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Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Chapter 189


Chapter 189 - Brother Hai[1]?

Green looked very happy as he laughed and said, ’’Alright, good. From now on you will call me Grandpa Green. Ha ha ha ha.’’

Zhao Hai patted his head, completely silent. He wasn't stupid;of course he knew why Green was happy. Laura calling him grandpa meant that she wasn't against Green's sentiment, and this was what made Green happy.

What Zhao Hai observed, others would naturally observe as well. Laura's face became even redder, Nier laughed at her side, and Meg, who should have been angry, unexpectedly wasn't.

Meg's life was very simple. She was a Buda clan member, and although she liked Zhao Hai, she understood that it was impossible for Zhao Hai to marry only her. Don't even speak about if Green or the others would agree to it, she herself wouldn't agree to that either.

The Buda clan needed a successor. And not just one, but many successors. Only then could they guarantee the continuation of the Buda clan. Therefore, Zhao Hai was destined to have many wives.

Also, Laura, after knowing Zhao Hai's identity, showed a positive reaction. Thus, this had won her a favorable impression from Meg. No matter what, the Buda clan was still an enemy of the empire. Once people knew that Laura had a relationship with them, it wouldn't do Laura any good.

Accepting Zhao Hai's situation, along with the matter of her falling out with the Markey Dell clan, increased Meg's favorable impression of Laura. Also, after having meeting with her several times[2], Meg found that Laura was a nice person;she was friendly while still being a young lady of a clan. She was a good person.

Zhao Hai felt a bit of anguish. He couldn't understand how or when his charm had become so great. Now it had easily, and unexpectedly, made an idol have a favorable impression of him. This really wasn't part of his plans.

Zhao Hai was an otaku, and as an otaku he didn't like changes or matters that were hard to control. Obviously, Laura's matter was something Zhao Hai hadn't been able to control, thus making him unable to respond.

Soon, Meirin also came in. As soon as she saw Zhao Hai and Green's face exposed, she couldn't help but change her expression. ’’Green, Young Master, what's this all about?’’

’’Miss Laura, this is Grandma Meirin.’’ Zhao Hai responded to Meirin's question by introducing her to Laura.

Laura stood up and greeted Meirin. ’’I have seen Grandma Meirin. Please rest assured, I will not betray the Buda clan.’’

Meirin looked at the calm Zhao Hai and the smiling Green. She exchanged eye contact with Green and immediately understood Green's meaning. Her eyes began to shine brightly while looking at Laura and she said, ’’Good, this is good. Miss Laura is too polite. Oh, I just remembered. Today I cooked your favorite fire fish. Alright, everyone, let's go eat first.’’ Afterwards, Zhao Hai led Laura towards the dining room.

Laura's face was all red. Meirin's eyes held a sort of passion in them when she looked at Laura. Laura thought it was a bit much, but she couldn't help it.

Zhao Hai stood up and went to the dining room along with Green, whose face was filled with a smile. Afterwards, they sat down in the dining room while Meirin brought out the meal that included the fire fish Laura liked.

While they ate, it wasn't only Meirin who urged Laura to eat the other dishes, but also Meg. Laura felt that Meg had changed her attitude towards her, something that puzzled her. Based on her calculations, Meg should be more hostile towards her. Now, however, it didn't look that way. It seemed like Meg didn't have any hatred towards her.

Zhao Hai was speechless after eating the meal. Afterwards, they returned to the parlor room and Laura said, ’’Mister, I have also visited this time to ask for your help. Although I won't be harmed in any way when I'm inside Casa City, that won't be the case if I went outside. I fear Mister might take it as a joke, but the strength I have now won't be enough to ensure my security. Therefore, I want to ask Mister to give me some aid while I travel back home. Is that okay with you?’’

After they ate, Zhao Hai also wanted to open up some topics. Anyway, their future development will depend highly on Laura. To say he wasn't affected by those ideas earlier, however, would be a mistake. After all, to him, Laura was an idol. Since he currently had the qualifications to pursue her, it would be unfair to himself if he didn't.

Laying down the knot in his heart, Zhao Hai replied with a lot more ease and lightness. He smiled and said, ’’Call me Zhao Hai or Brother Hai since I think I'm older than you. Also, you do know that these people are undead? While there certainly wouldn't be a problem on my end, won't it be troublesome for you?’’

Laura shook her head and said, ’’Don't worry, I already have an agreement with Grand Duke Evan. He also agreed with me about bringing some undead back.’’

Zhao Hai nodded. He turned to Green and said, ’’Grandpa Green, do you remember how Drunk had led two hundred undead in the past? Miss Laura, would two hundred undead be sufficient?’’

Laura nodded and said, ’’It will suffice and be more than enough. Brother Hai, please also call me Laura instead of Miss Laura.’’ After calling him Brother Hai, she blushed a little but recovered soon after.

Zhao Hai nodded, turned around once again, looking towards Green. Green immediately understood what Zhao Hai meant, so he nodded and said, ’’Ok. Anyway, Drunk and the undead look like any other human that roams the continent, and an average person wouldn't even be able to recognize them. However, if Alodia himself checks, then perhaps he would be able to see them for what they really are.’’

Zhao Hai nodded and transferred Drunk over. Before long, they appeared in the courtyard of Stony Mountain's Bluestone Villa.

After Drunk and his team returned from the Carrion Swamp, they were ordered to guard Fort Iron Mountain. Since there were transfer points at Fort Iron Mountain and Stony Mountain, Zhao Hai didn't need to have them enter the Space. Instead, as long as he intended for it, the Space could transfer them directly.

Seeing Drunk and his team appear in the courtyard, Zhai Hai turned to Laura and said, ’’These undead, Drunk and his team, were once a part of the Immortal Mercenary Corps that had attacked you back when I had saved you. They are now under my control, however, and I have turned them from skeletons into zombies. Right now, their battle efficiency should be equal to that of a Rank Seven Magician, thus they can be of help to you.

’’These two hundred individuals with Drunk are mostly warriors, and they are the ones I had subdued during the battle against Garan. They are mostly Rank Seven warriors, and all of them are zombies that can use poison attacks through a skill called Corpse Virus. They should also be able to help you. Furthermore, the ones that had attacked you earlier by order of Carlo were all made into undead. However, I won't let them go with you in order to avoid any further trouble.’’

Laura hadn't thought that Zhao Hai really had subdued the Immortal Mercenary Corps. She had thought that he'd let them escape back then. After what Zhao Hai had said, she was curious and asked, ’’Are they really the ones from the Immortal Mercenary Corps? Those in the yard?’’

Zhao Hai nodded and said, ’’Yes. Most of those two hundred and eight people outside were mercenary soldiers that had initially attacked me during the Garan incident. Now, however, they are all undead, but are still easy to recognize. I think that I should turn them into skeletons so that no one could easily identify them. ’’

This undead ability was something that Zhao Had had just recently discovered. The Space had made all those skeletons into zombies, which gave Zhao Hai a headache. Due to the changes of the undead, it could cause suspicion from others. It was a good thing that Alien wasn't altered. Because of that, Zhao Hai thought that the Space was intelligent enough to know that Alien was Zhao Hai's personal ride Therefore, it hadn't changed it's appearance.

Later on, he also discovered that Alien could also turn into a zombie. Alien was probably smart enough not to change into a zombie and stay in the form of a skeleton. After several experiments, Zhao Hai found out that the Space had improved the biology of the undead, and they could now switch between a skeleton or zombie form.

When Laura and Nier came out of the villa, Searle stood stupidly in the courtyard. There was no other way for him to react. A white light continually flashed out, sending teams of mercenary warriors to appear in the courtyard. Not waiting for them to react, this team of mercenary warriors, led by a few people wearing magic robes, instantly transformed into skeletons. Searle understood that these mercenary warriors weren't of the living, but of the dead.

Laura hadn't seen this change. She only saw the eight magicians leading two hundred skeletons standing before her. Laura curiously observed the eight magicians, but in the end, she couldn't find any clues to their identity. Drunk and them all wore black magician robes that hid their features, causing Laura to be unable to find out anything.

Laura turned around and ordered Searle and his men, ’’Everything you have just seen at Mister's place is not permitted to be divulged to the outside. Do you understand what I said?’’ All of them immediately complied. These people were all carefully selected by Laura, thus they were highly trusted by her. They would put their lives on the line for Laura, and were therefore allowed to accompany her to Stony Mountain.

Zhao Hai wore his magic robe again, smiled, but didn't say anything to Laura. Laura observed for a while and didn't found anything. After that, she re-entered the villa with Zhao Hai.

They sat down and Zhao Hai turned his head towards Laura, saying, ’’If you need more people there, just tell me. I have a lot of manpower right now and can move then at a moment's notice. Oh, right. Before I forget, I also have a matter to ask of you. This is a thing that I have handwritten and drawn up. I want you to find people who can help me accomplish this thing.’’ Zhao Hai took out a sample of the marriage certificate that he had made and gave it to Laura. There were characters written above that stated where the word marriage certificate should be printed.

Laura received the sample and looked at it. She immediately understood the use of it. This made her curious so she asked, ’’What does Brother Hai intend to do with this?’’

Zhao Hai smiled. ’’Nothing much. Just that in my territory, some people haven't gotten married yet. Therefore, I made this for them. Ha ha.’’

When the Buda clan entered the Black Waste, they were accompanied by a hundred slaves. This was known by everyone on the continent. Laura had thought that Zhao Hai already made them into undead, but now she knew that wasn't the case.


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  1. [1] 海哥 - Hǎi gē. People should know Ge as a way of saying brother or big bro. This basically means Brother Hai or Hai Brother or whatnot.
  2. [2] As a servant with the host, and not in secret.


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