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Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Chapter 168


Chapter 168 - Buffy Comes Out

Machine Translator: Shif

Editors: Argos Yesu

Zhao Hai hadn't thought that these five Chicken Virtuous Phantasms were actually Eagle Virtuous Phantasms. He turned around and looked at Green, asking, ’’Grandpa Green, are you sure you aren't mistaken?’’

Green smiled and said, ’’Master, I can't be wrong. They are really of the Eagle Virtuous Phantasm class. There's no such thing as a Chicken Virtuous Phantasm. Moreover, in terms of ones that could fly in the sky, there's only the Eagle Virtuous Phantasm class.’’

Presently, the five chicks were running around and pecking at the grass, scrambling all over the place. They seemed quite healthy. Green frowned and said, ’’This isn't right, Virtuous Phantasms can only eat things that contain strong magic elements. How come these several little things are different?’’

Zhao Hai chuckled. ’’It's not important since the Space didn't say anything. Oh, right, they had been improved. I presume that this is what it meant.’’

Green thought about it and nodded. ’’It seems to be the case. This is just great, with several of our own Virtuous Phantasms, we can reproduce a lot more of these Virtuous Phantasms.’’

Zhao Hai chuckled again. ’’Right. However, we can't reproduce too much. We also have the blue-eyed rabbits to maintain. We should first wait until the ranch in the tunnel can fully produce its own blue-eyed rabbits. Then we can raise other things in the Space. ’’

Green nodded and both he and Zhao Hai returned to the inside of the Spatial Villa1 and sat down. Zhao Hai turned to Green and said, ’’Grandpa Green, I am ready to explore the Carrion Swamp after Buffy comes out. In any case, we should solve the threat of the Carrion Swamp anyway.’’

Green frowned and said, ’’Master, I fear that it won't be that easy to resolve the threat of the Carrion Swamp. For many years, a lot of strong experts had gone in, but only a few have come out alive. Although Master has the Space, it may still be impossible to solve. ’’

’’I don't intend to completely take care of the threat of the Carrion Swamp,’’ Zhao Hai said, nodding. ’’I just don't want to yield to the magic beast riots that occur from time to time. Also, when Buffy comes out, so long as we exterminate him then we will be able to find out some information about what's happening inside. This should enable us to head deeper into the Carrion Swamp.’’

Green thought for a moment and nodded. ’’That's good. If we cannot resolve the threat of the Carrion Swamp, then we won't ever be safe within the Black Waste.’’

Green was now a lot more confident with the Space. He believed that there wasn't anything that existed inside the Carrion Swamp that they should fear. So long as there was the Space, Zhao Hai's security wouldn't be a problem. This was the main reason why he'd agreed to what Zhao Hai had proposed earlier.

Meirin smiled and said, ’’I heard that there will be a lot of plants there that aren't available within the continent. If that is the case, then Master will be able to upgrade the Space faster. ’’

Zhao Hai nodded his head, smiled, and said, ’’Yes, this time around, Drunk had collected many things. I believe that when they get back into the Space, it'll be upgraded. When that happens, the area of land would be even greater.’’

Green nodded and looked outside the villa window. With a low voice, he said, ’’As long as the land inside the Space gets larger, we will gain a lot more capital. When that time comes, don't even think of bullying us.’’

Zhao Hai just nodded. Then he froze for a moment and turned to Green. ’’Grandpa Green, Drunk had just sent a message stating that Buffy was coming out of the swamp. He also looks badly injured.’’

Green was surprised for a moment, then immediately turned to Zhao Hai. ’’Immediately ask Drunk how injured Buffy is. He might take several days before he arrives here from the Black Waste.’’

Zhao Hai nodded and immediately asked Drunk. Turning back to Green, he said, ’’Drunk reported that the injuries don't seem to be light and, evidently, he was flying as fast as he could. He should be coming out of the swamp within two days.’’2

Green nodded his head and said, ’’The time is just enough. We will stop him in the mountains. Master, please take a look at the Virtuous Phantasms and see if they can be matured within a few days. These Virtuous Phantasms will definitely be able to help us. Even if Buffy can fly, we won't need to be afraid.’’

Zhao Hai nodded his head. He shifted a little and was now in the ranch. He examined the Virtuous Phantasms.

These Virtuous Phantasms were Level 10 animals, with a maturity time of 15 hours. They can produce an egg every 8 hours, and can lay eggs up to a maximum of 5 times.

This means that within two days time, they could reproduce enough. Almost a hundred Virtuous Phantasms could then be taken out. Thus, waiting for these Virtuous Phantasms to mature before the battle wouldn't be a problem.

Space animals had a spawning cycle. Granted, even though they will mature, they still needed to wait for a predetermined Space spawning time before they truly matured and could be placed inside the warehouse. If they do not reach the specified maturity time, then they cannot be moved through the warehouse. Of course, there was an exception to this rule. Newborn young animals were exempt because they could be directly placed into the warehouse as a source of income.

Seeing this result, Zhao Hai was assured that a hundred Eagle Virtuous Phantasms would be able to make a wounded Rank Nine expert fall from the heavens.

After Zhao Hai told Green the results, Green was very happy. They immediately moved to Fort Iron Mountain and prepared to deal with Buffy.

As a precaution, Green went to Casa City and bought several Strong Bows3. Although a Rank Nine expert could fly, they couldn't fly too high. With a Strong Bow, they could be directly shot at. However, people on the continent didn't use bows and arrows to hit a Rank Nine expert because that would be tantamount to a death wish.

Meanwhile, Zhao Hai recalled some magic beasts from Stony Mountain and placed them on alert within the Black Waste. Since this time around they would be dealing with a Rank Nine expert, even though it was a wounded Rank Nine expert, a Rank Nine was still a Rank Nine. He shouldn't be underestimated.

Two days passed quickly and Zhao Hai's Space had a hundred matured Eagle Virtuous Phantasms. After they had grown up, their appearance, which was like that of a chick when they were young, was now completely different. They looked like what Zhao Hai had heard of before, golden eagles.

Grown up Virtuous Phantasm's open wingspan would be almost five meters long and their body was nearly two meters tall. They had a steel hook-like mouth and cast-iron talons. With beautiful eyes, they had a low and deeply hoarse cry that had an unusual penetrating power and an overwhelming strength behind it.

Zhao Hai was very surprised by what the Eagle Virtuous Phantasms were eating. When they grew up, they didn't eat the grass anymore, but rather the blue-eyed rabbits. They would eat a blue-eyed rabbit every time the Space produced a rabbit, which seemed like they were playing a strange game of switch up.

Zhao Hai couldn't really understand why this happened, so he asked the Space. However, the answer he got was that his level wasn't high enough. In the end, it couldn't be inquired about which made Zhao Hai depressed.

Anyways, the number of the blue-eyed rabbits in the Space didn't actually decrease, even though they were eaten by the Eagle Virtuous Phantasms. These Eagles also maintained a strong aggressiveness, which was very good.

Zhao Hai had let these matured Eagle Virtuous Phantasms out of the Space since he'd feared that these matured eagles might not be of any use. However, the results were very good. These Virtuous Phantasms were very obedient, even when they were outside the Space. When they were told to attack, they would attack, and would also do it in formations. As Zhao Hai had managed these features, he'd made these Virtuous Phantasms go with a formation attack.

Green was very satisfied with the result. Even if the strength of these Virtuous Phantasms was very strong, they didn't only have strength but also a large stature. Compared to the normal Eagle Virtuous Phantasms, they were larger. This improvement was probably because of the Space.

Green estimated that the fighting strength of these Virtuous Phantasms would be equivalent to a Rank Six expert. When they fought in the air, they would be even stronger since, after all, they were born to fly.

Zhao Hai hadn't only fortified Fort Iron Mountain, but had also sent a lot of undead to the periphery of the swamp to scout in order to find Buffy in the shortest possible time.

However, to Zhao Hai's surprise, they didn't see Buffy two days later. Zhao Hai immediately sent orders to those undead inside the Carrion Swamp to look for him. Finally, they found Buffy on a small island. Buffy was wounded.

Knowing that Buffy was wounded, Zhao Hai felt relieved. He immediately ordered the undead to enter the swamp and attack Buffy.

Buffy looked seriously injured and unexpectedly didn't resist. He just flew out of the swamp. Zhao Hai couldn't clearly see the situation within the Carrion Swamp as there was a seven-colored smog covering it, so he sent the undead into the swamp to tell him about the situation.

Zhao Hai and Green now stood in Iron Fort Mountain. They looked at the sky and over towards the seven-colored smog that covered the swamp. Green took out his Spiritwind Sword while Meirin, who stood beside them, held her magic staff. Meg took out the Sealed Magic Iron Tome4, while Woodhead and Stonehead each held a strong bow. Zhao Hai also took out his Ghost Cane and called out the stone giants, which were prepared to attack anytime.

Of course, Zhao Hai was the busiest among all of them as he was currently taking out the hundred Eagle Virtuous Phantasms while calling out ten stone giants. These stone giants were ready to throw rocks into the sky in order to attack.

Buffy didn't let Zhao Hai and the rest down as they'd only needed to wait for about half an hour before they saw a fluctuation inside the seven colored smog that covered the swamp. Then a humanoid flew out from the swamp.

Zhao Hai feared that Buffy might go back into the swamp. With the low visibility of the swamp, it wouldn't be an appropriate place to fight him. So as Buffy flew out of the swamp, they didn't attack immediately. Rather, they waited until Buffy was near Fort Iron Mountain before he suddenly ordered the attack.

The first to move were those Eagle Virtuous Phantasms. One hundred eagles, fifty in front of him, another fifty sealing Buffy's escape path towards the swamp.

With Zhao Hai's order, the sky was then filled with hoarse eagle cries. Then two teams of the eagles forming a half moon formation that flew forwards and pressed towards Buffy.

Buffy apparently hadn't thought that there would be a situation like this. His figure moved, then fell towards the ground.

Green shouted, ’’Begin!’’ He raised his Spiritwind Sword and rushed towards Buffy.

Buffy saw Green and immediately understood what was happening. His eyes flashed with a chill while looking at Green as he said, ’’So it's you? And you actually recovered. Well then, let us see. Since last time I had let you escape, this time around, we will see how you can run.’’ Then he waved his hands and threw out several Wind Bladedges towards Green.


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