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Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Chapter 223


Chapter 223 - Undead with Light Magic

After Zhao Hai spoke, he turned to Laura and asked, ’’What do you think, Laura? Is the idea good or bad? If a black magician sat on that sacred light wood carriage as it's pulled by undead Moonlight Lions with an undead bishop coachman. it must certainly ride like the wind.’’

Laura and the others were shocked. Although Laura was very confident in Zhao Hai, hearing him say such things still surprised her.

No one could blame them for being surprised. Zhao Hai's words were truly too astonishing. If Zhao Hai did this, then it would be tantamount to slapping the face of the entire continent's Radiance Church. The Radiance Church wouldn't let this go.

Among them, the most surprised was Maru. Maru was one of the first to join the Black Magician Alliance. These past few years, they had resisted Radiance Church so he had a certain understanding of exactly how powerful the Radiance Church was. To be honest, many wouldn't speak like Zhao Hai. Even Rank Nine experts wouldn't dare to easily say such things. The Bright Church didn't only have a single Rank Nine expert, so a common Rank Nine expert wouldn't be so bored as to speak out like this.

Maru, however, was very excited. The Black Magician Alliance had been resisting Radiance Church for years, yet they were only participating in secret and used sneak attacks. The majority of the people on the continent didn't even notice. Moreover, they were still afraid of the Radiance Church's retaliation. They did minor acts, but what Zhao Hai said he would do to the white-clothed bishops... they didn't even dare to think of it.

Those white-clothed bishops were stunned after hearing what he said. What followed was boundless anger. They didn't think that a black magician would dare to speak such insolence towards them. The power and influence of a bishop was no less than that of a middle-rank aristocrat on the continent. Now, however, someone had dared to speak such insolence towards them. They were even ignored, which had truly made them angry.

The bodies of those white-clothed bishops shook with anger, and one of them loudly shouted, ’’Dirty black magician! Your thoughts have been poisoned by the devil. Come and accept a baptism from god.’’

Zhao Hai laughed and looked at the bishop as he said, ’’Were your heads caught in the door? Is that why you can say such things? Can you find someone on the continent that would just let their heads be chopped off if they were asked by someone to do so? Does the Radiance Church really have such idiots in control?’’

The eyes of the bishop turned red with anger. Just as he was about to say something, the bishop beside him said, ’’We are not of Radiance Church. We are just mercenaries that do not understand black magicians.’’

Zhao Hai looked in this bishop's eyes. While the other white-clothed bishops were also filled with anger, this one appeared calm. This bishop hadn't been angered or affected by Zhao Hai's taunting.

Zhao Hai watched the person's appearance and knew that this was a person with a deep and profound background[1]. Such a person couldn't be compared with the others that were easy to mess with. Zhao Hai, however, didn't care. He smiled and said, ’’Clear-sighted people shouldn't speak lies. Who you are is something we are crystal clear about. You do not have the right to speak of evils since the Radiance Church isn't so clean itself. Saying so many words, the cost isn't something such hands could pay..’’

After saying this, he waved and several undead dressed as magicians appeared before the white-clothed bishops.

Those undead were Zhao Zui and his team[2], Zhao Jia[3], Zhao Shi and Zhao Jie[4], Lycra and his trio, and Buffy. Those fifteen undead magicians suddenly appeared and frightened them. Zhao Hai had feared that people might recognize them, so they appeared as skeletons instead of zombies.

Those white-clothed bishops looked at Zhao Hai's expression and grew more angry. They were light magicians, the nemesis of black magicians. Now, however, Zhao Hai unexpectedly had his undead deal with them. This made them despise him greatly.

One bishop couldn't bear it anymore and spoke first. He angrily shouted at Zhao Hai, ’’Junior, today we shall let you know that the brilliance of god is everywhere!’’ After he shouted, he raised his staff and recited a spell incantation. A white light suddenly shot at Zhao Zui. This spell was expectedly a Rank Six light element area of effect attack, Sacred Light Descends[5].

Maru sat quietly beside Zhao Hai. When Zhao Hai bickered with the bishops, his heart couldn't stop beating. Seeing Zhao Hai send the undead to deal with the white-clothed bishops worried Maru. The difference was too great. One must know that one cannot easily mess with a bishop.

Everyone, however, was surprised after seeing how the scene unfolded. They saw an undead magician suddenly step forward. This magician wore a white magic robe and held a white staff. They didn't see anything until, suddenly, a light element magic shield appeared, blocking the attack directed at the nearby undead skeleton magicians.

Including Laura, the white bishops were startled and froze for a moment. Maru, who was also startled, suddenly stood up. They had all thought that the skeleton magicians would use black magic to deal with the white-clothed bishops. They didn't expect, however, that it would actually use light magic.

This skeleton was naturally Zhao Jia. He himself was a light magician. After the improvements from the Space, his magic had been preserved. Thus, it was natural for him to be able to use light magic.

This, however, made Maru and the others very surprised. They hadn't seen an undead before that could use light magic. The simple fact of it seemed like a joke. This was like a man holding the knife that would cut his own body. It was purely suicidal behaviour.

Zhao Hai didn't want to make a move since he wanted to see the effect. He also wanted to let Maru know that he wasn't afraid of Radiance Church.

At this time, Zhao Zui and his team made their move. Zhao Zui and his team were true black magicians and they shot black magic attacks that covered the sky and overwhelmed the white-clothed bishops.

Zhao Shi and Zhao Jie also moved, along with Buffy and the others. Zhao Shi and Zhao Jie were earth element magicians while Buffy was a wind element magician. Adding in Zhao Zui and his team, the attacks of three magic elements was magnificent and unparalleled.

Zhao Zui and his team's actions moved the souls of everyone. Maru looked with shock at Zhao Hai and asked, ’’Mister Zhao Hai, this... what is this all about? How can your undead use light elemental magic?’’

Zhao Hai smiled and said, ’’Sir Maru, don't worry about it and sit down. Listen to my explanation. This undead using light elemental magic was Garan, who had attacked me in the past. After I killed him, I turned him into an undead. To my surprise, he suddenly became a variant undead that could use light elemental magic. I was also surprised after seeing this back then, but I don't actually understand how it happened.’’

After hearing Zhao Hai's explanation, Maru felt relieved. Black magicians had their own system for summoning undead. Sometimes, there would also be variations. As such, while Zhao Jia's ability was strange, it wasn't completely out of the norm.

Even though Maru had calmed down, he still felt it was inconceivable. An undead that could use light elemental magic. Even though he personally saw it, if he told others they wouldn't believe him.

Maru still didn't feel this was right. He turned to Zhao Hai and asked, ’’What about the other skeleton magicians? What's going on with them? What are their ranks?’’

A low ranking undead wouldn't be able to use magic. Since Zhao Zui and his team could use magic, Maru knew that they were all high ranking undead.

Zhao Hai smiled and said, ’’How should I put this, I'd say it's all thanks to my lucky magic cane that I found. I don't know what it's made of. While I was hunting for magic beasts in the forest, I fortunately found it. This magic cane has a very special ability. Using it to cast the Bone Forging technique on the dead blesses it with the Spirit Trap technique. That's the reason why I can summon high-level undead.’’

Maru stared at Zhao Hai's Ghost Cane with a pair of shining eyes. Zhao Hai laughed inside his mind. He remembered what Sir Wei Xiaobao[6] had said. An explanation should be nine parts true, one part false. Even if he lies, there was no way for others to figure it out[7].

At this time, several of the white-clothed bishops couldn't withstand Zhao Zui and his team's attack. Those Radiance Knights behind them also saw this and shouted. The spears those Radiance Knights held lowered as they rushed Faith Mansion.

Zhao Hai didn't move. Instead, he made the warrior-clothed undead form a square formation. They blocked the entrance into the mansion. The entire courtyard of Faith Mansion became a battlefield.

Zhao Hai wasn't worried. Even though those Radiance Knights were formidable and had good numbers, he himself had many undead with strengths comparable to that of Rank Seven warriors. Such a strength couldn't be overlooked by anyone. He believed that those undead could block the Radiance Knights.

All of this made Faith Mansion very lively. The people around seemed to sleep soundly, however. They didn't make any sound, so there was no problems with killing everything here.

Such a great ruckus should have already alarmed the city guards into action. The city guards, however, seemed to have taken a vacation. Not one figure could be seen. It seemed that the Radiance Church really had made a call to Grand Duke Evan.

With regards to Evan's response, Zhao Hai understood it. Although the Purcell clan was a large clan, the combination of Boric and the Radiance Church going into action was too strong, so the Purcell clan had given in. That warning earlier was enough for them.

Sure enough, following Zhao Hai's thoughts from before, the Radiance Knights were repelled by the undead warriors at the front doors. They hadn't been able to crash into Faith Mansion.

Suddenly, at this time, shadows of several courageous people appeared as they crawled up the walls surrounding Faith Mansion and leapt over. Those people wore mercenary clothes and held weapons. They looked at Zhao Hai, the person they were to deal with.


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  1. [1] Questionable.
  2. [2] I guess we should do some reflection. Zhao Zui and his team were the Immortal Mercenary Corps.
  3. [3] Zhao Jia is Garan
  4. [4] Zhao Shi and Zhao Jie were the two earth magicians that were with Garan.
  5. [5] 圣光降临 - Shèng guāng jiànglín. Same 圣光 from sacred light wood.
  6. [6] A character from Louis Cha/Jin Yong's the Deer and the Cauldron.
  7. [7]

    What was true in his explanation? What was the point in making someone greedy for his cane? If he didn't say anything, would Maru have been angry? Now he made the man envious and maybe made the entire Black Magician Alliance curious about his cane. Congratulations.


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