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Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Chapter 225


Chapter 225 - Destroy

Maru saw it all, and even the eighteen Radiance Knights were dumbfounded. Regardless of what had happened, they weren't able to believe that five white-clothed bishops could just die so unexpectedly.

This was especially true for that white-clothed bishop that had tried to reach for something in his chest. That white-clothed bishop had a deep background and even though the Radiance Knights didn't know what he was taking out, they did know that the white-clothed bishop had something in his possession, one protection ring[1].

A protection ring was a common magic item on the continent. This type of magic item was imbued with magic arrays that had been founded from the research circles. After a long period of research, they were able to seal protection magic into a ring, which is where it got its name.

Protection rings were divided into several grades. Low-level protection rings were disposable, one-time use items. The materials used for such an item weren't special and were common materials like wood or stone with low level protection magic sealed within. These were relatively cheap and common.

High level protection rings, however, were made of metal alloys which could seal high level protection magic. They could also be repeatedly used and were regarded as a more precious magic item.

The father of this white-clothed bishop was a red-clothed archbishop and a Rank Eight expert. To ensure his son's security, he had given that white-clothed bishop a high level protection ring. It could even block a Rank Eight expert's attack without breaking.

This pitiful ring, however, couldn't block Cai'er's attack. Cai'er's strength was greater than that of a Rank Nine's, and her casual attack had the same strength of a regular Rank Nine. Because of this, the white-clothed bishop wouldn't have been able to block her attack.

Those eighteen Radiance Knights were aware of his identity. The reason the white-bishop had gone with them was to obtain some merit. No one would have thought he'd die instead.

His death didn't really matter[2], but it meant the knights wouldn't be able to live anymore. They knew the father of that white-clothed bishop wouldn't let them off.

The eyes of the Radiance Knights immediately turned red. They knew that no matter what happened today, they would die. If they died in battle, then their family members wouldn't be affected. If they came back alive, however, their family members would receive bad luck.

These Radiance Knights had been trained by the Radiance Church. The church had selected talented children and trained them from childhood. As such, their loyalty towards the Radiance Church didn't have any issues. Moreover, their detailed backgrounds were archived by the Radiance Church.

It was because they were loyal and absolutely wouldn't betray the church that there were clear about its internal matters. They knew the Radiance Church wasn't as bright as they appeared to be and was actually quite tarnished on the inside, yet they weren't able to betray the Radiance Church. One could say that these people wearing the clothing of knights were already dead.

The eighteen Radiance Knights made their move at almost the exact same time. They discarded their tower shields simultaneously and pierced their knight spears into the ground. Then they all pulled out their heavy swords from their saddle and swung it down on their left hands.

Zhao Hai was surprised for a moment. He didn't understand what they were trying to do until Green said aloud, ’’Master, we must kill them. They wish to use Sacrifice[3].’’

Sacrifice was a unique skill used by knights. This skill meant they intended to go all out as they sacrificed their flesh and blood and dedicated it to their god of knights. By doing so, they would gain a strength that was a greater than what they currently had. This skill, however, once used would claim a knight's life. Sacrificing oneself to obtain greater power. The skill's duration was just an hour as well. After that hour, the knight would die, so the use of Sacrifice was akin to suicide.

Once a knight used sacrifice, they would generally obtain a boost in strength of two ranks. In other words, once these Radiance Knights used sacrifice they would be able to reach Rank Eight. On the continent, a Rank Eight knight was a master, an almost invisible existence below Rank Nine deities.

Zhao Hai smiled coldly and waved his hand. Several vines drilled up from the ground and straightened, thrusting at the heads of the knights. The eighteen Radiance Knights didn't even have a chance to groan before they died.

Although Sacrifice was very powerful, it still needed time to prepare. The eighteen Radiance Knights weren't able to complete their preparations in time before they were killed by Cai'er.

Zhao Hai didn't want to wait, so he made Cai'er attack twice. He didn't care if they died several times over. In a flash, Cai'er killed the remaining mercenaries and ended the battle.

One couldn't say that the strength of the opponents were weak, just that Cai'er was ridiculously strong. Even if those Radiance Knights were to complete their Sacrifice, they would at most amount to a Rank Eight knight. Compared to a Rank Nine expert, those Rank Eights were just too weak[4]. It was just like when the Rank Eight expert, Green, faced the Rank Nine expert, Wind Saint Buffy, and didn't have a chance to fight back. Don't even mention Buffy, Cai'er didn't have trouble with these mercenaries that were weaker than Rank Eight.

Almost instantly, Faith Mansion became quiet. Zhao Hai waved and the undead all picked up a corpse. He then took them back into the Space. The living unicorns and moonlight lions hadn't been received by Zhao Hai yet. He had to wait till Maru left before he could do so.

After the corpses were taken away, Zhao Hai turned to Maru and said, ’’Sir Maru, we shall leave this place immediately. You must also leave. While the sky is still dark, you should leave Casa City as soon as you can. The Radiance Church has eaten such a big loss and certainly wouldn't give up. In the future I shall not contact you. If there is any matter, then come to Stony Mountain and knock on the ground three times. Write the matter on paper and place it in a room. I will then contact you at an appointed time.’’

Maru looked at Zhao Hai deeply and found that he had many secrets and a strength beyond his imagination. He, however, wasn't ready to inquire into it. In any case, Zhao Hai had already joined the Black Magician Alliance and him having such strength would be beneficial for the alliance. Why would they inquire into his secrets when it might offend Zhao Hai[5].

Maru breathed in deeply, then nodded and said, ’’Alright, then we'll keep in contact in the future. If Mister Zhao Hai needs help from the alliance, then you mustn't hesitate to contact us. We have members of the Black Magician Alliance here within Casa City. If there is any matter, you can go and look for them.’’

After he said this, he handed over a small book to Zhao Hai. This small book had obviously been prepared to be given out earlier, but he gave it now.

Zhao Hai wasn't polite and received the small book. He nodded and said, ’’Alright, if I have any matters I will immediately contact you. I won't send you off.’’

Maru nodded his head and bid Zhao Hai farewell, then his stature flashed and disappeared in place.

Zhao Hai asked Cai'er to check on Maru until he left. He then received the sacred light wooden carriage along with the unicorns and moonlight lions.

He then turned to Laura and she also turned to Zhao Hai. Taking a deep breath, Laura carefully looked at Faith Mansion, then turned back to Zhao Hai and said, ’’Brother Hai, let us begin.’’

Zhao Hai nodded and pointed his Ghost Cane towards the floor, then took Laura and the others and disappeared from the courtyard. As they disappeared, the ground beneath Faith Mansion began to shake fiercely. The area affected by this quake was small and didn't bother the neighbors of the mansion.

Not long after, except for the walls of Faith Mansion, there was not a single building within the area. All of the houses had been taken down. Laura actually did have a secret passage, but it had disappeared without a trace due to this violent quake.

This was an earth element magic spell that Zhao Hai and the others had agreed to be used in order to eliminate their tracks. Although they wouldn't face problems when they moved into theSpace, they had to destroy Faith Mansion in order to lessen suspicion. This was the real reason why Zhao Hai felt sorry for Laura.

Upon entering the Space, Zhao Hai first went and moved the unicorns and moonlight lions into the Spatial Ranch. Zhao Hai had just entered the ranch with the two magic beasts when the Spacesuddenly prompted:

[Discovered unicorn-shaped animals. Evaluating level;Level 25 animal.

This animal can be raised inside the Space. It has a maturity time of 36 hours and can give birth to a foal every 12 hours. A total of eight foals can be birthed.

Digitizing animal. Animal can now be purchased from the Spatial Shop.]

[Discovered lion-shaped animal, new form variation. Evaluating level;Level 30 animal.

This animal can be raised inside the Space. It has a maturity time of 40 hours and can give birth to a cub every 12 hours. A total of eight cubs can be birthed.

Digitizing animal. Animal can now be purchased from the Spatial Shop.]

[With the discovery of new animals, the Spatial Ranch has reached the requirements for upgrade.

Spatial Ranch has been upgraded to Level 6.]

In all honesty, Zhao Hai wasn't surprised by the Spatial Ranch's upgrade. What he didn't expect was that the unicorn and moonlight lion would be given such a low rating by the Space.

Yes. In Zhao Hai's view, the unicorn and moonlight lion's ratings were low. One must understand that these two were magic beasts that, on the Ark Continent, were Rank Five and Rank Six magic beasts. They would be considered the equivalent of young masters. Yet, the Spatial Ranch had assessed them as Level 25 and Level 30 respectively, which wasn't high[6].

In the original list of animals for the Spatial Shop, a Level 25 animal was a crane, and a Level 30 animal was a hippo. Although the crane could fly and a hippo's battle efficiency wasn't low, they were quite lacking when compared to magic beasts. How come the Space ranked those two magic beasts so low[7]?

Yet, while this idea circled Zhao Hai's head once, he didn't think much of it. Anyway, there were more magic beasts on the Ark Continent. When the time came that his level increased, he would be able to buy animals from the Spatial Shop and be able to compare them and know.

Right now, Zhao Hai needed to deal with the corpses of the five white-clothed bishops. These white-clothed bishops were core members of Radiance Church. They certainly knew more matters about the church. For Zhao Hai, this information was of very great use for him. Anyway, both of his identities were now considered enemies of the Radiance Church. As such, he needed to understand more about them. To know them as intimately as he knows himself.


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  1. [1] 守护戒指 - Shǒuhùjièzhǐ. Note that the protection ring's activation had nothing to do with what he was trying to take out.
  2. [2] To the fight, btw. Avoiding confusion.
  3. [3] 献祭 - Xiàn jì. Offer. Sacrificial offering.
  4. [4] Yet, you know, eighteen Rank Six knights could rush a hundred Rank Seven undead and not even get scratched.
  5. [5] Yet, you know, he was fine to tell lies and give some random explanation and make his cane super OP.
  6. [6] I don't understand this. The Space ranks things from 1 to 50, yet the Ark Continent ranks things from 1 to 10. That means rank one magic beast on the Ark Continent would be levels 1-5 for the Space. Based on math, a Rank 5 magic beast should be levels 21-25, and a Rank 6 would be levels 26-30, no? Is it not progressive? Sounds mighty confusing if this isn't so.
  7. [7] Broken system. Too many mods ruined it.


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