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Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Chapter 190


Chapter 190 - Warning, Threaten

When Laura came down from Stony Mountain, besides the guards that followed behind her, there were also two hundred and eight undead. With the exception of the undead magicians, the others wore warrior clothing and moved quickly. They dashed behind Laura, and, unexpectedly, weren't any slower than Laura's horses.

Laura wasn't paying any attention to these undead. Instead, she looked at the sample blueprint of the marriage certificate Zhao Hai had made. One could say that this was quite simple and could be done using thick paper. He wanted it to be red-colored with a few words of golden text printed on top, which was also quite simple. Laura, however, was actually lost in her thoughts. This lasted for quite some time.

Nier looking at Laura puzzledly. She didn't understand what was so attractive about this paper. The piece of paper only had simple things written on it;nothing remarkable about that.

While Nier couldn't understand, Laura did. This piece of paper might be simple, but it represented so much.

There had never been a marriage certificate on the continent that was given out when people married. After the ceremony was over, although there was a kind of marriage certificate given, it was mostly attached to the engagement itself. There was no marriage certificate for after the wedding.

This marriage certificate Zhao Hai had made, however, was proof that the two people were a legally married couple. What was more amazing was that this document could be taken to Zhao Hai and used to ask for a divorce if they were no longer compatible with one another. As long as it was approved, they would no longer be husband and wife.

If it were before, Laura wouldn't have thought that this thing was useful. Zhao Hai wouldn't be able to enforce monogamy, so what was the use of this paper? But when Zhao Hai gave that piece of paper to her, Laura somehow felt a greater desire for that piece of paper.

Nier couldn't stand it anymore, so she waved at Laura. ’’Young Lady, haven't you had enough of sightseeing the periphery of Stony Mountain? You have been watching for over an hour.’’

Laura recovered, blushed, and hurriedly stored the sample paper. She looked at Nier and said, ’’Nier, why do you think Brother Hai gave me this blueprint?’’

Nier wasn't stupid and understood what Laura meant. She look at her and teasingly said, ’’Young Lady, are you lovesick? Mister also let you call him Brother Hai. To make you call him Brother Hai, ah... how shameless.’’

Nier knew of Laura's sentiment for more than just a few days. As such, she could speak as such to her. Laura didn't get angry at Nier and instead said, ’’You silly girl. If I really marry Brother Hai, then you won't be able to escape. Some people might be tricked by your small and hurt appearance, but Brother Hai might be in favor of it.’’

Laughter filled the air afterwards. They soon arrived outside Casa City not long after. The garrison at the city gates were surprised to see so many undead coming along with Laura, but they had already been given orders by Evan. They didn't stop the group and let them pass.

Laura's action this time around caused a huge commotion inside Casa City. Bringing in a large army of undead and blatantly marching them through the streets was daring, and also quite rare.

There were many onlookers watching Laura, but everyone on the continent knew that black magicians could use skeletons, thus nobody was scared.

Laura rampantly led the undead into the city, which was intentional. She believed that Carlo already knew that those who had attacked her were already dead. Although Carlo was very arrogant, he wasn't stupid. It was impossible for him to only send in two threads. He had certainly sent other spies.

This time around, Laura came back with a lot of undead, so those spies would understand immediately that she stood together with Zhao Hai. Upon seeing that the garrison of Casa City had also allowed them in meant that the Purcell clan stood with them too. What she was doing right now was demonstrating this.

Soon, the carriage arrived at Faith Mansion. Faith Mansion wasn't large, so having two hundred undead arriving made it very crowded. Quinn John, however, had already received an advanced notification about this. Thus, he had finished the arrangements already.

Apart from Drunk's eight, the other undead were arranged nearby, outside the mansion walls. They wouldn't feel cold anyway, so being stationed at the walls was ok. They seemed like a row of statues, though these statues looked a bit scary.

Alodia watched Laura, whom had just come back. Seeing that she had brought so many undead made him feel that something was wrong. Although they didn't know much about Zhao Hai, they knew that Zhao Hai wasn't a weak black magician. Laura went out, came back, and had brought a lot of undead. They knew that this was certainly related to Zhao Hai.

Moreover, why did Laura bring back so many undead this time around? Those undead didn't appear to be of low level, so was she really thinking of breaking off from the clan?

As he thought this, a servant came to Alodia and told him that he was asked to meet with Laura. He calmed down, straightened his clothes, and walked towards Laura's studyroom.

Upon arriving at the door to the study, Alodia gawked as he saw that standing in front of Laura's study were two skeletons, one on either side of the door. They looked as though black jade had been used to carve them.

Besides the two skeletons, there was also Searle standing there. Looking at this scene, Alodia's face sunk as he said to Searle, ’’Steward Alodia is ready to meet with the Young Lady.’’

As Alodia watched Searle's expression, he knew that his fears had happened today. Alodia knew what Reo was to do if he couldn't leave the mansion, but it seems that the task wasn't successful.

Alodia nodded with an ugly expression and walked into the study. He looked inside and saw that there was only Laura, Quinn John, and Nier. There were no others present.

’’I have seen the Young Lady,’’ Alodia courteously greeted Laura.

Laura sat back behind the desk and looked into Alodia's eyes, saying, ’’You arrived in my mansion, therefore, you must follow the rules of the mansion. Otherwise even Fifth Uncle wouldn't be able to save you. As long as you follow the rules of the mansion, I won't treat you badly. Do you understand and remember what I just said?’’

Alodia looked back at Laura and said, ’’Young Lady, we are servants of the Fifth Young Master and have come here to visit the Young Lady, not to work as a servant for the Young Lady. Now that I have seen the Young Lady, this little one wishes to go back. I ask for the Young Lady's consent.’’

Laura looked at Alodia and said, ’’Stay here for some time. These days, the outside isn't too peaceful. Today, I had just left the mansion and was unexpectedly attacked. Moreover, the strength of those people wasn't weak. If I let you go out now, and an accident were to occur, then I wouldn't be able to face Fifth Uncle. As such, stay here for a period of time. I'll let you leave after things calm down. You can go back now.’’

Alodia listened to what Laura said and an eyelid couldn't help but unconsciously jump. What Laura meant was very clear. Laura was giving him a warning, threatening him. You people had attacked me, but I had survived. Your attacks were defeated. Now she said that outside wasn't peaceful. This means that if he were to leave Casa City, she would kill him and let him die in vain.

Alodia wasn't stupid. He knew that he was currently in Laura's territory. It was impossible for him to fight Laura. They would never have thought that Laura's strength would have increased to such a height already. Now, he could only hope that Carlo would quickly hear the news and save them.

Earlier this morning, when they were told by Quinn John to stay put in the mansion, Alodia had sent a wind falcon to inform Carlo. He estimated that Carlo should have received the message by now. He would never have thought, however, that the wind falcon he'd sent had already become food for the Eagle Virtuous Phantasms.

Laura couldn't attack all of the wind falcons that flew out of Casa City, however. Such a move would offend a lot of people. Therefore, Laura also knew that Carlo would soon enough receive the message.

After she came back, she didn't directly go to the Grand Duke's Mansion. Instead, she sent someone to inform Grand Duke Evan that Zhao Hai had agreed to form an alliance. She believed that once Grand Duke Evan received the news, he would know what to do next.

Alodia was worthy of being a steward of Carlo as he bore it patiently. After hearing what Laura said, he nodded and replied, ’’Yes, Young Lady. Then, please excuse me.’’

Laura nodded and said, ’’Alright. Tell your people not to go out without my permission. A lot of undead have come with me here and these undead do not recognize people. If any of your people decide to leave, they could possibly be killed.’’

Alodia lowered his head and complied, slowly drawing back as he knew he couldn't do anything. If he did move, then he would be the same as courting death. Looking at Laura's expression, it showed that she didn't mind killing them.

Watching Alodia retreat, Quinn John looked at Laura and said, ’’Laura, are you alright? I saw the arrow marks on the carriage. It seems to have been a very fierce attack.’’

Laura shook her head and said, ’’It's alright. Brother Hai came to my rescue. Grandpa Quinn John, please sit down. I have to tell you about Brother Hai's situation.’’

Quinn John nodded as he also wanted to know these matters. Upon Laura's arrival, he had been summoned immediately, so there hadn't been any time to explain things to him.

Laura sat besides Quinn John, then ordered Searle to move further away. Quinn John understood the meaning of this, as it showed that Zhao Hai's identity must be extremely delicate

Quinn John had thought of a lot about Zhao Hai's identity, but he never would have guessed that he was of the Buda clan. No wonder no one had found any of the Buda clan in the Black Waste;they had hid from everyone in the blink of an eye. Ah, so terrible.

After Laura told him everything, Quinn John slowly stood up and walked around aimlessly. He then said, ’’You handled this matter correctly. If Zhao Hai didn't want you to know of their identity, then you wouldn't know it. Others wouldn't have been able to guess his current status, and we have cooperated with them without a problem.

’’I also heard that Grand Duke Evan had been an old friend of the Buda clan and had helped them during their time of crisis. However, even if he asks for Zhao Hai's identity, we shouldn't say anything. To be safe, we shouldn't tell anyone of this matter. So long as we are able to repel the Markey Dell clan, we will be able to gain a strong foothold here in the Purcell Duchy. But as Zhao Hai said, if you let others know of his identity, then even the Purcell clan wouldn't be able to protect them. We are currently cooperating with them both, and before the alliance we were already on good terms.’’

Laura gave a soft cry of agreement[1].


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