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Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Chapter 200


Chapter 200 - Multipurpose Young Secretary

Upon leaving the Spatial Villa, Green and the others were shocked. The Space now looked different. Before, aside from the Spatial Villa and the fields, the other areas had been shrouded in mist. Now there was a beautiful scene around them. There was a blue sky with white clouds, and a section of land covered with beautiful green grass. The most important thing was the massive thousand mu of fertile farmland in front of them. This was genuine fertile farmland.

Initially, Zhao Hai hadn't thought that upon reaching Level 20, the Space would actually give him a thousand mu of farmland. Remember, originally the size of the field was less than a hundred mu in size. This time around, it really was a big surprise.

In fact, Zhao Hai didn't know that according to the normal system of the Space and its upgrades, only upon reaching Level 30 would he have been awarded with a thousand mu of farmland. Only at that time would he have had the ability to transform the land into Red Land.

Zhao Hai, however, hadn't upgraded the Space the normal way. Specifically, he had relied on the help of a plant sprite to help promote the Space.

Although the evaluation given by the Space for the plant sprite wasn't high, this plant sprite had actually increased the intelligence of the Space. As such, Zhao Hai received extra rewards. It had allowed Zhao Hai's new land reclamation limit to suddenly jump to a thousand mu. The reason why the Space hadn't given a high evaluation to the plant sprite was because it could identify the plant sprite, it used up a lot of the resources of the Space[1].

The Space had leveled up six times and had also given him additional rewards;these were the results. Although the Space was Level 21, the total land that had been reclaimed resulted in such a situation.

Moreover, they now had Cai-er. In the future, the Space's intelligence wouldn't be so rigid. Zhao Hai, however, didn't know any of this at the moment.

Zhao Hai was currently looking at the Spatial Villa dumbly. It really looked different now. The original Spatial Villa was quite ordinary looking and there wasn't anything odd about it. Now, however, the Spatial Villa was more peculiar. The outer walls were completely covered with crawling vines, and these vines were rainbow-colored. This made the Spatial Villa seem taller and more pleasing to the eye. One couldn't place a value on its magnificence[3].

Zhao Hai was absolutely sure that this was Cai-er's masterpiece. He hadn't thought Cai-er would have unexpectedly covered the entire Spatial Villa with her vines.

Green and the others looked at the surrounding prairie with shining eyes. This scene was truly too beautiful. The magnificent view was beyond their expectations. Moreover, they heard Cai-er say that when the Space reached Level 30, they would be able to use this prairie. But, how big was the prairie? No one on their side knew.

Cai-er flew towards Zhao Hai. She smiled and said, ’’Young Master, good job! Seeing these open areas, what do you want to plant on them?’’

Zhao Hai thought for a bit, then said, ’’Bamboo rice, fruit oil trees, corn, wheat, tuber blocks, sweet pepper, red radishes, green olives, and green lettuce. These are the kinds of plants that can be planted and you can buy them from the Spatial Shop. Alright, distribute them across a hundred mu, and give ten mu to bamboo rice, and ten for fruit oil trees. There will be a little more for corn and wheat products. Corn should be around a hundred mu, while the other wheat types should have five hundred mu. The rest of the land can be planted with the five different types of magic vegetables so that we can trade them with Laura[4].’’

Cai-er immediately complied and arranged everything. The Space now planted bamboo rice and fruit oil each on ten acres of land. There were also tuber blocks and other plants. These were all being saved up by Zhao Hai so that he could trade them with Laura. Zhao Hai, however, hadn't thought the Space would give him a thousand mu of land. This gave him more land to plant with. Once the crops were planted and growing, they couldn't be removed. Zhao Hai would have to cultivate them and wait until they were matured before collecting them.

It was only until now that Green and the others recovered from their fascination. They quickly encircled Zhao Hai. Zhao Wen had also flown over to Zhao Hai's head and lay there. Cai-er, on the other hand, flew towards Zhao Hai and sat on his shoulders. The Space was now under her command, but looking at her appearance, it was as if she didn't need to do anything. None of them had seen any movement, but the Space's land had already been planted according to what Zhao Hai had instructed of Cai-er.

After everything was settled, Zhao Hai took a deep breath. He turned his head towards Cai-er and asked, ’’Cai-er, have you finished constructing the transfer points?’’

Cai-er nodded. ’’All done Young Master. Please be at ease. Also, currently, I have already placed my branches in Fort Iron Mountain and have surrounded it. The smog has now covered the area. This is the same case for Bluestone Villa.’’

Zhao Hai nodded. He turned his head towards Green and said, ’’Grandpa Green, you and Grandma Meirin should go to Fort Iron Mountain first. I think the slaves will probably be nervous. Please explain the situation to them and make sure they aren't anxious anymore. I'll go to Flower City and have a look.’’

Green nodded. With Zhao Hai's intent, the couple moved to Fort Iron Mountain. Meanwhile, Zhao Hai, Meg, Woodhead, and Stonehead appeared in Flower City.

When they appeared, they were atop a vine. Meg and the other two looked around curiously, especially Meg, whose eyes were shining.

Meg likes flowers. Although she had already seen them on the screen, it was different from having an up close view of them. It was like she were in a dream, or in a fairy tale world. Everything was so beautiful that it didn't seem real.

Woodhead and Stonehead also looked around. Zhao Hai had already seen it once, so he, naturally, wasn't surprised. He turned his head towards Cai-er, who still sat on his shoulder, and asked, ’’Cai-er, what was this city for?’’

Cai-er replied, ’’This city was constructed by the people of the continent to guard the space crack a long time ago. It was one of the continent's five Great Devil Sealing Cities[5]. But due to a war that happened afterward, it had been destroyed. That hole was made by two experts fighting one another. They hadn't thought that they would be the cause for breaking the seal. After that, I had extended my branches out and left through the hole, then emitted a smog and soon after, nobody came here.’’

Zhao Hai nodded and looked around. At present he couldn't see any of the buildings in the city as all of the structures were covered with vines. Zhao Hai couldn't help himself as he asked, ’’Cai-er, can we also use the buildings of the city?’’

Cai-er nodded. ’’Some of them can be used. The problem is that a large portion of the city was destroyed during the war. If the Young Master wishes to settle down here, then you don't need to live in those buildings. Instead, I can clear up some of those structures. You can then ask me which type of buildings you want and it will be done.’’

Zhao Hai remembered that Cai-er had been able to make tables, chairs, and even cups out of vines when she'd entertained him earlier[6]. Since she could make tables and chairs, a house should be easy, right[7]? Zhao Hai nodded and said, ’’Alright, but for now, people won't be living here. You should first clean up some of the buildings that can still be used. Oh, right. Is there anything here we can use? Things like magic supplies and the like? Didn't you say this place had many books? Where are they?’’

Cai-er smiled and said, ’’Young Master, the books have already decomposed. So many years have passed. If I remember correctly, I have been here for 10,000 years? There aren't many items remaining.’’

Zhao Hai nodded. He turned his head back towards Cai-er and gave her a strange expression. ’’So, Cai-er. How old are you?’’

Cai-er thought for a while, then shook her head. ’’I don't know. Before appearing here, however, I had already lived for a long time.’’

Zhao Hai patted his head. He really hadn't thought Cai-er had actually lived for that long already. Can it even be regarded as a 10,000-year-old Old Demon? Zhao Hai curiously asked Cai-er, ’’So, what were you doing all this time?’’

Cai-er thought for a while, then said, ’’Most of the time, I was just sleeping. There wasn't much to amuse me in the Devil World. Everyone there just wars every day. It just looks like trouble. But then, there wasn't anything to do in the swamp too. These magic beasts in the swamp, at the beginning their ranks weren't that high. My existence, however, had caused their ranks to become higher and higher. Yet they still couldn't beat me. Furthermore, they respected me and protected me all the time. Thus, I didn't handle any matters. It was alright for me to just sleep.’’

Zhao Hai tapped his head, helpless. After such a long time, Cai-er had unexpectedly only slept. It was really too much.

Meg and the others continued to look around and observe their surroundings before returning to the Space. Perhaps it was due to the new background, but the people inside the Space felt particularly refreshed.

Zhao Hai didn't stay there for too long. They immediately went to Fort Iron Mountain. Upon seeing Fort Iron Mountain, Zhao Hai and the other three were frozen stiff for a moment. Fort Iron Mountain had become a second Flower City.

The walls were covered with vines, and the vines bloomed flowers all over. The castle was also slowly being surrounded by that seven-colored smog. Compared with the Carrion Swamp, however, it was lighter here.

Cai-er was really quite smart. She deliberately placed no vines on the ground and none near the places that were commonly used. Instead, the vines were kept along the walls and a little bit along the castle, creating an impressive look.

Zhao Hai was very satisfied with the results, but still turned his head towards Cai-er and asked, ’’Cai-er, do you have control over the smog? Since I need to improve the land, having the smog here means I won't be able to do so.’’

’’The Young Master doesn't need to worry,’’ replied Cai-er, smiling. ’’I can control this smog. Later on, I will make the smog slowly move towards the boundaries of the Black Waste and keep the middle area clear for planting crops.’’

Zhao Hai nodded. One must say that Cai-er was really good at her job. It wasn't only her battle efficiency, but also her intelligence. When he told her about any matters, she would manage them well. It was just like having a multipurpose secretary[8].

It was around this time that Green and Meirin entered the fort from outside. They saw Zhao Hai and went to greet him. ’’Young Master,’’ Green said, ’’I told the slaves that there weren't any problems.’’

Zhao Hai nodded. He looked at the old couple and said, ’’We'll now go to Bluestone Villa and have a look. These past few days, Laura hasn't sent any letters and I'm somewhat worried. It's necessary for us to have a look.’’

Green shook his head and said, ’’They shouldn't have moved so fast. Even if the Merkey Dell clan wants to move against us, they must still gather their forces first. They might send in a force greater than the one from before. If they wish to extinguish us, they should know we won't take it lying down. Adding in the Purcell clan, such a force would mean the Markey Dell clan would have to think deeply on their moves first. I think it may take some time for them to assemble their forces.’’

Zhao Hai nodded and said, ’’Alright, but we'll still have to go to Bluestone Villa and have a look. If there really isn't anything there, then we'll just go back to the Carrion Swamp. We'll ask Little Wen to look for plants and animals. Although the Space had leveled up to 21, the ranch is still at the same low level. We should make it so that the ranch can level up faster.’’


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