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Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Chapter 197


Chapter 197 - Wine

The eagle circled slowly the city while Zhao Hai's eyes continued to pursue the vine. He intended to use this approach to find the trunk of the seven-colored flowers.

Green and the others understood Zhao Hai's intent as they all stared at the screen. Zhao Wen lay on Zhao Hai's head and also seriously watched the screen[1].

Due to the effect of the Space, Zhao Wen probably felt closest with Zhao Hai. He also thought it was okay for her to lie on his head since he regarded Zhao Wen as part of his clan.

Zhao Hai didn't restrict Zhao Wen as she wasn't that heavy. Furthermore, her disposition was closer to that of a child's, which Zhao Hai liked, so he naturally didn't stop her.

As they focused on the screen, a huge black dot suddenly appeared. This black dot soon occupied the entire screen and Zhao Hai subconsciously shouted, ’’Found it!’’ Green and the others also took in a deep breath.

Zhao Hai ordered the eagle to circle above the large black dot. He immediately focused the screen on it. Everyone carefully watched and saw that it wasn't a black dot, but a black hole. They estimated its size to be around a hundred meters in diameter.

This hole had actually been grown into the seven-colored flower and was a part of the thickest section Zhao Hai had yet seen. The branches around the hole were also thick, but the strangest thing was that the flowers on this vine wasn't very tall, only about twenty meters. This was quite small compared to the ones on the surrounding vines and branches. If they hadn't looked at the screen carefully, they wouldn't have been able to find it easily.

Zhao Hai ordered the eagle to fly down. The eagle drew nearer and nearer to the hole. This was in fact a test by Zhao Hai. He wanted to see if the seven-colored flower would attack them.

Without giving any response, the seven-colored flower seemed just like an ordinary plant. It didn't have any response, and the flowers blooming on the branches were motionless.

Zhao Hai and the others hadn't thought that the seven-colored flower would react this way. Still, he didn't give up. He ordered the eagle to fly down more, but not to attack as he feared that if it attacked the seven-colored flower, the flower might extinguish the eagle. If they left the Spacethen, they might also be attacked by the flower. Since they were currently in the territory of the seven-colored flower, there wouldn't be anything good to come out of them attacking it.

After seeing that the seven-colored flower didn't respond, Zhao Hai, with a deep voice, said ’’Grandpa Green, I'm going out to take a look.’’

Green looked at Zhao Hai, nodded, and said, ’’It's alright for Young Master to go out and take a look. It seems that this seven-colored flower doesn't react to entities with low strength. Since the Young Master doesn't have magic power or battle qi, that flower shouldn't attack you.’’

Zhao Hai nodded and looked at them, saying, ’’Although this flower's attack strength is monstrous, it isn't too aggressive. It's best that we don't disturb it, so you guys wait for me here inside the Space. Zhao Wen, you stay here too. If you go out then I'm afraid the flower will start attacking.’’ Zhao Wen, who lay atop Zhao Hai's head, immediately complied.

Zhao Hai looked at the others and showed a faint smile. ’’Like what Grandpa Green said, due to the Space, these flowers might become friendly. As such, I have to take a look and see if this flower could really become close with me.

To be honest, Green and the others were also extremely worried. It was like Zhao Hai said: this flower had a strong offensive strength, but wasn't very aggressive. If there were few people to accompany him, and he kept a weak front, then Zhao Hai should be safe.

Zhao Hai looked at them and didn't speak any further. He turned around and left the Spatial Villa. With a thought, he recalled the eagle and the Ghost Cane and then flashed outside the Space.

Zhao Hai's current location wasn't that far from the hole. He appeared atop a seven-colored flower vine. This vine was around twenty meters thick, so standing atop it wasn't an issue for a human-sized person.

Upon appearing on the vine, Zhao Hai became very careful. He was ready to return to the Space at any given moment. But as they already realized, the flower didn't attack, as if it didn't notice the existence of Zhao Hai.

He walked several steps atop the vine, then jumped on the spot. The vine didn't respond. Zhao Hai felt as though he were a bird standing on a tree. No matter how much he jumped, trees were trees.

For these seven-colored flowers, Zhao Hai probably wouldn't even be comparable to a bird. Maybe a mosquito instead. A mosquito wouldn't be able to harm a big tree.

Seeing that the seven-colored flowers didn't react, Zhao Hai slowly moved towards the hole. Beside the hole were an innumerable amount of small vines. They made it impossible to see the ground. Only the hole was visible. Zhao Hai looked into the hole and found that it wasn't that deep, just dark. He couldn't see inside it, however, and so couldn't see the base of the seven-colored flower.

Zhao Hai observed the vines of this seven-colored flower and carefully counted. There were 18 roots that grew from the seven-colored flower trunk. The first root was around twenty meters thick and it branched out to numerous smaller branches. These long branches seem to have covered the entirety of Flower City.

Zhao Hai carefully observed the seven-colored flower. He thought it was very interesting. In addition to the twigs that branched out from the vines, it also grew small fibrous roots and even some of the small twigs had some leaves growing. Those small leaves were very interesting as they were shaped like throwing knives. The seven-colored flower, however, was huge. The center was covered with smog, making the visibility extremely low[2].

Zhao Hai looked around carefully for a bit and found that the seven-colored flower only had these things and nothing else seemed to attract his attention anymore. He stood on the vine and thought about the seven-colored flower. He was uncertain, however, if this flower was actually only honest. That as long as you didn't mess with it, it wouldn't be aggressive.

This wasn't the result Zhao Hai wanted. He waved his hand and, with his intent, he wielded the Ghost Cane and poured some Spatial Water into the hole.

Zhao Hai wanted to see if the seven-colored flower would have any reaction towards the Spatial Water. Remember that the Space could enhance plants. This was also true for the Spatial Water. For common plants, Spatial Water was the best tonic. This move by Zhao Hai showed that he was trying to flatter the seven-colored flower.

The Spatial Water dropped straight down into the hole, but the seven-colored flower still didn't have any response. Zhao Hai couldn't help but feel disappointed when suddenly, the seven-colored flower reacted. The reaction was strong, contrary to what Zhao Hai had anticipated. The entire Flower City seemed to be filled with excitement as all of the vines became erect, waving to the sky.

Zhao Hai didn't know why he wasn't afraid. He felt that this seven-colored flower didn't want to hurt him. Although the movements made by the seven-colored flower was large, it didn't seem to want to attack anyone. Instead, it seemingly appeared happy.

This made Zhao Hai feel very surprised. As the vines waved, his footing fluctuated. Then an innumerable number of vines gathered under Zhao Hai. He became surprised at the situation as the vines formed a chair. Zhao Hai froze for a moment, then chuckled and sat on the chair.

Zhao Hai hadn't really thought that this seven-colored flower would unexpectedly be intelligent enough to offer a chair. However, this wasn't what Zhao Hai wanted to think about.

Zhao Hai naturally reciprocated the kindness by wielding the Ghost Cane and dumped a pile ofSpatial Soil into the hole. This made the vines wave more violently. In turn, a vine table was placed in front of Zhao Hai. This table actually had cups made of vines atop it and were filled with a seven-colored liquid. Evidently, the other side was using this as a way to entertain Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai wasn't afraid after seeing the seven-colored flower offer him some liquid. Even if it were poisonous, he wasn't afraid since he'd been drinking the Spatial Water for a long time. The Spatial Water could cure the toxins of the seven-colored flower[3]. Thus, he wasn't worried.

Zhao Hai raised the vine cup and found that it wasn't a separate existence. The cup was instead connected to a tiny vine that was then attached to the vine table, and the vine table was connect to the vine beneath Zhao Hai. In other words, the vine cup was still a part of a living plant.

Zhao Hai didn't care much and drank the liquid in the vine cup. When the liquid entered Zhao Hai's mouth, he couldn't help but be surprised for a moment. It wasn't because this liquid was hard to drink, but rather, it was the opposite. This liquid was very good. While this liquid seemed the same as water[4], it was in fact wine.

The seven-colored flower unexpectedly entertained Zhao Hai with wine. Moreover, the wine didn't only glow with seven colors, but also had the fragrance of a hundred flowers. The fragrance hinted at a sweetness that then revealed a trace of bitterness. The scent provided humans with food for thought.

As Zhao Hai held the cup, the seven-colored liquid within unexpectedly returned to its original amount. It had been refilled. Zhao Hai froze for a moment, and then couldn't help but laugh a bit.

Zhao Hai didn't drink any more as he'd already drank a cup. He placed the vine cup back on the table and, this time, noticed that the trunk of the seven-colored flower had grown several more branches. He watched as, visible to the naked eye, it grew in length and thickness.

Zhao Hai watched all of this and hadn't really thought that the response of the seven-colored flowers would be this great. It should be known that the trunk of the seven-colored flower was different from the other branches as it didn't have any fibrous roots. The trunk, besides its eighteen main branches, had no other opening. The growth of the branches right now was certainly caused by the Spatial Water and Spatial Soil.

Zhao Hai counted. This time around, the seven-colored flower had grown nine more branches. Small waves of fluctuations were also emitted by the large trunk. A small vine then grew out of the hole. This vine wasn't actually green, but made of seven-colors. It grew longer and extended towards Zhao Hai's spot.

Zhao Hai looked at what was happening. He knew that the main event was coming. This seven-colored branch, with regards to the seven-colored flower, was certainly important. Perhaps it could communicate with him.

The battle efficiency of the seven-colored flower was above a Rank Nine expert's. This meant it was equal to being an intelligent plant. To say it couldn't communicate with him and would just kill him wouldn't be something he'd believe.


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