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Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Chapter 202


Chapter 202 - Beastfolk Three Classes

This still made Zhao Hai relax a little. If the Markey Dell clan wouldn't use business-related means when they moved against them, then they wouldn't have anything to fear. If the Markey Dell clan spent money to buy their lives, he knew it wouldn't be easy.

It could be said that this world had mercenaries and killers everywhere. Those mercenaries and killers were outlaws, and would do anything so long as one gave them money in return.

Those mercenaries, however, weren't brainless. They knew they couldn't mess with some people. But if they obtained a mission, they would do everything they can.

Among mercenaries, there weren't any strong experts. Strong experts were already recruited by the large aristocratic clans. They didn't even need to do much. All they did was go to the villa each day and just eat and sleep. At any time, however, their lives could be lost.

Even though these mercenaries didn't have strong experts, they utilized a variety of methods. For those experts the large aristocratic clan trained, although they reached high ranks, they were actually inexperienced in actual combat. Those experts and the mercenaries were, after all, from different worlds. As such, mercenaries might actually use traps or poisons, not like those that were trained by the aristocrats who refrain from such methods.

This was like what Zhao Hai had read in a novel before. Those mercenaries were the ones hired by those who didn't have the means to send in a Rank Nine expert. Also, those experts trained by the aristocratic clans were apprentices of their respective clans. As such, their treatment would naturally be different.

Green looked at Zhao Hai and said, ’’Young Master, I think we don't need to worry now that we have Zhao Wen and Cai-er. This means we actually have two Rank Nine experts. If the Markey Dell clan really went too far, we can definitely let Zhao Wen and Cai-er deal with them. Don't forget, the Rank Nine experts of our clan are different from the Rank Nine experts of other clans. Those clans need to please their Rank Nine experts and pay a huge price while we don't.[1]’’

Zhao Hai smiled and said, ’’Truth is, I'm actually worried about Miss Laura. This time around, the issue is quite big. Also, it was because of us that it had occurred, so I feel somewhat sorry.’’

Green smiled and said, ’’I don't think it's a bad thing. In any case, through this matter we will gain deeper ties with Laura and the Purcell clan. This is what we call, personal connections, and sometimes, such things are very important. In the past, our clan had fallen because we didn't have any such contacts. During that crucial time, nobody helped us. It was also due to the fact that we were people of the old king, so if we did have strong connections, then the king might not have entrusted us with heavy responsibilities.’’

Zhao Hai understood what Green meant. In the past, the Buda clan had been the old king's sword that he wielded in his hands. This sword could only be held by the old king. If this sword suddenly had a network of connections, how could the old king have trusted them? When the time comes that the old king didn't need the sword to be used against those aristocratic clans, then what would happen to the Buda clan?

Zhao Hai nodded and said, ’’That is true. So long as our group of three fight side by side, our relationship wouldn't be ordinary. Grandpa Green, if there are no incidents, then in two days time, we should go and visit Casa City. What do you think?

Green agreed with a nod. ’’Yes, we should go and visit Casa City. Some time ago, we had bought things in Casa City and placed them in the warehouse. Young Master, do you think we should place a transfer point there[2]?’’

Zhao Hai thought for a moment before shaking his head. ’’We shouldn't as we're already quite close to Casa City anyway. Placing a transfer point in Casa City would be a loss, especially since we can only place ten transfer points. We have already constructed four points, so there are only six remaining. We must save these transfer points.’’

Green also thought about it. Travelling to Casa City right now was very convenient for them. No matter if they used Alien or the wind chasing horses, they could arrive in Casa City in a short amount of time. It was better than using the scaled wildebeests from before.

Since they only needed half a day of travel time, setting up a transfer point was an unwanted luxury. Green was very clear that these transfer points had a big role. It represented, aside from being used to gain money, as a method to save lives.

Zhao Hai turned his head towards Green. ’’After all of these matters have been resolved, we should head for the Beastfolk Prairie. There, we can buy some slaves and sell food commodities to them. It's also a must to set up a transfer point there.’’

Green nodded and said, ’’I had been to the Beastfolk Prairie several times before. If there are any wars going on, there would be a lot of slave clans. Although the slaves don't have a high battle efficiency, they are very good at doing labor. Those beastfolk slaves are many times stronger than ordinary human slaves.’’

Zhao Hai nodded. He also knew about these beastfolk slaves Green spoke of. The beastfolk race was divided into three classes. The first were the war clans. These were clans that had formidable battle strength. For example, there was the Lion clan, the Tiger clan, the Wolf clan, the Eagle clan, the Snake clan, and so on.

The second clan were the ethnic groups. These clans didn't have extremely high battle abilities, but they did have a certain level of fighting power. Examples included the Cattle clan, Sheep clan, Pig clan, and so on.

Lastly, the third class were called the slave clans. Their combat effectiveness were the weakest. Examples of them were the Rabbit clan, Chicken clan, Mouse clan, and so on. The slave clans also had a number of humans included, those that had become prisoners of war. Their status was the same as that of a slave clan member. There were also times when a human and a beastfolk married each other, and as such, they had given birth to the new race, that of the half-beast race. This new race also lived as a part of the slave clans.

The beastfolk slave clans had a higher status than that of the Terran slaves. The half-beast race was lower in status than beastfolk slaves, and their status was actually similar to that of Terran slaves.

Naturally, this was all superficial. The reason why the slaves clans were called such among the beastfolk classes was because they had masters. So long as the master wished, the could sell these slave clans at any time.

On the continent, only a few would go and buy slaves from the beastfolk because slaves in the Beastfolk Prairie were not the same as slaves in places like the Aksu Empire.

The beastfolk slaves could not plant anything as they only knew how to herd. As such, these slaves wouldn't be able to farm, only herd. In the Aksu Empire, however, the primary livelihood was farming and there wasn't much land like prairies that were suitable for herding. Those who bought beastfolk slaves needed to teach them how to farm. Since they hadn't been able to learn how to farm, their prices were cheaper compared to local slaves bought on the continent.

This wasn't a problem for Zhao Hai since his fields didn't amount to much. Allowing these slaves to study how to farm would enable them to quickly learn the trade.

Farming. Such a subject could be said to be simple, yet for all its simplicities, it also had some difficulties. As long as the elders learn farming then guide and teach the young ones afterwards, after several years, there wouldn't be a problem.

Zhao Hai wanted to go to the Beastfolk Prairie and have a look. He especially wanted to have a look at the magic beasts in the prairie. If they went there, they could obtain a lot of magic beasts. Perhaps it could even help them upgrade the ranch.

Suddenly, they heard an eagle's cry in the sky. It flew down and was shown to be an eagle sent by Laura to Zhao Hai. However, it wasn't red as it hadn't been in the space when the transformations caused by the upgrades had happened.

Zhao Hai beckoned and the eagle entered the room slowly. Tied to the eagle's talon was a small bag. This small bag was filled with many things.

Zhao Hai inspected the bag and found that it was stacked full of red paper. Obviously, these were the marriage certificates Zhao Hai had asked for. He examined them and found that the craftsmanship was very good. Zhao Hai gave Green the marriage certificate and he looked at it closely. It was very refined, and the quality of the paper was also very high.

There was also a piece of paper in the bag. This paper contained information Zhao Hai wanted, gathered by Laura's information network across the Purcell Duchy. Laura's current influence wasn't only concentrated in the Purcell Duchy. She could also gather information from other places. However, although she could get them, they wouldn't be very detailed. As such, Laura hadn't reported them to Zhao Hai before.

Zhao Hai carefully read the information written, which was packed with details. The situation in Casa City at the moment required various responses, and Laura was on top of them. Although there wasn't any important matters happening in Casa City, from the intelligence report, Zhao Hai saw a trace of something surging underneath it all.

Obviously, those large merchant firms in Casa City knew about Laura's movements. These people weren't fools. If Laura had her own intelligence network, they had theirs as well. Adding in the fact that they had conflict with her in the past, then due to her movements these people began to have their suspicions. Even if they didn't find anything, these people wouldn't give up so easily.

In this world, nothing could truly be kept secret. So long as someone looked closely, they would be able to find clues. Many of those from the large merchant clans were aware of Alodia. They knew Alodia was the head servant of Carlo, and was an honored and popular character. Now, however, he had been restrained by Laura. As such, even fools could see something had happened between Laura and Carlo.

With regards to the Markey Dell clan, the large clans on the continent had a certain level of knowledge about them. They also knew of the standing Karen and Laura held within the Markey Dell clan. This time around, the battle between Laura and Carlo was something these large merchant clans thought fun to watch.

Afterward, however, they found something that was a bit off. The Purcell clan was participating in this matter, and that had made the large clans puzzled. Although Laura had helped the Purcell clan, she supposedly wouldn't be given this much face. If the Markey Dell clan moved, would that mean they dared to go up against the Purcell clan?

With further investigations, they immediately found out Carlo's goal. It was too obvious. First, Alodia had gone to the Grand Duke's Mansion to meet with the Grand Duke and had then been detained the following day. Next, Laura had visited Stony Mountain and was ambushed along the way. When she came back, she led an army of undead. If they still didn't understand the situation, then they surely wouldn't be based in Casa City.


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