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Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Chapter 178


Chapter 178 - Marriage?

After Zhao Hai arrived inside the Space, he looked at the screen and saw that something was off. The screen didn't show the original seven color smog, but instead a chaotic battle.

Green[1] dots can be seen everywhere in the screen. These dots were in the shape of swallow-like birds with small bodies that madly attacked the eagles.

Zhao Hai actually felt that outside, unexpectedly, the majestic eagles were too powerless to even fight back. These eagles went left, then suddenly rushed to the right, seemingly wishing to escape the encirclement of those birds.

Zhao Hai looked at the situation on the screen and was somewhat in a daze. This was beyond their understanding as the bodies of those birds and the eagles had too much of a difference. Yet, how come the eagles couldn't seem to counter and even seemed like they were out of energy?

Zhao Hai soon went to look out of the Space and at the eagles. Although they were powerful, their opponent birds were very flexible as they maneuvered through the air quickly and with ease. However, because the eagles had larger bodies, they weren't as swift and agile as those birds. Due to this, the small birds were able to capitalize on their advantages and pressed hard against the eagles. This made it a struggle for the eagles to cope with them.

Zhao Hai really hadn't thought that the eagles would be suppressed just like that. He waved his hand to let the rest of the eagles leave the Space. With a thousand eagles flying around in the scene, they should be able to deal with the situation.

Sure enough, after the mass of large eagles appeared, the small birds panicked and immediately tried to escape. However, the eagles wouldn't let them get away and, in the end, they caught a lot of those small birds.

Zhao Hai couldn't help but feel relieved after seeing the situation. Green also exhaled after watching the fierce battle. Even though they hadn't been involved, they still felt tragic over the situation and were nervous.

With Zhao Hai's intent, he moved the eagles from the outside back inside the Space and, along with a few others, they went over to the ranch. Upon arriving, a beep came from the ranch and sounded:

[Discovered new animal.

New animal biological variation: Swallow class.

Animal rating of level 3.

Digitizing animals.

Animals can now be bought from the Spatial Shop.]

Zhao Hai didn't care since there weren't any upgrades for the ranch. Moreover, even if there were more of these swallow class animals, there wouldn't be much use for them.

He hurriedly began to check over the few eagles that had been attacked. Since these eagles were already matured, they weren't allowed to stay inside the ranch because they weren't able to grow any further. Still, Zhao Hai was allowed to take them out and examine them for that short period.

After carefully observing the eagles, Zhao Hai was surprised for a moment. Their injuries hadn't been light, and there was even one that had been pecked in the eye and blinded.

Seeing this situation, Zhao Hai and Green couldn't help but feel a bit scared. They hadn't expected that those small birds could even peck at the eyes of the eagles.

Zhao Hai placed a few of the withdrawn eagles back inside the warehouse. Then he ordered five other eagles to fly forward and explore once more while carrying the Ghost Cane. They all then returned to the living room of the Spatial Villa.

Everyone sat down upon entering the living room. Zhao Hai turned to Green and said, ’’Grandpa Green, it seems like the Carrion Swamp cannot be underestimated. Even those birds had unexpectedly given a lot of trouble to the Eagle Virtuous Phantasms. It seems that we can't let anyone else leave the Space.’’

Green nodded his head and said, ’’It seems that we have really underestimated the swamp. Buffy also told us before that he'd encountered several attacks, though he didn't say anything else about them. Since he was a Rank Nine expert, he didn't care much about those attacks. However, that was because of his strength as a Rank Nine expert. On the other hand, we cannot take these issues lightly.’’

Zhao Hai nodded his head. He looked at the seven-colored smog that constantly fluctuated on the screen and said, ’’The map that Buffy completed has now become irrelevant. We don't know how far Flower City is, and can only blame this strange smog. The Carrion Swamp is really mysterious.’’

Green nodded, sighed, and said, ’’There's not much information about the Carrion Swamp here on the continent, so even if we wanted to know more, we can't. However, I think there might be some ancient items that past magicians had left inside the Carrion Swamp. Not to mention, even for how long that city existed after so many years, I have never heard anyone say that there was a city in the Carrion Swamp.’’

Zhao Hai nodded. ’’It seems like there should be a lot of stories about this Flower City. The Carrion Swamp had existed for so many years, yet no one knew where the city was. That in itself explains the current problem. ’’

Green sighed once more and said, ’’It just means that no one knows much about the situation here in the Carrion Swamp. This is because the swamp has been known to be dangerous for so long, such that not even a Rank Nine expert dares to enter randomly.

’’I heard that a long time ago, the Carrion Swamp was a paradise for adventurers. A lot of them came here to hunt magic items for money, but probably, around a few thousand years ago, a major catastrophe befell the continent. I heard that it was hell back then. The sudden appearances of hellish demons sprung from the ground, killing major ethnic groups and became the continent's biggest disaster. A lot of literature was either lost or destroyed during that time. Since then, the Carrion Swamp has become a lot more dangerous. Up to now, nobody dares to go venture into the Carrion Swamp.’’

Zhao Hai nodded. ’’Anyway, we still have to go to Flower City. We must know more about that Flower City, especially since we don't have anything important to do right now. We might as well solve this threat of the Carrion Swamp.’’

Green nodded his head. He looked at the situation on the screen, then turned back to Zhao Hai. ’’Master, I don't think we should be flying around randomly. I think the reason why there was no information regarding the Flower City was due, first, to the destruction of literature back then.

’’Secondly, perhaps nobody had really discovered the city. Buffy might have just been lucky enough to run into the city. Thus, we should just follow his map, even if it will make the trip a bit longer before we can reach Flower City. Otherwise, I really don't know how long it will take for us to find the city.’’

Zhao Hai nodded his head. He looked at the screen and ordered the eagles, instructing them not to fly straight, but instead to fly across and find the terrain shown on the map. Afterwards, they were to follow the directions on the map.

Zhao Hai also found out about another feature of the screen, it now looked like what a screen looked like in the game, as it showed a map that was darkened if the eagles hadn't yet flown over that area. If it was already explored by the eagles, then it would show the terrain on the screen and even show the magic beasts in the area. Also, the terrain displayed on the screen didn't require one to prompt a message, but rather, it remained in the corner of the screen. Aside from observing the Carrion Swamp daily, Zhao Hai also intended to draw a full map of the land of the entire Carrion Swamp.

Truth be told, staring in the screen was absolutely boring. Zhao Hai, however, feared that the eagles might be attacked. Thus, they remained and stayed in the Space while chatting.

Green also liked to stay inside the Space as the air inside was very good. When one entered the Space from outside, they would feel refreshed, as though their spirits were being cleansed.

Staying in the Space for a long time wouldn't only be good for the body of practitioners, but it also enabled Zhao Hai's body to continue to feel better. He woke up well, and even after just waking up, he wouldn't feel sleepy again. Back then, he used to breathe twice as heavily as a normal person, but now he had regained his normal physique.

It was the same for Meirin. She was already quite old, but still very busy daily. Thus, she always felt tired. Moreover, the elderly tended to have bad sleeping conditions, so when she'd woken Zhao Hai back then, her face didn't look too well.

Nowadays, however, she had completely changed. Her face was more ruddy, and even if she were busy everyday, she didn't look tired at all. Furthermore, it was quiet within the Space at night, so she could sleep well. Aside from that, her body really felt a lot better than before.

The Space was an attractive place as everyone who had stayed inside the Space tended to become somewhat accustomed to it. Even the slaves, if not for their own properties outside the Space, wouldn't have liked to leave it.

* * * * *

Now that Laura had a predicament, Zhao Hai didn't want any contact with her for the moment. As such, they could only stay inside the space. Anyway, there were no more meetings with Laura.

Suddenly, Zhao Hai heard a knocking at the door. Zhao Hai was surprised for a moment and switched the image on the screen to Fort Iron Mountain. Woodhead and Stonehead were there watching the slaves and had knocked on the door. It seemed like they had found something and needed to tell Zhao Hai about it.

Although this was described as a knocking sound, it wasn't actually knocking, but instead it was them contacting Zhao Hai. After placing two transfer points, if a person outside of the Space had any matters they wanted to tell Zhao Hai, they could just knock on the ground and Zhao Hai could hear the sound from inside the Space. The sound made was just like that of someone knocking at the door. Since Zhao Hai had heard someone knocking, he knew that Woodhead was looking for him.

This was the only way to inform Zhao Hai. Woodhead and Stonehead stayed at Fort Iron Mountain, while the undead were placed in Stony Mountain. If an undead wanted to look for Zhao Hai, they could just directly contact him and didn't need to knock on the transfer point.

Sure enough, after turning the screen, Zhao Hai saw Woodhead standing in the transfer point. The people around stood up, and, with Zhao Hai's intent, him and the others appeared at Fort Iron Mountain.

Woodhead was standing there. When he saw everyone, he hurriedly rushed forward and said, ’’Master.’’

Zhao Hai nodded. ’’What's up? What's the matter?’’

Woodhead smiled. ’’Master, today is a good day. Today, two slaves suddenly came to me and said they wanted to marry. Since Master hadn't said anything about this matter if it ever came up with the slaves, I decided to let you look into it.’’

Zhao Hai paused for a moment, then, interested, said, ’’Oh, was there such a thing? This is good. Getting married is good. Hurry and lead the way.’’

Green[2] immediately complied and led Zhao Hai outside the fort.


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