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Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Chapter 187


At this moment, Laura's heart was agitated. She was clear that those were Eagle Virtuous Phantasms. However, Zhao Hai hadn't had them at the beginning. She had given the five Virtuous Phantasm colored eggs to Zhao Hai, and he had tamed them easily. He had hatched several of them in a short time, and even allowed them to mutate. This was contrary to what Laura imagined, and she simply wouldn't have thought that these Virtuous Phantasms could also be mass bred.

The Eagle Virtuous Phantasms that Zhao Hai passed to her were exactly the same as those she saw now. If he said that those weren't Eagle Virtuous Phantasms, then she wouldn't believe him. But if he does tell her that those were Eagle Virtuous Phantasms, then Zhao Hai's abilities would have to be re-evaluated.

Virtuous Phantasms were different from magic beasts. Magic beasts needed to mate, then there was an ovulation period. This, however, wasn't the case for Virtuous Phantasms. For them to reproduce, their master must order them to do so. Moreover, after their first parturition[1], their strength would greatly diminish. This was the reason why there were few Virtuous Phantasms on the continent. Even if humans could breed them, their reproduction rate wasn't high.

Massive breeding of Virtuous Phantasms would not only require a large amount of energy from the master, but would also affect the quality of the descendants. Their strength would degenerate if they reproduced frequently.

Laura had been given those five Virtuous Phantasms a few days ago, yet Zhao Hai had already hatched them. Furthermore, he was also able to reproduce them on a massive scale. What's more intriguing was that the strength of these Eagle Virtuous Phantasms had not decreased. Rather, they had become stronger, startling her.

He could accelerate the growth of plants and could reproduce Virtuous Phantasms on such a large scale. With these two abilities alone, people on the continent would go crazy for them.

Thinking about it, Laura couldn't help but remember Zhao Hai's secret cache of fire fish in the courtyard. Before, she had thought that Zhao Hai's fire fish came from elsewhere. Now, she realized that it might not be the case. It was now a possibility that Zhao Hai was using the Bluestone Villa of Stony Mountain for fire fish reproduction.

Laura couldn't help but feel excited. She now understood why Zhao Hai wanted magic beasts, and preferably, unique magic beasts. If her guess was correct, then Zhao Hai really could reproduce magic beasts. That would explain many things. Zhao Hai's goal was to reproduce and breed lots of magic beasts.

Reproduction magic couldn't only bring in a massive income of gold;it could also increase battle efficiency. If this were really the case, then so long as Zhao Hai had time, he could continuously increase his strength. To what degree was hard to say for now.

Then Laura remembered the blue-eyed rabbits. How was Zhao Hai able to reproduce so much of them? This explanation might be the reason.

Laura took a deep breath, her heart shaken as she couldn't calm down. Zhao Hai's ability could easily attract others. If people were to know of his ability, then sure enough, they would be tempted to rob it from him. Not even adding in this heaven-defying ability, with only the Taoyuan products, he had already attracted others.

Thinking about such things, Laura couldn't help but shiver. Nier looked at Laura's expression and thought Laura was feeling cold. She hastily asked, ’’Young Lady, are you feeling cold?’’

Laura shook her head. ’’I'm not cold. Searle, transmit my orders. What happened today should not be spoken of. Let it rot in your stomachs[2]. If I hear a word about today's matter, then don't blame me for being ruthless.’’

Searle complied immediately and passed the order. Laura didn't need to order Nier as Nier was with her everyday. It was alright not to order her.

After a little while, the carriage arrived at Stony Mountain. Green was waiting at the foot of the mountain, and led Laura as they climbed the mountain. Laura didn't asked Green about the issue of her being saved as she thought that directly asking Zhao Hai would be better.

After the carriage was parked in the backyard, Laura and Nier went into the parlour room. Zhao Hai was waiting there for them. They greeted each other and sat as guest and host. Laura then said to Zhao Hai, ’’I thank Mister for your aid today. I fear that I would had been in danger otherwise.’’

Zhao Hai chuckled, waving a hand as he said, ’’Miss is too polite. Even if I hadn't helped you today, you could have gotten rid of the danger easily. Miss wouldn't have had any difficulties and those people couldn't have blocked you.’’

Laura smiled and said, ’’That may not be the case. But anyway, I thank Mister for the help. Also, I have come here today to tell you of a matter. The clan lord of the Purcell clan, Grand Duke Evan is willing to form an alliance with us to deal with the Markey Dell clan.’’

Zhao Hai froze for a moment, frowned, then became excited. Naturally, Laura didn't see his facial expressions since they were hidden.

After a little while, Zhao Hai said, ’’Is this matter serious?’’

Laura smiled wryly as she was worried about Zhao Hai's reaction. She told Zhao Hai about the matters she had discussed with Evan.

Zhao Hai frowned as he calmly listened. He hadn't thought that this matter would unexpectedly be such a serious deal. It had reached the point where even Evan had decided to participate.

After Laura finished, she didn't hear anything from Zhao Hai, so she said, ’’Mister, I am not exaggerating things. I understand the Markey Dell clan. For benefits, they won't give any face. Mister should have guessed it, but the attack today was done at my Fifth Uncle's orders.’’

Zhao Hai also knew who attacked Laura as he had caught those men and brought them to Bluestone Villa. Those caught by the eagles were already dead. Zhao Hai didn't bother to threaten them and just turned them all into undead. The final conclusion was that they were all Carlo's men. This time, the ambush team had a total of 120 men, led by the warrior Reo[3].

Alodia was the bright thread and Reo was the dark thread. It was the dark thread that was supposed to come after Laura while the bright thread was supposed to prevent Evan from meddling in this matter. Alodia was to meet up with him and ask him to not cooperate with Laura anymore. Both threads worked under Carlo. The bright thread, however, failed to do his job. Thus, the dark thread had been forced to act.

Zhao Hai had long anticipated such moves by Carlo. However, he was still angry because Carlo had done all this to get benefits, even at the cost of losing everyone. Now this person wanted his life in order to gain more benefits. How could Zhao Hai possibly work with this person?

With what Laura told him, Zhao Hai understood that this time around, he was involved in a troublesome matter. This was surely going to be a problem, but what made him more annoyed was that it was due to him that this trouble arrived.

they must face the Markey Dell clan. He feared that he wouldn't be able to deal with them alone. The Markey Dell clan's business had spread throughout half the continent. Such an influence was too large. Even if Laura and Evan united, it wouldn't be of use. Only when their tripartite was established could face the Markey Dell clan. If he wanted to face them alone, then it would be no different from courting death.

With this thought in mind, Zhao Hai nodded and said, ’’Alright, please pass my message to Grand Duke Evan. I pledge myself to be a part of this alliance. Thus, the three of us are allies.’’

Laura couldn't help but feel relieved. She feared that Zhao Hai might not agree as she knew Zhao Hai had some arrogance[4]. If Zhao Hai didn't agree, then this matter would be troublesome.

Zhao Hai looked at Laura's expression and smiled. ’’I don't want to have any relation with the Purcell clan, but the situation has already developed to this point. If I don't want to die, I will have to rely on you, Miss Laura.’’

’’This is nothing. We're both prospering. If one side suffers, then all sides will take losses,’’ Laura said with a smile. Her two eyes suddenly began shining as she looked at Zhao Hai. ’’Mister, can I ask you a question?’’

Zhao Hai looked at her appearance and couldn't help but feel surprised. He said, ’’Miss, please ask.’’

Laura looked back at Zhao Hai and said, ’’Mister, the eagles you sent to help me today were hatched and reproduced from the five Virtuous Phantasm colored eggs I had given you, yes?’’ The question seemed simple, but in fact it was hard to answer.

Zhao Hai was surprised for a moment after hearing Laura's question. Looking at Laura's appearance, Zhao Hai knew that she might have been having her own suspicions up till now. He knew that this day would come, but never thought it would come so quickly. He took a deep breath, turned back, and then asked Laura, ’’Miss Laura, I'm sure this isn't the only question you have, right? If so, ask them all anyway.’’

Laura's heart was conflicted, but she still listened to Zhao Hai's words that didn't seem to show that he was angry. She clenched her teeth and, nodding, finally said, ’’Mister, I really have many things I want to ask of you, though I don't know if it is convenient to do so.’’ Having said that, she looked elsewhere, her gaze falling on the silent Green[5].

Zhao Hai understood what she meant, so he replied with a smile and said, ’’Miss, please speak. There are no outsiders here.’’

Laura nodded. She looked at Zhao Hai and said, ’’I want to know how Mister was able to accelerate plant growth, how you were able to reproduce Virtuous Phantasms without their strength degrading, and lastly, I want to know what is Mister's true identity.’’

Laura had decided that she must lay all her cards on the table before Zhao Hai. This time, after their cooperation starts, she would really be with Zhao Hai, locusts tied to one rope[6]. Therefore, she must know about these matters.

Zhao Hai didn't speak, but instead stared back at Laura. Green suddenly interrupted, ’’Miss Laura, knowing the answer to your questions wouldn't be difficult, so long as Miss Laura accepts our condition. Then we can tell you everything you want to know.’’

Zhao Hai was frozen for a moment while Laura's eyes were full of concentration as she said, ’’Please, do tell me, Sir.’’

Green said, ’’Marry the Young Master[7].’’

Laura was shocked. Zhao Hai turned his head to Green and said, ’’Grandpa Green.’’

Green didn't listen. Instead, he decided to look at Laura and say, ’’As long as Miss Laura marries the Young Master, then the Young Master's identity and all his secrets will be told to you. If Miss Laura doesn't comply, then we're sorry. We will definitely withdraw from the Purcell Duchy and make everyone unable to find us. We also cannot tell you the identity of the Young Master if that happens


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