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Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Chapter 226


Chapter 226 - Blessed Magic Arrays

Zhao Hai returned to the Spatial Villa. Laura had stayed behind and was currently sitting in the living room, her mood obviously quite low. Zhao Hai didn't speak and just moved to Laura's side quietly. He placed a hand on her shoulder and sat down to accompany her.

Zhao Hai knew Laura was currently sad. Seeing the home they'd built with their own hands destroyed had given her a strange feeling. Saying anything to comfort her at this time was unnecessary. So long as he silently stayed with her and gave her a shoulder to lean on, it would be enough.

Laura leaned gently against Zhao Hai's shoulder, her tears flowing freely. Faith Mansion wasn't just a simple home, but an enterprise. It had her sweat and tears, and was also the home of her heart.

Holding Laura's hands tightly, Zhao Hai said with a low voice, ’’Laura, rest assured that we will come back sooner or later. When that time comes, we'll build something grander and more attractive than Faith Mansion.’’

Laura's tears didn't stop, so Zhao Hai then whispered, ’’It's alright, don't cry. Crying isn't beautiful. Although you have lost Faith Mansion, you gained the Space and Fort Iron Mountain, and also me. What aren't you satisfied with[1]?’’

When she heard what Zhao Hai said, Laura smiled through her falling tears. Zhao Hai looked at Laura and said, ’’Don't cry. If Grandpa Quinn John and the others see this, they might think I'm bullying you. If your father sees this, then it'll be a lot more serious and he might blow up my house.’’

When she heard his words, Laura wasn't startled but began to smile more than cry. Her tears fell more, but this time around they were tears of joy. Zhao Hai couldn't help but pat his head as he murmured, ’’Again, Laura, don't you want to go down and have a look at uncle? This time around, the explosion wouldn't be small.’’

Laura shook her head and smiled. She laughed so much that she couldn't reply to Zhao Hai's words, and Zhao Hai also couldn't help but join in.

Since Karen had taken over the basement of the Spatial Villa and made it his experiment room, an explosion could be heard every other day. Sometimes, they might hear several go off in a row. Zhao Hai and the other had already gotten used to these explosions by now.

Zhao Hai felt a little resentment from it. Karen performed his experiments at random times and sometimes, it happened while Zhao Hai was sleeping. When the explosion occurred, he'd wake up and have a cup.

The Zhao Hai of Earth was an otaku writer. Due to him staying up late in the night, he had a slight nervous breakdown. He'd fall asleep and then wake up in the middle of the night and it would be difficult for him to get back to sleep again. Therefore, when Karen made those explosions, Zhao Hai would take a cup[2]. He now thought he wouldn't get any sleep this night too.

He couldn't, however, say anything to Karen and continued to endure it. At the moment, it was better. Even though there would be an explosion at night, he'd just turn over and sleep. One had to admit that a human's ability to adapt to changes was truly amazing.

After some time, Laura stopped laughing. She turned to Zhao Hai and said, ’’Brother Hai, you haven't dealt with the white-clothed bishop corpses yet. Why not deal with them now?’’

Zhao Hai nodded. ’’Their processing has a been a bit long. Let's go see and you can ask them anything. Moreover, the bodies of those white-clothed bishops should have a lot of good things on them. I just happened to have brought them for you.’’

Laura smiled and said, ’’If there is a good magic item, then we might as well give it to father and have him study it. Perhaps we can get something good from them through his research.’’

Zhao Hai smiled helplessly. He followed Laura outside the Spatial Villa and took out the corpses. He first made those ordinary mercenaries into undead. He only left two corpses back and turned them into high ranking undead, then asked these two leaders his questions.

These mercenary soldiers really had been sent by Boric. They were from a regular mercenary group and were Boric's men;a mercenary group under Boric's control.

Aside from this they didn't obtain any better information. They were, after all, just a mercenary group and could only be regarded as one of Boric's external forces that wouldn't have any contact with his core strength.

Since he didn't obtain any useful items from these mercenaries, Zhao Hai gave up on them. He then transformed the eighteen Radiance Knights into high ranking undead. These knights knew more than the mercenaries, but what they knew consisted mostly of knowledge about the Radiance Church's teachings for their Protector Knights. They were part of the commonly used Radiance Knight groups.

The entirety of the Radiance Knight group was, on the surface, quite small. They were said to have only five hundred individuals, and most of this group didn't have unicorns as their mount. After all, a unicorn was a Rank Five magic beast that wasn't easy to obtain.

Their actual numbers, however, amounted to a thousand Radiance Knights. Among this thousand, a good two hundred were unicorn mounted knights that were considered the elites. This time around, they had sent eighteen of them to deal with Zhao Hai. It was obvious to see that the Radiance Church had attached great importance to this black magician.

These Radiance Knights, however, didn't know much. They weren't administrators of the church, so they only knew a bit of the church's secrets.

Although Zhao Hai was a bit disappointed, he couldn't say anything about it. These Radiance Knights had all been turned into undead by now. Their appearance didn't change greatly from when they were alive. Even if they had cut off their left hands, their strength was still comparable to when they lived[3].

After Zhao Hai moved the Radiance Knights away, he began to turn the white-clothed bishops into undead. The one that had wanted to take out something was named Lyndsay Baker[4]. His father was Rooney Baker[5], a red-clothed archbishop.

This Lyndsay Baker had a really good item in his possession. There wasn't just a high-level protection ring, but also an ancient magic scroll a non-directional transfer scroll.

This scroll hadn't been something Rooney Baker had given to Lyndsay, but was instead something Lyndsay had obtained on his own. He was innately selfish. Although his father was good to him, he didn't even tell his father about the scroll and had secretly hidden it. He'd placed it on his body as he was afraid of losing it. He'd also killed everyone who knew of the scroll, so no one else knew he had such an ancient magic scroll in his hands.

Zhao Hai held the ancient magic scroll and looked at it foolishly. Ancient items made long ago referred to something that had become incredibly aged, yet this thing didn't seem all that old to him. It glittered as if it were made of gold, but Zhao Hai was sure the material wasn't metallic.

At this time, the Space suddenly prompted in a tone:

[Unknown magic item.

Analyzing item's function. This item is a simple space system magic item.

This item can produce a non-directional, indeterminate distance spatial channel.

Extracting functions. Incorporating functions into the Ghost Cane.

Use of the Ghost Cane will now allow the creation of a non-directional, indeterminate distance spatial channel.]

[Unknown magic item.

Analyzing item's function. This item is an autonomous stimulation-type protective magic item.

When the host is suddenly attacked, the item will produce a protective shield to guard the host.

Extracting functions. Enhancing functions. Incorporating functions into the Ghost Cane.

Ghost Cane can now automatically protect the host if attacked.]

[Multiple magic arrays.

Extracting magic arrays.

Storing into Spatial Files. Facilitating options so that host may view them at any time.]

[Appearance of blessing-shaped magic arrays.

Extracting magic arrays. Incorporating magic arrays into the Space.

Incorporating magic arrays into machine-type humanoid objects of Space. Strengthened machine-type humanoid objects.

Improving magic.

Combining magic arrays with sprite-type biological body. Strengthened sprite-type biological body.]

Zhao Hai and Laura listened to the prompts. This time, the prompts hadn't been short yet the two of them actually understood what they had heard.

To keep it simple, the Space had extracted the abilities of the ancient magic scroll, then incorporated it into the Ghost Cane. The protection function of the protection ring had also been extracted, strengthened, then incorporated into the Ghost Cane.

The Space had also extracted several magic arrays and placed them into a Spatial File, then extracted a blessing-type magic array from the armor of the Radiance Knights. Those were placed on the undead as well as the other creatures such as the stone giants which then resulted in an increase in strength[6].

Zhao Hai hadn't thought that the Space would have such powerful abilities. He could now regard the Ghost Cane as a protection ring and a non-directional transfer scroll. These two functions would be very useful in saving his life.

Moreover, those magic arrays had strengthened the undead within the Space. Their battle strength naturally received a boost. Although he didn't know to what degree their strength had grown, it should be much higher. This made Zhao Hai happy.

Zhao Hai breathed lightly to calm his emotions. He passed the protection ring and ancient magic scroll to Laura and said, ’’This protection ring can still be used, so please take it. With regards to that magic scroll, it won't be as useful. Better to give it to uncle so that he can study it.’’

Laura didn't say anything and just nodded as she received the items. She wouldn't be polite around Zhao Hai. In any case, the functions of these two items had already been extracted by theSpace and incorporated into the Ghost Cane. Zhao Hai could already use those functions, so being polite was useless.

Zhao Hai looked over the other white-clothed bishops. Although they did possess some items, they weren't as good as what Lyndsay Baker had. Zhao Hai only glanced at them before throwing the items into the warehouse without managing them.

After dealing with these things, Zhao Hai turned his eyes towards the white-clothed bishops themselves. Compared to the items he obtained, he was more interested in what information they could give him. For him, intelligence was something more valuable than items.


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  1. [1] So smooth... let us give Zhao Hai an award for his inconsideration... girl sad? Tell her she's ugly when she cries and praise yourself... >.>
  2. [2] Yep, by now I still have no idea what this means. Have a cup... meh 杯具了 is meh...
  3. [3] What does this have to do with anything? Did the hand not come back? How does that work? He cut off Buffy's head, yet couldn't reattach a hand? They're both high ranking undead now...
  4. [4] 林赛贝克 - Lín sài bèikè.
  5. [5] 鲁尼贝克 - Lǔníbèikè. Looney Baker makes him sound... looney.
  6. [6] To be honest, their ability to understand these prompts while Zhao Hai couldn't understand the old prompts makes me wonder if there are multiple authors with varying levels of intelligence.


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