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Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Chapter 174


Chapter 174 - Treasuring a Jade Ring Becomes a Crime1

Machine Translator: Shif

Editors: Argos Yesu

While Zhao Hai explored the Carrion Swamp, Casa City wasn't too peaceful. This time around, it wasn't the Purcell clan, but rather Laura who was in trouble.

Laura's business was larger than ever before as the Higanbana firm accounted for fifty percent of the entire commodities market within the Purcell Duchy. This figure was quite alarming.

Although the Purcell Duchy wasn't as great as the other duchies, the commodities market of an entire duchy was still quite large. In fact, it was quite a luxuriant line of business. How much did the people eat everyday? Saying that every day would be a struggle for their gold wasn't absolutely an exaggeration.

If there was a block of fat there, then everyone would want a piece. But if that fat was stuck on bone, then not everyone would be able to sink their teeth into it.2

An outsider trying to take a bite would be quite a hard feat, but that doesn't mean a family member couldn't try to eat it. This time, the schemes Laura had to fight against were by none other than the Markey Dell clan.

Although Laura's father was the second heir, the old patriarch was still alive. He was Laura's grandfather, and Karen's3 father, Sioux4.

The old patriarch ruled the Markey Dell clan's huge business empire. He wasn't an easy person to deal with as he was a pure businessman. Everything and anyone, in his eyes, were just business commodities. For commodities, so long as the price was right, he could sell them.

This old patriarch of the Markey Dell clan had very good business sense, which was beyond the imagination of ordinary men. His methods were extreme, and since the time he had taken over the Markey Dell clan, the clan's business had become a lot larger.

Although the Markey Dell clan's business was doing great, to have half the shares of the commodities market within a duchy, like what Laura had, wasn't something the clan was able to do. In comparison to the income of the other heirs, Laura's income was quite high.

This situation wasn't something the old patriarch would meddle with. To be honest, the old patriarch's thoughts about his second son weren't really positive. This was due to Karen's attitude towards doing business.

In the opinion of the old patriarch, if you were born in the Markey Dell clan and you didn't want to do business, then what were you going to do? If Karen wanted to learn magic, then he should excel in it. However, Karen hadn't. His life was not for cultivating magic, but rather, for researching magic.

If Karen really liked to cultivate magic, then even if he didn't do business, as long as he became a powerful magician then it would be of great help for the Markey Dell clan. However, he'd only chosen to study magic. His strength was also only just that of a peak Rank Seven magician.

A Rank Seven magician was a great presence in the eyes of the commoners. However, for a clan such as the Markey Dell clan, a Rank Seven magician was inadequate.

Since the clan didn't pay any attention to Karen, and along with Karen's attitude towards doing business, even though he was the second heir, he had already lost the possibility of inheriting and becoming the next clan patriarch5. Therefore, he was banished to the small northern area, the Purcell Duchy.

The location of the Purcell Duchy in the Aksu Empire wasn't good. It was in the north where it bordered with the Beastfolk. Although the Beastfolk haven't caused any major problems lately, the Purcell clan would always have to be on guard in order to avoid any major disasters from happening, year in and year out. If those Beastfolk created trouble, then there wouldn't be much money to be made from doing business with the Purcell Duchy as the duchy was not very developed. This made it a somewhat remote and small area of the Aksu Empire.

However, even if it was a remote area, the people living there still needed daily necessities. And Laura, being a genius in business, had already spread the Taoyuan commodities throughout the Purcell Duchy and had even begun to export them throughout the Aksu Empire.

Laura certainly didn't cooperate with others as all of this business was handled by herself, especially in the distribution and sales of the Taoyuan commodities. With regards to the daily necessity stores, Laura promoted a live advertisement, stating that even if she were willing to cooperate with others, she had already made an agreement with Zhao Hai. Their agreement was that if she ever let others sell Taoyuan brand commodities, then Zhao Hai would cease to provide her with the products.

It was precisely because of the Taoyuan brand commodities that there was such success, so naturally, it made a lot of people envious. Putting others aside, even the heirs of the Markey Dell clan wanted to fight against her.

The fight between the heirs of the Markey Dell clan in other aspects wasn't too serious. However, the ability of an heir to do business was very important. This was also important when selecting the rightful heir of the Markey Dell clan.

Vying for the position of the next Clan Head were, besides Karen, the seven provincial heirs. These heirs would obstruct and maneuver against each other until they had indisputably beaten each other. This was a normal occurrence within the clan.

Karen's father understood the situation as he was already quite old. However, he wasn't ready to give up his position even though he allowed his heirs to run their own businesses. The every action of these heirs couldn't be hidden from him.

Karen was the exception. Karen and Laura were in the Purcell Duchy, and the influence of the Markey Dell clan hadn't reached there yet. It could be said that Laura going out and establishing her own firm in the Purcell Duchy didn't conform to what the Markey Dell clan wanted. However, she had never asked for anything from the clan to assist her.

It was precisely because of this that the Markey Dell clan's influence over Karen was minimal. Moreover, Laura didn't need to fear the clan this time around. She had helped the Purcell clan, so Evan was indebted to her. The Purcell clan would show kindness to Laura, and there wouldn't be any matter that would negatively affect them inside the boundaries of the Purcell Duchy.

One must also know that Laura was backed by the producer of the Taoyuan commodities, a black magician. That was something a lot of people were afraid of.

However, the most attractive thing were the benefits. To get benefits, people were willing to do everything they could, just like how it was when Zhao Hai was on Earth. To gain benefits, people would dare to do anything. Seemingly, this was a law that was relative to both planets. But on the Ark Continent, they could easily do it unlawfully. Such people would naturally do anything in their power in order to gain benefits.

Others wouldn't dare to struggle when it involved someone of the Markey Dell clan. However, the members and heirs of the Markey Dell clan wouldn't be as polite.

This time around, the old patriarch of the Markey Dell clan hadn't sent anyone. To be honest, even after Laura had made such a large scene, the old patriarch wasn't going to give them any attention. However, this was not the case for the heirs since they were now engaged in a battle for the right to obtain the Clan Head's position. If they could get the Taoyuan commodities, then it would give them a great boost.

The heir that looked for Laura was not Karen's brother, the first heir Ceinwen6, but rather the fifth heir of the Markey Dell clan, Carlo7.

Of course, Carlo didn't come personally, but instead sent his own steward, Alodia8. Carlo grew up with Alodia as his servant. Later on, when Carlo established his own force, Alodia was promoted to his steward because of his competency. Alodia, however, wasn't one of the clan's main stewards, but only an elder steward as he was in charge of assessing contributions.

Although the Markey Dell clan had eight heirs, there were only three powerful competitors. First was Karen's brother who was the first-in-position heir, Ceinwen. Next was Carlo, and the third was Jamie9.

The most vigorous of them was Jamie since he was highly favored by the Markey Dell clan's patriarch, Sioux. However, Karen's brother, Ceinwen, was the one who had the greatest support inside the clan. This was due to the handling of his business, which was the oldest one among the heirs. Thus, he had a lot of influence with powerful people.

Carlo was the weakest of the three as he didn't have the patriarch's favor, nor massive supporters like Ceinwen. However, he was the person who had the best behavior as he handled matters splendidly in all sorts of social occasions. He had even maintained a very good relationship with the nobles and was approved by the clan's servants.

Compared to Karen's position, Carlo's status was a lot higher. Sending Alodia to see Karen was, in fact, giving Karen a lot of face.

Before Alodia arrived in Casa City, Laura already knew about it and had asked Karen and Quinn John to meet her in the study room. She then said, ’’Grandpa Quinn John, Father, this visit of Alodia's this time looks like it won't be a good thing. How do you see it?’’

Karen said thoughtfully, ’’How can he so easily come and see us?’’

Laura looked at Karen, speechless, so she turned her head to Quinn John. Quinn John saw Laura's look and calmly said, ’’Before, during that accident of yours Laura, it could have happened due to some people of the clan who might have tried to reach out to us here. Since your route was a secret, there must have been a breach of confidentiality from the family. In the beginning, we had sent people to investigate and the evidence points to Sir10 Ceinwen.

’’But now, I think it unlikely since Sir Ceinwen wouldn't need to do such a thing. Furthermore, during that time, we hadn't amounted to anything when compared to now. Up until now, we haven't aroused his interest. So I concluded that someone else had done this and was planning to pin everything on Sir Ceinwen. The people who might have done this would be either Carlo or Jamie as they have always been thinking of ways to attack Sir Ceinwen. And now, Carlo has sent someone. I feel that this isn't looking good.’’

Laura nodded and said, ’’Of course this isn't a good thing. However, I don't know their motives for coming here yet. Is it for our firm, or is it the Taoyuan products?’’

Quinn John replied, ’’I'm afraid it won't be due to our firm. If he really dares to grab our firm's gains, then he would lose the right and qualifications to compete for the next head of the clan. As I see it, it will definitely be for the Taoyuan products. This is especially likely since right now, in the conflict between the three, he has the most inferior standing. Thus, he will want to use the Taoyuan products in order to expand his influence.’’


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