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Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Chapter 420


Chapter 420

Chapter 420 - Megan's Idea

Megan looked at her mother, she wasn't embarrassed, but she really didn't have someone who had moved her heart inside Sky Water City, for her this matter was quite awkward.

At this time, a figure slowly appeared on her mind, becoming clearer and clearer. The person wore a gentle smile, had a decent body, wore his robe in a way that she hadn't seen before, and was speaking in a very relaxed tone. After the image became very clear, she saw one person, Zhao Hai!

When thinking of Zhao Hai, Megan's face couldn't help but turn red. However, when she was reminded of Zhao Hai's present situation, her complexion paled. But Megan was stronger than before, she had once come across a situation where she was helpless. She learned something from the assassination attempt done on her.

Without a doubt, she was concerned about Zhao Hai. So when her mother told her about his current predicament, she became very anxious. At this point, her mind had two matters in it, one was Zhao Hai, and the other was her marriage.[1]

But when Zhao Hai's figure appeared on her mind, the two immediately connected with each other. Megan seemed to have cleared her mind as the two thoughts united.

When the madam saw that Megan didn't speak, her expression changed alternately from feeling strange to feeling confused. She looked at Megan and said, ’’Megan, did something happen? What are you thinking about.

Megan turned her head to look at her mother's eyes and said, ’’Mom, what method did father think about to save mister Zhao Hai? Can you tell me?’’

The madam looked at Megan and said, ’’Megan, we really cannot do anything. It's not something you should worry about. Come tell me what you were just thinking about.’’

Megan looked at the madam and said, ’’Mom, if I marry mister Zhao Hai, can father save him?’’

Megan's question took the words out of the madam's mouth. Her main purpose for explaining Zhao Hai's situation today was to gauge Megan's thoughts about the young man. If Megan had a good impression of him, then the madam would slowly inch their conversations in the next few days towards marrying Zhao Hai. If she agrees, then the matter would be easily solved.

The madam didn't think that Megan would actually think of such a thing. Because there are a lot of factors involved, the madam thought Megan's mind would be on other matters.

Megan saw her mother not speaking, she thought that her idea wasn't received well. She quickly added, ’’Mom, if I marry mister Zhao Hai, he would be one of us. If he becomes family, then won't the family stop sending people to deal with him?’’

The madam recovered, she looked at Megan and sighed, ’’Megan, do you really want to? If you marry Zhao Hai, you would have to share him with Laura and Meg.’’

Megan's face turned red, but she still nodded firmly, ’’Yes mom, I'm thinking that if marry mister, it won't just be because I have a favorable impression of him, but also for the sake of the Calci Family.’’

The madam looked at Megan in shock, ’’Megan, why do you say that?’’

Megan replied, ’’Mom, although I don't know much about the family, I'm quite aware of its recent situation. Mister Zhao Hai has the ability and strength, if he became a member of the family, it would gain a lot from him. I know what our ancestors said about not marrying the family's women for benefits, however, I have a genuine good impression towards mister. And now that the family is going to send a 9th rank after him, father wouldn't be able to save him easily. But if I marry mister Zhao Hai, he would become one of our own, that would give father a proper reason to save him, right?’’

The madam stared at Megan, she didn't think that her daughter would say those words. She hugged Megan and said, ’’My little girl has grown up. Megan, what you said is indeed true. But do you really like Zhao Hai? If not, your father and I won't support you in marrying him.’’

Megan said in a soft voice, ’’Mother, I have decided.’’[2]

The madam still felt as though she had something strange in her heart, she thought that Megan indeed had interest in Zhao Hai, but not to the point where she would want to marry him. And the reason reason behind Megan's decision would be in a large part her consideration for the Calci Family. This would leave a bad taste in the madam's mouth.

Fortunately, Megan has feelings for Zhao Hai, and its stronger that what she expected. The madam replied, ’’I've wronged you, my little Megan. But don't worry, if Zhao Hai dares to treat you badly, then I'll let Father tidy him up. Now that you have made your decision, we have a way to save him. I'll go tell your father to send Zhao Hai a letter so that he can be safe as soon as possible.’’

Megan nodded, then the madam stood up and left the room. Megan was left in the room staring, thinking about what she just said. Now that her words had finally caught up, her face immediately turned hot as though it was burning. She didn't know what she just did, she just uttered those words unconsciously. Now, when she recalls her words, she couldn't help but blush.

But no matter what, she has already decided. Changing it now would be impossible, and Megan didn't think of changing it anyway. She just felt strange, she didn't expect that she would actually get engaged.

At this point, the madam's mood was very complicated. When she returned to their courtyard, she found Smith and told him about Megan's situation.

Smith didn't think that Megan would make her decision this quickly. While he felt relief, he was also angry at Zhao Hai. Smith didn't know when Zhao Hai had unexpectedly captured her daughter's heart.

Although Smith looked highly upon Zhao Hai, as a father, he was obligated to get mad at the person who took the heart of his daughter.

At this moment, the madam looked at Smith and said, ’’Dear, will you write Zhao Hai's letter now?’’

Smith thought for a moment and shook his head, ’’Not is not the time. We'll wait until Zhao Hai returns to Jade Water City before sending it. In any case, we have his Blood Hawk with us, he'll receive the letter at the quickest time possible.’’

The madam nodded then sighed, ’’I hope that nothing goes wrong this time. Otherwise, Zhao Hai will be in danger. I wish that the family wouldn't family wouldn't be quick in sending people to deal with him.’’

Smith agreed, ’’Right, now we can only trust Zhao Hai's speed.’’


When Zhao Hai saw this Blood Hawk, he knew that this should be the one he left behind for Smith. He immediately went outside and took the letter that Smith wrote to him.

After reading the contents of the letter, Zhao Hai's complexion changed. Naturally, Smith didn't include his plan of marrying his daughter to Zhao Hai in this letter. He only wrote about how the family disagreed with his plan of reconciling with Zhao Hai and that they were prepared to send 9th rank experts. He also expressed that he has a plan to deal with the matter and that Zhao Hai needs to meet him at Sky Water City.

Zhao Hai didn't expect the Calci Family to send 9th rank experts to deal with him. Although he didn't fear the other party's 9th rank expert, he also didn't want to develop a mortal enmity with the Calci Family. If he does become enemies with the family, it would be disadvantageous to his future plans. The family might pressure Charlie, and Charlie might not want to offend the Calci Family in favor of him. At that time, Zhao Hai feared that he wouldn't be able to stay inside Rosen Empire.

When Zhao Hai returned to the room, he gave the letter to Laura. From what Laura saw in Zhao Hai's complexion, it must have been a serious matter. She immediately read the letter and soon enough, her expression also changed. She handed the letter off to Meg as she turned to Zhao Hai, ’’Brother Hai, what do you think?’’

In a serious voice, Zhao Hai replied, ’’I guess we have no other choice other than to head towards Sky Water City and go see what Smith plans to do. Otherwise, we can only deal with the 9th rank of the family and hope that they will stop bothering us.’’

Laura thought that this situation was impossible. If they really kill the 9th rank of the Calci Family, they definitely wouldn't let them off. 9th ranks are extremely important to any family.

After Meg and the others read the letter, their faces changed as well. changed as well. They understood that if the Calci Family goes through with sending 9th ranks after them, then that meant that the family has decided to completely destroy their group.

Laura said, ’’When do we leave?’’

Zhao Hai replied, ’’I'll go and talk to Trezebo first. Then let's have the Haven head towards Ape Island while the rest of the ships stay behind to be filled up by Mu'en. I'll go send a Blood Hawk carrying the Ghost Staff back to Sky Water City. After it arrives, we'll appear there via the Space. For us, the seas are no longer safe.’’

Laura understood what Zhao Hai meant, if the Calci Family sends its 9th rank after them, the seas would certainly be unable to keep them safe. For a 9th rank expert, there was no need to use a ship to travel the sea, flying was enough.’’

Laura nodded, ’’Alright, i'll go inform Mu'en while you go see Trezebo.’’

Zhao Hai nodded and immediately went out to give the Blood Hawk the ghost staff before releasing it. Then he went to look for Trezebo. At the same time, Laura took the carriage and headed towards Mu'en.

Although he might be exposing some of his secrets with his method of going to Sky Water City this time, Zhao Hai didn't care. If they cannot deal with the matter of the Calci Family, then they would have a powerful enemy, Zhao Hai didn't want to see that.

Trezebo was currently on his room resting and drinking wine. At this moment, a servant came and reported that Zhao Hai came to ask for an audience. He stared for a moment before immediately inviting Zhao Hai inside.

But when Zhao Hai came in, Trezebo couldn't help but notice the strange expression on Zhao Hai's face. Trezebo quickly said, ’’Mister Zhao Hai, what happened?’’

Zhao Hai looked at Trezebo and said, ’’City Lord, I'm afraid I have to leave Jade Water City immediately. I might be gone for several days, but I promise to return as soon as I have taken care of the situation.’’

Ruyen got baited by her mother. Moms are scary man. I love how they just knew that Zhao Hai would agree, xD, what do you think our homeboy is?


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