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Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Chapter 251


Chapter 251 - Anytime

Wales and Yale didn't expect that Mendez and his team would sleep until the 2nd morning before waking up. Before that, they were like unconscious brain-dead people;no one moved or even turned in their sleep.

Wales and Yale, however, were not sleeping. This display from Mendez and his team could only explain that they were too tired. The more it was like that, the more it meant that it was a grave matter.

When the sun rose on the 2nd morning, a sound came from the tents. Wales and Yale, who hadn't slept, were startled, and then the two of them charged straight into Mendez's tent. Mendez was resting inside.

Mendez just woke up, and he was sitting inside the tent and looking around. Although he entered a defensive stance on instinct upon seeing Wales and Yale charging in, he soon relaxed as his expression became one of elation, ’’Little 7th, I've finally found you.’’

Then his expression darkened all of a sudden and he said, ’’Little 7th, you have to run as far away from the tribe as possible. 5th brother is dead, and so is our father. Gasol has become the chieftain now, and he wants to hunt you down.’’

Even though Wales had thought about this outcome, hearing it from Mendez's lips filled his mind with noise for a moment. His vision went dark, and he swayed where he stood. Yale immediately grabbed him before Wales would faint.

Fortunately, Wales had a bit of mental preparation for this. After a few deep breaths, he focused on Mendez and asked, ’’What happened, 6th brother? Please explain clearly.’’

Mendez's tears were pouring out as he nodded, ’’Not long after you left, the 2 high elders made their way towards Beast God City due to 10000 Beasts Festival. Not long after they left, father suddenly became sick and died in just a few days. Gasol immediately announced that before father died, he had handed over the chieftain's position to Gasol. But me and 5th brother didn't believe it, because when father passed away, we weren't at his side. Gasol sent people to surround father's tent and didn't let us in.’’

Wales' face went ashen. He knew that his father was a level 8 powerhouse and his health was great. How could he contract an illness and pass away not even a few days after? It was absolutely impossible.

Mendez continued, ’’When burying father, 5th brother discovered something wrong. 5th brother wasn't healthy and he ate medicine every year, which was why he knew some drugs very well. When he saw father's face, he knew. Father wasn't sick. He was poisoned.’’


Wales smashed a small table at the side with his fist. His eyes were red, and his breathing was like a bellows.

Mendez only glanced at him and then continued, ’’When 5th brother discovered this, he didn't voice it. He looked for me that night and spoke of it to me, in order to let me find you. But right at that time, Gasol suddenly announced that me, you, and 5th brother are Herculean Bull Tribe's traitors, and issued an order to kill us. We went through many detours in order to find you here. If we hadn't found you, we'd be in greater danger. Gasol must be looking for us all over the prairie right now.’’

Wales breathed hoarsely, ’’That bastard. From this day on, he's my enemy. I will have this revenge. I will!’’

Mendez looked at Wales and said, ’’Wales, Gasol controls the tribe now. You can't take revenge. It's useless. Believe me, we can start over far away from the tribe. With your 300 escorts and my 100, we can have up to 400 warriors. We can make another tribe somewhere else.’’

There were many such examples on the prairie. A tribe was exterminated, but some warriors escaped to someplace else and conquered some smaller tribes, slowly got stronger, and finally became a large tribe. Such things happened on the prairie every year.

But likewise, there were even more tribes that were eliminated. Mendez was right, however. With their 400 powerful herculean bull warriors, they were not a force to be underestimated. They could carve out a turf for themselves with this strength. Mendez had this confidence.

Wales shook his head and said, ’’No. I want to go back and contact the other branch races in order to make them band together and chase Gasol away from the seat.’’

Mendez was startled and asked loudly, ’’No, little 7th, you can't! It's too dangerous! The branch tribes might not buy what you say to overthrow Gasol. It doesn't benefit them. Why should they do it?’’

Wales smiled, ’’I will give them benefits for sure. Come, 6th brother. I'm taking you to see someone.’’ He grabbed Mendez and walked out of the tent.

Mendez's mind was in a blank when he was dragged out of the tent by Wales. He had forgotten about what had happened yesterday. Otherwise, he wouldn't have been in a defensive stance when Wales and Yale walked in.

Actually, when Mendez and the others were riding on their mounts, they were already on the verge of breakdown. They were in a state of semi-unconsciousness, so when they stopped, they slept for a whole day and a half, despite having received Meg's treatment.

Mendez saw Zhao Hai's campsite not far away from him after he got dragged out of the tent. Their campsite wasn't the same as the one set up by Wales' people. Not only did Zhao Hai and the others have grains, the style of their tent was also different as well. Human tents and beastman tents were 2 different concepts.

Mendez then saw the friendship flag attached to the top of Zhao Hai's tent. The Big-bellied Pig Tribe wasn't a small tribe among the beastmen;they had a medium level strength as well.

But while the Big-bellied Pig Tribe's branch tribes could use the tribal flags, the flag themselves had slight changes between each other, as each larger and smaller tribe would have different markings on their flags. It could be said that there were secret unique codes on the flags which belonged to each of their tribes. They were just hard to tell for anyone who wasn't a beastman.

Even though it was a friendship flag from a big-bellied pig race's branch tribe, Mendez had a great shock when it came to that. Mendez was very clear that human merchants had never gotten a friendship flag from beastmen, because they thought that true friendship never existed between humans and beastmen.

Mendez was at a loss for words when he saw Zhao Hai's campsite. Wales let him go just then and spoke, ’’The one I speak of is him.’’ He pointed at Zhao Hai's campsite and then detailed how he had met Zhao Hai to Mendez.

Mendez frowned after hearing the tale. He looked at Wales and asked, ’’Little 7th, why do I feel like this is all a lie? How can there be such a good thing in this world? Half price? Best bamboo rice? And that many? Impossible, right?’’

Wales replied with a cold shimmer in his eyes, ’’This is our final chance. Instead of running away to somewhere else to set up a small tribe, why don't we use Zhao Hai's grains to make a gamble? If we can get the branch tribes' support, Gasol's chieftain position will not be stable.’’

Mendez was still frowning as he said, ’’I'm afraid that they're lying to us right now. If they are, we're finished. We wouldn't have the slightest chance. Little 7th, I don't want something to happen to you.’’

A trace of feeling touched flashed across Wales' eyes, but he still spoke insistently, ’’Relax, 6th brother, I will meet with them shortly. Maybe you'll change your mind once you meet Zhao Hai. Oh right, go and have a bowl of mutton soup. It was boiled for a night.’’

Mendez felt an unprecedented hunger when he heard what Wales said. He felt as if his stomach had turned into a black hole that could fit a cow.

In the middle of the campsite was a large iron pot. The fire under the pot had not faded yet, and the mutton soup in the pot had been boiled to a white color which looked just like goat milk.

Next to the pot was a small table with a few bowls on top. Mendez didn't speak any further as he walked towards the pot, filled a bowl with the soup and drank it slowly.

Mendez had never felt that mutton soup could be so delicious before. Even though he knew that it was just a thing that couldn't be more normal than it already was, it felt like he was drinking the most delicious soup in his life.

A single bowl of mutton soup, and Mendez felt even hungrier, but he knew he couldn't eat a lot of things right now, so he drank another bowl.

Because the soup had been boiled for too long, the mutton had already disintegrated. There were only a few bones in the soup, but the flavor of the soup had become better as a result.

After 3 bowls of mutton soup, Mendez put the bowl down. He felt that his body had completely recovered. He also felt strange, because he clearly remembered that he had injuries. How could his injuries be recovered so quickly?

Just then, others had walked out of their tents. They were Mendez's escorts. They bowed to him when they saw Mendez, which prompted him to wave his hand, ’’Alright, come and drink some bowls of soup. Little 7th boiled this for a night.’’

These people knew who the 'Little 7th' Mendez was referring to actually was, of course. They bowed to Wales immediately and then ran to the pot before drinking large mouthfuls of mutton soup. They were seriously starved.

Mendez also noticed just then that his subordinates' injuries had all recovered. Even ones with larger wounds had recovered, and only scars were left behind.

Wales noticed Mendez's expression. He smiled and said, ’’No need to look. It was Zhao Hai's fiancee who used magic to treat your injuries. Let's go and meet Zhao Hai.’’ Mendez nodded immediately and followed Wales to Zhao Hai's campsite. He was really curious about Zhao Hai now.

They soon arrived outside Zhao Hai's campsite, and Zhao Hai also came out from the tent immediately. It was still early, but Zhao Hai and the others didn't wake up late, and had already eaten breakfast.

Wales immediately greeted with a chest salute when he saw Zhao Hai coming out, ’’Brother Zhao Hai, I want to thank you for your assistance.’’

Zhao Hai smiled and returned the gesture, ’’Brother Wales, you're too welcoming. Being able to help you is my honor.’’

Mendez also walked forward and saluted Zhao Hai, ’’Mendez greets brother Zhao Hai. Thank you for your assistance. Otherwise, we wouldn't have gotten better this quickly.’’

Zhao Hai laughed in response, ’’Brother Mendez, you're too kind.’’

Wales saw Laura and 2 others behind Zhao Hai and then spoke to Zhao Hai, ’’Brother Zhao Hai, come with me to my tent. I have something to discuss with you.’’ Zhao Hai nodded and led Laura and the others to follow Wales to the tent.

Once they sat down, a few people immediately brought some bowls of hot mutton soup. Wales dismissed the people afterwards, leaving only Wales himself, Mendez, Yale, and then Zhao Hai and the others.

After the people left, Wales spoke to Zhao Hai, ’’Brother Zhao Hai, you have discovered as well, right? Something happened in my home.’’

Zhao Hai nodded as it wasn't anything strange. If he couldn't realize even this, then he would be an idiot.

Wales continued, ’’My eldest brother started a coup, poisoned our father, killed my 5th brother, and then sent people to hunt us down. He even became chieftain.’’ When Wales spoke to this point, his face was filled with hatred, but his eyes were looking at Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai was still being calm. He just frowned slightly and looked at Wales, ’’Brother Wales, what do you want me to help you with? To be honest, with my identity, if I help you, you might get further and further away from the position.’’

Wales knew why Zhao Hai said that. It was because Zhao Hai was a human. If the tribe knew that a human was helping in the fighting over the position of chieftain, then Wales would only be further and further away from the chieftain position.

Wales also never planned to let Zhao Hai help him in combat directly. It couldn't be done. However, helping with grains was possible, so he nodded, ’’I understand, brother Zhao Hai, but I really need your help this time. I want grains. Lots and lots of grains. They have to be at the price you listed earlier. My brother, can you tell me exactly how many grains you have?’’

Zhao Hai calculated before answering, ’’Nearly 200 million kilos, and they are the type I showed you before. There's also several tens of thousands of kilos of vegetables, and they're also the same as the ones I showed you before.’’

Wales looked at Zhao Hai and asked, ’’My brother, you must know how important the food is to me. I stake my entire fortune on this, so brother, how long until you can bring the food to the prairie?’’

Zhao Hai glanced at Wales and replied calmly, ’’Anytime.’’

Wales asked Zhao Hai with a confused look, ’’Did you say 'anytime', my brother? Even now?’’

Zhao Hai waved his hand softly, and a bunch of vegetables appeared in front of him. Another wave, and the vegetables disappeared. He waved his hand again, and a bunch of grains appeared in front of him. Yet another wave, and the grains disappeared.


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