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Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Chapter 46


Chapter 46 - Red Dot

Meg laughed as she looked at Zhao. She really didn't think that this person's character would actually become so great. Before, Adam was wild and outgoing, on the edge of being an idiot. But now, Zhao was an introvert, calm, and very attentive. She preferred Zhao.

Seeing as how Meg wasn't speaking, Zhao grew nervous, not knowing what to do. ’’Uh, how about you sit down, while I check the situation outside just in case.’’ He pulled up his screen and looked at the castle.

In the three-dimensional map, there were no green dots, same as the last time he checked.

Zhao sighed. He was preparing to wait two more days. In two days, if the green dots didn't reappear, then he'll send Meirin out to check if the spirit beasts really did leave.

Meg was standing beside Zhao, also looking at the screen. But she didn't know how to operate it. It seemed like Zhao was the only one who could do anything in this space.

For example, Blockhead had tried to pick up the small shovels and buckets, but it was like they were nailed to the ground. Even with his strength, he couldn't move them.

Meg understood that the green dots represented the spirit beasts. Since they were concerned, they've kept up to date with the situation outside, so she knew that there were no spirit beasts on the screen the last time Zhao checked. When Meirin wanted to go out and see, Zhao stopped her. Meirin didn't oppose his decision, knowing that he was worried.

But seeing that there were no green dots again, Meg said with urgency, ’’Master, there are no spirit beasts outside, let me go out and see. With my speed, there will be no danger.’’

Zhao shook his head. ’’Now is not the time. Those spirit beasts might have disappeared, but they could still be out there beyond the moat. And what if there was poison throughout the castle. If we rush out there, we might find some trouble. Let's stay in the space for another day or two, just for some added insurance.’’

Although Meg didn't agree with what Zhao said, she still nodded, but then she suddenly noticed something on the screen. ’’Master, what's that red dot?’’

Zhao's attention wasn't on the screen, so he didn't notice the red dot until Meg pointed it out. He turned and looked. There really was a red dot on the screen! And it was moving so fast!

The red dot was quickly moving through the main rooms of the castle. Zhao was surprised because he had never seen it before. He immediately tried to press the red dot on the screen, but it was moving with such a fast speed, he couldn't hit it. The only thing he could do was summon up the living room view and quietly wait for the red dot to end up there.

Meg was also looking at the screen, but occasionally her eyes would flick up to the upper left corner where there was a reduced sized three-dimensional map of the castle. She was able to see the movement of the red dot as it explored the rooms.

Soon the red dot was going down from the third floor and was now moving towards the living room. Zhao and Meg concentrated on the living room, and soon the red dot ended up there.

Suddenly, a shadow flashed on the screen, and a man appeared in the room. Zhao and Meg cried out in joy at the sight of the man. It was Green!

Seeing Green, Meg grabbed Zhao's shoulder. ’’Master, it's Grandpa! Grandpa came back! He's looking for us.’’

Zhao nodded. With a thought, a misty hole suddenly appeared in front of Green, followed by Zhao's voice. ’’Grandpa Green, come in.’’

Green felt anxious. He had been back in the Black Waste for the past two days.

When Green had first left the Black Waste, he went to the Purcell duchy, which was a subsidiary of the Aksu imperial principality. This duchy was ruled by Evan Purcell. Because of the fact that the Black Waste was located behind it, there would be no threat from that direction, so the duchy was able to grow and become one of the most developed economic regions in the Aksu Empire, making Duke Evan very powerful.

It was worth mentioning that the Purcell clan and the Buda clan had a very secret relationship. Evan's favorite daughter, Rui Purcell, who was the future Duchess, was supposed to marry Adam Buda. Normally, Rui would be Adam's fiancee, but now she was Zhao's fiancee.

But anyone on the Continent with a discerning eye could tell at a glance that it was impossible for the Purcell clan to recognize this marriage. That was because everyone was aware that there was no real love or friendship between the nobles. Adam's and Rui's marriage was only for political purposes.

So when the Buda clan was in trouble, the Purcell clan didn't help them, and instead selectively chose to forget about the Buda clan. Even when the Buda clan had to cross over the Purcell duchy to get to the Black Waste for their exile, the Purcell clan didn't come forward to meet them, adding insult to injury.

Still, Green recognized that the Purcell clan really ran their territory well, and it was precisely because of this that it was able to become a duchy.

Because of the well-developed territory, even the living standards of the ordinary commoners was relatively high. It would be easy to sell some magic radishes here.

Once Green went into the duchy, he found a large magic vegetable supplier, and talked to him a little about the price of radishes.

Eighty thousand catty of radishes was a lot, but it would be impossible for just that much to impact the Empire's radish market, even if the Empire was only a small principality.

But it wasn't as simple as Zhao just having eighty thousand catty of radishes. If Zhao wished to, he could grow three batches of radishes a day, adding up to two hundred and forty thousand catty of radishes. Two hundred and forty thousand catty of radishes per day? What kind of concept was that? Would there even be enough people in the Aksu Empire to eat all of those radishes?

But Green didn't know this about Zhao's spatial farm. The only thing he could do was talk about the quality of the radish. Because this time he wasn't just looking for any magic vegetable vendor, but a business that was well known across half the Continent: The Markey Company, which specialized in commodities, with magic vegetables as their core business. Although they didn't look fancy, generally even the nobles were afraid to offend them.

The radishes produced on the Continent weren't as great as the magic radish. Ordinary radishes had an acrid taste. But the magic radishes produced in the space were long, straight, and fat. Plus, they were crunchy with a sweet taste. In short, they will be very popular.

Because of the quality of the magic radish, the Markey Company bought them at eight times the market price, having decided on a batch of one hundred thousand catty per month. But this was just the initial number. If the radishes sold well, they were going to buy more.

While conducting business in the Purcell Duchy, Green happened to hear some mercenaries talking about an outbreak of spirit beasts from the carrion swamp. This news made his heart sink, so Green immediately ran back to the Black Waste.

However, he couldn't make it to the castle. There were too many undead spirit beasts. Green had no choice but to wait on the outer edge of the Black Waste for two days. He was so anxious, it felt like fire ants were crawling all over his body.

How could Green know that there would be an outbreak of undead spirit beasts from the carrion swamp. He had originally lived in the Aksu imperial capital, where the activities of the Black Waste wasn't well understood. They knew that it was a place of death and that no one went there, but the information about it was vague. There were only rumors that there would be an outbreak of spirit beasts every decade or two, and the last time there was an outbreak was two years ago. Although it was just rumors, everyone on the Continent agreed that the outbreaks came in a steady rhythm.

It was because of this that Green didn't spend so much on the castle's defenses. So when he heard about the outbreak of spirit beasts, it was like being hit with a hammer. He was afraid that Zhao would be hurt. If something happened to him, then the Buda clan was finished.


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