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Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Chapter 160


This was the first time Zhao Hai teased Meg, so she couldn't help but be surprised. Then Meg blushed, pouting with embarrassment. ’’Master is making fun of me.’’

Zhao Hai chuckled as he felt secretly relieved. Although Zhao Hai was an otaku and had never fallen in love, he wasn't a fool. He had the impression that Meg favored him a little. After getting along with each other for some time, Zhao Hai also had a very good impression of Meg. The reason why he teased Meg was to see her reaction. If she didn't got angry, then it meant that Meg liked him, which made him relieved.

Woodhead was also surprised when Zhao Hai teased Meg, since this was also his first time hearing him do so. However, he didn't say anything about it.

Meg's face was red, but her heart was secretly delighted. She had long been together with Zhao Hai, yet the way he treated her wasn't salty, nor was it pale. She didn't dare to reveal her loving emotions towards Zhao Hai and only showed it silently.

Although Zhao Hai said these things today, it was nothing much. It also wasn't the reason why Meg's heart felt delighted. Rather, it was because Zhao Hai had praised her in a way that looked like he was praising a beloved. Even if it was done in a joking tone, this didn't stop the quickening beat of a young girl's heart, one who was in love for the first time.

Zhao hai didn't tease Meg excessively. He knew that Meg was thin-skinned, so if he were to say anything more, it might embarrass Meg and she might run away. He didn't want to be known as a smooth-talker;it just wasn't his character.

After the three talked for a while, Zhao Hai felt that time was running out so he proceeded to move Meg out of the Space. Laura had already met Meg before, so if she wasn't present today, Laura might get suspicious. Thus, Zhao Hai brought Meg along with him out of the Space. He left Woodhead to look after the slaves. Afterwards, Meg made a good meal and it was sent to them.

Laura and Nier arrived at the dining area. Zhao Hai had already been seated and was waiting for them. Laura greeted Zhao Hai, ’’I have made Mister wait for a long time, please excuse us. We had been tired from travelling on the carriage for so long and, unknowingly, we had fallen asleep.’’

Zhao Hai chuckled slightly and said, ’’It's alright, I had also just arrived. Miss Laura, please sit down. Make yourself at home and you don't have to be too polite.’’

Meirin and Meg placed the food on the table as Green sat down next to Zhao Hai. The dish today was primarily bread, along with a lot of vegetables, though most of them had previously been tasted by Laura in the past.

Laura ate these fragrant dishes which could only be eaten here at Zhao Hai's place. She couldn't usually eat these dishes at her home. This wasn't because of a lack of ingredients, but rather because she couldn't cook them.

Suddenly, Laura didn't know if she was just imagining it, but she felt that Zhao Hai's maid had a trace of hostility in her eyes. She also felt that the eyes of Zhao Hai's cook was also filled with something unknown. This made her body uncomfortable.

Because of these feeling, Laura immediately said goodbye after eating and left. She didn't understand the people around Zhao Hai. Why were they acting like this? What was the matter?

Laura frowned as she sat on a trunk, puzzledly thinking. Nier looked at Laura, and with a laugh she said, ’’Young Lady, have you seen Mister's maid? She is very hostile towards you.’’

Laura was surprised. She turned and looked at Nier. ’’You saw it too? I thought I was just imagining things. Have I offended the maid or done something that offended Mister?’’

Nier smiled tenderly at this princess and said, ’’Young Lady is really silly;it doesn't matter if you made a mistake. You didn't notice the maid's look towards Mister. To me, it looked like a look of love. For her, she obviously sees you as her rival. And remember that female cook who was sizing you up as she looked at your behind. I heard people saying that women with bigger butts have good fertility. I fear that the female cook was looking at yours to see if you had good fertility.’’

Laura was stunned for a moment, then angrily retorted, ’’Smelly girl, stop talking about this crazy thing every day. Since you know about feelings and love, how about I find someone to marry you off to. ’’

Nier only gave another tender smile. ’’Young Lady, don't be angry. What I said are just facts. Looking at Young Lady, it seems like you're good enough to give birth.’’

Laura's heart was somewhat strange. She was confused, especially when she hadn't found out why Meirin and Meg had been looking at her. She hadn't known what to do, and instead she had thought that she somehow offended Zhao Hai. Now that Nier had spoken, she once again recalled how Meirin and Meg looked at her. It really did seem like what Nier stated.

Nier's soul was pure, which was why she could communicate with animals. Similarly, she was very sensitive to the changes in a person's behaviour. Therefore, she had clearly observed that Meirin and Meg had often looked at Laura.

Laura was lost in thought as she really never thought that Meg would consider her as a rival. As far as she could understand, the reason why they looked at her was because she did something wrong and offended Zhao Hai.

If it were only a misunderstanding, then that would be fortunate. However, if the reason really was because of Zhao Hai, then the matter was a very big deal. That could probably explain why Meg still showed a good impression to her while in front of Zhao Hai.

With these thoughts, Laura couldn't help but blush. Normally, she should be worried if Zhao Hai was the reason. Instead, she found that she wasn't actually worried, only a little embarrassed as she faintly chuckled.

Laura was a very calm person. Quinn John had taught her early on about being sensible. When she encountered difficulties, she should be calm. This was the most basic requirement for being a businessman.

She soon found that she wasn't feeling quite right, then immediately began to reflect on what she was doing. The result was that she got dizzier until she felt as if she were about to faint, but she still hadn't gotten any clues. She finally gave up thinking about this matter. But this matter, along with her feelings, had planted a seed in her heart.

* * * * *

When she returned home, Quinn John had already come back and was drinking tea in the study. Laura entered the study, waved away the servants, and then whispered to Quinn John, ’’Grandpa Quinn John, how was it?’’

Quinn John chuckled slightly. ’’It is done. Evan really does have power, and his power is not weak. Every centrist elders in the Purcell clan is his subordinate. He had secretly asked those elders to endure since early on and was just waiting for the opportunity. Right now, it is their chance to do so. Most importantly, you wouldn't believe who is backing him up. It is one of the Guardian Deities of the Purcell clan, the Universal Origin Sword Saint. He is Evan's grandfather as well!’’

Laura paused for a moment, then said with happiness, ’’Great! With such a backing, things will be easier to handle now. However, since the Universal Origin Sword Saint is Evan's grandfather, when Evan was treated as just a mere figurehead, why hadn't he done anything? Also, if Evan is aware of all this, then towards Kaiser and those of the Elders Assembly, why didn't he know of it? ’’

Quinn John smiled. ’’What kind of an existence is the Universal Origin Sword Saint? Of course he knew, he just didn't make a move. This is so that Evan could gain experience, otherwise, he wouldn't be qualified to be the Clan Lord. Moreover, there's a tradition in the Purcell clan that only the Clan Lord could see the Guardian Deities. Any other person wasn't qualified to do so. This is probably why Kaiser didn't know of the Universal Origin Sword Saint. Furthermore, the Universal Origin Sword Saint was already a Rank Nine dozens of years before Wind Saint Buffy. In the Purcell clan, the only one who knew of his identity would only be Evan.’’

Laura stood up happily and walked around. She excitedly repeated, ’’Great. With such strength, this matter of associating with him is certainly marvelous. Grandpa Quinn John, what has Grand Duke Evan done to prepare?’’

Quinn John lightly chuckled. ’’What we should do is allow them to play their tricks. These large clans want the First Elder to step down, so they will increase the price of food. Such a matter can't be solved by the First Elder and this will naturally make him step down. Increasing the prices of food, however, will make us a big hurdle. We should expect that they will look for us soon and might even threaten us. So we will use this opportunity to invite Mr. Zhao Hai.

’’We will allow the food prices to rise up, thus making the First Elder step down. Evan would then seize this opportunity to stand out with our cooperation by forcing the price of food down. Then the Universal Origin Sword Saint will come forward and act, fortifying Evan's position as the Clan Lord. But, we will also need more food as we know that once the food prices falls, many will begin to buy food. Therefore, we should prepare and stock up food supplies. Even if it is expensive to buy them, we should still sell them cheaply.’’

Laura chuckled. ’’What a coincidence. When I went to Mr. Zhao Hai, he told me that he had more than five hundred thousand kilograms of grain. As long as we are ready to pick it up, we can immediately get them. Ha ha, did Mister already think of this?’’

Quinn John stared for a moment. He looked puzzledly at Laura and asked, ’’Young Lady, do you mean to say that aside from the normal food supply, you can also get five hundred thousand kilograms of grain?’’

Laura shook her head and said, ’’I'm afraid that may not be the case. Mister said that he currently has over five hundred thousand kilograms,. I actually don't know how much more, but I presume it won't be less than seven hundred and fifty thousand kilograms. ’’

Quinn John said, ’’He can take out five hundred thousand kilograms of grain and still supply one hundred seventy five thousand kilograms everyday. In the end, how large is his territory?’’

Laura smiled wryly as she was also curious about this matter, but hadn't thought of asking. Zhao Hai's body hid too many secrets which she didn't know about. Up to now, it hadn't been long since she first met Zhao Hai. Therefore, she didn't mention or ask about these things.

Quinn John was out of breath for a moment. ’’Anyway, I will manage the supply that we currently have. In the meantime, as we wait for these large firms to come looking for us, you should again visit Mister. Explain everything to Mister and clearly speak to him about this matter as well as ask him for help. ’’

Laura nodded her head. ’’Alright, I will. I have seen that Mister doesn't know much about the matters of the Purcell clan. While this matter is irrelevant to Mister, we can assume that he would help.’’

Quinn John punctually nodded. He turned around and looked out the window. ’’As long as this matter gets resolved, the Purcell Duchy will be our world.’’

Laura eyes also shone as she looked out the window excitedly.


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