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Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Chapter 211


Chapter 211 - Blood Still not Cold

Zhao Hai and Green stood in the courtyard of Bluestone Villa, looking up at the flying blood-red eagle in the sky. It had eyes filled with intolerance and a powerful pressure that could not be helped.

It wasn't until the blood-red eagle disappeared without a shadow that the two of them returned to the parlor room. Meg served them some tea, but Zhao Hai and Green weren't in the mood to drink. Zhao Hai turned to Green and asked, ’’Grandpa Green, do you think the Purcell clan would help us? I think it's best to not recklessly confront Boric. Our current strength is still too weak. The time to fight isn't now.’’

Green nodded. ’’Yes. Ah, it is indeed too reckless a time. I also think that we should make a temporary compromise. It's for the best. If we let Boric know of our identities, then we won't be able to stay for even a day in the Aksu Empire. As for the Purcell clan, there wouldn't be any trouble. After all, they are still a major aristocratic clan and moving against them would cause a great deal of trouble. Unfortunately, I fear Laura will be in trouble.’’

Zhao Hai smiled bitterly. ’’It seems that this time, we have caused a large amount of trouble for Laura. It's enough when it were only the Markey Dell clan pressuring us, but now, with the Southern King, I fear Laura won't be able to stay in the Purcell Duchy anymore.’’

Green also smiled strangely. Behind Zhao Hai, Shue of Ten-thousand Shadows felt somewhat strange. When Zhao Hai found out the Southern King was behind the attack, although he seemed worried, he acted more worried about others rather than himself. He didn't seem to care about his own safety, but why? Did they have a method to preserve their own lives?

Zhao Hai suddenly stood up and turned to Green, saying, ’’Grandpa Green, I think going to Casa City will be better. Just writing a letter will make it difficult to explain things. This situation is truly too big, and it will affect aspects of our relationship.’’

Green nodded. ’’I also think it's better to discuss this matter face to face. Alright, let's go to Casa City.’’

Meg looked up at the sky and said, ’’Grandfather, Young Master, it's quite late now. I think it's best to go tomorrow. Something bad might happen if you go this late.’’

Green and Zhao Hai looked up at the sky. It really was quite late. If they traveled to Casa City now, then it would be dark by the time they reached it.

Zhao Hai nodded and said, ’’Alright, it seems we'll have to go tomorrow. This is also fine, it gives Laura the night to arrange her things. I think Laura will also share this information with Evan. By the time we go tomorrow, we'll know Evan's response.’’

Green nodded. Turning towards Shue of Ten-thousand Shadows, he said, ’’Do we bring Shue of Ten-thousand Shadows?’’

Shue of Ten-thousand Shadows looked at Green, confused. He didn't understand what Green meant, but Zhao Hai did. With a low voice, Zhao Hai murmured, ’’If employers do not suspect, then there will be no suspicion. Shue of Ten-thousand Shadows is under a blood oath and is now a clan member. This issue is something we should tell him as well.’’

Green nodded, which just made Shue of Ten-thousand Shadows' mind more muddled. He didn't make much noise, however, as he did at least understand Zhao Hai's underlying meaning. It seemed Zhao Hai had an even greater secret.

Shue of Ten-thousand Shadows was somewhat touched. He was of humble birth, and only later went to school and studied martial arts. When he became a Rank Four expert, however, his family met with an accident. An aristocrat had seized his family's property. His father was killed on the scene while his mother was beaten until she vomited blood. As for his sister, she was caught and tortured to death by the aristocrat.

When Shue of Ten-thousand Shadows heard what had happened, he went all out against the aristocrat. He was seriously injured in the end, however, and his wounded body had been dragged back by his mother. She took care of him until she died of exhaustion.

Shue of Ten-thousand Shadows was stimulated by his mother's death until suddenly, he gained a divergent Technique, his present Incarnation skill[1]. Yet, he still wasn't a match for that aristocrat and therefore ran away. He became a mercenary and did tasks in order to earn money as he crazily cultivated. Finally, he had reached Rank Six and massacred the aristocratic clan. During that time, he wasn't only a Rank Six expert but could also produce four hundred avatars. That aristocratic clan was only a minor one and didn't have any strong experts on its side. Thus, it was extinguished by him.

After getting his revenge, he became an assassin and slowly made a name for himself. There were many aristocrats that wished to win him over, but he didn't agree since he hated the aristocrats.

Wandering for several years, Shue of Ten-thousand Shadows soon found that it was difficult being a solo warrior. As such, he tried to make a few friends, especially with excellent magicians.

Afterward, he chanced upon the identity of a magician he was on good terms with and found out that the magician was an aristocrat. The magician invited Shue of Ten-thousand Shadows to join his clan and after some thought, Shue of Ten-thousand Shadows finally agreed.

What he didn't think was that after joining the magician's clan, the magician wouldn't actually trust him. The magician didn't reveal anything about his clan and, worse, sent someone to monitor him.

Shue of Ten-thousand Shadows left the clan in a rage. He became a freelance mercenary and didn't trust anyone anymore. He became a solo merc. If a cooperation was needed, then he would just form a temporary team and didn't wish to stay a team member forever.

After hearing Zhao Hai's words of 'If employers do not suspect, then there will be no suspicion,' Shue of Ten-thousand Shadows felt his heart being persuaded. Although he was still forced to be a part of Zhao Hai's clan, those words uttered by Zhao Hai really did move him a great deal.

If Shue of Ten-thousand Shadows were a cold-blooded killer and his heart was dark, then he wouldn't have thought that pledge under the blood oath would be enough to gain Zhao Hai's trust. He also remembered that previously, he'd attacked and lost to Zhao Hai, so he shouldn't be trusted.

He wasn't a cold-blooded killer anyway. Although he worked as an assassin, his heart was still warm, else he wouldn't have let that magician that didn't trust him off.

It was precisely because of this that when he heard Zhao Hai say, 'If employers do not suspect, then there will be no suspicion,', he was moved.

Zhao Hai looked at Shue of Ten-thousand Shadows and spoke with a low voice, ’’Shue of Ten-thousand Shadows, to tell you the truth, Stony Mountain is just a temporary residence of ours. It is so that we can extend our branches into the Purcell Duchy. Our roots are elsewhere. I will now take you to it, the place of our Buda clan's roots. That place is an eternal secret. You must remember to never mention this to anyone. Even within your dreams, you must not utter a word[2]. Understood?’’

Shue of Ten-thousand Shadows immediately moved to Zhao Hai's front and knelt before him. ’’I ask the Young Master to please feel assured that I, Shue of Ten-thousand Shadows, will not utter this secret, even after death. Shue of Ten-thousand Shadows will not betray Young Master's trust.’’

Zhao Hai stood and said, ’’In that place, aside from Grandpa Green and the other old members of the Buda clan, there are also the slaves we had brought along. Those slaves cannot betray us. Besides them, there is only you, Shue of Ten-thousand Shadows. Ah. Later, our Buda clan cannot be reached. Let us go see it.’’

Shue of Ten-thousand Shadows nodded with effort. Zhao Hai helped him back up and turned his head looking into the parlor room and nodded to Green, saying, ’’Let's go.’’ With his intent, they moved back inside the Space.

Shue of Ten-thousand Shadows suddenly saw flowers before him. Before he knew it, he'd been transferred to a mysterious place. It was a prairie, and in front of them was a villa. There was also a large plot of land divided into many blocks with various plants growing within.

Shue of Ten-thousand Shadows stared blankly at everything before he heard Zhao Hai say, ’’This is the place I spoke about earlier, and also my divergent Technique. This is the Space, a place where everything obeys my command.’’

Shue of Ten-thousand Shadows looked puzzledly at Zhao Hai, who gave a faint smile and said, ’’This is the divergent Technique I have obtained. This Space can plant and raise magic beasts. Those undead you saw before were transformed by this Space. In this Space, I am god.’’

Startled, Shue of Ten-thousand Shadows looked at Zhao Hai with an expression of shock. ’’Young master, do you mean to say that this Space is like one of those spatial tools, like a subspace?’’

’’Almost,’’ replied Zhao Hai with a smile, ’’but they are not quite the same as this Space. You can say that there is a unique principle in this independent Space, and not for a subspace. This Spaceexists because I exist.’’

Shue of Ten-thousand Shadows showed an expression of surprise. ’’Great, with this Space, Young Master wouldn't be afraid of any attacks. This is really a good place.’’

Zhao Hai was speechless. Shue of Ten-thousand Shadows' way of thinking was the same as Green's from when he first entered the Space. Zhao Hai felt happy. Now he knew and could say that Shue of Ten-thousand Shadows' heart was truly with him.

Smiling, Zhao Hai said, ’’Alright, let's go and look at our domain.’’

Shue of Ten-thousand Shadows' vision blurred once more and suddenly, they arrived at Fort Iron Mountain.

Upon their arrival at Fort Iron Mountain, Shue of Ten-thousand Shadows looked puzzled as he examined his surroundings. ’’Young Master, where are we? Why is there such a flower?’’ He was, of course, referring to the Hell Rainbow Flower.

Zhao Hai smiled. ’’Have you forgotten where the Buda clan manor is? We are in Fort Iron Mountain. Outside is the Black Waste.’’

Shue of Ten-thousand Shadows was shocked. ’’Young Master, you said that outside is the Black Waste? Then does that mean we came from outside of Casa City to Fort Iron Mountain in the Black Waste?’’

Zhao smiled as he said, ’’Yes, we went from Stony Mountain to Fort Iron Mountain. Hahaha.’’ When they heard Zhao Hai, Green and Meg also laughed[3].

Shue of Ten-thousand Shadows didn't smile with them. He was just too surprised. From Casa City to Fort Iron Mountain, even with a fast horse it would take a month of travel. Yet, they arrived here in just the blink of an eye. This was too godly, right?

Meirin and Woodhead arrived at this time. Meirin looked at Shue of Ten-thousand Shadows with confusion and asked Zhao Hai, ’’Young Master, this is?’’

Shue of Ten-thousand Shadows' expression was too rich, and when Meirin looked at him she knew he wasn't an undead so she'd asked.

Zhao Hai smiled faintly. ’’This is Shue of Ten-thousand Shadows. He is now one of us. Shue of Ten-thousand Shadows is pledged under a blood oath, so he won't betray us. Grandma Meirin, please feel relieved. Shue of Ten-thousand Shadows, this is Grandpa Green's wife, Grandma Meirin. The two over there are Woodhead and Stonehead[4].’’


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