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Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Chapter 192


Chapter 192 - Devouring Blood-Mosquito[1]

Things didn't go as smoothly as Zhao Hai thought it would. As they were discussing things at noon the next day, the Eagles Virtuous Phantasms encountered an attack.

When Zhao Hai found out about the incident, he was at Fort Iron Mountain. Although there wasn't too many matters that needed to be handled at Fort Iron Mountain, Zhao Hai still checked in every once in a while. After all, he was the one who owned the territory. In addition, he was also raising some blue-eyed rabbits there.

Aside from checking the blue-eyed rabbit farm, there was also the issue about cleaning the fort, taking out the trash, and so on. If one lived in a big fort, cleaning it was a must.

When Zhao Hai obtained the news from Zhao En, he had been observing the blue-eyed rabbits. The blue-eyed rabbits inside the mine tunnel were growing well, some of them even nearing maturity. The female slaves really took care of these blue-eyed rabbits outstandingly.

Upon hearing Zhao En's report, Zhao Hai immediately returned to the Space. He looked at the screen in the living room and found that the eagles were being attacked by a group of magic insects.

Magic insects were also able to fly, but common magic insects shouldn't be able to fly so high. These magic insects that were attacking the eagles, however, were somewhat exceptional as they could fly as high as birds.

Zhao Hai couldn't help but examine the insects. These insects were as big as the palm of a human. Their proboscis[2] were as long as their bodies, and they looked seemingly like a larger version of a mosquito.

The bodies of these insects were red-colored, and they looked very aggressive. The quantity was stunning as they were in an extremely large group, probably around tens of millions or even a hundred million, blotting out the sky.

What made Zhao Hai really surprised was that these mosquito-like insects had a very strong offensive power. Presently, three of the Eagles Virtuous Phantasms already had their blood sucked dry and were falling from the sky.

Zhao Hai was surprised by these mosquitoes and turned his head to look at Green. ’’Does Grandpa Green know anything about these mosquitoes? Why is it that in the magic beast encyclopedia that Miss Laura sent, there wasn't anything like this?’’

Green shook his head and said, ’’I haven't seen anything like them. The attack power of these mosquitoes is also strong. They're red colored, which resembles Toxic-fire Mosquitoes[3], but their attacking power has too much of a difference compared to these mosquitoes. This is really strange.’’

Zhao Hai nodded and said, ’’I have also seen the introduction of the Toxic-fire Mosquitoes. Compared to these large mosquitoes, the Toxic-fire Mosquitoes cannot fly more than 100 meters high. Looking at these mosquitoes, however, they can fly as high as a bird, plus they are also strong.’’

Green nodded. This time, the other eagle fell to the ground. Only the one holding the Ghost Cane remained.

Zhao Hai thought, ’’Use Pesticide.’’ This was certainly not him speaking to Green, but to the Ghost Cane. The Ghost Cane gave off a green flash, then a green-colored smog came out from the Ghost Cane and covered the magic insects.

Zhao Hai hadn't thought that these mosquitoes would unexpectedly be alright after being covered by the pesticide and continue their attack on the eagle. Seemingly, the pesticide didn't have any effect on them.

Zhao Hai was surprised for a moment, but immediately said, ’’Earth Shield[4].’’ After uttering the words, a brown defensive shield appeared outside the body of the eagle, blocking those mosquitoes. Zhao Hai relaxed a little.

Zhao Hai was puzzled as to why these mosquitoes weren't afraid of the poison, when suddenly, Green gasped. Zhao Hai looked at the screen, his expression turning serious. The Earth Shield was now covered by mosquitoes. As they sucked it down to their stomachs, the Earth Shield began to distinctly thin. The change was visible to the naked eye.

Zhao Hai's complexion changed. He certainly knew what this situation meant. He saw that the magic elements of the Earth Shield were being sucked out by the mosquitoes, thinning the Earth Shield.

These mosquitoes could unexpectedly absorb magic energy? What variety were they? How have I never heard of them before?

Green's complexion also changed as he said, ’’Devouring Blood-Mosquitoes! They are Devouring Blood-Mosquitoes!’’

Zhao Hai was shocked for a moment, his complexion changing as he finally remembered these mosquitoes. These mosquitoes was actually referenced in the magic beast encyclopedia that Laura had given to him, but were only described a little bit. This didn't mean, however, that these mosquitoes weren't fierce. On the contrary, these mosquitoes were very aggressive. There wasn't enough information about them, however, only a little bit. When book stated the danger posed by these mosquitoes, it was, in theory, around the danger level posed by a Rank Eight magic beast.

The characteristics of these mosquitoes was a strong defense, strong attack, high speed, and high-altitude flight. They have magical blood, take decreased damage from general attacks, and their proboscis ignored energy defenses. Whether it were a magic shield or a battle qi shield, if you bumped into them, then they could suck the energy right into their stomach. Furthermore, they could fly high, as high as birds, and weren't any slower than birds. They had only been seen a few times on the continent, so there wasn't that much information about them.

These mosquitoes had only appeared several times on the continent, but the first time it happened, the results were disastrous. Several millions, or even billions of them had appeared. At the places they infested, no matter if it were animals or humans, none escaped, even by luck. The most frightening incident happened at a medium city, wherein all humans and animals were sucked dry, turning the place into a ghost city.

Blood magic[5] was the strangest kind of magic. Strictly speaking, blood magic was a category of black magic. At present, however, only a few black magicians knew of blood magic since blood magic was truly too strange. If black magic was the strangest among all types of magic, then blood magic was the strangest among all types of black magic. The attack power of this magic was great, its defensive capabilities weren't weak, but its strongest suit was its regenerative ability.

Blood magic was very difficult to cultivate as it needed various sources of blood. Having the blood of a high ranked magic beast makes a black magic cultivator stronger. If a cultivator were to choose a blood source, they should strike at a high level magic beast. However, doing such a thing wasn't a joke. As such, since the beginning of blood magic cultivation among humans, they had only ever used blood of other humans. Due to this, the regenerative abilities of blood magic cultivators was very powerful. In case you reached the Blood Night[6] grade height, then even amputation could be regenerated. Due to the nature of its cultivation, magic instructors on the continent prohibited its use.

It was precisely because of blood magic that up until now, no one on the continent had found a way to effectively deal with these Devouring Blood-Mosquitoes.

Due to their use of blood magic, Devouring Blood-Mosquitoes could use the Blood Poison[7] skill to attack. This skill was formidable. Once blood was poisoned by it, death awaited them, even if they weren't sucked dry by the Devouring Blood-Mosquitoes. Death would be caused by the bursting of arteries within the whole body, which happened in less than one third of a moment[8].

Zhao Hai's complexion changed. He shouted with a cold voice ’’Sea of Flames Technique[9].’’ This technique was a fire element magic area of effect spell. The effective attack range was between 10 to 50 meters.

If there was any magic that could deal with Devouring Blood-Mosquitoes, it should be fire element-based magic. Moreover, this was an area of effect attack.

The effect wouldn't be very good if the Sea of Flames Technique was cast by a Rank Five fire element magician or lower. In such a case, the Devouring Blood-Mosquitoes wouldn't be affected. If the rank was too low, then it could not break through the defenses of the Devouring Blood-Mosquitoes.

Right now, however, the Ghost Cane's attack power was equivalent to a Rank Seven magician. Thus, it should be somewhat effective against these Devouring Blood-Mosquitoes.

After knowing that he was up against Devouring Blood-Mosquitoes, Zhao Hai understood why the pesticide wasn't effective against them. It was due to the fact that these mosquitoes themselves were poison experts. They had high immunity against toxins. Common toxins would be useless against them.

Sure enough, after casting the Sea of Flames Technique, a large number of the Devouring Blood-Mosquitoes were burned to death. The number of mosquitoes was just too much, however, and they weren't afraid to die. The flapping eagle that was surrounded by the Sea of Flames Technique would not be able to stop them for too long.

Zhao Hai watched the situation, frowned, then said, ’’Wind Bind Technique[10]’’.

Wind Bind Technique was a single-use spell, and was also an area of effect spell. It could bind up to 20 targets. This preliminary wind element magic spell was a spell that was difficult to deal with.

Green had been observing the situation outside. Like Zhao Hai, he had also thought of using the Sea of Flames Technique. No matter what, it should be effective against the Devouring Blood-Mosquitoes. He wasn't sure, however, why Zhao Hai had suddenly switched to the Wind Bind Technique.

Zhao Hai's target this time were only ten mosquitoes. After all, the Wind Bind technique was only a preliminary magic spell. If you used it to bind more targets, the binding strength would become weaker.

After binding ten mosquitoes, with Zhao Hai's intent, he moved the eagle along with the ten mosquitoes back into the Space.

Upon entry of the eagle and the mosquitoes, the Space immediately prompted in a beeping tone:

[Discovered mutated insects.

Identified insects as mosquitoes.

Digitizing insects.

Incorporating mosquitoes into the discharge device.

Insect's body has magical energy.

Toxic substance detected.

Extracting magical energy.

Extracting toxic substances.

Strengthening robotic attack.

Strengthening robotic defense.

Increasing robotic regenerative capacities.

Increasing Space animal reproduction abilities.

Increasing Space animal attack capabilities.

Strengthening biochemical battle beast regeneration, attack, and defensive capabilities.

Strengthening biochemical battle beast ability to absorb magical energy.

Increasing Space's energy absorption capacity.

Improvement has been done to toxic pesticides.]

The long list of tones made Zhao Hai confused after hearing them. In summary, there were only a few things to note. Firstly, after the mosquitoes were discharged, the mosquitoes that were produced would be Devouring Blood-Mosquitoes. Secondly, the defense and attack capabilities of the Space animals, magic beasts, and undead increased along with their regeneration capabilities. Although, it wouldn't be that strong.

There was also the strengthening of the battle efficiency of the Eagle Virtuous Phantasms, along with an increase to their defensive capabilities and regeneration ability. One notable change was that these Eagle Virtuous Phantasms had gotten the ability of the Devouring Blood-Mosquitoes, which was to absorb the battle qi and magic energy of their enemies.

Moreover, the pesticide's toxicity was also strengthened. Now, these pesticides should be able to deal with those Devouring Blood-Mosquitoes.

However, one point Zhao Hai wasn't clear of was what it meant when it said that the Space's ability to absorb energy was also strengthened. Does that mean the Space could absorb energy from the outside?

Although he wasn't clear about what that prompt meant[11], the advantages they got this time around was obvious. It was, however, a pity that these mosquitoes were evaluated as harmful insects or pests, and thus couldn't be raised in the ranch, and, in turn, couldn't increase the level of the ranch. It was really a big pity.


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