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Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Chapter 237


Chapter 237 - Helping Him Solve Trouble

The Jackal tribe relied on these sorts of behaviour and eventually became the Beastfolk Prairie's most notorious thieving tribe. They were known as shameless robbers and thieves among the beastfolk, while they were called cunning native dogs by the humans.

So when Zhao Hai heard Spear say that there was a Jackal tribe nearby, it made him surprised. He hastily said, ’’Brother Spear, if you knew there was a Jackal tribe nearby, then why are you still here? You should leave this area as soon as possible.’’

Spear nodded. ’’I know this, brother. We had been preparing to leave for the last couple of days. That's why I was so anxious when you arrived;it was due to the Jackal tribe that was close by.’’

Zhao Hai nodded and said, ’’Brother, for the safety of the Pig tribe, we must make the trade as soon as possible and leave immediately. After breakfast, we will leave the food behind. All you need to do is prepare my stuff.’’

Spear looked at Zhao Hai. ’’Brother, where will you go? Back to the human's stone city or deeper into the prairies? If you wish to go deeper into the prairies, then you must be careful. If you see a strange tribe, check what ethnic race they are first, then pass them if needed.’’

Zhao Hai was touched. He didn't think that these carefree Pig tribe people would think so much about him. Smiling, he said, ’’Brother, don't worry. Do not forget that I am still a magician. If the Jackal tribe really dares to attack me, then I will teach them a lesson.’’

Spear laughed. ’’Brother, I almost forgot that you were an omnipotent magician! Hahaha. I hope those hateful thieves won't encounter you.’’

Zhao Hai also laughed as the two walked towards the center of the camp. At this time, a Pig tribe young girl took out two bowls of sheep's milk and came over. Spear then said to Zhao Hai, ’’Brother, have a taste of this. It's the freshest sheep's milk in the prairie, best for breakfast.’’

He examined the two bowls of sheep's milk and became speechless. The sheep's milk hadn't undergone any heating, but had instead been directly squeezed out of a sheep. It was the first time Zhao Hai had seen sheep's milk like this.

Although it was his first time seeing such sheep's milk, Zhao Hai was too embarrassed to reject Spear's offer. He accepted the bowl of sheep's milk from the young Pig tribe girl's hands and drank it.

It was hard to imagine how much it reeked of sheep. It hadn't undergone any type of processing or flavoring. One couldn't imagine how much of a sheep's smell it had. Even Zhao Hai wouldn't eat anything with such a deep smell. Now that he had a mouthful of sheep's stick, it made him want to almost spit it out.

After he endured past the sheep stink, he began to smell a sweet, fragrant aroma from it. This kind of aroma was something that didn't belong to any seasoning product he knew of. Instead, it seemed to be the milk's natural aroma. The smell made Zhao Hai close his mouth as he tried the aftertaste.

Spear watched Zhao Hai's appearance and couldn't help but laugh as he said, ’’Brother, I'm really confused about whether you are a human or a beastfolk. Many humans, when drinking fresh sheep's milk, would spit it back out. Later on, they wouldn't dare to drink it at all. You, however, seem to have a liking for its taste. Haha. Brother, do you have beastfolk blood in you?’’

Turning, Zhao Hai looked at this fellow with the giant pig's head and suddenly saw a slyness in this fellow's eyes. He couldn't help but beat Spear's arm, saying, ’’Good. You actually want to see me become a joke. Haha. To be honest, this fresh sheep's milk is very fragrant[1].’’

Zhao Hai's hit was, without a doubt, just a tickle at the most for Spear. Spear, however, liked Zhao Hai's performance a lot, so he laughed and patted Zhao Hai's shoulder, causing him to make an agonized face.

At this time, Laura and the others had woken up and also walked out of their tent. The reason why they came out now was because they feared Zhao Hai would suspected them, so they endured patiently until now.

When he saw Laura and the other two come out, Spear immediately asked his wife to prepare and serve them a meal. The breakfast was very simple, sheep's milk and handed pilaf[2].

After breakfast, Zhao Hai ordered the undead to move the food from the caravan and into the Sheep Head Hammer horde camp.

Spear also took out five of the best wool blankets they produced, along with five of the best carpets. Ten strong argali, two piglets, and two of the best prairie mastiffs[3] followed. All of them were given over to Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai thought of declining the extras, but Spear actually put on such a serious face in order to stop him. After receiving the items, Zhao Hai said goodbye to Spear, then led the caravan deeper into the prairie.

Although they had only been in the prairie for a few days, Zhao Hai currently liked it here. The beastfolk were simple, adorable, and impressive friends who didn't have any flowery thoughts. Compared to the scheming humans, they were more pure and direct. Friends were friends, enemies were enemies. This was also why they would always suffer losses in their relationship with the humans.

Presently, Laura was looking at the Big Bellied Pig tribe's war flag that was hung on their caravan, dazed. With regards to the beastfolk war flags, she didn't know much about them. She also believed that many human merchants wouldn't know its significance. As such, when she saw Spear give Zhao Hai the war flag, it made her surprised.

Zhao Hai felt nostalgic whenever he saw the Sheep Head Hammer horde war flag. He retracted his vision and looked at Laura. Smiling, he asked, ’’What's wrong? Why are you always staring at the war flag?’’

Laura turned her head to Zhao Hai. ’’Don't you think it's strange? Why did Spear give us their war flag? The Sheep Head Hammer horde is just a small part of the tribe, and the Big Bellied Pig tribe is just a small part of the ethnic race. A war flag from such a horde is absolutely useless. As such, they generally wouldn't give their war flag to others.’’

Smiling, Zhao Hai told Laura about Spear's explanation of the significance of war flags. Once he finished his explanation, Laura's eyes shone as she looked at Zhao Hai. ’’Great! I heard that once a beastfolk recognizes a human as their real friend, almost no beastfolk would attack them. Brother Hai, it seems that this time we've obtained a great harvest for cheap.

Zhao Hai nodded. With a sinking voice, he said, ’’I also think Spear had been really good to us. As a matter of fact, he told me about some rumours he'd heard recently. It seems that there is a nearby active Jackal tribe.’’

Laura was surprised for a moment, then her complexion changed as she said, ’’Jackal tribe? Is it really a Jackal tribe?’’

Zhao Hai nodded. ’’It's really a Jackal tribe. With the Jackal tribe in this area, it'll become a big threat for Spear's horde. Do you think we should help Spear and solve this trouble?’’

Laura was surprised for a moment. She hadn't thought of this point. What she knew was that the Jackal tribe wasn't something they needed to fear. She actually didn't expect Zhao Hai to propose helping Spear solve this problem.

She did understood what Zhao Hai meant. At present, they had the blood-colored eagles that could survey a wide area. So long as they had the blood-colored eagles do a thorough search, they would certainly be able to find the Jackal tribe. With their strength, destroying the Jackal tribe was possible. So long as they eliminated the Jackal tribe, they'd have helped Spear. The alternative was that Spear's horde of only a few hundred people would be attacked.

After thinking about it for a while, Laura said, ’’That's fine. The Jackal tribe is hated by all of the beastfolk. If we eliminate them, then no one would go after us for it and the beastfolk might even be grateful to us.’’

Zhao Hai smiled. ’’Moreover, the Jackal tribe may even have raised some magic beasts of their own that we haven't seen yet, something like these water-spurting pigs.’’

As Zhao Hai said this, Laura and the others couldn't help but look at the back of their carriage. There, two of the carriages contained the two piglets. These were the young water-spurting pig mounts that Spear had used.

These water-spurting pigs were magic beasts that only the Big Bellied Pig tribe could raise as they had some blood relation with the magic beasts. This wasn't some sort of curse, but rather, a beastfolk tradition.

The beastfolk had always considered themselves descendants of humans and magic beasts. As such, they had control over the same abilities as the magic beasts. These water-spurting pigs were the Big Bellied Pig tribe's magic beast relatives. It was due to the fact that these water-spurting pigs, like them, had big bellies and drank a lot of water. In battle, they could launch out water from their stomachs to attack the enemy. The water-spurting pigs, however, could launch the water further than the Big Bellied Pig tribe and their missiles could reach as far as fifty meters. Furthermore, they could continue to launch that water ten times. The Big Bellied Pig tribe could only use it five consecutive times.

Since they were still near Spear's camp, Zhao Hai decided not to place the argali, water-spurting piglets, or the prairie mastiff in the Space. In any case, it wasn't so bad.

The two piglets were placed in a carriage while the prairie mastiffs and argali followed beside the carriages. The next carriage was where the wool blankets and carpets had been placed.

Laura looked at the ten wool products and smiled as she said to Zhao Hai, ’’This time, we've really gained a lot. Don't mention the argali or the few water-spurting pigs, just the wool blankets will give us a lot of money. The beastfolk made these blankets and carpets by hand and they are really popular among humans.’’

Zhao Hai smiled. ’’It's precisely because of this that I want to help Spear. With a Jackal tribe in the vicinity, it'll be very dangerous for Spear.’’

Laura nodded. ’’Alright, let's do it then. In any case, this matter will also be good for us.’’

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and issued out orders to the blood-colored eagles.

Just then, Nier suddenly said, ’’Young Master, would it be alright if I raise the two piglets? They're just too cute.’’

When he heard Nier's words, Zhao Hai became speechless. He also thought that the piglets were adorable. They had black and white skin colors, with one having a black mark on its left eye while the other had the mark on its right. It gave off the feeling that they'd collected some leaves and grass on their eyes and made them look comedic and adorable. It was no wonder Nier liked them so much.

Zhao Hai smiled as he said, ’’Nier, those two piglets will be raised in the Space. Once they mature and have their own piglets, I'll take two out for you to raise. Is that fine?’’


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  1. [1] In the end, you can best describe all beastfolk items with this one word: Fragrant.
  2. [2] 手抓饭 - Shǒu zhuā fàn. The hand part was hard to include, but the second two characters, 抓饭 = pilaf.
  3. [3] 草原獒 - Cǎoyuán áo.


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