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Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Chapter 209


Chapter 209 - Identity

As Shue of Ten-thousand Shadows left, Zhao Hai didn't pay anymore attention to him and instead focused on the black magicians. He wanted to know what plays the black magicians would use. Since Carlo had sent them to deal with him, their ranks shouldn't be low. What method will they use?

Just as he was thinking this, Alien suddenly began to shake. Zhao Hai was surprised, then immediately understood. The opposite party was trying to control Alien in order to deal with them. This somewhat surprised Zhao Hai, but he decided to wait it out. Since the opposite party knew they were inside Alien, they must of thought of dealing with Alien first. So long as they controlled Alien, they could then move against Zhao Hai and the others who were inside this undead.

They really did have a good scheme, but this scheme wouldn't be able to achieve their goals. First and foremost, they didn't know of Zhao Hai's greatest cheat, the Space. Alien itself was already hard to deal with as it was a variation type of undead. Those fellows looking at Alien should soon feel they have bad luck.

To be safe, however, Zhao Hai brought Green and Meg into the Space, then to Bluestone Villa. They sat around the living room and examined the situation outside.

Alien was apparently quite irritated. He had obviously found out that the other party wished to deal with him. Moreover, since Zhao Hai left, Alien could feel relieved and move against those black magicians without a care. Therefore, once Zhao Hai left, Alien immediately threw itself in the direction of those three black magicians.

Zhao Hai watched Alien's actions and didn't say anything. If those three black magicians escaped, then things would be easier. If they didn't, then they should just stay and become Zhao Hai's slaves.

Meg took a pot of tea and poured some for Zhao Hai and Green, then sat with the other two and quietly watched the screen with them. At the moment, there were over a hundred casualties among the mercenaries. Furthermore, they still couldn't break past the foot of Stony Mountain. This had begun to make them fearful.

Zhao Hai was afraid that the other side might find out too much, so he didn't release the eagles and have them help in the defense. He entrusted everything to the undead and had them deal with the enemies.

He didn't really care about the situation on the battlefield. They just wanted to see whether Alien could tidy up those three black magicians.

The three black magicians apparently hadn't expected that Alien would find their location, or that it would charge them. They didn't know that Zhao Hai and the others were already gone and could only feel flustered.

They began to panic and threw an attack at Alien. Alien itself understood spiritual magic, so it knew what to do at this time. Strengthening its own spiritual power, it immediately released a spiritual counter-attack at the three black magicians.

One must agree that Alien was definitely intelligent. Zhao Hai hadn't ever taught it how to fight. Instead, it seemed to instinctively understand how to defend itself and counter-attack. Before it was assaulted, it hadn't displayed any strong spiritual attacks, but now it could hold its own and stay undefeated. Because of the results of their attacks a few moments ago, the three black magicians were confused and their actions became delayed. Alien then released its spiritual counter-attack, which the three black magicians were unable to dodge.

A spiritual counter-attack was the most dreadful move against a magician. The damage wouldn't be light, but have high consequences. For instance, the entirety of their cultivation could be wasted, or they could become a disabled person or even an idiot. Lastly, they could possibly die. These consequences were not light in the least.

Alien's spiritual counter-attack, this time around, wasn't light and heavily impacted the three black mages. The three's appearance shook and they were swept off their feet. The mercenaries with them saw what had happened and immediately stepped back. When they looked at the three black magicians, all they saw were pools of blood and a lack of aura.

This made the two mercenaries greatly surprised. They were shocked at Alien's spiritual attack and quickly ordered the retreat. After giving this command, they ran as fast as they could and didn't even bother to tidy up the corpses on the ground.

Zhao Hai smiled faintly. ’’It seems that now, we have three more assistants. Meg, call Shue of Ten-thousand Shadows back.’’

Meg complied and quickly walked down the mountain. She knew that if Zhao Hai didn't give his consent, then Shue of Ten-thousand Shadows wouldn't be able to climb the mountain. Nevermind the fact that he was a Rank Seven warrior, even if he were a Rank Eight warrior with a thousand doppelgangers, he still wouldn't be able to breach through and climb the mountain.

* * * * *

Shue of Ten-thousand Shadows looked at the retreating enemies and took back his avatars. He then stood at the foot of the mountain. Upon Alien's arrival on the mountain, Shue of Ten-thousand Shadows still thought Zhao Hai and the others were inside it.

When Alien arrived at the mountain, it held three dead black magicians in its mouth. After spitting them onto the ground, it laid down at the foot of the mountain and shut its maw. This made Shue of Ten-thousand Shadows confused, and he didn't know what to do. As such, he just stood there and waited with Alien.

At this time, the mists around Stony Mountain fluctuated. Shue of Ten-thousand Shadows quickly looked in that direction to see who was coming out. What he saw was the silhouette of a human. Then he was shocked. He hadn't expected that the one to come out would unexpectedly be Meg.

Meg looked at Shue of Ten-thousand Shadows and said, ’’Shue of Ten-thousand Shadows, the Young Master wishes to talk to you within Stony Mountain. Come and follow me.’’ She then turned and walked back up the mountain. Alien ran several steps forward before falling in behind Meg. Shue of Ten-thousand Shadows, although confused, didn't say anything and just followed Meg in.

As they walked, Shue of Ten-thousand Shadows was sizing up the situation. They were surrounded by black mists and couldn't see anything past it. He didn't know how many undead were within the black mist. This made him afraid to take a wrong step and he followed Meg closely.

Before long, they arrived at Bluestone Villa. Upon seeing Bluestone Villa, Shue of Ten-thousand Shadows was stunned. The beauty of the villa was beyond his imagination. He thought that Bluestone Villa would be like the rest of Stony Mountain;covered with black mists, gloomy, terrifying. He wouldn't have thought that this place would be like a flower garden.

Those vines with seven-colored flowers gave people a sensation of beauty. It felt like walking through a dream. Shue of Ten-thousand Shadows couldn't help but pause outside Bluestone Villa and stare blankly.

When Meg heard the footsteps behind her pause, she couldn't help but turn around and check. She found Shue of Ten-thousand Shadows staring at the villa's seven-colored flowers with a blank expression. Meg couldn't hold back her smile as she said, ’’Shue of Ten-thousand Shadows, you can look at it later. Let's go in quickly, the Young Master is waiting for us.’’

Shue of Ten-thousand Shadows recovered and busily complied. He followed Meg[1] into the courtyard. To be honest, Shue of Ten-thousand Shadows was a bit unhappy with Meg's attitude. As a maidservant, they should be on the same level[2].

He didn't dare to openly display his thoughts, though. He had only just joined Zhao Hai and didn't yet understand his temperament. At this time, there wouldn't be any advantage in offending Meg.

After crossing over to the courtyard, Alien found a place and laid down on its tummy. Meg led Shue of Ten-thousand Shadows through the backyard, then into the parlor room. Upon entering the parlor room, Shue of Ten-thousand Shadows was surprised to see Zhao Hai's and Green's appearances.

Zhao Hai and Green had taken off their hat and helmet. They didn't need to use those within Stony Mountain. Furthermore, they didn't fear that Shue of Ten-thousand Shadows would spread the word. If he dared to violate the oath, then it was equivalent to courting with death.

What surprised Shue of Ten-thousand Shadows was Zhao Hai's age and Green's current appearance. Green and Zhao Hai were sitting, facing one another, drinking tea. They chatted quietly as they did so. Looking at this magician and follower, it seemed as though they were family.

Zhao Hai looked at Shue of Ten-thousand Shadows and said, ’’Welcome back.’’

Shue of Ten-thousand Shadows recovered and hastily bowed to Zhao Hai. ’’Yes, Young Master, what is your command?’’

Zhao Hai shook his head and said, ’’I don't have any other order for you. Since you did a good job, and are now my follower, I'll let you know of my identity.’’

Shue of Ten-thousand Shadows stood there with a lowered head, but his heart wasn't tranquil. To be honest, he wasn't happy to be a follower of Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai hadn't told him who he was, nor what he did. The situation, however, revealed that he was stronger than others, so he could only become Zhao Hai's slave and make the blood oath.

And now, with what Zhao Hai said, Shue of Ten-thousand Shadows couldn't help but whisper some words of suspicion within his heart. Zhao Hai saying this meant he probably had another identity, but in the end he couldn't think of what other identity he might have.

Zhao Hai looked at Shue of Ten-thousand Shadows and said, ’’Since you had pledged yourself under a blood oath, we are now locusts tied to one rope[3]. As such, I'm not afraid to tell you. If I told you my identity and said that you wouldn't be able to stay in the Aksu Empire for even a day after knowing it, would you be afraid?’’

Shue of Ten-thousand Shadows couldn't help but jump. He quickly knelt on one knee and said, ’’Please be relieved Young Master. Although I, Shue of Ten-thousand Shadows, am an assassin, I meant what I had said. I said I would follow the Young Master, and thus will be loyal to the Young master. Please, rest assured, Young Master.’’

Zhao Hai nodded. ’’Good. Remember your words. Now, listen up. My former name was Adam Buda, and I have changed my name to Zhao Hai Buda. I am the Buda clan's current patriarch.’’

Shocked, Shue of Ten-thousand Shadows couldn't believe what he'd just heard as he looked at Zhao Hai. He hadn't expected Zhao Hai to say he was of the Buda clan.

The Buda clan was very famous on the continent. It wasn't because of anything but the fact that they had been placed in the Black Waste by the Aksu Empire. After so many years, that place had finally become the fiefdom of an aristocratic clan. Due to this, the Buda clan became famous quite easily.

Furthermore, he had heard that the Young Master of the Buda clan was a dandy, and that he had drunk the Water of Nothingness. How could such a person sit in front of him, wearing black magician robes with a reputation of being a black magician? How could this Zhao Hai use earth elemental magic?

Watching Shue of Ten-thousand Shadows' reaction, Zhao Hai said, ’’You needn't be suspicious. I am Adam Buda. Now, however, I have changed my name to Zhao Hai Buda. This is our clan's Head Steward, Spiritwind Battle General Green Buda, and his granddaughter, Meg Buda.’’

Shue of Ten-thousand Shadows now believed it as he hastily greeted Green. In the past, Green was a famous Rank Eight expert on the continent. As such, he had previously heard of his reputation, yet hadn't seen him before. Shue of Ten-thousand Shadows then greeted Meg. Now he knew why Meg was arrogant;it was because she had the capability of being so.


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