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Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Chapter 204


Chapter 204 - Karen's Stinky Face

That night, Zhao Hai told Meirin about their plans to head to Casa City. Meirin didn't oppose him. On the contrary, she was very supportive of the idea.

Meirin had once dealt with those major aristocrats. She was very clear that if an aristocrat didn't have any contact with others and just closed themselves up in their domains, they wouldn't be able to achieve any sort of development. In the past, although the Buda clan didn't have a proper network of contacts, they still had some dealings with major aristocrats. As such, it was convenient to do such things.

Because of their previous identity, Zhao Hai wasn't able to make any proper contacts. This was very unfavorable to their future development. Therefore, Meirin hoped that Zhao Hai would head to Casa City and make connections with the honored and popular characters there.

Truth was, Meirin had another plan, one that focused on Laura. Meirin had already decided that Laura would be Zhao Hai's wife, so she naturally wished for Zhao Hai to have many interactions with her. This would be good in growing their relationship and allow for earlier results.

The next morning, Zhao Hai led Meg and Green out of Stony Mountain and towards Casa City. This time around, Zhao Hai rode upon Alien and they sat comfortably while riding it. Alien was quick, stead, and, when compared to the automobiles Zhao Hai remembered from Earth, more pleasant.

Zhao Hai, however, also released several wind chasing horses that followed behind Alien. This was so that when they reached the gates of Casa City, Zhao Hai could get off Alien and ride the horses before entering the city.

When Zhao Hai arrived, news of him spread throughout the city. At almost the same time he'd entered through the city gates, the news was made instantly known to the city's large and medium sized forces. One must know that Zhao Hai, towards those major influences and powers in Casa City, was a mystical existence. Everyone was looking for an opportunity to contact him, yet he had hidden himself in Stony Mountain. Due to that, they didn't have a chance.

Now, Zhao Hai had suddenly came to Casa City. It wasn't only the large merchant firms, but even Evan was alarmed. Evan, however, wasn't too agitated. Although he wanted to see Zhao Hai, he was still a Grand Duke, the head of a duchy. Thus, if he went out and received Zhao Hai, then they would lose face.

* * * * *

Laura was naturally the first to receive the news. When she heard Zhao Hai had come, she was surprised. It was only yesterday that she'd sent the letter through the eagle, so how come Zhao Hai came today? Now wasn't the time to think of such things, however, and she immediately told Nier, ’’Nier, call Grandpa Quinn John quickly. Inform my father as well.’’

Nier quickly complied, turned, and ran.

Laura stood and, with a loud voice, called, ’’Searle.’’

Although Searle was Laura's guard captain[1], his strength didn't amount to much. His loyalty and devotion, however, were the things that had earned him the position. He had followed Laura for some time now and wasn't a warrior without brains. When he noticed that Laura was in the middle of handling an issue, he seemingly turned into a steward rather than a guard captain.

Searle ran in from the outside immediately. He wasn't wearing his full body armor, but rather, simple warrior clothing. Upon arriving, he quickly bowed to Laura and greeted, ’’Young Lady.’’

Laura nodded and ordered, ’’Go and open the main entrance quickly. Prepare to greet Mister upon his arrival, then immediately tell the kitchen to prepare a few exquisite dishes. Today, regardless of what happens, Mister must stay and eat with us.’’

Searle complied and passed down the instructions. Laura stood and walked to her room. Once she was in her room, she opened her closet and immediately began to pick through her clothing. It took some time before she made her choice. Finally, she decided on her favorite dress, a lunar white princess skirt[2], and put it on.

Quinn John and Karen arrived at Laura's study but didn't see her. They asked the servants if they knew where she went, and they all said she'd gone back to her own room. Both of them were wise and fine people, so after hearing the servant's reply they immediately understood what she was doing. Quinn John couldn't help but smile as he turned to Karen. ’’Master Karen, it seems we will have to hurry and prepare a dowry for Laura.’’

Karen laughed but said, ’’I must have a look at this person first.’’

For a father, seeing their own beautiful and capable daughter dress up and appear for a smelly boy it just made Karen's heart somewhat sour.

Quinn John naturally understood what Karen was thinking about. When Laura's mother married him, Quinn John also had such thoughts. Although Quinn John wasn't the father of Laura's mother, the two men had the same fatherly love for a daughter. As such, Quinn John knew what was going through Karen's mind.

After he heard what Karen said, Quinn John couldn't help but laugh. He said, ’’This is something beyond your control.’’

Laura left her room wearing the lunar white princess skirt. The skirt was made of fine spider's silk and looked very beautiful.

Karen looked at Laura's appearance and couldn't help but smile. But after he thought about it and realized Laura was this beautiful because of Zhao Hai, he couldn't help but show a sour expression.

Laura actually didn't notice this. She stopped in front of the two, twirled in a circle, and asked, ’’Father, Grandpa Quinn John, does my skirt look pretty? Do I need to change it?’’

Quinn John laughed. ’’You don't need to change. Our little Laura is the most attractive.’’ Karen was calm, but didn't speak.

Laura also noticed that something was wrong with Karen, so she asked, ’’Father, are you alright? Why do you have an ugly expression? Who made you this angry? Did one of your experiments fail?’’

Karen snorted. ’’I'm fine. I'm well.’’ After he finished speaking, he walked into the study with a stinky face. This made Laura confused as she didn't understand what was happening with Karen.

At this moment, a whinnying sound was heard from outside. Then Searle's voice called out, ’’Master Zhao Hai, Sir, please come inside. The Young Lady is waiting for you.’’

Laura smiled when she heard Searle. Immediately straightening her skirt, she walked towards the front doors. Before she arrived, Zhao Hai and Green had just stopped at the front entrance. The three of them[3] had been riding horses and jumped down, giving the horses to the servants of Faith Mansion. Searle then led the three inside.

Laura quickly collected her skirt and made the noble's ritual greeting to Zhao Hai, saying, ’’We welcome the arrival of Mister. Please don't be offended for having greeted you so late.’’

Zhao Hai chuckled. ’’Miss Laura is too polite. I came here today on a whim. After looking around the city, there wasn't exactly anything I was going to do. Instead, I have disturbed Miss Laura. Miss Laura, please excuse my rudeness.’’

’’For Mister to come, it is an honor for Laura,’’ she replied with a smile. ’’Mister Ringer, Miss Meg, please come inside.’’

Green and Meg also greeted Laura, then Quinn John. Laura, who was full of anticipation, led them to the study room.

Once they arrived at the study, they couldn't help but stare at Karen who sat there with a stinky face. His eyes were staring at Zhao Hai as if he were an enemy. This made Zhao Hai confused and shocked. He looked down at himself but didn't find anything amiss. Then he looked at Karen, whom he had never seen before. He really didn't know how he'd offended Karen.

Zhao Hai couldn't help but pause. He turned towards Laura and asked, ’’Miss Laura, this is?’’

Laura saw Karen's sour expression, but didn't think it was the right time to ask him about it. She smiled as she answered Zhao Hai's question, ’’This is my father.’’

After knowing that this man was Laura's father, Zhao Hai's heart tightened. He hastily walked forward and respectfully presented himself with a noble's ceremony before Karen. ’’Zhao Hai has seen uncle. I had taken the liberty of visiting, and I hope uncle wasn't offended.’’

Karen, though angry, didn't abandon his daughter. He also didn't hold a grudge with Zhao Hai. After seeing that Zhao Hai was humble and polite, he immediately felt embarrassed. He stood quickly and helped Zhao Hai up. ’’Mister is too polite. You have rescued Laura several times already. For this, I am very thankful to you.’’

Zhao Hai smiled faintly as he replied, ’’Uncle is too formal. I hadn't seen you before, which was an injustice. I hope uncle won't mind.’’

Laura watched Karen's reaction and relaxed, then quickly said, ’’Father, you're talking to Brother Hai while standing. Quickly, take a seat.’’ Since there were no outsiders in the room, Laura naturally called Zhao Hai by Brother Hai. After hearing that, Karen's facial expression became sour once more.

Karen, however, had received an aristocratic education in his youth. Thus, he politely asked Zhao Hai to sit down. Zhao Hai was a bit nervous, but carefully sat next to Karen.

Laura examined the people inside the room. Turning towards Searle, she said, ’’Searle, draw back for now. Call two undead to guard the door. Don't allow anyone to enter. Pay attention to every detail and if there is anything urgent, you must call for me personally.’’

Searle complied immediately, turned around, and gently closed the door for Laura.

Karen looked at Laura with a bit of confusion. After Laura watched Searle draw back, she turned to Zhao Hai and said, ’’Brother Hai, there are no outsiders here. Please, take off your hat. Grandpa Green, you can take off yours as well. Meg, don't just stand there. Take a seat here, quickly.’’

Zhao Hai and Green both chuckled. They removed their hat and hard helmet. Karen was shocked upon seeing Zhao Hai's face as he hadn't thought Zhao Hai would be this young. He imagined Zhao Hai to be around 30 years old. Reaching Zhao Hai's current strength at the age of thirty was already an extreme talent. He really wouldn't have thought that Zhao Hai's age was even lower than 20 years.

Laura also sat down while Nier gave each of them a cup of tea, then retreated to Laura's back. Looking at Zhao Hai, Laura smiled and asked, ’’Brother Hai, have you just come for a visit today? Or do you have some other matter to discuss?’’

Zhao Hai smiled and said, ’’Today, I just came for a visit. There really are no issues that require discussion. Oh, right. I brought several presents.’’ He waved a hand after speaking and threeSpatial Bags appeared in his hands.

Zhao Hai placed the Spatial Bags on the table, then smiled and said to Laura, ’’This is my present to you. They are Spatial Bags. They have ten square meters of space inside. Go ahead and take a look. Try it out.’’

Laura and the others were stunned. They hadn't expected Zhao Hai would be this generous. Handing out spatial equipment that had no market price on the continent wasn't something they'd expected.


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