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Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Chapter 169


Chapter 169 - Besieging the Deity

Machine Translator: Shif

Editors: Argos Yesu

However, at the same time, a few boulders were thrown by the stone giants towards Buffy.

Naturally, Buffy knew what this present situation was all about. He recited several incantations with a low voice and a surge of wind elements crazily flew around him. His form was like that of a leaf dancing in the wind as he drifted around randomly.

Each magician had their own way of fighting. For example, an earth element magician often reinforced their body with magic to boost their defenses. Because of the protection of their earth elemental magic, these magicians had the strongest defenses of all the other magicians. As a contrast, their attack speed was quite slow.

Water element magicians had their own shield revolving move. The water system didn't lack for skills and abilities and was even aggressive and varied in their uses. Later on, it was found that a water magic guard could be rotated, which increased the defensive power of the magic shield. Slowly, they developed the water system magic guard until it had the same rotational power as a whirlpool.

Fire element magicians usually focused on attack since the fire element had the most destructive power when compared to the other elements.

A wind element magician, among the other four elements of magic1, could be considered the lightest. In a battle, wind element magicians would use their wind magic to make their bodies very light, making it easier for them to avoid attacks.

A magician's way of fighting had a direct or indirect relation with their magic attribute. Just like what the previous first on the continent and famous deity-level magic master, Johann2, had once said, magicians would need a lifetime to study each spell.

This Johann was not your average person. He was the first magic genius on the continent a thousand years ago. This didn't mean that his talent was very good. On the contrary, his talent was quite poor. Children could start learning magic at the age of twelve, and some could even learn as early as the age of ten.

Johann, however, began to learn to meditate at the age of sixteen, yet such a person was called the Magic Teacher3. He had a total of one hundred twenty disciples throughout his entire life. These one hundred twenty disciples, without exception, all became experts. A hundred of them became Rank Eight experts, while the other twenty became Rank Nine deities.

Such a teaching ability was unprecedented. Later on, precisely because of this, Johann became recognized throughout the whole continent as the Magic Teacher. His words became seriously studied since then.

Due to that, his words that stated that a magician would need a lifetime to study a spell became his most famous saying. This was due to those disciples of his. It was because of that phrase that he had gotten such results.

Buffy was a wind magician himself. Opposing the enemy with such a method wasn't entirely wrong. However, he changed his thoughts as he found that there was something wrong.

Who was Buffy? He was a Rank Nine expert, a person with the presence of a deity. This was a top existence on the continent. Other than when he fought against someone of the same rank, would he use the same style that a wind element magician would use to fight?

That's impossible. The presence of a Rank Nine expert already had its own devastating force. In order to hide against the attacks from a few stone giant, would he use his usual wind element magician's form of combat? If he said that to others, none of them would believe it.

His only explanation for doing so was because he was seriously injured and wasn't in good shape. Since he couldn't even fully use his strength as a Rank Nine magician, he had to use this way of fighting.

Seeing this scene, Green calmed himself down and dodged the Wind Bladedges. Suddenly, a Water Dragon4 appeared and hit several of those Wind Bladedges. With a loud bang, the Wind Bladedges and the Water Dragon both vanished.

Simultaneously, two powerful arrows from bows were shot directly towards Buffy along with a five meter giant Light Sword5 that slashed straight down from the sky, slicing towards Buffy's head. Meg and Woodhead6 had followed up and attacked him.

Buffy was a Rank Nine expert that wasn't to be trifled with. He moved and dodged several of the boulders and waved his hand, causing a light green shield to appear over his head. This shield didn't protect his back but rather just blocked the Light Sword that had been slashing down. He then cast two Wind Bladedges. The arrows from Stonehead and Woodhead missed their marks as they flew past his sides due to a cyclone. This cyclone surrounded his entire body and rolled dust up into the sky, hiding him.

This time, Meirin recited several incantations with a low voice and several Water Dragons appeared outside the cyclone. They seemed like iron chains as they wrapped around the cyclone.

Around the same time, several chunks of earth moved up from the ground to the sky, directly heading straight for Buffy's foot. It was Zhao Hai who had attacked this time.

The Ghost Cane could now use three different magic elements, namely the light system, dark system. and earth system. Zhao Hai didn't have much combat experience. Thus, he could only stay aside and act as a support.

Buffy was also worthy of being a Rank Nine expert. Even though he was injured and currently besieged by several people, he appeared to be at ease and didn't look distressed.

However, he'd really wanted to run, but couldn't. He was being blocked by the Eagle Virtuous Phantasms. If one compared these Eagle Virtuous Phantasms to the normal Virtuous Phantasms, then these had a higher fighting efficiency. While the common Virtuous Phantasms wouldn't leave the sides of their masters because their battle capabilities were lower, this wasn't the case for these Eagle Virtuous Phantasms.

After the Eagle Virtuous Phantasms had been transformed by the Space, they couldn't even be regarded as the same as the continent's Virtuous Phantasms. The Space had even called them biochemical beasts.

Due to movies and television, people on Earth usually thought of something dead or something toxic and such when they heard the word biochemistry. However, anything biological would fall under biochemistry. It could be said that humans were the main study of biological research.

Some people wanted to study biology for their own use. On the other hand, sometimes they also came up with something that would be used as a tool for killing.

Biochemical beasts had always been the vision that people would've liked to manufacture. A sort of strong combat beast that was capable of helping people fight. Furthermore, this beast could also absorb different genes to allow themselves to become stronger.

The Space could make such transformations. Once placed, the animals and plants, as well as the Virtuous Phantasms from the continent could be optimized. Doing these things to make biochemical beasts would be possible, but there were some shortcomings. Still, just with the Space's ability to improve, the Eagle Virtuous Phantasms had already become very strong.

Buffy now had a better understanding. He thought that last time, when he had injured Green, that it would be impossible for Green to recover. Even if he recovered from the injuries, he would at most be a Rank Six expert, which was an optimistic view. However, what he saw today was completely different. Not only was Green's injury cured, but his strength had been completely restored too. This made him very surprised.

Green was with Meirin, who helped him at the side. This couple, which was decades old, would naturally have flawless coordination. Adding in Zhao Hai, who would attack ruthlessly from time to time, and this all made Buffy feel unbearable.

Like Zhao Hai had guessed, Buffy really was injured. This time around, he had quickly ran out and was quite afraid of the Carrion Swamp. Although he ran out quickly, he'd still been severely injured.

He'd been temporarily suppressed due to that injury and couldn't fight a battle for a long period of time. It was precisely because of this reason that when he met the undead that Zhao Hai had ordered to attack within the Carrion Swamp, he didn't engage them and instead directly ran out of the swamp.

He hadn't thought, however, that upon coming out of the swamp, Green would be there to block him. Now that he wanted to get away, it seemed difficult. As Buffy attacked, he tried to think of a way to retreat.

In all honesty, Zhao Hai couldn't really help much in this battle. Even though he could use magic, his understanding of magic was still too small. He didn't know which kind of magic would be most appropriate to use. Most of the time, he could only act as a support.

However, Zhao Hai was ready. Even if his knowledge of magical application was not very good, he still had the Space. Although the Space didn't have much attack power and couldn't help much in a fight, it still had two abilities. One was the Fly Swatter function, and the other was the Capture function.

The Capture function was originally used for capturing animals for the Space in order to increase production. However, since there was already too much improvement done by the space to the animals, a large number of animals had already been raised. It was now impossible for Zhao Hai to use this function to move animals within the Space to increase production since he could do so with just a thought.

However, this function was still kept active and could even be used outside the Space. It could be used to grab people and catch animals outside the Space.

However, Zhao Hai hadn't used this function before. Still, he believed that this function should be easy to use. This was when it was compared to the Fly Swatter which had a lot of variables.7

It was because of this idea that Zhao Hai didn't get fully into the battle. He was being very careful in watching Buffy. When required, he would be ruthless.

Green and the others had been battling with Buffy for an hour now, but they still couldn't defeat him. This made them understand what kind of strength Buffy had as a Rank Nine expert. Buffy was able to hold on for such a long time, showing and proving his might.

Zhao Hai, however, had observed that Buffy's face had become increasingly ugly. In the beginning, he was calm. Afterwards, he was now somewhat pale and flushed red from time to time. Zhao Hai was aiming to attack Buffy's injuries, which was why he was paying such close attention to him. Lastly, he was afraid that Buffy might go all out.

As Zhao Hai had guessed, after such a long battle, Buffy had found out that his injuries would get really bad if the fight with Green and the others continued. Finally, due to his fear that this might happen, he prepared a desperate act.

After having cast a series of over a hundred Wind Bladedges, Green was finally compelled to draw back. Buffy quickly recited an incantation and waved his hand, causing a huge tornado to appear in front of him. It was a very strong tornado that sucked up a lot of dust and dirt. It even affected a few stones that were caught up in the wind, which made it more dangerous.

Buffy's voice came from the back of the tornado, ’’Crazed Wind Tornado8, kill!’’

That tornado spun directly towards Green. While Green dealt with this magic spell, Buffy made a quick movement and rushed towards the Carrion Swamp.


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1 If you hadn't noticed, there's some differences between a Western and Eastern view on the elements. For the East, they have the five element system that includes Fire, Water, Earth, Wood, and Metal/Gold. For the West, they see Fire, Water, Earth, and Wind as the four elements. Coiling Dragon deploys the four elements with its Western setting, while I Shall Seal The Heavens has the five element system. This story, again, has a Western setting.

2 约翰 - Yuēhàn. Johann is the best for this.

3 魔法导师 - Mófǎ dǎoshī. Magic Tutor/Teacher/Mentor. Basically, he teaches magic.

4 水龙 - Shuǐlóng. Basically, Water Dragon. I am unsure if this is the actual name of the spell, but it's been repeated several times, so...

5 光剑 - Guāng jiàn. Basically, Light Sword/Saber/Blade. Repeated spell of the Light Element. Also unsure if this is the actual name of the spell.

6 I'm starting to think that the author just randomly forgets he has two different names for Woodhead and Stonehead.

7 If I remember correctly, the Fly Swatter had a very low probability of doing a OHKO on the target. 10% or so. And OHKO seems a bit chancy when faced against a Rank Nine.

8 狂风龙卷 - Kuáng fēng lóng juǎn. Crazy/Mad (狂) Wind (风) Tornado/hurricane/cyclone (龙卷).


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