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Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Chapter 205


Chapter 205- Sudden Change

Without waiting for Laura, Karen picked up a Spatial Bag and carefully began to examine it. TheseSpatial Bags looked like ordinary cloth sacks. They were brown colored and had a hemp rope along the opening. Unextraordinary looking, they appeared inferior when compared to a woman's handbag that was manufactured on the continent.

Such a bag, if one threw it in front of an aristocratic madame or young lady and didn't tell them it was a Spatial Bag, then they might be afraid to check or even pick it up. It may be possible they wouldn't even glance at it.

Karen, however, wasn't looking at these superficial aspects. He was examining the magic arrays[1] placed on the Spatial Bag. Karen was a magic array researcher and mostly liked to study the magic parts of various magic tools. Common space tools, however, had above-average, sophisticated magic arrays. Furthermore, it required a space magician in order to activate its space. This space magician also needed to be of a high enough rank in order to do the job, otherwise, the magic contained within would be pitifully small.

This so-called activation was actually the sealing process. Once a space magician reached a high rank, they could use their magic power to cut apart spaces into subspaces and then seal them. This procedure was also called the activation process.

The magic arrays placed on spatial magic tools, to put it bluntly, was just a very special type of magic seal. Its most important function was to assist the magician when they divided the space into subspaces and help make them independent of one another. This enabled humans to be able to use them at any time.

It was because of this that general spatial magic tools on the continent were made with metal[2]. Furthermore, the tools were made with a variety of metal types, and the quality of the requested metal made it so that the manufacture would be difficult.

These Spatial Bags Zhao Hai had taken out were a type of spatial magic tool that had never before appeared or been heard of on the continent. This had certainly made Karen curious.

Karen took the Spatial Bag and carefully examined it, but didn't find any special spot on it. He untied the rope that held the bag's mouth closed and checked it. When he still didn't find anything special, he frowned and opened the bag.

He struck the bag's mouth and a projection of a magic array suddenly appeared atop the bag. This magic array projection was blue colored, like the blue light shone from a firefly.

Karen thought about it for a while and rotated the bag. The magic array projection also rotated along with the bag's movement. Karen made the magic array cover a chair and said, ’’Collect!’’

The chair immediately disappeared. Karen then said, ’’Place!’’ and the chair that had disappeared reappeared in its original position.

Karen nodded and said, ’’Sure enough, the magic used isn't for sealing, but rather to gather and release. This is a good tool. In the end, I wonder how it was made...?’’ He'd spoken as if he were lost in his thoughts.

Zhao Hai and the others stared dumbfounded after they watched Karen. Zhao Hai had wanted to explain to Karen the use of the Spatial Bag, but hadn't thought that Karen would be so unexpectedly intelligent. He had unraveled the function of the Spatial Bag, yet his reaction was too strange, right?

Laura looked at Karen's expression and immediately knew he'd fallen to focusing on researching the magic array. Now, even if one shouted in his ears, he wouldn't be able to hear it. She couldn't help but smile at Zhao Hai. ’’Brother Hai, don't worry, my father is normally like this. He really likes to study magic arrays and magic tools. When he starts, he forgets everything around him.’’

Zhao Hai examined Karen's appearance. Karen really did look like one of those crazy scientists. In order to focus on the study of their subjects, they could get so carried away. Such people were worth admiring.

Shaking his head, Zhao Hai said, ’’Uncle is really such a rare person. It's precisely because of people such as uncle that the development of magic here on the continent has reached such a degree.’’

Laura heard Zhao Hai's thoughts about Karen and couldn't help but smile sweetly. She reached out and picked up a Spatial Bag, carefully examining it. Zhao Hai smiled and said, ’’The use is how you saw. This Spatial Bag isn't very large, at most about 10 cubic meters. Any more than that and you can't fit anything else inside.’’

Laura happily said, ’’This is still very good, especially now. Most of the space equipment on the continent is controlled by and in the hands of those great aristocratic clans. Now we have our own. Furthermore, I heard that their space equipment isn't very large. This is really amazing.’’

Zhao Hai smiled. ’’I am glad you like it. For me, this thing isn't difficult to obtain. I cannot, however, take out too many as it would be conspicuous.’’

Laura nodded and said, ’’Brother Hai, rest assured, I will not easily reveal such a thing. By the way, Brother Hai, is this the only matter for today?’’

’’Ah, yes. I visited today for this matter and also to tour Casa City,’’ Zhao Hai said with a smile. ’’By the way, I wanted to ask you if you could help me buy some fingerlings. Do you know where to buy them?’’

Laura frowned and said, ’’Fingerlings are easy to buy. I have ways to obtain them. The problem is how to transport them. Fingerlings are very delicate, and because of the distance between their location and Stony Mountain, I'm afraid that for every ten being transported, one can only be saved. This is why I haven't bought them.’’

Zhao Hai smiled. ’’I see. Originally, it was like this. I say there's no problem. Please contact the seller and place a few orders. When the time comes, look for me and I'll take them.’’

Laura immediately replied after hearing Zhao Hai, ’’Alright, I'll contact them as soon as possible. Once they reply, I'll send someone to look for you.’’

Zhao Hai nodded and was about to say something when suddenly, his complexion changed. He turned and told Green, ’’Grandpa Green, people are attacking Stony Mountain. Let's go back immediately.’’

Green was surprised for a moment. His complexion then changed and his eyes glazed over. ’’Good courage, they really came.’’ He stood up afterward and placed his helmet back on. Zhao Hai also put on his magic hat and the three stood up.

Zhao Hai turned towards Laura and said, ’’There's an incident happening at Stony Mountain. I must go back immediately. I will visit again in several days. Ah, right. Please be careful. I'm afraid these people were sent by Carlo.’’

Laura and Quinn John also stood, their complexions ugly. While they also thought that Markey Dell clan would send people, they hadn't thought it would be this fast.

Nodding to Zhao Hai, Laura said, ’’Brother Hai, rest assured, there won't be any issues here. Please, you have to be careful.’’

Zhao Hai nodded and complied with her words. He led Green and Meg as they left Faith Mansion on their horses and quickly left Casa City.

Once they were outside Casa City, they found a place with nobody around and entered the Spacealong with their horses. Then they left the Space and appeared in Bluestone Villa's yard.

The villa was still fairly calm. After all, Cai-er was present and had assumed command. If those people really dared to attack and climb the mountain, then they wouldn't be able to pass the courtyard since Cai-er was there. They wouldn't even be able to attack and climb the mountain as there were undead at the base of it.

Zhao Hai and the other two appeared at the villa and immediately traveled to the foot of the mountain. Zhao Hai released both Cai-er and Zhao Wen. Zhao Wen was atop Zhao Hai's head while Cai-er sat on his shoulder.

Zhao Hai then released the Eagle Virtuous Phantasms. He wanted to have a look and see how many had been sent to attack this time.

The three weren't worried and slowly arrived at the base of the mountain. They actually didn't leave the black mist, instead just standing inside. Cai-er waved her hand and a screen-like projection appeared in front of them. Since the area the screen could monitor had increased, Zhao Hai could clearly see the situation outside.

There were a number of mercenaries outside fighting the undead. Zhao Hai hadn't placed many undead there, but most of them were experts like Zhao Jia, Zhao Shi, and Zhao Jie[3]. They weren't good to mess with.

More importantly was Buffy, Reo, and the group that was caught by the eagles during the ambush against Laura and were turned into undead afterward. The number in this group was quite large.

Zhao Hai released the eagles as he wanted to see if the opposing side had any reinforcements. These eagles acted as scouts as they flew through the air between Stony Mountain and Casa City. Zhao Hai suspected that the opposite party might possible be using the attack on Stony Mountain as a cover for the real killing move that would have ambushed Zhao Hai's party on their way back. What they wouldn't have suspected was that Zhao Hai had the Space and could thus instantly travel back to Stony Mountain.

Soon, the eagles returned and hadn't found any ambush in the area. This was somewhat contrary to Zhao Hai's expectations. Although Stony Mountain was being attacked by a large number of mercenaries, about a thousand of them, they didn't have a genuine expert. There were several magicians, but none of high rank. These magicians were ones that specialized in area of effect attacks, but their magic power was too scarce and they couldn't keep it up. With Zhao Jia's team composition, attacking Stony Mountain with such a force was futile. What was this all about?

Zhao Hai told Green the news and Green shook his head. ’’Young Master, I think we should go back to the outside of Casa City. After that, we can travel for a bit and see if an ambush happens there. What do you think?’’

The reason Green suggested this was because there were many ways to avoid reconnaissance in this world. Don't think of anything else, just using a stealth technique would allow one to evade the view of the eagles. If the other party really wanted to ambush them, then they would certainly use a foolproof approach. It wouldn't be like the last time when they failed to ambush Laura.

That time, the reason the ambush against Laura was so carelessly done was because they weren't prepared. They hadn't thought Laura would be so daring to begin with. This time around, they would obviously make sure to have the proper preparations.

Zhao Hai nodded and said, ’’Alright, we'll go back and travel slowly. I want to see what they have in store for us.’’

After the three returned to the yard, they quickly transported back to the Space and then to the outside of Casa City. They then sat in Alien's body and quickly dashed towards Stony Mountain.

The reason they had to seem anxious was because Zhao Hai wanted to make them appear as if they were worried. This would then make people think they were anxious to head back and help in the rescue. With no time to look around, they manufactured an opportunity for others to ambush them.


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  1. [1] 魔法阵 - Mófǎ zhèn.
  2. [2] Easier to place arrays? That seems to be the general crux of the previous parts;the importance of arrays means metals are more useful.
  3. [3] Zhao Shi (赵石) and Zhao Jie (赵杰) were the twin Earth Mages he had turned into undead. Zhao Jia (赵伽) is the Light Element undead made from Garan. The changes in chapter 168, 170, and 189 were done to accommodate the proper name changes. Don't ask how Jia turned into Gamma... well, I guess you could ask and I'll reply in comments...


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