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Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Chapter 194


Chapter 194 - Subduing the Giant Mosquito

Silence filled the living room of the Spatial Villa. Everyone didn't make any noise. It could be said that they had fallen into a hopeless situation. If this matter wasn't handled properly, then the threat of the Carrion Swamp would be a problem for who knows how long.

Zhao Hai was silent for a while, then he stood up and slowly walked outside the Spatial Villa.Green's expression changed as he followed closely behind Zhao Hai. Meirin observed the expression of the two of them while she thought about what Zhao Hai said. Her complexion changed as well and immediately suggested, ’’Young Master, let Green go.’’

Zhao Hai shook his head and said, ’’I will go. If Grandpa Green goes and he is attacked by the giant mosquito, my reaction would be delayed and Grandpa Green would be in danger. If I go, however, then with just a single thought I can come back. This isn't the case for Grandpa Green.’’

Green turned his head to Zhao Hai and said, ’’Young Master, let me go with you so that if there is any danger, I can cover for you.’’

Zhao Hai turned around and looked at Green. ’’Grandpa Green, you will stay here. I am the Clan Lord of the Buda clan, so this sort of a situation should be faced by me. I cannot always hide at the back. Please relax;I assure you that I'll be fine. If something were to happen, then you must find a place to hide and, a few years after my death, go look for a child and tell everyone that he was my child and have him inherit the position of Clan Lord of the Buda clan.’’

Green's complexion changed. Meg's eyes had tears falling as she moved to Zhao Hai's side and said, ’’Young Master, let me go with you.’’ Zhao Hai turned around and looked at Meg, then shook his head.

Meg moved to decisively hug Zhao Hai, refusing to release him. At this time, she didn't say anything. She just held on to Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai looked at Meg's appearance, then forced a smile. Woodhead and Stonehead also arrived beside Zhao Hai. They both didn't say anything, instead taking out their great swords. Lifting the sword in their grips, they then placed it on their necks.

Zhao Hai patted his head and told the two, ’’You both can't change the pattern of your moves. This time, if that giant mosquito really wants to attack us, then even if you both stand in front of me, what can you do?’’

Green lightly laughed as he said, ’’Young Master, things have come down to this point. You don't need to say anything else. I think we should all go out. If something were to really happen, then we will all die together.’’

Zhao Hai couldn't bear it anymore. He looked at Green and said, ’’Grandpa Green, how can you even say that. Haven't you understood? If I have an accident, the Buda clan won't disappear. If we all died together, however, then the Buda clan is finished.’’

Green looked at Zhao Hai with teary eyes. He took a deep breath while holding in his emotions. Turning to Woodhead and Stonehead, he said, ’’Both of you, put down your swords and don't insist on going with the Young Master. If something were to happen, Zhao Hai would be delayed in pulling you in and his movement will be affected. Meg, you go and follow the Young Master.’’

Woodhead and Stonehead both placed down their swords. Zhao Hai nodded to them and, with his intent, the Ghost Cane appeared in his hand. Meg and himself disappeared from outside theSpatial Villa.

The reason why Zhao Hai had to retrieve the Ghost Cane first was because it was currently in front of the giant mosquito. The giant mosquito, however, was flying through the sky. If they directly exited the Space, they would be airborne and would just fall to their deaths immediately since they couldn't fly[1].

The giant mosquito was surprised. It was a Rank Nine expert, but the Ghost Cane suddenly vanished from its grasp. At the same time, a man and a woman suddenly appeared on the ground below him, and the male held that Ghost Cane.

Zhao Hai looked at the giant mosquito and shouted at the top of his lungs, ’’Buda clan's Clan lord Zhao Hai Buda seeks an audience with Senior.’’ A clan lord calling a Rank Nine expert senior wasn't overrated. Even if it were the king of a country, if they even had a little understanding upon seeing a Rank Nine expert, they would call them senior.

The giant mosquito was astonished, then a flash of excitement streaked within its eyes. Though they didn't see any movement, it arrived in front of Zhao Hai in the blink of an eye.

Its huge body completely oppressed Zhao Hai. He knew that hiding would be useless since sooner or later, they would be found out, so he just bowed to the giant mosquito and said, ’’Your honor, Zhao Hai Buda has seen Senior.’’

The giant mosquito looked interestedly at Zhao Hai, then a voice gracefully resounded in Zhao Hai's brain. What made him surprised was the voice was unexpectedly that of a female.

’’Who are you? You don't have much energy in your body, so how can you use that wand?’’ This female voice was very pleasant to listen to. As she spoke, it was seemingly like that of a knock on a golden bell, clearly conveying its humming, echoing sounds. If she were on Earth, she could be a superstar[2].

Zhao Hai hastily replied, ’’This little one is the Clan Lord of the Buda clan, Zhao Hai Buda, and this is my maidservant, Meg Buda. I don't have much magic and battle qi, but in fact, I am a divergent Warlock.’’

’’What's a divergent Warlock? This is so amusing.’’ The interest in the giant mosquito's eyes grew thicker. Zhao Hai was shocked. After hearing the giant mosquito ask this with that clear voice, Zhao Hai understood. It seems that this giant mosquito, as a magic beast, was still quite young.

Zhao Hai looked at the giant mosquito. Suddenly, he thought that it didn't seem too scary. He couldn't help but smile and say, ’’Your honor, can you leave with me to another place as I can't be at ease here.’’ After waving his hand, a spatial crack appeared beside him.

The giant mosquito looked at the spatial crack, her eyes flashing with curiosity. Zhao Hai, however, was actually sweating a lot. He was very clear that the level 2 magic beast, the Devouring Blood-Mosquito, had actually become a Rank Nine expert. That was to say, it hadn't happened in just eight or ten years. A magic beast becoming a Rank Nine was more difficult than a human reaching it.

Although this giant mosquito sounded young, she certainly did not have a short life. If he allowed this giant mosquito to think he was scheming against her, then he would certainly be attacked.

Zhao Hai wanted to make the giant mosquito go inside the Space, but he didn't know how. He already calculated things, however. With the Space here, even if the giant mosquito became aggressive towards him, he had a way to protect himself.

Seeing that the giant mosquito hadn't said anything for a while, Zhao Hai hastily said, ’’Your honor, you don't need to be worried. This is my divergent technique. I do not want to be disrespectful to your honor, thus, I invite your honor to come in.’’

The giant mosquito carefully watched Zhao Hai, nodded, and then disappeared in a flash vanishing through the spatial crack. Zhao Hai and Meg relaxed afterward and the both of them vanished at the same time.

Green and the others were standing in the living room while carefully watching what was happening outside. They couldn't believe that Zhao Hai had actually persuaded the giant mosquito to enter the Space. They were surprised for a moment, then became joyous. They knew that the Space, even if it were the giant mosquito, would have a method to overturn the heavens and not let it out.

But a Rank Nine expert was always given respect. When Zhao Hai arrived outside the Spatial Villa, they were prepared to greet the giant mosquito.

The giant mosquito and Zhao Hai arrived inside the Space successively. The giant mosquito was curious as she looked left and right, just like a child.

Then the Space prompted in a tone:

[Discovered new insect.

The insect is a mosquito-shaped pest.

Battle efficiency is formidable.

Extracting advantages.

Improving cast mosquito's proboscis ability.

Retaining its ontology[3].]

Zhao Hai and the others quietly listened to the tone and they didn't understood what it meant. Zhao Hai also didn't understand. Then the giant mosquito flew in front of Zhao Hai, bowed, and said, ’’Master.’’

Zhao Hai looked at the giant mosquito, his face filled with joy. ’’Did you just called me Master?’’

The giant mosquito nodded. ’’Yes, Master.’’

Zhao Hai was so excited that he almost fainted. He hadn't thought that the Space could be this formidable, that even a Rank Nine expert could be subdued by it[4].

Zhao Hai was also puzzled, however, as the first time he wanted Green to enter the Space, he hadn't succeeded. Then afterwards, when he'd spoken to Green, that was the time Green was able to enter the Space. This was also the case with the slaves. At that time, it puzzled Zhao Hai. The giant mosquito, however, got in after only one try, and was also subdued[5].

While Zhao Hai was still puzzled, the Space seemingly knew of his confusion and prompted a sound, transmitting:

[The Space is a farm space.

It has no attack.

Intelligent beings can voluntarily access the Space.

Or the Host can capture it outside.

The Space cannot forcibly do so.]

Zhao Hai smiled after the Space told him these matters. Originally, the Space wouldn't be able to force intelligent beings to come inside, only if the being voluntarily entered, or if Zhao Hai had the ability to subdue the living thing. That was the only time the Space could subdue them, otherwise, it wouldn't be able to.

Green and the slaves were beings that had wisdom, therefore, he couldn't receive them. Alien was also a variation of undead. Although its rank wasn't very high, it had intelligence, thus there was no way for the Space to take them in forcefully. It could only be subdued if they were caught by Zhao Hai. In the case of the giant mosquito, it had entered voluntarily.

Understanding these matters made Zhao Hai happy. He'd never thought that there would be such restrictions on the Space's abilities. No wonder that initially, he wasn't able to obtain the ability to permit the slaves to enter. As such, he didn't have the ability to directly let the slaves into theSpace. Green's case was also the same. Although this was how it was, as long as a creature entered the Space, the Space could help subdue them. This news, with regards to Zhao Hai, was absolutely very good.

Zhao Hai felt some regret, as the giant mosquito was identified by the Space as a pest, thus, he couldn't breed and reproduce it. This was really a big letdown. If he could only raise giant mosquitoes inside the Space, then when the time comes, he could keep an army of Rank Nine giant mosquitoes[6]. When they were let out, those mosquitoes wouldn't be afraid of death. With them around, it would be fun to look at who has the guts to move against the Buda clan[7].

With this thought, Zhao Hai suddenly remembered what the Space had prompted. It had extracted the advantageous traits of the giant mosquito, and the Space also improved the cast mosquito's proboscis. With that said, if the cast mosquito improved along with its proboscis, could it cast giant mosquitoes too?

Zhao Hai was excited and immediately said, ’’Cast Mosquito.’’

The Ghost Cane emitted a projection above that said, 'Please enter the quantity.' It was followed by a blank space.

Zhao Hai quickly replied, ’’One.’’ He had just entered the value when suddenly, a mosquito appeared in front of him. The mosquito, however, wasn't as big as what Zhao Hai had imagined it would be. It was only as big as the Devouring Blood-Mosquitoes from before, and its whole body was bloody red, looking more similar to those Devouring Blood-Mosquitoes. Zhao Hai couldn't help but be a bit disappointed upon seeing it.


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