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Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Chapter 222


Chapter 222 - Become My Slave

The meal made Maru very happy. Moreover, it surprised him that the meat on the table was all made with advanced level magic beasts as they contained a high level of magic elements.

As a magician, Maru was very sensitive to magic elements. In addition to this, Zhao Hai had used ingredients prepared from the Space. The beef was a common cattle meat used on the continent called a fierce cow[1].

Fierce cows were a very strange kind of magic beast. Their bodies didn't have any wool and instead had thick skin and a lot of meat. Its strength was also very high. This type of cattle could be used to plow arable fields, and the meat could be used as food. Laura raised several fierce cows, but not for farm use. The fierce cows were raised for their meat.

Previously, Laura had raised a lot of wind falcons. These wind falcons alone ate a lot of meat. Now that she raised the eagles, their appetite was also quite large. Providing meat for the wind falcons and eagles had required her to raise several fierce cows. Afterward, Zhao Hai received them inside the Space.

The Space's evaluation of fierce cows wasn't very high, only level 4 magic beast. This was just the rating inside the Space, however. Outside, the rating of fierce cows was only level 1. The highest level of animals within the space was level 50, but on the Ark Continent the highest was only a level 9 magic beast. Reaching level 10 would be the same as reaching godhood and that only existed in legends. This was the reason why the assessment of animal levels inside and outside the Space was different.

The reason why Zhao Hai raised fierce cows was for their meat. They were all used to eating Spaceproduced meat, so the meat outside always tasted off. This was why they were currently eating products taken from inside the Space.

Products that were produced from within the Space was of high quality. These were good ingredients which, in turn, naturally enhanced the flavor of the dish. Along with the use of cooking methods from Earth, Maru's appetite was greatly increased.

After dinner, they went into the parlor room where Nier and Meg served them tea. Zhao Hai drank a mouthful of the tea and looked at Maru, smiling as he asked, ’’Sir, what do you think of tonight's meal? Was it delicious?’’

Maru replied with a smile, ’’Delicious, it was too delicious. Is this the continent's famous Taoyuan products? They are truly extraordinary. I really didn't expect Mister Zhao Hai to have such good things. No wonder Boric has thoughts about them.’’

Zhao Hai smiled faintly. ’’Yes, good things are always on a person's mind.’’

Just then, Zhao Hai's expression changed. He turned to Maru and said, ’’I didn't think that the play would start just after we finished eating. Interesting.’’

As soon as Maru heard what Zhao Hai said, he knew the play was being staged. He smiled and said, ’’Yes, ah, just finished dinner and we can already see a good play. Haha, I hope it's a splendid play.’’

Zhao Hai smiled faintly. He turned to Laura and said, ’’Open the doors and let the people acting in the play come onto the stage. Let us have those watching the play be comfortable. There's nothing else we can do but show our due respect for their feelings.’’

Laura smiled faintly and nodded. Nier and Meg ran to open the doors and windows of the parlor room.

Maru didn't know when it happened, but the entire courtyard began to be filled with undead. Some of those undead wore the armor of warriors while others looked like magicians in their presentation. They appeared in the courtyard one after the other and stood motionless like statues.

Furthermore, the entire courtyard was covered with a black fog. One simply couldn't see the situation outside, but could only hear the sounds of footsteps. The number wasn't small.

Maru looked at Zhao Hai with astonishment. These undead were obviously being summoned by Zhao Hai, but he didn't see when Zhao Hai had summoned them. There weren't movements of any sort, nor did he make any sound. What's more, he didn't feel any magical fluctuations. This surprised him.

Many black magicians would study how to hide magical fluctuations. After learning how, they would only be able to use it for casting low level magic. This made it difficult for others to detect their magical fluctuations and it could be used for sneak attacks.

This method, however, required a lot of preparation. If the opposing magician noted them, then using this method would be difficult.

Hiding magical fluctuations using any method wouldn't completely erase the presence of magical fluctuations either. Rather, it could only weaken it. When a person didn't pay close enough attention, the magical fluctuations wouldn't be felt. If one were to carefully observe, however, then it could be found.

Maru felt nothing when Zhao Hai summoned his undead. There were no magical fluctuations of any kind, which was the most surprising part.

Naturally, it was impossible for Maru to know that Zhao Hai didn't use the common dark summoning magic technique. If he knew this, then he wouldn't be so surprised.

Zhao Hai didn't pay attention to Maru. He watched the front of Faith Mansion and wanted to see what method the intruders would use to break through the walls and enter Faith Mansion.

Just then, a knock suddenly sounded at the door. Zhao Hai and Laura were surprised for a moment. How come there was someone knocking at the door at this time[2]?

Zhao Hai couldn't help but smile gently. ’’The people at home are resting. Come back tomorrow.’’

As he said this, Zhao Hai and Laura laughed. They didn't need to ask for the identity of those currently knocking as they were surely those people were sent by Boric. The opposite party's action of knocking on the door was supposed to make them feel tense, as though they despised them.

Unfortunately, Zhao Hai answered with a joke which ruined their plans completely. They wanted to pressure Zhao Hai, but were instead ridiculed.

Sure enough, after Zhao Hai's joke, a voice was heard from outside. ’’Junior, you have some balls.’’

After they heard those words, a loud bang sounded from the front doors. The two thick wooden doors fell inward.

Zhao Hai and the others didn't pay any attention to the fallen doors. They did, however, look towards the doors in order to see who had come this time around.

Five individuals stood outside. Those five all wore white magic robes and carried white magic staffs in their hands. Zhao Hai understood that these five were all light magicians. Moreover, their ranks weren't low. The five light magicians stood beside an extravagant looking carriage. The body of the carriage was colored a pure white that glistened in the night. There weren't any ordinary horse-shaped magic beasts pulling the carriage, but lion-shaped ones. Those lion-shaped magic beasts were also white and didn't only exude a fierce battle aura, but also an aura of holiness.

Laura whispered to Zhao Hai, ’’A carriage made of sacred light wood[3]. It seems these are people of Radiance Church, and their statuses aren't low. From their appearances they should be white-clothed bishops. Pulling their carriages are level 6 light element magic beasts, Moonlight Lions[4]. Their battle quality is high and they also use light elemental magic.’’

Standing behind the five white-clothed bishops was a platoon of knights. The appearances of those knights was quite distinct. They each had a cross beneath their uniforms and rode white-horned warhorses. Those white-horned warhorses were equipped with bright silver armor. Each knight wore bright silver body armor and held a four-meter long knight spear in their right hand. A large tower shield was held in their left hands and there were white feathers that stuck out of their body armor. Beneath the spearhead of their knight spears was a triangular flag. The spears pointed toward the sky, allowing the triangular flag to wave in the air.

Zhao Hai examined the appearance of those mighty knights and muttered, ’’I have to say, the look of those fellows is really good. It's just that I don't know what's beneath the armor. Would there be a human, or a ghost?’’

As Zhao Hai's voice faded, a colder one came from one of the white-clothed bishops. ’’Are you Zhao Hai? Dirty black magician. Today, for the glory of god, we'll make you disappear forever.’’

Zhao Hai looked at the five white-clothed bishops and smile. ’’How many times have you said that line? How can you say it so smoothly? Today, didn't you promise the Purcell clan you wouldn't make such a big ruckus? Listen to me. We should speak from the heart and not use any actions. I may have attacked first, but this way we can save a lot of trouble[5].’’

When she heard Zhao Hai, Laura couldn't help but smile. She didn't expect Zhao Hai to be such a rascal at this time and unexpectedly say these words.

Zhao Hai's disposition was quite cheerful, but he was a person who stayed at home for too long so he appeared a bit dull. In addition, he'd just moved to the Ark Continent. Because of the pressure, he hadn't been able to joke a lot. Today, however, he had joined the Black Magician Alliance and was about to leave the Purcell Duchy. As such, he loosened his heart a bit. He couldn't help but say a couple jokes with the white-clothed bishops.

Those white-clothed bishops didn't expect Zhao Hai to be this relaxed when he saw their lineup. The bishop in the middle couldn't help but angrily say, ’’Junior, you dare speak such nonsense. A dirty human like you needs to be purified under the brilliance of god. That's the only way out.’’

Zhao Hai smiled and said, ’’That's a good choice. You came at the wrong time, however. The brilliance of god can purify in the day, but at night the brilliance of god is replaced. Haha, I see your fancy carriage and big cats pulling it. I also see the knights behind you look very good. I am quite reluctant to make you all my slaves.’’

Maru sat beside Zhao Hai and, to be honest, he was currently very nervous. One must know that within Radiance Church, those white-clothed bishops were existences that stood just beneath the Pope and the archbishops. Each of them would be at least a Rank Seven magician in strength. In addition to the magic staffs they held, the carriage and magic beasts pulling it could superimpose with their strength and increase it. It could be said that their strength wasn't any lower than that of a Rank Eight expert. Five Rank Eight light magicians. With this, their battle strength wasn't something that could be lightly called a play.

Light elemental magic was the nemesis of black magic. This sentence wasn't false. In front of a light magician, black magicians suffered innate disadvantages. What's more, the opposite party had sent magicians of such high strength in order to deal with Zhao Hai. Seeing Zhao Hai so indifferent when dealing them made Maru feel admiration towards Zhao Hai.


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  1. [1] 蛮牛 - Mán niú. 蛮 = Fierce/Savage/Barbaric/Rough. 牛 is bull, cow, cattle in general. Since I have no idea of the gender of the meat, I just stuck with cow.
  2. [2] When fighting your mortal foes, it is best to appear as polite as possible. ’’Gentlemen Battles 101.’’
  3. [3] 圣光木 - Shèng guāng mù. 圣 = Holy/Sacred. 光 = Light. 木 = Wood.
  4. [4] 月明狮 - Yuèmíng shī.
  5. [5] Questionable. It's a very confusing sentence, but I tried to assume this was what he meant to say...


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