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Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Chapter 175


Chapter 175 - Alodia

Machine Translator: Shif

Editors: Argos Yesu

Laura frowned and said, ’’I had already thought of this situation beforehand, but I never thought that this would happen so fast. We've only just improved our situation by a little bit and they are already coming. I think we need to talk to Mister about this.’’

Quinn John nodded. ’’We definitely should tell Mister about this, but we should wait and see what Alodia does and what he has to say. Afterwards, we can then tell Mister. After all, we cannot let just any minor issue bother Mister.’’

’’Let's talk about this two days later then,’’ Laura said. ’’About the issue of the clan's response, since we haven't expanded our business that much, and have only just settled here in the Purcell Duchy, we should try and open one to two stores in the other big cities. I'm sure it won't affect their businesses and I don't even think they would still remember us.’’

Quinn John sighed and said, ’’The Taoyuan products are really too appealing. Although we allow our stores to sell the products without limits here in the Purcell Duchy, we will have to limit the sales in the other big cities. However, for a popular brand such as Taoyuan, just having such products be known that it exists will make it very clear to everyone what it means to sell it in their own stores. As such, everyone will definitely try to take a hold of it.’’

Laura coldly snorted. ’’They only think of us now that the Taoyuan products have become famous. Back then, we weren't even given attention. Right now, even if we're willing to submit to them, it might result in Mister deciding to stop the cooperation. Hmph. Well, let's see what these fellows intend to do.’’

Karen listened to the two as they talked, but he wasn't interested in such a discussion. Still, he was a bit interested in Alodia. As Quinn John said, he may be here due to Laura's business. Karen was also somewhat angry.

Karen was a nice guy, that's true. However, if they moved against his daughter, then he wouldn't be polite. He just couldn't possibly endure it. Especially since he knew about everything that happened here in the Purcell Duchy, such as Laura's struggles where, bit by bit, she raised the reputation of her firm. All of these efforts were done to make the firm great. If they really wanted to move it, then it would be the same as moving against Laura. How could Karen let it happen?

Karen sullenly said, ’’Laura, if anything happens, don't forget to tell me. Although I'm not really into business, after many years I have gotten to know some magicians that have become dear friends of mine. They will definitely help us if things get busy.’’

Karen spoke somewhat contrary to what Laura was used to. The Karen she knew generally wouldn't be this aggressive. Doing otherwise today made her feel a bit unfamiliar with it. Laura replied, ’’Don't worry Father, if anything comes up I will definitely inform you.’’

Karen nodded, stood up, and turned to leave. Laura didn't stop him. She had never thought that Karen would help her this much.

Although Karen was a magician, after all these years, he knew not only magicians but a lot of pharmacists and alchemists. In the eyes of a normal person, these alchemists and pharmacists were crazy. They liked to study a mess of things. Due to this, their lives were very difficult. However, from time to time, Karen helped them.

Even if this could be considered as making contacts, it wasn't that useful as the empire didn't give them much importance. Only people like Karen and other lunatics would contact these lunatics. This implied that Karen was a lunatic himself.

Laura looked at Karen's back and said, ’’Grandpa Quinn John, Father seems a little bit odd today.’’

Quinn John smiled and said, ’’It's fine, he is just feeling a little sad. He feels that he can't help you. After all, a father wouldn't want to see their children suffer and be embarrassed. Anyway, forget about this and think about Alodia. If he really does propose something related to the Taoyuan products, what are we going to do?’’

Laura coldly snorted again. ’’I don't fear them. It's not like they can rob the Taoyuan products from us.Hmph. We're here in the Purcell Duchy's territory. We don't need to be afraid of them. We're going to fight.’’

Quinn John smiled. ’’I'm also not afraid of them and they really can't take away the Taoyuan products. However, you should know that those people from the clan aren't anything good. If we don't agree, I fear that they will move against us by using some underhanded method. We should do some preparations ahead of time.’’

Laura's eyes gleamed as she nodded. ’’If they do use those little tricks, it won't be a problem. If they dare to play tricks on us, then I will teach them a lesson. Let's see if they dare act recklessly.’’

Quinn John slightly smiled. ’’We should do it so that the clan knows our current strength. Later, once the Young Lady talks to the clan about conditions, we'll have even more persuasive power.’’

Laura nodded. She knew her current situation. Since she was already eighteen years old, like in other clans, girls at that age should have already been married. However, she still wasn't married up till now.

This didn't have anything to do with her mother. If her mother were still alive, she would have already arranged for her marriage. To be honest, Laura felt good about her current situation. She had always reasoned out that they should focus on business in order to avoid marriage. Also, of those noble clan heirs that had been introduced to her, none caught her eye.

Those aristocratic clan heirs were either proud like an arrogant cock, as hypocritical as a fox, or as gloomy as snakes. Or they were dandies, which she didn't like.

It was precisely because of this that Laura did her best to learn everything about business. This was so that the clan wouldn't force her into marriage. For the Markey Dell clan, a marriage would have to be made with another large noble clan. Otherwise, they wouldn't be good enough for them.

Regarding Laura's business management, she was doing her best to perform strongly. Although her businesses were now stable, she didn't relax a bit. She clearly understood that these businesses would be her bargaining chip against her own clan.

However, in order to cope with the arrival of Alodia, Laura made advanced preparations and allowed the stewards of the stores to prepare their eye drops so that they would be a little honest.1

Laura had a good discussion with them and on the third day, Alodia arrived at Casa City. Naturally, he reported first to Laura.

Laura's house in Casa City wasn't small and was a distance away from their stores. Her residence was in an area of Casa City that was expensive and was the area where the rich lived. If you didn't have an identity, then it would simply be impossible to live there.

Since Carlo had a high status in the Markey Dell clan, Alodia's status, being his steward, wouldn't be low either. However, Laura couldn't just meet with him. No matter what, Alodia was still a servant of the Markey Dell clan. It should always be that the servants go to meet the masters.

In the past, Laura had some contacts with Alodia. Alodia was a tall and lean person who usually worked very carefully and did things low-key.

Laura, Karen, and Quinn John were sitting in the parlor room. A servant led Alodia to them. Just like from Laura's memory, Alodia was tall and lean and looked to be in his sixties. His face was weathered and his attitude was very respectful. He entered the room and immediately made his greetings to Karen. ’’This little Alodia greets the Second Young Master and have seen Miss Laura and steward Quinn John.’’

In the Markey Dell clan, the heirs were to be called young master since Master Sioux was still alive. Alodia was a man of the Markey Dell clan, so he knew what to call them.

Karen looked at Alodia, nodded, and said, ’’No need to be polite. I wonder how Fifth Younger Brother is. It has been a long time since I last saw him.’’

Alodia quickly replied, ’’The Fifth Young Master is fine, he is just too busy. That is why he could not come and meet the Second Young Master. As such, the Fifth Young Master apologizes to the Second Young Master for it.’’

Karen nodded his head. ’’Fifth Younger Brother is so kind. He still remembers his disappointing brother. I am very happy to hear that. Anyway, since you know I am not into such matters, tell Laura what you have to say.’’ He then stood up and walked out.

Alodia was apparently very understanding, so he wasn't surprised by how Karen acted. He bowed to Karen and said, ’’I see off the Second Young Master.’’

Karen nodded his head and walked out of the parlor room.

As Karen left the parlor room, Laura smiled and said, ’’Steward Alodia, you don't have to remain standing, please sit down. You've worked very hard today. ’’

Alodia gently sat down in a chair. ’’Thank you, Miss Laura, for being concerned over this one's inexpensive little life. Rushing down the road was not very hard. ’’

Laura nodded and replied to Alodia, ’’This business of Fifth Uncle presumably isn't bad. With the abilities of uncle, business should be a piece of cake, right?’’

Alodia smiled. ’’The Young Master's business is very good. Only, recently he has been very busy, otherwise he would have personally visited. The Young Master also told this little one to give a gift to the Second Master and Miss Laura. It is in the carriage. ’’

Laura nodded her head. ’’Uncle is too kind. Grandpa Quinn John, please order some people to move the gifts into the storehouse. Also, please prepare a convenient place for steward Alodia. He had been travelling for two days, taking great difficulty to head out here to the Purcell Duchy.’’

Alodia saluted Laura and said, ’’This little one thanks Miss Laura.’’

Laura nodded. ’’You've worked hard along the way, so go rest for two days. If you have anything to say, please do so after those two days if it isn't urgent. That will do for now.’’

Alodia quickly stood up and said, ’’This little one has nothing urgent to say and will take his leave.’’ He finished his ceremonies to Laura and walked out.

Laura really didn't expect Alodia to really back down. Now, she was doubting if Alodia's gourd was selling medicine2.

Soon, Quinn John came back. Laura looked at Quinn John and asked,’’Grandpa Quinn John, how did it go?’’

Quinn John said, ’’It seems like they were really prepared this time. Aside from our present, there are two more carriages. Evidently, they also contain gifts. However, I don't know to whom they will be sending these gifts.’’

Laura frowned and said, ’’For now, we'll wait. During these two days, they will surely make their move.’’


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