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Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Chapter 215


Chapter 215 - Do You Hate Me?

Quinn John sighed. Although he knew this day would come, it still made his heart uncomfortable. After all, he'd watched Laura as she grew up. Now, suddenly, she said she agreed to Zhao Hai's condition to marry him. It was like saying she would leave him forever. It was a very uncomfortable feeling.

After a while, Zhao Hai calmed down. He looked at Laura and asked, ’’What else do you need to prepare? If you have anything you need to carry off, tell me and I'll help you do so.’’

When she heard what Zhao Hai said, Laura relaxed and said, ’’We're almost finished tidying things up here. It's really fortunate Mister gave us several of those Spatial Bags as they're really helpful. Still, we'll need a few more carriages in order to take away everything. Moreover, we need to explain several matters to the rest of our clan here, and that will take several days.’’

Zhao Hai thought for a while before saying, ’’Alright then, we'll stay here for a few days. Please arrange a room for us. When you finish whatever you have to do, we can leave together.’’

Laura froze for a moment, then nodded and said, ’’Okay. The mansion has a guest room. You can stay there for the next few days.’’

Nodding, Zhao Hai said, ’’You should speak to Evan. After we leave, he can send people to Stony Mountain every five days to get the commodities. Once they are at Stony Mountain, they just need to knock on the ground three times. We will arrive the next day and they can pick up the commodities from a warehouse. If they don't knock, however, then they can't get the products.’’

Laura nodded. ’’Alright, I'll tell him that. Also, I have some of Carlo's subordinates held captive. I wish for them to pay for their crimes. What do you think?’’

After thinking for a while, Zhao Hai said, ’’That's fine. How do you want me to deal with them? Do you wish them to be silenced?’’

Laura looked at Zhao Hai and sighed. ’’I don't really want to silence them, but we can't control them. The threat they represent is too large. While Alodia and his team have been obedient these past few days, we already have some sense of them. As such, I don't trust them.’’

Zhao Hai nodded and said, ’’Alright, I understand. Hand them over to me and I'll deal with them.’’

Laura nodded. She turned to Nier and said, ’’Nier, take Brother Hai to his room to rest. Tend to whatever needs Brother Hai has.’’

Nier complied and stepped up to Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai stood and said to Laura, ’’This matter needs to be solved as soon as possible since Boric and the Markey Dell clan both have their eyes set on us. We will need to leave immediately.’’

Laura nodded and Zhao Hai followed Nier.

After waiting for Zhao Hai to walk out, Laura turned her head towards Quinn John and said, ’’Grandpa Quinn John, we need to finish taking care of our issues as soon as possible. When the store managers arrive, we'll tell them about everything and then we will need to leave immediately. What Brother Hai said about us not being safe now is correct.’’

Quinn John nodded and said, ’’Relax, the matter of cleaning up here has already been assigned to Kiel[1] and the other trusted subordinates. Furthermore, they are determined to come with us, so rest assured. Oh, right. We forgot to ask Zhao Hai how many people we can take along. If he can take many people, then everything will be fine.’’

Laura frowned. ’’I forgot to ask. Let's talk about it at when it's time to eat. Anyway, he'll be staying for the next few days, so there's no need to worry.’’

Quinn John nodded and gave a faint smile. ’’I noticed that Zhao Hai is very concerned about you. In fact, he'd probably take you in even if you didn't accept his request.’’

Laura paled as she glanced at Quinn John. Sighing, she said, ’’To be honest, I have a very good impression of Brother Hai. We've met with great misfortune at this time, and only Brother Hai could and would help us. Moreover, from our previous meetings he didn't say much. He didn't try to coax a girl with his words. The condition he put forward was actually a proposal in disguise. With his disposition, doing such a thing was already being forward. Why wouldn't I comply?’’

She relaxed. In all honesty, with her business running all year round, as well as the people she dealt with, Laura's disposition was a great deal more open than Zhao Hai's which was a bit nerdy. In terms of love, she was braver than Zhao Hai and dared to say what she liked and what she hated. Therefore, she accepted Zhao Hai's condition.

Quinn John smile faintly. ’’I'm afraid you can't see the point. Although Zhao Hai is good to you, he really isn't good to others. He also isn't very consistent with the rumors, the one where he's said to be a dandy, yet now he isn't. If you marry him, he'll certainly be good to you. At least he's stronger when compared to those other dandies, so I'll feel more relieved.’’

Laura snorted. ’’I'd rather find an honest man than a dandy if I could. Zhao Hai looks honest and capable, so I'll choose him.’’

Quinn John laughed and said, ’’Ah, you're not a shy little girl anymore. You actually said those words.’’

Laura had finally calmed down by now and chuckled. ’’This is what we call seizing the opportunity. If I miss this chance, then it would be an injustice. You might not have noticed, but that Meg has been covetously eyeing him at the same time.’’

Quinn John and Laura smiled, and the depressing mood seemed to have dissipated from their hearts.

For the past few days, Laura had felt depressed. She had worked hard these last few years to lay down the foundations for her business, yet now they were forced to leave their homes. With the current situation, how could anyone describe the depression she felt.

Due to her mood influencing her, Laura had complied with Zhao Hai's condition, a marriage proposal in disguise, in return for him rescuing her. She'd said words of compliance, and was now smiling. She had been suppressing the mood in her heart, most of which had already disappeared. Right now, she was thinking about Zhao Hai's conditions. Since she complied with it, there didn't seem to be anything harmful within it.

There was silence for a time, then Quinn John turned and looked at Laura. ’’Little Laura, you agreed to Zhao Hai's condition, but you should be clear about some matters. Zhao Hai is the only successor to the Buda clan. As such, Green will certainly make Zhao Hai find other wives in order to increase the clan's fertility. This will allow the Buda clan to grow branches and leaves and thrive. In the future, you will need to keep up with many women ready to rob your husband away.’’

Laura sighed. ’’I know that, but there are few men who only have a single wife in their lifetime, especially aristocratic men. I like Brother Hai, and he also likes me. If, one day, he doesn't like me anymore, then I'll still earn my living. In any case, even if I don't have any man in my life, it'll still be the same since I can live without one.’’

Quinn John sighed. This was a woman's intolerance. On the Ark Continent, although women have the right to inherit and had standings similar to men, when you really looked back, women have a weaker status than men[2]. There wasn't any law that could solve this matter.

After chatting for a bit, the store managers from Laura's shops arrived in Casa City. Yesterday, Laura had sent letters to the store managers, telling them to come to Casa City because she had an important matter to discuss with them.

To the large merchant firms, they already knew Casa City was in a turbulent period. It was like some important matter was about to happen. Because of that, they didn't feel it was strange when they saw Laura's actions.

These store managers were the genuine aides trusted by Laura as she had personally trained them. They had obligations towards Laura and were therefore dead set on following her. Since Laura had called for them, they knew that an important matter had recently popped up.

After she called for them, they quickly arrived at Casa City. Those who came from afar rode wind chasing horses since late last night. They had tied several horses in order to lessen the need to make a stop and swap. Noon the following day, all store managers had arrived.

Laura didn't immediately meet with the store managers. Instead, she first let them eat and rest till later in the day. At noon, she invited Zhao Hai to eat in the dining room.

The food served by Laura was quite different from what Stony Mountain had. They ate the best veal with other delicious dishes and also had very fine wine.

Zhao Hai, however, wasn't used to eating such things and only ate the veal steak.

After their meal, Laura led Zhao Hai to the parlor room. Once they all sat down, Laura asked Zhao Hai, ’’Brother Hai, how many people can you help me take away? How many items? It'll be easier for me to prepare if I know.’’

Smiling, Zhao Hai said, ’’Relax. No matter how many items you wish to bring, you can bring them. The same goes for people. There is one thing you need to ensure, however. Those people must be completely trustworthy.’’

When she heard Zhao Hai's reply, Laura's expression turned joyful. ’’Rest assured, they are all naturally trustworthy. Otherwise, exposing the Buda clan's secret would be troublesome.’’

Meg smiled and said, ’’Miss Laura hasn't gotten married. Have you already started planning for the Buda clan? Isn't the Young Miss getting anxious about this marriage?’’

When they heard those words, Green and Quinn John both smiled.

Laura's face reddened. She stared at Meg and said, ’’Hmph, you're talking nonsense. I won't let Brother Hai marry you.’’

Meg's face also reddened. She hadn't thought Laura would unexpectedly see through her thoughts. Zhao Hai also didn't think Laura would tease Meg like that and it made him embarrassed. He glanced at Green and said, ’’Grandpa Green, Grandpa Quinn John, everyone can leave first. I wish to talk to Laura alone.’’

Green and Quinn John looked at each other simultaneously and both saw a happy expression on the other's face as they turned and left. Zhao Hai and Laura were thus left alone in the room.

This was the first time Laura was alone with Zhao Hai. She was somewhat anxious as she looked at Zhao Hai;she didn't know what Zhao Hai wanted to say.

Zhao Hai had an infatuated expression as he looked at Laura, which made her heart beat faster. After some time, Zhao Hai said, ’’Laura, do you hate me?’’

Laura was surprised. She didn't understand what Zhao Hai meant. They were now engaged, so how could he suddenly speak about hate?’’

When he saw Laura's puzzled look, Zhao Hai sighed and said, ’’If I didn't appear, these matters wouldn't have happened. You won't be compelled to leave Casa City, to leave the Aksu Empire. You wouldn't need to give up everything. Are you not angry?

’’Earlier, you were right when you said I'd marry Meg in the future. We grew up together and she was beside me, taking care of me during the toughest time of my life. I won't deny I have passionate feelings for Meg, but I also love you. Making me give up either of you is something I cannot do. Am I too greedy?’’


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  1. [1] 基尔 - Jī ěr. Supposedly new? I couldn't find him in the last 70 chapters we did... so meh.
  2. [2] If I had to make a conclusion, then it should be because which gender would allow a clan to thrive? If the Buda clan only had a female who could inherit, then unlike Zhao Hai, she wouldn't be able to marry a bunch of guys and give birth to a bunch of kids. At least, she can't rival a male MC. Female bodies just don't work like that. Honestly though, this is just dumb justification to make a harem.


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