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Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Chapter 229


Chapter 229 - Occupying an Area

Everyone understood what Beast God City signified. It was the holy land in the hearts of every beastfolk. The city was placed on the original land of the beastfolk, and was made of hay and mud. But the water used for the mud wasn't ordinary water. This mud was instead created with the blood of various magic beasts that they had originally raised, so one could actually call this beast blood mud.

Due to the lack of lumber in the Beastfolk Prairie, the wood that should have been used within Beast God City was instead replaced with the bones of magic beasts. These reasons were the basis for the city's name of Beast God City.

To construct Beast God City, every beastfolk tribe had to live frugally for decades. They didn't even know how many magic beasts had been sacrificed to complete the city.

This was the holy land in the hearts of every beastfolk. The position of Beast God City was close to the Extreme North Ice Origin. This was because the beastfolk had repelled the demons within the Extreme North Ice Origin, so they constructed Beast God City as an icon to commemorate that victory.

Furthermore, there was no City Lord or city garrison. Beast God City, however, was the safest city on the entire continent. The beastfolk population within Beast God City numbered almost one million. Within a thousand miles around the city, violence and theft wasn't allowed. The penalty for either was execution on the spot.

This was the custom of Beast God City and it had been set during its founding. No one could destroy Beast God City because of the formidable war tribes that lived there. Moreover, it wasn't just a single ethnic race that lived there, but a cohabitation of various ethnic races. This was the area where the most violent beastfolk became the most honest.

After many years of development, Beast God City became the Beastfolk Prairie's largest commodities distribution center. Every day was lively as merchants from every race and tribe did business within Beast God City.

Although violence wasn't permitted in Beast God City, if a merchant dared to deceive a beastfolk then they would certainly be unfortunate. What Beast God City prohibited was violence among the tribes and ethnic races, so if a Terran dared to act unreasonable, then Beast God City's law enforcement team would act. These beastfolk weren't ones to be trifled with. They would kill the Terran, and moreover wouldn't have any regard over their circumstances. If one dared to deceive a beastfolk, then no matter what tribe, they wouldn't give any opportunity for an explanation and would just move to execute.

For merchants like Laura who didn't wish to make dirty money, Beast God City was the best destination. Although they wouldn't be able to set up a store there, a tent could still be established to start their business.

Before, Laura had wanted to go to Beast God City, but unfortunately her business had still been too small scale back then so she was unqualified to trade there. If someone wanted to do business in Beast God City and the commodities they had on hand came up short, then they'd be extremely embarrassed. To be able to make transactions in Beast God City, one must have at least 5 million kilograms of food[1]. Laura didn't have capital that large to bring in such an amount of commodities back then.

Now, however, things were different as they had the Space. If Zhao Hai saved all the bamboo rice being harvested, then they could hoard 10 million kilograms of bamboo rice per day. This wasn't a small amount. With so much food in their possession, Laura could certainly dare to walk into Beast God City to do business.

Due to these reasons, Beast God City became famous on the continent. Whether it were the Terrans or other races, they had all heard of it. After all, the beastfolk were a large and numerous race on the continent, and in the hearts of these beastfolk, Beast God City was their holy land.

When he heard Laura refer to Beast God City with her description, Quinn John nodded and said, ’’I also think Beast God City is the most appropriate place. If we do business there and don't deceive the beastfolk, then we won't have to worry about trading there. What's more, security is guaranteed. Within a thousand mile radius of Beast God City, violence and theft isn't allowed. Even the beastfolk wouldn't dare to create any disputes, not to mention us Terrans. If someone dares to move against us there, then they are just courting death[2].’’

Green also nodded. ’’I agree. I heard that in Beast God City there are five Rank Nine experts there all year round. Although they don't manage the city, they'll immediately move to execute any expert that dares make trouble in Beast God City. Those five beastfolk within Beast God City are called the Five Great Law Enforcers.’’

Nodding, Quinn John said, ’’Those Five Great Law Enforcers are famous beastfolk experts. Their battle strength is formidable. Also, several large war tribes live near Beast God City and those large tribes also have their own Rank Nine experts. If a matter occurs in Beast God City then those Rank Nine experts will be able to rush forth at a moment's notice and ensure the security of Beast God City. I can say that the quantity of Rank Nine experts in Beast God City wouldn't be less than ten.’’

Zhao Hai was surprised. He didn't think that the defenses of Beast God City would be at such a level. Ten Rank Nine experts. This almost caught up to the defense of Flower City[3].

This was about right. At the moment, no matter what Zhao Hai's status was, it would be equal to zero in Beast God City. The beastfolk wouldn't accept any status given by Terrans. Even if a Terran was a murderer or arsonist, to the beastfolk they didn't care as they only saw you as a Terran. They wouldn't treat you like a criminal so long as you were honest within the Beastfolk Prairie.

This was what Zhao Hai wanted. The Radiance Church had a strong influence within Terran territories, so he had to avoid it. Zhao Hai could provide food, something the beastfolk needed the most, and so long as he established a relationship with the beastfolk, the Radiance Church wouldn't be able to move against him so casually.

This thought made Zhao Hai smile. ’’That's right, it's only with Beast God City's security that we can feel relieved enough to do business there. With this, we can start tomorrow and immediately leave. First, I'll order an Eagle Virtuous Phantasm to bring the Ghost Cane into the Beastfolk Prairie. Then we can use a saddled horse carriage to head for Beast God City. This trip will allow us to understand how the beastfolk live and learn their habits as well as observe the surrounding terrain. What do you all think of this?’’

Green nodded. ’’I agree. In the end, our biggest secret is this Space, and it needs to be upgraded as soon as possible. That is our most pressing matter. Since the Beastfolk Prairie not only has an abundance of magic beasts but also a variety of plants, then even if those plants aren't magic plants, they can still contribute to the upgrade of the Space. Also, the Spatial Ranch level is too low. I think we should increase its level as soon as possible.’’

Laura and the others simultaneously nodded. With regards to the Space's mysterious ability, they had understood a little of it after several days. This Space was truly too mysterious. If they could upgrade it as soon as possible, then the benefits for them would be very large.

Nodding, Laura said, ’’Alright, I think we should do this. As the matter stands, even though it would take a long time for us, the benefits we will obtain would also be very large. Let's do it.’’

Zhao Hai nodded. ’’We will now prepare the food so that later on, we won't be in short supply once we do transactions with the beastfolk. Moreover, we must finish the transformation plan for the Black Waste as soon as possible. We should also prepare a carriage. When we arrive in the Beastfolk Prairie, we can start to sell food to any tribe that wants it. This will certainly make our products very popular.’’

Laura nodded and said, ’’Clearing the way with food. This is the best way to do it, but we must overcome problems and lay a foundation ahead of time in order to let those large war tribes notice us. With this, once we move into Beast God City, it'll help us a lot. One must know that occupying a place in Beast God City isn't easy.’’

Quinn John nodded. ’’In the past, we'd planned to go and do business in Beast God City. Unfortunately, our foundations was still too thin and we gave up in the end. We do, however, understand a little about the situation of Beast God City. We know that there is a million beastfolk living in the city. It can be regarded as a great city, but since way back then, major merchant clans on the continent have already put up shop there. The places that could be occupied by merchants have already been taken. If we go there and want to occupy a place, I fear it won't be easy. If we can show them that we have a lot of food in our hands that we can sell, then there will be more certainty of being able to occupy a place there.’’

Laura nodded. ’’In the Beastfolk Prairie, so long as the beastfolk think that we're good people, we can occupy a place in Beast God City. With that, we will be able to stand firmly there.’’

Quinn John looked at Zhao Hai and said, ’’There's no need to be so curious. Although they constructed Beast God City, the city had been built using the blood of magic beasts to make mud for the construction. As such, there weren't many buildings created. The majority of the city is just stretches of open land. There wouldn't be any stores, but tents instead. If we wish to open a shop there, you'd need to occupy an area and then it would be alright.’’

Zhao Hai nodded. He thought about how there wouldn't be any high rise buildings in the city. A large city with a population of a million, how much area did this cover? Furthermore, the city was also built using magic beast blood mud. How many magic beasts did they need to kill? To be honest, if the beastfolk could build a modern urban constructed city, then it would be a miracle. How much force would be needed to do so? If the city had high rise buildings, then needless to say the amount of magic beast blood mud would reach an astronomical figure. He feared the beastfolk couldn't afford to do so.

With this thought, Zhao Hai's eyes shone brightly. ’’The Space can produce a lot of fruit trees and we can also move a lot of stone through it. So long as we can occupy a place, we can construct a wooden house. There is only one Beast God City so by the time we head there our names won't be unknown.’’

Laura nodded. ’’This is also a good idea. Those beastfolk handle matters in a very direct manner. If we want to obtain their respect, then we cannot hide anything and must show off our strength. This will allow the beastfolk to see that we have the skill, and with this they will place importance on us.’’

Zhao Hai nodded. ’’Alright, things are set. Cai'er, arrange it like this. First, plant a lot of bamboo rice, but don't stop planting the fruit oil. We want a lot of them as we will primarily be selling those low-end products first.’’

Cai'er complied immediately and made the preparations.miracle.


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  1. [1] Original was 10 million jin, with a jin being 0.5 kg. 5 million kilograms is 11 million lbs, give or take 23,000 lbs.
  2. [2] I hope the author realizes that he could have gotten rid of all that narrative before this paragraph and used this as the description for BGC...
  3. [3] So he does still remember the Rank Nines there. Damn coward.


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