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Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Chapter 171


Zhao Hai frowned and said, ’’It seems like the threat of the Carrion Swamp is very difficult to solve. If it wasn't for him being a Rank Nine expert, exploring the Carrion Swamp would have been a struggle. How should we handle this?’’

Green also frowned. ’’This matter is truly difficult. That flower is as strong as a Rank Nine expert. Adding in the fact that there are a lot of guardian magic beasts and undead defending it, trying to solve this will be very hard. Oh, right. Buffy, did you bring space equipment when you explored the Carrion Swamp this time? If you didn't, how did you eat?’’

Buffy replied, ’’I didn't bring any space equipment since exploring the Carrion Swamp would've been dangerous. The clan didn't allow me to bring space equipment because of that. However, eating wasn't a problem. After all, there's a lot of plants and animals in the Carrion Swamp. Even though they're toxic, you just needed to find some that had less toxicity and think of a way to detoxify them. After all, magic can be used to detoxify.’’

Green nodded as what Buffy said was right. Buffy was a Rank Nine magician and a wind element magician. Though only light and water elements had spells that could purify, there were still many possible detoxification methods. Even the general detoxification spell of magicians could be used as a contingency. Since Buffy explored the Carrion Swamp without any space equipment, naturally he would look for less toxic plants and magic beasts, then detoxify them. He then wouldn't starve to death, nor would he be poisoned.

Green didn't inquire into this matter anymore since the most important thing was to solve the threat of the Carrion Swamp. Eating wouldn't be a problem for them since Zhao Hai had the Space. Even if Zhao Hai brought the slaves into the Carrion Swamp, there wouldn't be a food issue.

The group of people in the villa frowned after hearing what Buffy said. Although Buffy had told them a lot of information, the most important piece for Zhao Hai was the flower. They had to be more sure of it. The more pressing issue was that they had found the root of the problem. However, they hadn't obtained any solutions for it.

After a while, when Meirin saw that the others didn't have any ideas, she stood up and said, ’’Well, don't think about it for now. Leave this matter to Buffy. First, bring him some paper. Then let him go back out and draw a map of the terrain as he passes over it. After the map is drawn, we will have a guide we can use for when we enter the Carrion Swamp.’’

Zhao Hai nodded and said, ’’Yes. Anyway, now that we can't think of anything, let's just leave it at that. Meg, help Buffy get some paper and a pencil and let him draw the map.’’ Meg1complied with his words and went to get Buffy a pencil and paper.

Green followed. ’’Yes. For now, let's leave it at that. Master, it seems that we can order Drunk to return now and bring some plants and magic beasts back. So long as Master's Space levels up, everything will be alright.’’

Zhao Hai nodded. ’’Fine, I'll order Drunk to come back. We'll wait for them and see what degree the Space upgrades. As long as the Space does level up, everything will be easier.’’

Green nodded his head and said, ’’Yes. In fact, I want to emphasize that the Space does have great offensive capabilities, such as the Capture function and the Fly Swatter. They have very strong offensive power. Even Buffy, a Rank Nine expert, couldn't withstand them. Adding in the ability to use insects and mosquitoes through the other functions, and the ability of the Space is quite strong. However, since we're going into the Carrion Swamp, we can't rely heavily on these functions. We should plan carefully. ’’

Woodhead, who hadn't spoken, suddenly said, ’’Grandpa Green, Master, if we let the Eagle Virtuous Phantasms carry the Ghost Cane and travel through the skies of the Carrion Swamp, we can avoid most of these perils. Just order it to go directly to Flower City and observe the situation. If they really can't survive with their strength, then let them return.’’

Green was stunned for a moment after hearing what Woodhead said. Then he replied, ’’This is a good way too. Master, how do you see it?’’

Zhao Hai thought about it and said, ’’This approach is excellent. As long as Buffy can confirm the locations, we will be able to freely observe the situation. Furthermore, the Space can place a transfer point since I have saved them up in case there was a greater need for it. If we can really do it like what Woodhead said and go directly to Flower City, then it's possible to place a transfer point in the city itself. Then we can go in and out of there anytime.’’

Green stood up, walked around, and said, ’’I think with this matter, we should head there first to observe. Anyway, sooner or later this matter will be solved. Establishing a transfer point wouldn't only help us understand the Carrion Swamp, but can also give us a place to hide.’’

Zhao Hai nodded as he agreed with what Green said. Although they had the Space as their hiding place, hiding there for a long time wouldn't be a good thing. However, if they couldn't hide in Stony Mountain, nor the Black Waste since a Rank Nine expert could search there, they would only be able to hide inside the Space. Furthermore, if their identities were exposed one day, it wouldn't be safe to stay in either Stony Mountain or the Black Waste, and they really could only disappear inside the Space.

However, the Space couldn't last longer than a generation. Thus, they needed more places they could hide with a lot of security. There was no other place as vicious as the Carrion Swamp. Even a Rank Nine expert wouldn't dare enter easily.

Of course, this would only be the last option if they needed to hide. If they were really forced to retreat to the Carrion Swamp, then it only meant that they had no place on the continent.

Meirin frowned and said, ’’I'm afraid that it will be dangerous for Master to go. After all, Buffy said that the flower had a strength rivalling that of a Rank Nine expert. Green, remember when Buffy attacked you? If we didn't have the Space, you wouldn't have only been seriously injured.’’

Green nodded his head and said, ’’This is a problem. However, we can just let Master stay inside the Space. Then we will go out and investigate this flower that's the key to unlocking the mysteries of the Carrion Swamp.’’

Zhao Hai nodded. ’’Grandpa Green is right. Buffy did say that if he hadn't attacked the flowers, they wouldn't have assaulted him. So long as we don't take the initiative to attack those flowers, we shouldn't have anything to worry about.’’

Green nodded his head. ’’In any case, we shouldn't be worrying since it's not a big deal if we go out while the Master stays inside the Space. We'll investigate. That flower is just a plant, so Master's Space can help a lot. If this plant really is smart, then it won't be difficult for Master.’’

Zhao Hai and Meirin chuckled as they listened to Green. Green looked at them with a frown and said, ’’You both shouldn't laugh. I heard that if a plant has a soul, then it's more sensitive. For this matter, perhaps there will be a good solution.’’

Zhao Hai smiled and said, ’’Grandpa Green, I wasn't thinking that you were wrong. I also feel that if we stay together with those plants, it would be more comfortable if they can sometimes show some emotion. I just think that these matters we had been looking into have given results that we weren't expecting. Ha ha.’’

After Zhao Hai said this, everyone smiled. With regards to these issues, they really hadn't thought that such would be the results. It really was too funny.

Meg came came back with the paper and pencil that would be given to Buffy to draw. She looked at everyone's faces and saw that the atmosphere was somewhat relaxed. Puzzled, she asked, ’’Grandpa, Master, why is everyone happy?’’

Meirin smiled while calling her over. Then Meirin told Meg about the situation which made Meg smile too. She said, ’’I think Grandpa is right too. So long as Master acts, we will be able to handle it well. We should think about what we should do once the issue with the Carrion Swamp is resolved.’’

Zhao Hai smiled. ’’Your confidence in me is really high. If the issue of the Carrion Swamp was really that easy, then others would've already solved it. If it was just that, then it wouldn't be called one of the five great ominous locations on the continent.’’

Green didn't care much about it. ’’Anyway, we have already thought of a way forward, so let's try it Master. However, let's do it this way. We'll let the Eagle Virtuous Phantasm carry the Ghost Cane, but we won't set a transfer point for now. We must first look into the situation in order to avoid wasting a transfer point.’’

Zhao Hai nodded and said, ’’Alright then. As soon as we have observed the situation, we'll do it then. Right now, I'll call back Drunk's team and order them to defend the Black Waste and Stony Mountain. They don't need to explore now anyway. If they stay in those two places, we can immediately help them if something ever comes up. Let's do it like this and first wait for them to come out of the swamp.’’

Green shook his head and said, ’’This won't do. I think we should go prepare for a few days. Order Drunk to stay where there are now and allow the Eagle Virtuous Phantasm to fly over them while carrying the Ghost Cane, then let Drunk directly return back inside the Space. It will be much faster than waiting for them to come out of the swamp, right?’’

Zhao Hai patted his head as if he had forgotten this. So long as the Eagle Virtuous Phantasms flew over the Carrion Swamp while carrying the Ghost Cane, it'll be able to find Drunk's team. Why should he order them to come out of the swamp when he could do it this way?

During the next few days, Zhao Hai prepared to head into the Carrion Swamp. Since they already knew the key to solving the threat of the Carrion Swamp, they should try it. Otherwise, the Black Waste wouldn't find any peace.

For now, they were waiting for Buffy to finish drawing a map. Although they would be using the Eagle Virtuous Phantasm to fly over the swamp, they still needed the map. Buffy himself wasn't able to find Flower City within just a day. He didn't encountered much danger going there, but it still took him a month of exploring the Carrion Swamp in order to do so.


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