . He felt that his whole life was left to ruin by Zhao Hai . Everything he had was snatched away from him . The only thing in his mind right now was to kill Zhao Hao .

While thinking about this, Terry inserted his hand into his chest . In his chest, there was an ancient Magic Scroll . Ancient Scrolls were passed down from ancient times, but most of them weren't of good quality . There were only a few of them who were very useful, some of them even contained formidable magic spells .

The Magic Scroll that Terry has was special, as long as someone ripped it open, one can transfer to another person instantaneously within a radius of a hundred li(50km) . This scroll was very rare, there were only a few of them present at this time .

Terry knew that Zhao Hai's whip wasn't simple, it should be one of those Ancient Artifacts with special magical attributes . However, the whip was currently used as Zhao Hai's belt . Zhao Hai was a Mage so he shouldn't have the quick reflexes of a warrior . As long as the used the scroll and teleported to Zhao Hai's side, he should be able to kill him in one blow .

Terry wasn't thinking of anything anything else other than killing Zhao Hai . Seeing that Zhao Hai was talking with Megan and wasn't observing him at all, he immediately took the scroll out .

It was not only Zhao Hai, there was nobody who was paying attention to Terry . All of them were attracted to the fighting in the skies . Among the Robert Family's 9th ranks, three of them were already killed while seven were heavily injured . They wouldn't be able to last long .

Because their attention was focused on the sky, nobody looked at Terry since the battle on the ground was already finished . In their opinion, those on the ground were insignificant compared to those at the skies .

At this moment, Terry's eyes flashed a cold light as he quickly tore the Magic Scroll into shreds . A white light them shot up into the sky, making people shift their gazes .

When the white light vanished, Terry disappeared from this present location and reappeared two meters right beside Zhao Hai . He immediately brandished his spear as he stabbed towards Zhao Hai .

The spear emitted a fiery radiance, indicating that Battle Qi was used to increase the effectivity of the strike . At this time, Randolph and the others pales, Megan and the others gasped .

When everyone thought that Zhao Hai would die, Zhao Hai immediately waved his Magic Staff towards Terry's spear, *Ting* Then the strike was averted .

Terry looked at Zhao Hai with a surprised expression . Zhao Hai looked at Terry and said, ’’What? You think this can kill me? Are you this naive? I forgot to tell you, I actually cultivate both Magic and Battle Qi . ’’ Then he waved his hand as his Magic Staff turned into a sword . Then he slashed towards the leg of Terry's horse .

Terry immediately responded and pulled the reins . The Demon Horse not only evaded Zhao Hai's strike by raising its legs, it also directed a kick towards Zhao Hai's head .

Compared to Zhao Hai's head, the horse's hoof was much bigger . If this hoof gets in contact with Zhao Hai, his head would certainly turn into something like a smashed watermelon .

But Zhao Ha's response was very quick . His body immediately moved and moved towards the belly of the horse . His staff lengthened staff lengthened and stabbed towards the belly of the beast, and also penetrating Terry's body .

The staff immediately shortened as Zhao Hai moved away from Terry . Terry continued to sit on his horse as he stared at Zhao Hai with an unbelieving expression . Then his body shook before he fell down with a thud, followed along by his horse .

Zhao Hai's fight made the crowd turn their attention towards them . Randolph and the others stared blankly at Zhao Hai . They didn't think that Zhao Hai was a Magic and Battle Qi dual cultivator, moreover, he also had formidable Battle Qi .

Robert Patriarch looked at Terry with a grim face . Terry was the grandson that he valued the most . Now that he died in front of him, Robert Patriarch suddenly felt that he did something wrong .

Zhao Hai looked at Robert Patriarch and coldly snorted, ’’Robert Family's Patriarch, I said that the worst thing that your family did was making me your enemy . Now, tell me, did I speak wrong?’’

Robert Patriarch looked at Zhao Hai and then burst into laughter, he loudly said, ’’Good, Zhao Hai, Good, Buda Clan . Starting today, the Robert Family is now erased from the Continent, the Robert Family has lost . Zhao Hai, I only ask one thing, spare the roots of my Robert Family . Can you promise me this?’’

Zhao Hai looked at Robert Patriarch and then shook his head, ’’No, if I don't cut out the roots, it will sprout come spring . If our enemies completely eliminated the Buda Clan, there would be no Zhao Hai right now . If your family had any newborn children, since they don't have any understanding, I will spare them . However, I will never let them inherit the Robert Family . I will let them keep their surname, but I will tell them that they have no relationship to you . ’’

Robert Patriarch looked at Zhao Hai and couldn't help but show despair . At the same time he laughed again, ’’Good Zhao Hai, good . It's a pity that we don't have a child like that in our family, an innocent child . Hahaha . I've shamed the ancestors, I've shamed the ancestors!’’ He said as he drew his sword and killed himself .

At this time, the forces of the forces of the Robert Family had all been exterminated, the battle on the sky was finished as well . All of the 9th rank experts of the Robert Family were killed .

Zhao Hai was not polite, beside the Robert Patriarch and Terry, he turned all of the Robert Family's forces into undead . Then he scanned the area using the monitor to see if they were still some survivors . Only when seeing that there were no enemies did he stop .

At this time, the 9th ranks of the Buda Clan gave Zhao Hai a bow before their bodies flashed and vanished . At this moment, a batch of 9th ranks appeared in the sky . The 9th ranks in this group were numerous, approximately 40 people . But if one would look carefully, one could see that these 9th ranks didn't belong to a single clan, but different families instead . They came to see what was going on .

Dark Demon met with them and told the 9th ranks what was happening before all of them left . They didn't care about this matter anymore, in their mind, this has nothing to do with their families . Other than the life and death of their clans, these 9th ranks wouldn't bat an eyelid at anything else . Worldly matters were always handed over to their juniors .

After the 9th ranks left, Dark Demon turned his head towards Zhao Hai and nodded . Zhao Hai nodded back before his body as he returned to Dark Soldier Fort . The family's other 9th ranks followed him as well .

Although Dark Demon nodding towards Zhao Hai looked like simple matter, it was a surprising event . Even if these 9th ranks see Randolph, they wouldn't go out of their way to greet him . Seeing them take the initiative in greeting Zhao Hai showed how they see him in their hearts .

Zhao Hai didn't think about this right now . He waved his hand as a Blood Hawk appeared . The Blood Hawk then carried the Magic Staff towards the Robert Family's fort . He must root out the source of the problem . Thus, he sent the Blood Hawk over . [2]

Coptis, bitter tonic used to treat malaria Maybe he can teleport anywhere but can't send undead outside a certain range of the Magic Staff?


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