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Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Chapter 273


Chapter 273 - Children Issues

Laura and the others discovered that Zhao Hai had taken care of matters as soon as they woke up. Laura couldn't help but speak in a heartache tone upon looking at Zhao Hai's bloodshot eyes, ’’Did you not sleep for the whole night, Hai-bro? Take a rest, quickly.’’

Zhao Hai smiled, ’’It's nothing. All of you, go into the space and clean yourselves up. I'm going to write a letter to brother Wales, tell him about the situation here, and arrange a place for our meeting to hand Gasol over to him. Having Gasol in our hands is not a solution in and of itself. With all those supplies seized from the Large-Horned Raging Bull Tribe that are meant to be used by beastmen, we have to leave them with big brother, since we can't use most of them.’’

Laura nodded, ’’Right. We'll go and make ourselves presentable. Head into the space and rest as soon as you finish writing the letter. We'll just keep watch outside. We won't go the wrong way, after all.’’

Zhao Hai nodded and turned around to write the letter, while Laura and the others immediately went to clean themselves up in the space. They had slept quite late yesterday, so they needed to wake up properly now.

Soon, Zhao Hai had finished writing a letter to Wales. It wasn't a long letter, as it was just about meeting Gasol, having captured him, and asking about how to deal with him.

After writing the letter, Zhao Hai returned into the space and called back one of the 5 blood hawks he had gifted to Wales in order to send the letter.

The blood hawks were actually phantasmal beasts from the space. No matter how distant they would be, the space could always contact them. As Zhao Hai was the owner of the space, he could naturally command the blood hawks through the space without concern for distance.

Zhao Hai went to the ranch inside the space after commanding a blood hawk. He wanted to see the assessed levels of the 2 new types of magic beasts he had gotten yesterday.

He immediately released the raging bulls, which prompted the immediate sounding of the space's voice, <Mutated cow-form animals discovered. Appraising animals. The animals are level 10 animals. Time of maturity, 12 hours. Can give birth to offspring, 6 times. Quantity of offspring per birth, 6. Each consumes 2 points of feed every hour. Converting animals into data. Animals can now be bought from the Shop.>Just as Zhao Hai had imagined, these large-horned raging bulls weren't of a high level.

He paid it no mind, as long as the space had an additional type of magic beast from here on. He then released the ground bulls. Once again, the notification voice came: <Mutated cow-form animals discovered. Appraising animals. The animals are level 25 animals. Time of maturity, 20 hours. Can give birth to offspring, 8 times. Quantity of offspring per birth, 5. Each consumes 2 points of feed every hour. The animals have slight control of earth element energies. Converting animals into data. Animals can now be bought from the Shop.>Zhao Hai wasn't in a hurry after there was nothing more from the notification. He realized that it was much harder to raise the ranch's level compared to the farm's. He had already gotten a lot of animals into the space by now, yet the ranch was still at level 6. It seemed that it would be very difficult to raise the ranch to higher levels.

Zhao Hai let out a sigh. He didn't intend to raise ground bulls and large-horned raging bulls immediately, and right now, it was useless to do so. He'd be better off raising argali and raging bulls. After all, argali and raging bulls could be exchanged for money in human lands, while ground bulls and large-horned raging bulls would not have a lot of use in human lands.

Zhao Hai came out of the ranch, and saw Laura and the others, who had finished cleaning themselves up by now. They appeared to be a lot more energetic.

Zhao Hai laughed at the 3 of them and said, ’’I think you won't need to head out now. Just stay here and monitor what's outside using the surveillance function. Head out when there are people while letting the undead creatures lead the wagons. If you're really bored, you can head to Iron Mountain Castle.’’

The ladies agreed after some thought. They had grown bored of the scenery of the prairie, which was not as comfy as the space, where they could lie around and sit anywhere they pleased. They had a bigger range of activity here, too.

Zhao Hai said nothing more after knowing that the girls had agreed with him. He then went to sleep in the bedroom inside the space.

He was worried that they might get truly bored in here, so he told Cai-Er to go keep watch outside should Laura and the others want to go to Iron Mountain Castle. If something really happened while he was sleeping and Laura and the others were in Iron Mountain Castle, Cai-Er would wake him up.

Actually, Zhao Hai was still not clear about Cai-Er's role right now. However, he didn't need to worry;Cai-Er had managed the space so well, while the same could be said for Mu-Er and the ranch. He was relaxed in that he only had to let Cai-Er do his bidding. Until now, he hadn't discovered anything asked of Cai-Er that couldn't be done.

Zhao Hai was very clear that he was Cai-Er's master after she had merged with the space. If there were something Cai-Er couldn't do, she would tell him about it, so he felt assured about her.

After a full sleep, Zhao Hai felt very replenished. If he had to list something he was the most dissatisfied with regarding his body, it was the fact that he would be very worn out just after a bit of fatigue, which made him pathetically weak.

After cleaning himself up, Zhao Hai arrived at the living room of the villa. He noticed that the wagons were still moving (through the surveillance), and they had not deviated from their course.

He immediately returned to Iron Mountain Castle, as he hadn't found Laura and the others in the villa inside the space. As expected, he found them in Iron Mountain Castle. They were instructing the Large-Horned Raging Bull Tribe's people how to perform their tasks.

Zhao Hai smiled as he appeared next to Laura. Laura suddenly sensed that there was another person next to her, and realized that it was him. She smiled, ’’You're awake, Hai-bro.’’

Zhao Hai nodded and glanced at the tribesmen, who were lifting some goods. He asked, ’’How are they? Are they obedient?’’

Laura nodded, ’’Very. They're just a little not used to living here, but I believe it won't take too long for them to get used to it. Just look, Hai-bro. So many large-horned tribesmen kids, running around with nothing to do. It just won't do. How about we find some things for them to do?’’

Zhao Hai nodded. He had seriously considered this problem before, back when Qi and Xi had gotten married. There was no such thing as 'planned childbirth' on Ark Continent. For people in this world, birthing was just a natural affair, so in the near future, there would be a lot of children here. So what about the children? Let them run around ignorantly everyday? Safety aside, it would not bring him any benefits whatsoever.

There was only one way to solve this issue: schools.

Right now, this place was a de facto independent kingdom, so these things should have been planned. Which country doesn't have schools? Schools are an important unit in which the quality of the citizens is raised, so they must be built. If a school were to be built at this time and get on track, then future school-building would be a lot more convenient with the experience gained for building the first one, even if there were a lot of people.

There was a great saying in China: 'Education is the foundation of a hundred year plan'. In order for Buda family to develop, the matter of education must not be overlooked.

Zhao Hai turned to Laura and said, ’’Let the tribesmen work first. Call grandpa Greene and the others. We'll head to the living room and discuss some things.’’

Laura nodded and let Nier go and call the people. Zhao Hai said, ’’Oh right. Contact Alaes and Alea as well.’’ Nier heeded with a sound, and ran off.

Zhao Hai and Laura walked towards the living room in the castle together, while the large-horned tribesmen looked at him with eyes full of fear. He paid them no mind and just asked Laura, ’’Laura, how do you think we can solve the issue with their children?’’

Laura thought for a bit then said, ’’Schools. I think that maybe we can build a school.’’

Zhao Hai smiled, ’’My thoughts exactly. I too want to build a school. It not only lets people pay attention to them, but by the time they grow up, we'll have a lot of capable people.’’

Laura nodded, ’’We bought a lot of books when we came out this time. They can be used to educate the children. Even if they won't be able to learn martial arts and magics when they grow up, they will help us a lot.’’

Zhao Hai nodded, and the 2 of them entered the castle. Right now, there were quite a few people inside the castle who had become married couples. They had not only been given civilian statuses by Zhao Hai, if they willed it, Zhai Hai would give them houses inside the castle perimeter. Of course, they weren't the quarters of the main castle, but the servants' quarters instead.

When the 2 of them arrived at the living room, Greene and the others were already there. Other than Greene, Maylin, Kun Zheng, Meg, Blockhead and Rockhead, Seyer, Alaes and Alea had also arrived. Right now, they were the management of the whole Buda family.

Zhao Hai let everyone sit down, while only Alaes and Alea felt uncertain and sat down carefully. He didn't say anything about them, and just turned to Greene and the others. ’’The reason I've called everyone here today is to talk about the Large-Horned Raging Bull Tribe's children issues.’’

Greene and the others were watching Zhao Hai in confusion. Zhao Hai turned his head to Laura, which meant that he wanted her to carry on. Laura smiled and said, ’’Before, we didn't have a lot of people in this castle, and there were no children, so no one has paid attention to this issue. Right now, with the addition of the Large-Horned Raging Bull Tribe, we have suddenly gained a lot of children. But with no one to keep watch over them as they run about everyday, besides not having learned anything, it is simply unsafe. There is a moat outside this place. If they play around there, it will easily cause accidents.’’

Greene and the others did a double take, and then nodded, while Alaes and Alea were looking dumbstruck at Zhao Hai and Laura. Although they were beastmen, and therefore not as smart as humans, with age came wisdom, or so the saying goes. They knew what Zhao Hai and Laura meant. They saw that Zhao Hai and Laura seemed to want to make a school.


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