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Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Chapter 208


Chapter 208 - Shue of Ten-thousand Shadows's Shock

Zhao Hai didn't restrict Shue of Ten-thousand Shadows. He turned his head towards Green and said, ’’Grandpa Green, our previous guess was correct. They besieged Stony Mountain in order to get us to return and provide aid. It seems that as long as we head back, the alarm around Stony Mountain will be lifted.’’

Green nodded. He turned towards Shue of Ten-thousand Shadows and asked, ’’Shue of Ten-thousand Shadows, was it the Markey Dell clan that had hired you this time?’’

Shue of Ten-thousand Shadows nodded and said, ’’I was hired by the Markey Dell clan's Fifth Young Master, Carlo. My main duty was to assist the assassin by drawing Master's attention. After that, the assassin would attack Master. I ask Master to please forgive me.’’

Zhao Hai shook his head and said, ’’Before, we were enemies and our positions were different. Those matters mean nothing now. Later on, call me Young Master as I don't like to be called Master.’’

Shue of Ten-thousand Shadows complied immediately. His heart began to loosen up as he'd feared Zhao Hai might blame this matter on him. Since he was now a slave to a blood oath with Zhao Hai, he knew Zhao Hai had the power to dispose of him. This was the largest thorn stuck in his heart.

Zhao Hai didn't pay any attention to Shue of Ten-thousand Shadows' mood. In any case, they would need to buy slaves afterward. Shue of Ten-thousand Shadows was now bound by a blood oath, so as a slave he was a great deal more loyal compared to bought slaves. As such, Zhao Hai could trust him.

He then said to Green, ’’It seems that the Markey Dell clan wants to get involved. Even though I don't think that assassin was from the Markey Dell clan headquarters, but instead from Carlo, this might just be a test. The real attack will soon follow.’’

Green nodded. ’’Maybe Carlo doesn't want to place such a piece of fat in the maw of the clan, so he probably made this last ditch effort against us. Anyway, the people he sent this time, besides the assassin, didn't have any masters with them. Shue of Ten-thousand Shadows was only bought with money, and to Carlo that money simply means nothing to him.’’

Smiling coldly, Zhao Hai nodded and said, ’’If he wants to send people, then let him send them. If he wants to ask others, then I'll let him do as he pleases. I want to see how much money he'll spend in the end. Just wait, when the time comes for us to tidy him up, I'll let Laura take over all of his businesses here in the Aksu Empire. That Markey Dell clan... Hmph. They provoked us, so they shouldn't feel good about it.’’

Green sneered and said, ’’The Markey Dell clan has been in the scene for too long now and truly think highly of themselves. As for the Purcell clan, what kind of clan are they? They're a pure, established aristocratic clan, a clan with its own fiefdom and personal army. Can the Markey Dell clan compare with them?

’’That said, these past few years, the Markey Dell clan has offended many people. These people are eagerly waiting for an opportunity. At this time, they won't dare to move against us because they won't just be offending us, but the Purcell clan. They truly are courting death. Later on, when the Markey Dell clan can't even dig up their own skin, we'll surely take a look and see how many benefits we can gain from them.’’

Zhao Hai revealed a faint smile. ’’We don't have to think about the benefits. The advantage we have is our closer relationship with Laura and Evan. Oh, say, we don't have much manpower so we can grab that benefit.’’

Nodding, Green said, ’’That's also good. Haha. So long as the Young Master marries Laura, it will mean we gain the wealth of two people as a result.’’

Zhao Hai couldn't bear to hear this and said to Green, ’’Grandpa Green, those words can't be spoken irresponsibly. It will make us look as though we schemed for Laura's money.’’

Green smiled. ’’We had a part in how they had gotten their wealth as well. Laura has her current status thanks to us. Others might not know, but she clearly understands this. Otherwise, she wouldn't pay so much attention to Young Master. Ah, right. Young Master, we should notify Miss Laura to save her from needless worrying.’’

Nodding, Zhao Hai said, ’’After we return to Stony Mountain. When we get back, then we can send a letter to Miss Laura. First, we will have to check the situation.’’

Green nodded. On the other hand, Shue of Ten-thousand Shadows was listening closely to their conversation. To be honest, as an assassin, he didn't need to understand these matters. Furthermore, he didn't work for the Purcell Duchy, and thus didn't have any interests in the duchy's gratitudes and grudges.

Now, however, he was a slave of Zhao Hai's and thus needed to understand the situation of the duchy. When he heard what Green said, Shue of Ten-thousand Shadows was startled. This issue unexpectedly involved the Markey Dell clan and Purcell clan. Those two clans were very famous on the continent. A bad step would mean dire results.

After thinking about the situation, Shue of Ten-thousand Shadows didn't feel angry. Instead, he felt a bit lucky. If he did successfully deal with Zhao Hai this time around, then the Purcell clan would know of it and he'd be finished. The Purcell clan wouldn't be polite to him. Even if he were a divergent Warlock, he feared it would be difficult to run from them and he might actually die.

As they spoke, the group had almost reached Stony Mountain. Zhao Hai began to hear chaotic war cries, but he didn't stop Alien from moving forward. They continued on straight to Stony Mountain[1].

Cai-er, who was sitting on Zhao Hai's shoulder, waved her hand and a screen projection appeared before them. They all examined the screen and didn't notice Shue of Ten-thousand Shadows' shock.

This was the first time Shue of Ten-thousand Shadows had seen a monitoring device that could project such a thing. What he didn't know was that the screen in the Spatial Villa was a great deal larger than this. It was the size of a person and had a crystal clear quality.

Zhao Hai carefully observed the situation. The dressed up mercenaries weren't that strong. As such, they couldn't charge into the mountain and many of them had died already.

Looking at the map above the projection, he found several green dots that stayed at the opposite side of the mountain, unmoving. Evidently, this was where they commanded the fight.

When Zhao Hai pointed out these green dots, the projection turned. Those few green dots began to enlarge, and Zhao Hai soon found the position of these green dots. Some of the dots then turned into three black magicians.

These three black magicians, along with two mercenaries, were standing to the side of Stony Mountain. They were looking at the mountain, and also at Alien.

Shue of Ten-thousand Shadows was dumbfounded after seeing all this. It was truly beyond his imagination. He wasn't a person who never had contact with a magician. On the contrary, to complete his assignments he had to regularly work with magicians. However, he had never seen magic like Zhao Hai's.

He truly thought that Zhao Hai was using magic. On the continent, magic was really mysterious. No matter what abilities people had, unless it was extremely abnormal, it would be considered magic.

In the past, he had seen magicians using reconnaissance magic before, but that kind of magic can only inform the magician casting it. When listening to the magician's description of the situation, it would always seem vague or unclear.

Zhao Hai's ability was completely different. Everyone could see the real individuals, and even their movements were clearly shown. Shue of Ten-thousand Shadows even saw the individual hairs on the back of a black magician's hand.

Zhao Hai was carefully examining those three black magicians when Green breathed in deeply and said, ’’This Carlo is really attentive. This time around, he even searched for three black magicians to deal with us. It seems like they want to use those three black magicians and have them deal with Young Master's undead. Haha. This was a good idea.’’

High ranking black magicians could steal a low ranking black magician's summoned creatures, especially the native kind of undead[2]. The only thing was that their rank must be sufficiently high enough. This was because they weren't only dealing with the black magician, but with their undead as well. It was equal to fighting against the spiritual attacks of two individuals.

Carlo, however, took the time to look for those three black magicians in order to deal with the undead. They were told to leave Zhao Hai to the forces while they specifically dealt with the undead. Without Zhao Hai, dealing with the undead would be a lot easier.

On the other hand, Zhao Hai wasn't actually worried about his undead since they were different from the common undead on the continent. Furthermore, their own ranks were high, so even if he hadn't subdued them, the three black magicians would probably have trouble taking control of them anyway. Right now, it should be impossible.

Zhao Hai showed a faint smile as he said, ’’Should we let them be? Or how about letting them join the company of Zhao Zui? Since we sent Zhao Zui and his team to Laura, the available manpower we have on our hands is a bit short.’’

Green smiled. ’’Let them go and tell Carlo about our situation. Since Carlo hasn't given up yet, this will also let the Markey Dell clan know we aren't easy to deal with.’’

’’That's fine as well,’’ Zhao Hai replied with a smile. ’’That kind of person can't produce anything that can threaten us. Shue of Ten-thousand Shadows, go out and repel those mercenaries.’’

Shue of Ten-thousand Shadows was surprised for a moment. He hadn't thought that Zhao Hai would call him. He immediately complied and left Alien. After leaving, he conveniently picked up a large sword off a mercenary soldier and activated his doppelganger technique. Then he went straight off towards those mercenaries, slaughtering them.

Green was confused. Looking at Zhao Hai, he asked, ’’Young Master, why did you send out Shue of Ten-thousand Shadows when you could have ordered the undead to easily solve the mercenaries?’’

Zhao Hai smiled faintly. ’’Shue of Ten-thousand Shadows was sent by Carlo to deal with us. Now that he suddenly lifted his hands against those mercenaries, what do you think Carlo will feel from this? He may consider that Shue of Ten-thousand Shadows had betrayed him and wouldn't let him off. In case this happens, then Shue of Ten-thousand Shadows can only rely on us, else death awaits him. Although I had used the blood oath to restrain him, it's better if he personally cuts off his past and feels good when staying with us.’’

Green was surprised for a moment. He hadn't thought that Zhao Hai would think of this. Zhao Hai was also right. Although Shue of Ten-thousand Shadows was bound by a blood oath and wouldn't betray Zhao Hai, he wouldn't be loyal from his heart. Even if he doesn't dare to betray Zhao Hai now, if he doesn't work to serve them, then it might be possibly that he would do anything he can to make things troublesome for Zhao Hai.


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